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January 6 to 10, 2020
"Hope" attempted to fire a suspicious Rafe, but department policy thwarted her plan. Xander told Ben that he would hurt Ciara if she did not back off of her investigation. After Ciara confronted Victor about framing Ben, he had a stroke and was rushed into surgery. "Steve" told Kayla that he was in love with another woman, but he refused to tell her who. Kristen made a deal with Gabi to secure a job at Basic Black with Brady. Gabi ordered Lani to leave town; she pretended to cooperate, but she instead stayed with J.J. and told him her secret. Sonny told Evan that he was not ready to get involved until he was divorced, and Evan said he would wait for Sonny. Nicole lied to Kristen and told her that she and Brady were a couple. Jack had an ugly fight with Steve, and he told Kayla to steer clear of her ex. Chad asked Kristen to stop playing games and give him her stock shares. Ben lost his last appeal. Victor asked Xander to tell Ciara the truth. Gina decided that "Marlena must die." Stefano revealed himself to Kristen.
January 13 to 17, 2020
Victor confessed to Ciara that he had framed Will, not Ben. Stefano convinced Kristen that he had been transplanted into the body of Steve Johnson. Clyde begged Ben to escape with him, but Ben refused. Eli proposed to Gabi, and she accepted. Lani told J.J. about Gabi's control over Julie's pacemaker. Jack told Jennifer that he worried about losing her. Kristen told Abigail that she had met with Stefano, and he had left the country. Chad was suspicious of Kate's motives for keeping her DiMera stock. Abe was surprised to hear that Lani had become a nun and returned to Salem without telling him. Kayla informed Julie that the battery on her pacemaker was failing. J.J. was unable to deactivate the pacemaker app on Gabi's phone. Rafe grew more suspicious of "Hope." Gina and Stefano plotted to break up John and Marlena. Kayla confirmed that Mackenzie's chemo had failed and that she needed a bone marrow transplant. Will and Sonny signed the divorce papers. Ciara told Will that he had not killed Adrienne.
January 20 to 24, 2020
The people of Salem remembered the events of Mother's Day 2019. Sarah went into labor. Summer told Maggie that she was dying of cirrhosis, and she blamed Maggie. A despondent Maggie got drunk and ran Adrienne and Sarah off the road on their way to the hospital. Will believed that he was the cause of the accident. Victor and Xander overheard Will's confession to J.J., and they covered up that Maggie was to blame. Adrienne died of her injuries. Xander helped Sarah give birth. Kristen gave birth. In the NICU, Sarah's baby died due to injuries from the car accident, and Victor told Xander to switch the babies to protect Maggie. An emotional Kristen attacked Haley in the stairwell because she blamed Haley for her daughter's death, and she accidentally pushed Haley down the stairs to her death. Will confessed to Sonny, Justin, and the police that he was to blame for Adrienne's death. In the current day, Ciara told Will the truth about the crash.
January 27 to 31, 2020
Kristen told Eric that Nicole had slept with Brady. Brady and Kristen visited the grave of their daughter. Will asked Ciara not to tell anyone that he was innocent. Sonny slept with Evan. Shawn told Rafe that he believed Hope had been brainwashed and was Princess Gina. Lani agreed to let J.J. talk to Theo about Gabi's pacemaker app. Kristen hinted to Chad that Stefano looked different, and she refused to help him take down Gabi. Kate told Hattie that Steve was Stefano and Hope was Gina. "Steve" failed to hold his temper with Anna. Sarah and Eric were not a bone marrow match. Xander pushed Brady to submit Tate for testing. Eric kissed Sarah. Abigail and Chad moved into the guesthouse and found the painting of Steve as Stefano. Hope kidnapped Marlena and tied her up in the loft for "Steve" to rescue. Rolf staged a shooting to make John believe that Steve was dead, then knocked out John and chained him up in a room with Gina. "Hope" told John that Stefano had murdered Marlena. "Steve" told Marlena that Rolf had murdered John.
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February 3 to 7, 2020
Chad and Abigail theorized that Stefano was disguised as Steve, but Kristen denied the accusation. Nicole was suspicious when Xander pushed Brady to submit Tate for the bone marrow registry. Ciara told Ben that Will was innocent. Will decided not to tell Maggie the truth about the accident. Evan destroyed a letter from family services about him. Brady and Kristen reunited. Nicole told Eric the truth about Brady, and they made love. Sarah told Xander that she loved him, and they made love. J.J. and Gabi learned that Julie was getting a new pacemaker. After the court set Ben's execution date, a desperate Ben agreed to break out of prison with Clyde. Ciara and Justin decided to track down David's father. Rafe and Roman flew to Prague to save Marlena and capture Gina. Stefano revealed himself to "Marlena." "Marlena" revealed that she was actually Hattie. In Prague, Gina drugged John and attempted to sleep with him. Gina revealed her true identity to John, and Marlena interrupted with a rescue. Kate confessed to Rafe that Stefano had taken over Steve's body.
February 10 to 14, 2020
Clyde helped Ben escape from prison. Stefano revealed his identity to Chad, and Chad accidentally shot Stefano. Kayla patched up "Steve's" gunshot wound, and he manipulated her to stay in hiding with him. Rafe, Roman, and Kate saved John and Marlena, and they captured Gina. Shawn made an appeal to Gina, but Gina was adamant that Hope was gone forever. Chad and Abigail warned Gabi about Stefano, but she did not believe that he was alive in Steve's body. When there were no matches for Mackenzie's bone marrow, Victor asked Theresa to test Tate. Jennifer remembered the night of her fall and that Gina had pushed her. The new pacemaker was installed in Julie, but Gabi had control over it. Gabi and Eli said their vows, but Lani interrupted the ceremony before Julie could pronounce that Gabi and Eli were married. Ciara helped hide Ben in the DiMera guesthouse, but Ben asked Ciara not to go on the run with him.
February 17 to 21, 2020
Lani told everyone at the wedding what Gabi had done, and Gabi attempted to shock Julie's heart in retaliation. Julie faked a heart episode. J.J. explained that he had intervened with Julie's doctor to replace her pacemaker, and he had told Julie before the wedding about Gabi's phone app. Rafe arrested Gabi. Bill passed away, and Doug reminisced about his 50 years in Salem after he'd met Bill. Will lied to Sonny about why he had not filed the divorce papers. Stefano revealed his identity to Kayla. Eli asked Lani for time to think. Rafe and Justin discovered that Stefano had kidnapped Kayla. Kate and Gabi commiserated about their legal predicaments. Roman told Hattie that he was interested in her. Ben turned himself in to the police. The D.A. offered Gabi a plea deal. Brady grew suspicious of Victor's push to test Tate. The hospital found a match for Mackenzie. Victor interrupted Will's confession to Maggie about the accident.
February 24 to 28
Sarah and Eric told Gabi that she was a bone marrow match for Mackenzie. Gabi rejected her plea agreement, and she demanded that Sarah and Eric convince the D.A. to release her in exchange for her bone marrow. Maggie demanded that Victor and Xander tell her the truth about her car accident. Sonny overheard Victor admit to Maggie that she had killed Adrienne. Rafe discovered that Evan's real name was Christian. The FBI confirmed that Christian's DNA was on Jordan's body. By the time that Ciara told Rafe that Christian/Evan was the killer, Evan had already kidnapped David. Stefano threatened Gabi. Maggie turned herself in to the police. Stefano demanded that Justin give him ten million dollars and Marlena in exchange for Kayla. Will left prison. Evan pulled a gun on Sonny. Ciara called the warden to stop Ben's execution.
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MARCH 2020
March 2 to 8, 2020
Ciara dragged Evan to the prison and saved Ben from execution with Evan's confession. Gabi donated her bone marrow to Mackenzie. Eli was furious to learn that Gabi would not be punished. Dr. Raynor had second thoughts about keeping Mackenzie's parentage a secret. Nicole was suspicious of Dr. Raynor. Victor asked Xander to "take out" Dr. Raynor. Rafe arrested Evan and pushed him for info on David's location. Marlena worked with John and Justin to rescue Kayla from Stefano, but Stefano escaped with Marlena. Shawn informed Gina that she had to submit to testing because she was in Hope's body. J.J. opted to stay with Theo. A letter from Stefano appeared to hypnotize Chad. Chad took directions from the Stefano voice in his head, and the voice told him to eliminate Gabi. John, Justin, and Kayla were locked in a room that was filling with gas.
March 9 to 13, 2020
Rafe interrupted Chad before he could smother Gabi in her sleep. An MRI scan showed that there was a microchip in Hope's brain. Chad made Kate an offer she could not refuse, and she signed over her shares of stock. Stefano ordered Chad to kill Kate. Stefano was frustrated by Marlena's behavior after her surgery. Kristen remembered that her daughter had a heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. Victor ordered Xander to silence Dr. Raynor, but he instead convinced her to leave town. Brady told Nicole about Rachel's birthmark, and Nicole was horrified to see a birthmark on Mackenzie's neck. Sonny and Will made love. The judge threw out Evan's confession, and Evan made bail. Rafe sent officers to tail Evan, but Evan gave them the slip. Evan met up with the man that had been watching his son; it was Orpheus.
March 16 to 20, 2020
Suspicious of Mackenzie's parentage, Nicole gathered evidence. Xander convinced Dr. Raynor to leave town, but she warned him about Nicole's investigation first. Clyde told Ben that he had been partners with Orpheus, and that Orpheus had sent his son Evan to retrieve Clyde's nest egg from Jordan. Rafe searched for David, but Orpheus stayed one step ahead of him. Rolf promised Gina that he would leave in her microchip and give a fake one to Shawn. After the surgery, Hope appeared to be her old self. Evan decided to stay in Salem and fight for his son. Kate warned John to question Chad about Stefano. Xander proposed to Sarah, and she accepted. Stefano hid Marlena in his replica of Maison Blanche, and she fell further under the influence of her microchip. A hypnotized Chad attacked Kate and Gabi under Stefano's orders.
March 23 to 27, 2020
Sonny convinced Evan to do what was best for David and to turn in Orpheus. Ben got out of prison and holed up in a hotel with Ciara. Maggie entered a guilty plea and prepared to go to prison. Xander doctored the maternity test results so that Nicole would believe that Mackenzie was Sarah's daughter. Nicole remained suspicious of Xander. Kayla filled in Hope about the events of the previous year. Stefano sent divorce papers to John. Chad placed Abigail and Kate in the dungeons, and they were rescued by Abigail. Hattie dumped Roman and left Salem. Chad forced Kristen and Tony to watch as Stefano married Marlena. Hope remembered that Stefano had told Gina about his new Maison Blanche. Brady intervened as Chad held Kristen and Tony at gunpoint. John found Marlena with Stefano before they consummated their marriage.
March 30 to April 3, 2020
Nicole went to New York and forced Dr. Raynor to tell her the truth about Mackenzie. Brady jumped in front of a hypnotized Chad's gun when Chad attempted to shoot Kristen, and he was shot in the arm. Marlena helped Stefano subdue John, but she refused to shoot him. Anna whacked Stefano's eye with her shoe while stopping him from shooting Tony, and Stefano was raced to the hospital. Abigail got through to Chad. Marlena remembered her love for John but was still drawn to Stefano. Abe asked Eli and Lani to rejoin the Salem PD. Rolf agreed to remove the chip from Marlena's brain. Brady saw the birthmark on Mackenzie's neck. Eric worried about why Nicole had lied to him.
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