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Charlie told Tripp about his childhood. Philip accepted Chloe's offer for shelter. Eli questioned Xander about Dr. Raynor. Shin hired Jake as CEO. Gabi made a business and personal proposal to Jake. Kate caught Gabi kissing Jake, but Jake assured Kate he had no interest. Maggie argued with Bonnie. Rolf told Chad about Gwen, and Chad told Abigail. Gwen told Jack and Jennifer why she believed Jack was her father. Allie decided to undergo hypnosis. Charlie asked Claire to believe him.
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Gwen told Jack and Jennifer why she believed Jack was her father, and Shin hired Jake as CEO
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Tripp confronts Charlie Tripp confronts Charlie
Monday, January 18, 2021
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Philip told Chloe and Brady about what had happened with Xander earlier. "[So], Xander dissolved the shell company that you were using to launder the mob money... [Well], that explains why I couldn't find it [earlier, when] I was trying to figure out a way to get you out of this mess," Brady said to Philip, who fretted that the Vitalis surely weren't going to be happy about the development.

As if on cue, Philip received a phone call from Angelo just then. "They're gonna kill me! I have to get outta here!" Philip fretted to Chloe and Brady after a brief conversation with Angelo. "You can't go home -- that's the first place they're gonna look!" Chloe warned before suggesting that it would be best for Philip to just stay put -- in Brady's hotel room. "With my baby daughter here? No!" Brady protested, and Chloe conceded the point then assured Philip that there was another option. "You can stay in my room," Chloe elaborated, horrifying Brady and delighting Philip.

"That's not happening, [either]!" Brady insisted. "Excuse me -- you don't have any control over my life," Chloe countered. "[He] thinks he does," Philip interjected before telling Chloe about the deal that had been struck earlier as a condition of Brady's involvement in any attempts to handle the Vitalis.

"Brady Black, you have a hell of a nerve, [telling Philip] to stay away from me!" Chloe snapped. "So you don't become collateral damage!" Brady explained. "This is just like when I was with Stefan DiMera, and you cooked up that little scheme with Gabi to mess with our relationship!" Chloe recalled. "[Again], to protect you!" Brady reasoned. "I don't need you to do that -- I need you to trust that I can take care of myself!" Chloe stressed. "She can take care of herself!" Philip interjected. "Stay out of this!" Brady snapped at Philip.

Brady accused Philip of using the situation as a way to get close to an old flame again, but Chloe didn't buy the argument. "I know you have this compulsion about rescuing women and saving them from themselves, but I don't need you to save me or protect me or make decisions for me, so...for all our sakes, can you just please back off!" Chloe snapped at Brady. "[And, for the record], I am perfectly capable of protecting Chloe, should anything happen, so how 'bout you worry about your own screwed-up life, huh?" Philip advised Brady before exiting the hotel room with Chloe.

Sarah rushed over to Titan after receiving a text message from Xander, who was eager to share what had happened earlier. "You always said [Charlie] was such a geek, [so] what is he doing kidnapping a mafia princess?" Sarah incredulously interjected when Xander revealed that Charlie had been arrested. "Ooh, [Philip] must have not been happy to find out I was playing him -- [and] he has to be terrified of what his father is going to do! [Well, Philip], that's what you get for betraying your family!" Sarah excitedly interjected when Xander admitted to having confronted Philip about being in cahoots with the Vitalis.

"Could that really happen?" Sarah worriedly interjected when Xander bragged that Philip's shell company had been dissolved -- and that, as a result, the threat of the Vitalis seeking revenge was suddenly more concerning to Philip than the threat of Victor being disappointed. "It's possible," Xander confirmed with a shrug and a slight smile, clearly unconcerned.

Horrified, Sarah started to contact the police. "Philip's a traitor -- why should we help him?" Xander argued, snatching Sarah's cell phone. "I don't agree with what Philip did, either, but that doesn't mean that we can let the mob murder him!" Sarah reasoned. "Can't we [at least] let them rough him up a little?" Xander suggested, drawing a light smack from Sarah, who wasn't amused.

"Victor already lost Bo and Ciara -- if he loses Philip, too, it will kill him! And what will that do to my mom?" Sarah fretted. "You know I never want to hurt Maggie...but, if Philip is out of the way, Victor would make me sole CEO of Titan..." Xander mused, seemingly conflicted. "I'm gonna pretend that I didn't hear you say that," Sarah decided before trying to snatch the cell phone back from Xander.

At the police station, Allie entered the commissioner's office while Rafe was in the process of explaining to an outraged Nicole that Charlie's lawyer had probably managed to convince a judge to grant bail with an argument about Ava being an unreliable witness. Nicole pointed out that Ava was only an unreliable witness because of the medication that Charlie had been providing, prompting Rafe to counter that there was not yet a way to prove that Charlie was the person who had put that medication in Ava's system. "So, you're saying he's gonna get away with [everything]," Allie bitterly concluded.

"If you can somehow remember Charlie attacking you that night in London and testify to that, [then] maybe we have a chance of nailing this creep to the wall," Rafe assured Allie before suggesting that it might be time to schedule a hypnotherapy session with Marlena. Allie promised to consider the idea. Rafe warned Allie to stay away from Charlie in the future. Allie insisted that wouldn't be a problem.

Later, Rafe headed over to Titan to see Sarah, who had requested a meeting. "Philip Kiriakis needs police protection," Sarah explained. "Why?" Rafe wondered. "I can't really get into the details...but his life could be in danger," Sarah clarified. "Well, unfortunately, without further information, there's really not much I can do," Rafe insisted, disappointing Sarah and delighting Xander.

Changing the subject, Rafe revealed that Xander was needed at the police station. "For questioning about a kidnapping," Rafe clarified when asked, stunning both Xander and Sarah.

At the hospital, Steve entered the Vitali room and greeted Ava, who was no longer in restraints. "Is that really you?" Ava asked while cautiously reaching out to Steve. "In the flesh," Steve replied while grasping Ava's right hand. "I just had to make sure -- apparently, I've been...having some pretty intense hallucinations..." Ava sheepishly explained. "That's because Charlie drugged you," Steve revealed.

Steve found it odd that Tripp wasn't with Ava. "[He] said he was gonna wait in here until you got back from your scan," Steve explained. "Then something must have happened, because there was nobody in here when the nurse brought me back!" Ava fretted. "He probably went down the hall to get a cup of coffee or something," Steve reasoned. "No -- I bet that Charlie got him!" Ava countered.

Ava started to rush off in search of Tripp and Charlie, but Steve objected -- and Ava soon calmed down, remembering that Charlie was in jail and therefore didn't pose a threat to Tripp. "Charlie made bail," Steve reluctantly clarified. "Then maybe he did come back here -- probably to finish me off, but he found Tripp instead, [and] he hates Tripp!" Ava stressed before starting to rush off again -- and Steve again intervened, revealing that the theory was highly unlikely because the hospital was practically on lockdown for the time being due to the recent abduction of newborn twins. "Then where the hell is Tripp?" Ava wondered.

At the Dale apartment, Tripp wondered how Charlie had managed to get released from jail. "I made bail," Charlie explained before demanding to know what Tripp was doing at the apartment. "Oh, I get it -- you thought I was locked up, so you thought you'd break in and plant evidence to frame me for what you did to Allie," Charlie guessed before Tripp could respond. "That's not why I'm here," Tripp insisted. "Save it -- you can tell your lame story to the cops," Charlie countered. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," Tripp advised. "Are you threatening me?" Charlie asked. "I just don't think calling the cops is your best move right now," Tripp replied.

"Because you don't want to get arrested for breaking and entering," Charlie assumed. "What I did is nothing compared to what you did," Tripp argued. "I didn't do anything," Charlie claimed. "Just admit it -- you kidnapped our mother, and you held her here against her will," Tripp countered. "Our mother," Charlie repeated. "What, are you gonna deny that, too? You gonna say you're not Ava's son?" Tripp wondered. "If anyone's denying I'm Ava's son..." Charlie snapped. "No, I'm not denying that," Charlie continued in a calmer tone. "Then it's true -- you are my half-brother, and you did terrorize our mom," Tripp concluded.

"I didn't 'terrorize' anyone -- I restrained her for her own good," Charlie claimed. "Oh? Is that what you do to women, Charlie -- you restrain them?" Tripp asked. "You don't know Ava -- she is insane; she's always been insane! She showed up confused, talking about knives and blood, and I was afraid she was gonna hurt herself, so I tied her up!" Charlie clarified. "Oh, that is bull -- you drugged her, and that's why she was acting crazy," Tripp countered. "No idea what you're talking about," Charlie insisted. "Stop lying, man -- Kayla ran a test [and] found drugs in Ava's system," Tripp revealed.

"Why would I drug my own mother?" Charlie wondered. "Because she knew [that] I wasn't the one who raped Allie Horton -- that it was you," Tripp reasoned. "Your little story doesn't make any sense -- I didn't meet Allie until Christmas, [so] why the hell would I be in her apartment in London a year ago?" Charlie argued. "Maybe you were following me," Tripp suggested. "So, now I'm a stalker, too," Charlie summarized. "I don't know what you are, Charlie," Tripp admitted.

"I'll tell you what I'm not -- I'm not obsessed with you; that'd be our mother. Ava freakin' worships you -- her perfect little golden boy," Charlie grumbled, smacking Tripp's left shoulder bitterly. "'Golden boy'? Where did you hear that? I didn't even know Ava growing up," Tripp protested. "But you were her son with her one true love, [so] you are everything to her," Charlie explained.

Charlie shoved past Tripp and settled on the couch. "Do you know how many times I had to hear about how devastated she was when she was forced to give you up, [and] how it destroyed her, [and] how it created a hole in her heart that she could never fill? And I'm sitting right there, and it's like I didn't even exist. My mother could not have cared less about me, because my father wasn't Steve Johnson," Charlie revealed.

"Who was your dad?" Tripp asked. "He worked for our grandfather," Charlie replied. "Martino? Yeah, I heard he did a real number on Ava -- he's the one who took me away from her and sold me on the black market," Tripp recalled. "Ava was really messed up after that; she wouldn't eat, she wouldn't speak, she wouldn't get out of bed -- for months. And I guess Gramps felt guilty [and] wanted to bring her out of it, [so] he recruited my dad," Charlie elaborated. "To do what?" Tripp wondered. "I don't know -- be her boyfriend, I guess," Charlie clarified.

"Obviously, it went somewhere, 'cause I'm here...but she didn't love him, and she certainly didn't love me. That's why I had to live with my dad. I was a baby -- her baby -- and she just walked away," Charlie grumbled. "You said she was really messed up -- maybe she couldn't take care of you," Tripp suggested. "Right -- 'cause her firstborn was ripped away, she couldn't possibly raise me or spend time with me," Charlie dryly agreed.

"Did you ever see her?" Tripp asked. "Yeah -- my dad would bring me over to visit once in a while, and I would get so excited, [and] I would think, 'This time, she'll see my face, and she'll smile, [and] she'll give me a big hug, [and] she'll call out my name.' That didn't happen -- not once," Charlie replied. "Well, I mean, she was going through a hard time --" Tripp reiterated. "This isn't some phase -- it's not something that she's gonna work through in therapy. The fact is, I'm not Steve's son, [and] I will never be Steve's son, so I will never mean anything to Ava -- to Ava, I don't exist," Charlie countered.

"Did you ever tell her how you feel?" Tripp wondered. "How I feel? How I feel, Tripp? My entire life has been to get her to notice that I exist -- that I am here, and that I am hers! Just one time, if she would just say, 'Charlie, I'm proud of you, son'... I've always wanted to be close to her, but when she looks at me, she doesn't see me -- she doesn't see anything, because I'm not you. You're the son that she wanted -- the only son she ever loved," Charlie answered.

"I'm sorry that our mother was so awful to you," Tripp stressed. "Just don't," Charlie, who had been fighting back tears for a while, advised while wiping both eyes. "No, I mean it -- I know a little something about being neglected as a kid; my adoptive mom died when I was little, and my adoptive dad used me as his personal punching bag," Tripp revealed, but Charlie didn't react to the news.

"When I got to where I couldn't take it anymore, I ran away to look for my biological parents -- [and], it turns out, Steve was looking for me, too; him and Kayla found me in Arizona," Tripp continued. "'Cause they wanted you. Ava just wanted me to disappear," Charlie grumbled. "She hurt you -- I get that," Tripp acknowledged.

"But that didn't give you the right to hurt Allie," Tripp continued. "There is not a shred of evidence that I was anywhere near Allie in London," Charlie argued. "You were near our mother -- and you hurt her, too," Tripp countered. "Ava is nuts -- nothing that she is saying is true," Charlie maintained.

"Why do you think I'm out on bail?" Charlie continued. "Your lawyer bought you some time, but it's gonna run out -- [so] the best thing you can do now is confess," Tripp responded. "You'd love that, wouldn't you?" Charlie guessed. "No -- I don't like any of this, actually. But I do know that child abuse and neglect is real, and it can make you do violent things -- things that you'll regret for the rest of your life. [And] if you tell the cops what you just told me, maybe they'll cut you a break," Tripp countered. "I don't think the cops will care about my sob story," Charlie predicted with a sniffle.

"And there's no reason to tell it, because I didn't do anything wrong," Charlie continued, turning away from Tripp. "You keep saying that, man, but Rafe's a smart guy, [and] he will gather the evidence the D.A. needs to convict you -- [and then] you will go to prison for a very, very long time. [So], the best thing for you right now is to confess, [because] it'll be a lot better for you in the long run," Tripp advised.

"Like you care what happens to me," Charlie muttered. "Look, I know Ava rejected you, but I won't, okay? No matter what you've done, you're my family, and I want to help you," Tripp stressed -- and Charlie, who was still not facing Tripp, fought back another flood of tears while listening. "I mean, I'll walk over to the station right now, [and] we'll talk to Rafe together -- what do you say?" Tripp continued.

Before Charlie could respond, Tripp's cell phone rang. "It's my dad," Tripp explained. "I guess you better get it, then," Charlie grumbled as Tripp answered the call. "You sound worried," Tripp said. "Tell Mom I'm sorry, but I'll see you both soon," Tripp said. "Aw, were Mommy and Daddy scared? Worried about you?" Charlie, whose resentment had returned while listening to Tripp's end of the conversation, asked after the call ended. "Everything's fine, okay? And we can head down to the station now --" Tripp replied. "You know what? Just forget it -- just get outta here [and] go run to Mama," Charlie snapped.

"What happened, man? I thought --" Tripp protested. "What, we were bonding 'cause we're family? You're not my family, Tripp. What kind of name is 'Tripp,' anyway?" Charlie countered, drawing a scoff from Tripp. "Look, I'm sorry our mom hurt you and then you had such a screwed-up childhood, but if you won't confess, I will find another way to clear my name -- and you will [still] have to answer [for] what you did to Allie and our mom," Tripp warned, no longer interested in being kind to Charlie. "We'll see about that, big brother," Charlie spat. "You're damn right we will," Tripp agreed, returning Charlie's glare.

After Tripp stormed off, Charlie kicked a coffee table in frustration then produced a cell phone and tried to contact Claire -- but the call went to voicemail. "Hey, Claire -- uh, it's Charlie, your boyfriend... Um...I was really hoping you'd pick up... I'm out on bail, and, uh...I would really like to see you, so...please, um, call me back, please," Charlie said while fighting back another flood of tears.

Tripp headed over to the hospital and filled Steve and Ava in on what had just happened with Charlie. "What was your phone doing in Charlie's apartment in the first place?" Ava wondered. "I was just looking for proof that Charlie is the one who assaulted Allie," Tripp clarified. "[But] he already admitted it to me," Ava protested. "It's true, you guys -- that was not a hallucination!" Ava defensively added.

"[Well], Charlie's denying it now, okay? He was claiming he was never in London," Tripp revealed. "Oh, yes, he was -- oh, he definitely was," Ava insisted. "I'm the one who sent him there -- [see, Tripp], after Rolf brought me back, all I could think about was you; I wanted to know everything I could about you, but I had no idea of where you were. [And Charlie] kept asking to work for me -- he was desperate to impress me -- and I was desperate for information, so I asked him to locate you and report back to me, [and he did] -- he went to California when you were in medical school, [and then] he overheard you planning a trip to London for the holidays, [so] I sent him there, [as well]. He was not happy with the assignment -- he thought it was humiliating," Ava elaborated.

"Did he actually say that?" Steve asked. "Yeah -- right before he admitted to me that he raped Allie, [and then] begged me to keep my mouth shut," Ava replied. "Why didn't you tell us this before?" Steve wondered. "I don't know... I'm sorry -- I just...I've been confused," Ava admitted. "It's okay -- [look], what's important now is [that] we know that Charlie was in London specifically to follow Tripp," Steve stressed. "That's opportunity -- and we also know that he hates me, so that's motive," Tripp noted, and Steve nodded in agreement then rushed off.

While passing through the town square with Nicole, Allie fretted about one day having to tell Henry the truth about Charlie. Nicole advised Allie to talk to Marlena about that -- and about hypnotherapy. "I just don't know if I could relive that night..." Allie admitted.

Jake takes on a new challenge Jake takes on a new challenge
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

After Rafe escorted Xander to the police station, Xander paced the bullpen. When Xander saw Eli and Lani march toward him, Xander exclaimed, "I know that Charlie Dale worked for me, but he worked for Philip, too. Philip is the one you should be questioning. Why in God's name would I want to kidnap Ava Vitali?" Eli and Lani exchanged a glance, and Eli guided Xander into the interrogation room.

"When Rafe dragged me down here, he said it was about a kidnapping," Xander said. "It is. Someone kidnapped our twins," Eli said. Xander told Eli he was sorry about the kidnapping, but that he did not understand how he was involved. Eli told Xander that Bonnie had identified Dr. Raynor as the kidnapper. Confused, Xander asked Eli why Raynor would want Eli's kids. "You tell me, Xander. You pressured her to steal Kristen DiMera's baby to give to Sarah. So, why would you want our twins?" Eli asked.

In the police station bullpen, Sarah told Lani that she did not know why Xander was there. "Someone took our babies from the hospital," Lani said. "I'm so, so sorry. Why do you think that Xander had something to do with it?" Sarah asked. Sarah remembered when Xander had confessed to her previously that he had almost suggested to Sarah to adopt one of Lani's twins. Suspicious, Lani asked Sarah what she had thought about that. When Sarah remained quiet, Lani reminded Sarah that she interrogated people for a living and knew that Sarah had information.

"I do not know where my children are!" Lani screamed. Shaken, Sarah told Lani that she had previously had a conversation with Xander about Lani's twins. Lani asked Sarah if Xander had said he wanted to take one of her twins.

After Lani grilled Sarah, Sarah joined Xander in the interrogation room. "You're not gonna believe it, but this isn't about Ava Vitali. Dr. Raynor took the Grants' babies, and Eli thinks I'm behind it all," Xander said. Sarah said she knew. Xander asked Sarah to tell the police that he would not even think about stealing the twins.

"But you did think about doing it. I just told Lani all about it," Sarah said. Xander gasped. Sarah explained that Lani was frantic with worry about her babies and that she hadn't been able to lie to Lani. "Didn't have to lie. Could've just kept your mouth shut," Xander suggested. Sarah raised an eyebrow. Xander argued that he could not have stolen the babies.

"Of course, I don't think you did it, because if you did it, then I would have the babies," Sarah said. Sarah added that it was not her place to keep any information from the police. Xander groaned, and he said that since Sarah had given him to the police as a lead, the police would waste time on him instead of hunting down Raynor.

"I told Lani what you said, and then I told her that I knew you had nothing to do with taking those babies," Sarah said. "[Lani] is not going to take your word for it. Look, in my experience, the only thing worse than a desperate cop is a desperate parent," Xander said.

In the bullpen, Lani told Eli that she did not believe that Xander had taken the babies because he had not given them to Sarah. When Eli argued that Sarah had confessed that Xander had plotted the kidnapping, Lani corrected Eli. "What [Sarah] admitted is that the man that loves her said something very stupid in an attempt to make her feel better," Lani said. Lani assured Eli that Xander was not the culprit.

"I think you're right. I think Xander is a dead end," Eli agreed. "That was our only lead," Lani lamented. Eli attempted to hug Lani, but she shoved him away. "I'm not gonna cry. Not until after I have my babies back," Lani said. Lani and Eli returned to the interrogation room.

"We don't think that you had anything to do with this, but we do think that there is a possibility you can help us," Eli said. "So, I'm free to go?" Xander asked. Eli admitted that the police had no legal reason to hold Xander. Xander wanted to go back to work, but Sarah insisted that Xander stay and help.

"We'd like you to make contact with Raynor," Eli said. "I'm sure I'm the last person she would want to hear from," Xander said. Lani told Xander that he was their only hope. "My love," Sarah prompted. "Let's do it," Xander agreed.

In the DiMera study, Jake smirked as he looked at an article on his tablet. Chad walked into the room. Jake smiled and told Chad that he had been reading an article in the Intruder about Chad and Gwen. "Seducing the nanny, brother?" Jake said. Chad grabbed Jake's tablet and read the article as he poured a drink. Jake teased Chad about the article, until Shin walked in. Shin started to read the article out loud, and he sneered at the glass of alcohol in Chad's hand.

"Nothing in that article was true," Chad insisted. Chad told Shin that Gwen was a "lying sociopath." "Did you or did you not have sex with her?" Shin asked. Chad said yes. Shin argued that Chad had slept with an employee and that Shin and the board could not condone Chad's behavior. After a moment, Chad agreed and resigned as CEO.

"Just let Tony know that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help with a smooth transition," Chad said. "Actually, the board thinks that it'd be best for some new blood," Shin said as he looked at Jake. Both Jake and Chad were stunned. "What do you say?" Shin asked. Jake accepted the job. "[Chad] did it, so how hard could it be?" Jake said with a laugh.

As Abigail packed her suitcase in her bedroom, Kate stopped by. "I know that Gwen told you that Chad slept with her," Kate said. "Then you know why I'm leaving him," Abigail interrupted. Kate asked Abigail if she was sure she wanted to leave Chad instead of forgiving him. Abigail explained that she had decided to leave Chad for multiple issues, including Chad's decision not to trust her. Kate reminded Abigail that Chad loved Abigail.

"Love is not the issue. I love him. Just because that is true does not mean that I can live with him," Abigail stressed. Kate reminded Abigail that Chad was not the only one that Gwen had fooled. Abigail noted that she had trusted Gwen and had believed her lies, but if Gwen had told her anything bad about Chad, Abigail would have tossed Gwen out of the house.

"My guess is she knew that. She wouldn't risk it with you because she is shrewd and because she is a con man," Kate said. Abigail reminded Kate that Chad had fallen for Gabi's schemes, as well. "Do you believe [Chad] would've believed all these women so wholeheartedly if he didn't find them attractive?" Abigail asked. Kate cautioned Abigail not to throw Chad out because he had made a stupid mistake that he regretted.

"Do you really want to give that bitch the satisfaction of breaking up your marriage?" Kate asked. "[Gwen] didn't. [Chad] did," Abigail said. Kate asked Abigail if she was sure she wanted to walk away from her marriage after how hard Abigail and Chad had fought to save their marriage before.

After Kate left, Abigail finished packing her suitcase. Chad walked in and saw the bag on the bed. "I'm packed. Now I just need to decide if I'm really leaving or not," Abigail said. Abigail explained that Kate had pleaded Chad's case to her. "I don't deserve that," Chad said. "I think a whole case could be made against the fact that you don't," Abigail countered. Chad told Abigail that he did not remember his night with Gwen and that he was repulsed by Gwen. Abigail scoffed at Chad's attempts to downplay his night with Gwen.

"You didn't want me to what, think the sex that you had with Gwen was mind-blowing? Because that is the way she described it to me when she told me all about the two of you in bed together," Abigail said. "I had everything that I've ever wanted, and I lost it all. And there is only one person to blame," Chad said.

"This is all on me. It's all my fault. I should have never believed her, and even worse, I didn't believe you," Chad said. "Yeah, I noticed," Abigail agreed. Chad told Abigail about Gwen's interview with the rival paper, and that Shin had seen the story. "Jake is going to be the new CEO," Chad announced.

"Another person I love takes a hit because of [Gwen]," Abigail said. With tears in his eyes, a hopeful Chad asked, "Love?" "You know I love you. This is not about love. It's about trust," Abigail said. Chad nodded yes. Chad explained that he had failed to trust Abigail because of his insecurities. Abigail asked Chad if it was reasonable for him to believe that she would throw away her marriage and family for a fling that could not be hidden from Chad.

"Or maybe you thought I was losing my mind again, in which case, I don't understand why you wouldn't get me help rather than get yourself drunk and get in bed with the damn nanny," Abigail said. "I know what I did, and I know what I am asking you," Chad said. Chad asked Abigail for a second chance. When Abigail rolled her eyes in frustration, Chad apologized.

"I love you with all my heart. I love you more than I have loved anything in my entire life. And I know what I did. And I know what I am asking you. I am begging you, just give me a chance," Chad said.

In the DiMera study, Kate told Jake that Chad might lose Abigail. "[Chad] already lost his job," Jake said. Jake showed Kate the newspaper article, and he told her about Shin's visit. "[Shin] named me CEO," Jake said. "What an imbecile," Kate grumbled. "Thanks?" Jake shot back. Kate explained that she had meant Chad because Chad had failed to negotiate an exit settlement with Shin. "You're gonna do fine," Kate assured Jake.

Jake confided to Kate that he had been excited to take the CEO job, but he was worried that he would screw up the opportunity. "Taking this job to stick it to someone you don't like is totally in accord with the spirit of the company and the family. I'm telling you that. Stefano, he would so approve," Kate said. Jake told Kate that he had barely understood Shin's first email about work. Kate promised to help Jake.

"But there is a caveat. Please don't let the power go to your head," Kate advised Jake. Kate reviewed corporate basics with Jake, while he took notes. "It means a lot that you wanted to go public about us," Jake said. Kate joked that she had gotten lucky because she was dating a CEO. "You told everyone while I was still nothing," Jake said. "You were never nothing," Kate countered. Shin's assistant texted Jake and instructed him to sign paperwork at the office.

"You have to get used to being in demand," Kate said. Jake asked Kate to meet him for dinner. With a grin, Kate said she would take Jake for ribs. "Even though I'm CEO of a fancy company, I'm going to eat them like a normal human being. With my hands!" Jake said with a laugh. Kate agreed.

After Abigail took her suitcase and left, Chad wandered down to the study. "You look like hell," Kate said quietly. "Abigail left me," Chad confirmed. Kate said she knew about Chad's resignation. When Chad noted that he deserved what he got, Kate reminded Chad that Gwen carried a lot of the blame. "I knew you couldn't trust [Gwen] from the start," Kate groaned.

"I did [trust Gwen], and I lost everything because I did. I never suspected her, not once. That's not true. There was one time that I thought she was lying to me, and I just shrugged it off," Chad said. Shaken, Chad turned to leave. Kate asked Chad where he was headed, and he said, "To find out if I'm right."

At DiMera Enterprises, Jake entered his new office and replaced Chad's nameplate with his own. "Kate's right. I can do this. I am ready for whatever walks through that door," Jake said. "Are you sure about that?" Gabi said as she sauntered into the room.

Maggie answered the door at the Kiriakis mansion when Bonnie rang the doorbell. "Did Justin tell you about our date?" Bonnie started before Maggie slammed the door in her face. Bonnie rang the bell again, and Justin answered. "Sorry! I just heard the bell. How long have you been waiting?" Justin asked. "Long enough to realize I'd been a fool to think I'd ever be welcome in this house," Bonnie said.

Justin escorted Bonnie into the living room, and he told Maggie that Bonnie was there because he had invited her for dinner. "Was that you at the door? I didn't recognize you without your ankle bracelet," Maggie said. Bonnie sighed. Maggie called Bonnie cruel and selfish. "Maggie!" Justin yelled.

"Oh, that's right. Adrienne is dead, and you're alive. And you are still trading in on the fact that you look like her," Maggie grumbled. Justin argued that he did not believe that Bonnie was the same woman she had been. Maggie warned Justin to wake up and realize that he was blinded to who Bonnie was as a person because she looked like Adrienne. Confused, Justin asked Maggie what had changed since Christmas when Bonnie had joined them for dinner. Maggie said she had not been happy then, but she had let it go because of the holiday.

"I think you ought to show her the door," Maggie said. Bonnie offered to leave, but Justin stopped her. "Maggie, I love you. And one of the reasons I love you is you're always ready to give someone a second chance," Justin said. Justin said that he admired that Maggie helped people in her A.A. meetings start over, and he asked Maggie if she would be willing to start over with Bonnie.

"I do believe in giving people second chances. And I do believe people can change. And maybe Bonnie has changed or will change, but not here. I'm not going to tolerate her in this house, and I won't tolerate her in my life," Maggie said. "If Justin can forgive me, why can't you?" Bonnie asked. Maggie reminded Bonnie that Bonnie had attempted to steal Maggie's husband. Maggie added that Bonnie's scheme to imprison Adrienne was unforgivable. "Do you really have to go there?" Justin asked. Maggie argued that Bonnie was using her same techniques to secure Justin.

"No," Bonnie said. Maggie asked Bonnie if she thought it would be easier because Adrienne was already taken care of "this time." "Maggie!" Justin yelled. "Listen to me. I don't want your house or your man. I don't want anything that belongs to you!" Bonnie said. "Prove it. Get out," Maggie said. Bonnie wiped the tears from her eyes, and then she noticed one of Maggie's figurines on the table. Bonnie picked up the statue.

"How about I prove to you I don't care about money? How about I smash this to smithereens?" Bonnie said. As Bonnie clutched the statue, she explained that she had learned to go for her opponent's weakness. "For you, it's these stupid little statues," Bonnie growled. When Justin whispered Bonnie's name, Bonnie shushed him. "I haven't changed. I sold you a load of bull right from the get-go. And she, she sees right through me," Bonnie said. Justin said that he did not believe that Bonnie would break the statue. Bonnie asked Maggie if it was hard to fight her impulse to drink.

"My impulse is that you attack me, and I attack you right back," Bonnie said. Bonnie held the statue high as if she was about to throw it down, then she carefully handed it to Justin. "I don't know how not to have that impulse, but I'm trying. Oh, Lord, I am trying not to follow through with them," Bonnie confessed. "I think that means you're changing," Justin said. "Or maybe she has just got more polish," Maggie said. Bonnie glowered at Maggie.

Maggie walked out of the room, Justin apologized. "What did you expect? She didn't make anything up. I did everything she said I did," Bonnie said through tears. Justin urged Bonnie not to give up. With a chuckle, Bonnie said, "Never have. Never will."

Justin and Bonnie enjoyed dinner together, and then Justin confessed that he had had moments in his life when he had wanted to smash one of Maggie's figurines. "There is such a thing as too cute," Justin whispered. "So, you do have darker urges," Bonnie countered. Bonnie noted that they could not destroy a statue, but that they could find "another way to be naughty." Justin grinned.

PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, Days of our Lives did not air
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Due to the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, January 21, 2021, and picked up where the Tuesday, January 19, 2021, episode concluded.

The truth about Gwen is revealed The truth about Gwen is revealed
Thursday, January 21, 2021
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Tony entered the study and paused to watch Kate, who was standing at the bar. "Kate pouring herself a drink -- that's an overwhelming sense of déjà vu," Tony dryly mused.

Kate offered to prepare a drink for Tony, who politely declined. "Actually, I was looking for Chad -- I thought maybe he'd need a sympathetic ear," Tony, who had read the Intruder article about Chad's one-night stand with Gwen, clarified. "He's going to need a lot more than that," Kate declared with a shake of the head before revealing that Chad had just left the mansion a few minutes earlier. "Do you know where he went?" Tony asked. "No, I don't...but we were talking about Gwen, [and he suddenly] remembered something [then] left very quickly... He was in a foul mood -- I wouldn't want to be whoever he's going to see..." Kate replied.

At Statesville, Rolf entered the visitors' lounge and cheerfully greeted Chad. "Did you bring me a cake with a file in it?" Rolf whispered, but Chad wasn't amused.

"Tell me everything about you and Gwen Rizczech," Chad demanded. "'Gwen Rizczech'... No, I'm sorry -- I don't believe I've had the pleasure," Rolf claimed. "Let me jog your memory -- last October, you broke into my house, [and] I tied you up [then] went to call the police...[and] I left a woman to guard you --" Chad reminded Rolf. "Yes, I'm remembering now -- [and] I managed to free myself and overpower her," Rolf concluded for Chad. "See, that's the thing -- I think Gwen is the one that freed you...[and] I want to know why," Chad clarified, making Rolf squirm a bit.

"So, you think that someone I had never met [before] set me free," Rolf summarized with a chuckle. "That would be preposterous, wouldn't it?" Chad conceded. "I should say so!" Rolf agreed. "The only explanation would be that [it] wasn't your first encounter...which is why I showed a picture of her to the guard out there [earlier]," Chad continued, making Rolf squirm again. "[So, tell me], Herr Doktor...why did a woman that you claim to have never met besides during a home invasion come here to visit you?" Chad concluded.

"No matter what, you are Stefano's son, [so]...all right -- I will tell you everything," Rolf assured Chad after some thought. "[Ms. Rizczech] showed up here last spring [because] she needed something [from me] -- the drug she used to scramble your wife's brains," Rolf began to explain, stunning Chad.

"I thought it was Gabi --" Chad protested. "Because you let emotion cloud your judgment -- completely unscientific!" Rolf stressed. "Gabi drugged [Abigail] before, all right? You really don't think that two different women are gonna drug your wife before your fifth anniversary!" Chad reasoned. "[Which] made [Gabi] the perfect scapegoat," Rolf explained.

"[But] that was last April -- we didn't even know Gwen then!" Chad objected. "But, believe me, she knew you -- she's been plotting to destroy your family for a very long time," Rolf clarified. "Why?" Chad wondered. "You better gird your loins..." Rolf warned before starting to answer Chad's question.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate finished telling Tony about Chad's somewhat forced decision to resign as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. "I don't like it -- if DiMera seems to be in disarray, it's vulnerable. [So, even though] I don't want to, maybe I should just step in temporarily -- at least to right the ship..." Tony mused with a sigh. "Don't worry about [it] -- Shin already appointed a [new] CEO," Kate revealed with a grin.

As a way of elaborating, Kate bragged about being romantically involved with the new CEO -- and Tony started laughing after recovering from the shock of the realization that Jake, of all people, had been given the job. "What's so damn funny?" Kate snapped. "You dating Vivian Alamain's son! She must be rolling in her grave!" Tony explained. "I hope she is, after all the horrible things she did to me!" Kate admitted.

At DiMera Enterprises, Jake stared at Gabi in disbelief. "You don't seem happy to see me," Gabi observed. "What the hell are you doing here?" Jake wondered. "It's Rafe's birthday tomorrow, [so] I came to surprise him -- and, as soon as the plane landed, I got a notification on my phone that Chad was out at DiMera and that you were taking over...[so], with all the fake news going around these days, I had to come check it out for myself," Gabi explained. "Taking only enough time to find the reddest and skimpiest outfit you can," Jake noted.

Gabi was thrilled that Jake truly had replaced Chad as the CEO of DiMera Enterprises. "I have been spending months trying to figure out how I could revive Gabi Chic, [and now] --" Gabi began to rave. "Submit a proposal, and I'll go over it," Jake interjected. "Over dinner?" Gabi seductively suggested. "I'm seeing somebody else," Jake tiredly reminded Gabi, who was surprised to learn that Kate was still in the picture -- and that the couple's relationship wasn't a secret anymore. "[Well], you had your fun times with Kate, [but] things are different now, [because] I'm here now," Gabi argued while leaning over to flash some cleavage at Jake. "Your sense of modesty was always your most attractive quality," Jake sarcastically informed Gabi. Meanwhile, Kate approached the CEO's office -- and, from the vantage point of the doorway, it looked like Gabi and Jake were kissing.

At the Horton Town Square, Anna finished reading the Intruder article about Chad's one-night stand with Gwen. "'The innocent little nanny, corrupted by her lecherous boss'... Yeah, right -- and I'm Queen Marie of Romania," Anna muttered with a shake of the head -- just as Gwen approached, dragging a suitcase and fiddling with a cell phone.

Anna mischievously extended a foot, and Gwen obliviously tripped over it then whirled around to find out who had set the trap, already cursing at the person. "You!" Gwen realized with a scowl. "I saw you passing by, and I thought we should have a little chat," Anna explained with a shrug.

"You know, I had you sized up from the get-go...but it was rank amateurism for you to leave that dossier in your room -- you know, you should never leave concrete proof that you are scum of the earth just lying around... [Now], you just messed with, in a particularly unpleasant way, the DiMera family...[and, trust me], you will pay for it eventually -- it's in their blood. [So], you should take your suitcase and your nasty little self, go directly to the airport, and slither back to wherever you came from -- [then], when you get there, keep a low profile," Anna advised. "Ooh, I'm so scared..." Gwen countered. "You should be," Anna maintained.

"No, darling, I'm not going to the airport -- I'm just going [to] the Salem Inn, and I'm booking the room that I booked on New Year's Eve, when I was with Chad; I've got some really, really lovely memories there. [And] just because I'm out of the DiMera household, [that] does not mean that I am finished with Abigail or her family -- not by a long shot," Gwen bragged to Anna before heading off to the nearby Salem Inn.

Abigail entered the Horton house and called out to Jack and Jennifer, who were both upstairs -- and, seconds later, the trio convened in the living room. "Sweetheart, we just heard about Chad --" Jennifer began. "Yeah -- [our] business editor just texted me that he stepped down as CEO --" Jack elaborated. "Yeah -- and he was replaced by Jake," Abigail confirmed.

Jennifer suddenly noticed -- and discreetly directed Jack's attention to -- a suitcase in a corner of the living room. "I was hoping it would be okay if the kids and I stayed here for a while," Abigail explained when Jack and Jennifer asked about the suitcase. "Of course!" Jennifer assured Abigail, and Jack nodded in agreement. "Are you mad that [Chad] stepped down?" Jack wondered. "[Or that] he thought you were sleeping with Jake?" Jennifer wondered. Abigail bitterly clarified that moving out of the DiMera mansion had been a reaction to Chad's one-night stand with Gwen -- and that Jennifer and Jack were probably the only two people in Salem who weren't aware of the betrayal yet, since they didn't read the Intruder.

"Chad slept with that --" Jack incredulously began to snap after Abigail shared the whole story. "We are so, so sorry," Jennifer said to Abigail while giving Jack a light smack. "I don't know what I would do without you," Abigail admitted to Jack and Jennifer before heading upstairs to check on the kids, not wanting to discuss the matter any further.

"It's hypocritical, I know, [but] I want to strangle [Chad]!" Jack admitted to Jennifer once the coast was clear. "See? I told you! It's hypocritical," Jack repeated when Jennifer didn't immediately respond. "Of course you want to strangle him -- you're Abigail's father! I was thinking about something else [just now] -- what could Gwen have against Abigail?" Jennifer clarified -- and, as if on cue, Jack received a phone call from Anna just then. "You just went all white in the face," Jennifer observed after Jack ended the call. "[Anna] said that she just ran into Gwen in the square, [and] Gwen said that she's getting a room at the Salem Inn -- and she's not finished with Abigail or her family," Jack explained before rushing off to the Salem Inn, with Jennifer close behind.

Anna entered the DiMera mansion and greeted Tony, who was worrying about DiMera Enterprises' new CEO. "Kate's latest pastime? That's not going to end well..." Anna agreed after Tony shared the development.

"I have some news, too..." Anna admitted before telling Tony about the earlier encounter with Gwen. "I just don't get it, Tony -- why is she doing all this?" Anna wondered.

After leaving Statesville, Chad rushed over to the Horton house in search of Abigail, who wasn't thrilled about the unannounced visit. "I talked to Rolf -- [he's] been helping [Gwen] the whole time, [and] he knows why [she] hates you," Chad started to explain to Abigail. Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Jack and Jennifer demanded to know why Gwen was out to get them and their daughter. "She may be your daughter...but so am I," Gwen said, apparently speaking only to Jack -- who, like Jennifer, was stunned and confused.

Gwen tells Jack about her life Gwen tells Jack about her life
Friday, January 22, 2021

Kate dropped by DiMera Enterprises with Champagne for Jake, and she found Gabi kissing Jake at his desk. "Oh, Gabi, that didn't take long. What, did you smell Jake's rise to power all the way in Arizona?" Kate asked. "Champagne, how thoughtful," Gabi teased. "You really hit the ground running on your first day of work. He certainly has an aggressive business style, doesn't he?" Kate said. Jake jumped to his feet and begged Kate to let him explain.

"I don't want to interrupt. I mean, it looks like you're about to seal the deal," Kate said. Worried, Jake insisted that he wanted Kate, not Gabi. Kate turned to leave, and Jake begged her not to go. "Gabi just showed up here out of nowhere," Jake said. Gabi explained that she was in town to visit Rafe for his birthday and had learned about Jake's promotion.

"Gabi showed up here to get me to put Gabi Chic back under the DiMera umbrella. I asked her for a business proposal; she gave me a more personal proposal. It's like you said, she threw herself at me!" Jake said. Gabi groaned. Kate argued that Gabi believed she could dump any man and then snap and get him back whenever Gabi wanted.

"Actually, I don't think that, but what I do know is that Jake and I, what we had was something special. Beyond special. See, our attraction to each other was off the charts," Gabi said. Jake growled at Gabi to leave. Gabi admitted that her relationship with Jake was over, but she said she still cared about Jake as a friend. When Gabi insisted on telling Jake about Kate's past, Kate announced that she had nothing to hide.

"Does he know about your days as a hooker? As a homewrecker? That you tried to kill your ex, Victor Kiriakis, with a fireplace poker? Or your ex's ex Chloe Lane with a poison brownie?" Gabi said. Jake stared at Kate. "Why the hell are you doing this, Gabi?" Jake asked. Gabi insisted that Jake should know about the past of anyone he dated. When Gabi noted that Kate had set the Kiriakis mansion on fire and had almost killed her son, Kate murmured, "It wasn't intentional."

"Do you see the pattern? This is what happens to her exes," Gabi said. Gabi warned Jake to watch his back around his new girlfriend. "It boggles the mind that you would have the audacity to bring up my past with Jake. I mean, I really don't want to sink to your level, but you are not in a position to throw stones," Kate said. Kate mentioned that Gabi had killed an ex. Gabi reminded Kate that it had been self-defense, and Kate had helped her cover up the murder.

"What about the time you almost blew up all of Salem over your lust for Chad?" Kate said. "That was an accident," Gabi muttered. "And then you managed to control Julie Williams' pacemaker with an app on your phone, and you got out of that because you leveraged your bone marrow," Kate said. Kate went on to mention how Gabi had hurt Eli and Lani's relationship, and when Gabi had arranged for Abigail to go to an asylum.

"Because I went to a prison for a crime she committed!" Gabi yelled. When Kate mentioned that Gabi had drugged Abigail a second time, Gabi groaned in exasperation. "I am sick of this. I owned up to what I did, but I did not do that. I was acquitted by a jury of my peers," Gabi insisted. Kate chuckled. Gabi insisted that Rolf had supplied the drug to someone to set her up. "It wasn't me!" Gabi protested. Kate reminded Gabi that when she had first returned to Salem, Jake had told Gabi that he cared about Kate.

"And still you threw yourself at him. After everything I've done for you," Kate said. "You took him away from me!" Gabi countered. Kate argued that Gabi had left Jake. "And now I'm back. Jake and I had something before you got in the middle. See, there is unfinished business between us," Gabi said. Jake ordered Gabi to leave. Gabi asked Jake to think about both of her proposals, and she walked out.

"I know what it looked like when you walked in here, but I need you to know that I did not give Gabi the idea that I'm the least bit interested in her," Jake said. "I know. Gabi has a way of just grabbing what she wants," Kate said. Jake opened the bottle of Champagne, and he asked Kate if she knew that it did not matter to him that Gabi was back in town. Kate nodded yes.

In the square, Allie sat on a bench and stared at the ground. "Allie?" Ben said. Allie looked up. Ben asked Allie if she was okay. When Allie asked why, Ben said he had helped Marlena deliver Charlie to the police. "I guess the answer is I'm not all right," Allie said. Allie worried aloud that Henry's father was a kidnapper as well as a rapist. Ben suggested that Allie get a paternity test, but Allie noted that a test was not enough evidence to prove Charlie had raped her. When Allie mentioned that her best option for a conviction was to remember the night of her rape, Ben urged Allie to talk to Marlena about hypnosis.

"I don't know if I can relive that night. You know, go through everything all over again," Allie confided to Ben. Ben admitted that he had relived horrible memories in hypnosis. "Remembering is what, it just enabled me to put all that behind me. It's a really personal decision. I'm sure you'll make the right choice," Ben said. Ben wished Allie luck. Allie called Marlena and made an appointment for hypnosis.

Outside the pub, Charlie called out to Claire as she walked by. Claire stammered that she had left something in the pub, and she backed away from Charlie. "I'm not going to hurt you. I couldn't," Charlie said. Charlie noted that they were in public in front of the pub and that plenty of people could hear her scream if he did anything. Claire nodded in agreement.

"I think they brainwashed you into believing all those awful things they said about me," Charlie said. "They didn't brainwash me. They told me the truth. So now, how can I believe a single word that you say? You told me Ava Vitali was not your mother," Claire said. Claire yelled at Charlie because he had lied to her. Charlie explained that he had lied about his mother because he had not wanted Claire to know that Tripp was his brother.

"Claire, I didn't rape [Allie]. I would never rape anybody. You know me," Charlie pleaded. "No, I don't know you. I thought I did," Claire said. Claire pointed out that Charlie had planned to have sex with her while his mother was drugged and tied to a chair across town. "My entire life, my mother has always screwed things up for me," Charlie said. Charlie argued that Ava only cared about Tripp, and he reminded Claire of when she had felt second best to Ciara.

"Yeah, and I obsessed over it. I drove myself so crazy that I lost my mind and tried to set her on fire. Is that what happened to you? You drove yourself crazy until you finally snapped?" Claire asked. "My own brother, my own mother is against me. I have nothing and nobody else. I need you," Charlie said. Before Claire could respond, Ben walked up. "You're done talking," Ben said to Charlie. Ben offered to walk Claire home. Charlie gave Claire a pleading look, but she walked away with Ben.

After Chad's chat with Rolf at the prison, he raced to the Horton house to tell Abigail and her parents what he had learned. Jack and Jennifer were not home, so Abigail urged Chad to tell her the news. "I'm not going to fall apart. After everything Gwen has done to me, how bad can it be?" Abigail said.

"Rolf said Gwen thinks that your dad is her father," Chad said. "That can't be true," Abigail countered. Chad admitted that he did not know if it was true, but that was what Rolf had told him. "I think she's lying. I think she's moved from gaslighting to blackmail," Abigail said. Chad agreed that Gwen was a liar, but he noted that Gwen had no reason to lie to Rolf. When Abigail asked why Gwen had attacked her and Jennifer, Chad explained that Gwen believed Jack had thrown Gwen and her mother away for his other family.

"[Gwen thinks] that you got everything that she should have," Chad explained. Abigail said she did not understand why Gwen hated Jack when he did not know that Gwen existed. "My dad would never deliberately turn his back on his own daughter," Abigail said. Chad insisted that Gwen had told Rolf that Jack had intentionally turned his back on Gwen and her mother. Abigail said she did not believe Jack would do that.

"Your dad did walk out on your mom and you and J.J., right?" Chad said. Abigail groaned, and she announced that she needed to talk to her father. "That woman cannot be my sister after everything she had done to me," Abigail said.

"Gwen is very dangerous," Chad stressed. Chad told Abigail that Gwen had found Rolf because of the drug he had developed. "The drug that gave you the hallucinations," Chad said. "We already know that had to be Gabi," Abigail said. "It was Gwen," Chad confirmed. Chad explained that Gwen had drugged Abigail at Julie's Place.

"I'm sorry that you have to go through all this alone," Chad said softly. "So am I," Abigail agreed. Abigail added that she could not trust Chad. "I'm going to work really hard to change that. I'll do absolutely anything I can to make it up to you," Chad said. Tired, Abigail said she did not want to talk about their relationship. When Chad asked about the kids, Abigail noted that the children were asleep and that she needed Chad to call when he visited so that Abigail would not be there.

After Chad left the Horton house, he walked to the square, and he called out Gabi's name as she passed by. "The one and only, now that Abigail has retired her alternate personality," Gabi joked. Gabi told Chad that she had heard the news about his job. "Now you know what it felt like when Shin fired me," Gabi said. Chad told Gabi he owed her an apology.

"You weren't the one that drugged Abigail. I'm sorry," Chad said. "Hold on, wait a second. Does this mean you know who did it?" Gabi asked. Chad confirmed that Gwen was the culprit. Confused, Gabi asked why. "It's a long story," Chad said.

At the Salem Inn, Jack and Jennifer talked to Gwen in her hotel room. Jennifer asked Gwen why Gwen hated Abigail. "Guess what? [Abigail] may be your daughter, but so am I," Gwen said. Confused, Jack said he did not know what Gwen meant. "I thought you'd try to deny it, especially in front of her," Gwen said. Jack insisted that he did not know anything about Gwen's mother.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You knocked up my mum, and you waltzed off! I am the kid that you threw away," Gwen said. With a puzzled look on his face, Jack said he had not thrown anyone away. Gwen mentioned Tiffany Rizczech, her mother, but Jack said he did not know the name.

"Yes, you've heard it. You just didn't bother to remember it, did you?" Gwen grumbled. Jennifer asked Gwen what proof she had that Jack was Gwen's father. Gwen said her mother had repeatedly cursed the name of the man that had ruined her life. "She may have believed that to be true, but she never told me," Jack said. Gwen called Jack a liar. Gwen explained that her mother had gone to Salem and told Jack the whole story.

"I swear to you, to both of you, that never happened," Jack insisted. "But it did. I remember it. I was just a little girl, but I remember all of it," Gwen said. Gwen explained that she and her mother had been starving and on the verge of eviction when Tiffany had decided to beg for help from Jack. Gwen added that Tiffany had left Gwen in a hotel and gone to speak to Jack, but Tiffany had returned in tears.

"[You] said that you didn't want to speak to [Tiffany] because you were too busy with your wife and your daughter. Your precious little princess, Abigail. You didn't even want to meet me," Gwen said. Jack insisted that Gwen's mother had lied to her, but Gwen refused to believe Jack.

"You had your secretary send her money each month to keep quiet," Gwen said. "No, I didn't!" Jack yelled. In tears, Gwen yelled back, "You did! You know you did!" Jennifer stepped between Jack and Gwen, and she asked Gwen if Tiffany had mentioned how she had met Jack. Gwen explained that Jack had met Tiffany in a Chicago bar before he had moved to Salem.

"[Jack] did live in Chicago before he moved here," Jennifer whispered. Jennifer looked at Jack, and she asked him if any of Gwen's story was true. Jack said he did not remember a one-night stand. Gwen sniffled back tears, and she leafed through her folder of clippings. "We all know what he did to his sister-in-law Kayla," Gwen said. Gwen accused Jack of using women and throwing them away. Gwen said Jack had stopped sending checks when Tiffany had died, and it had left her destitute.

"[Jack] is a man who does not care, dodges responsibility, and abandons his family when they need him the most," Gwen said. "I'm sorry about your mother," Jack said. Gwen argued that Jack had been thrilled when her mother had died. Frustrated, Jack asked about Gwen's accent. Gwen explained that she and her mother had moved to England, and Gwen had become a ward of the state after her mother's death. Gwen said she had seen in the news that Jack had moved to England.

"I'm so stupid. Do you know I actually thought that you were coming to find me? Of course, you didn't," Gwen said. Jack admitted that he might not remember a one-night affair, but he would remember if someone had told him that he had a child. "I would remember if I paid your mother to go away. It didn't happen! I wouldn't let it happen!" Jack yelled.

"I am living proof! I am right here standing in front of you! I lived a wretched life of misery and deprivation while bloody Abigail was the golden child. So, I told myself when I get old enough, I am going to find you, and I am going to make you pay for what you did to me," Gwen said. Gwen added that Jack could not throw her away this time.

"I am here to stay, Dad," Gwen said. "I understand why you are lashing out at me, but I'm telling you, your mother lied to you," Jack said. Gwen ordered Jack to take a paternity test and prove it. With a scoff, Gwen added that she did not trust the paternity tests in Salem. Jack asked Gwen what she wanted. "You want money?" Jack asked.

"How dare you! You don't get to pay me off the way you paid off my mother. Don't you see all I wanted was for you to care? For you to give a damn about what you've done?" Gwen said. Gwen said she had wanted a dad, but she did not want one like Jack.

"You have ruined my life, but as miserable as you've made my life, I promise you, I will make yours worse," Gwen said. When Jack asked Gwen what she had planned, Gwen said Jack would find out soon. Gwen opened the door and ordered Jack and Jennifer to leave.

In the hallway, Jack looked at Jennifer and asked, "You believe me, don't you?" Jennifer nodded yes. "I'm so sorry. After everything with Kate, to drag you through this," Jack said. Jennifer noted that she was more concerned about Abigail's reaction to the news. Inside her room, Gwen looked through her news clippings and cried.

When Jack and Jennifer returned home, Abigail started to ask Jack about Gwen. "[Gwen] thinks I'm her father," Jack said. Jennifer confirmed they had just spoken to Gwen. "Is it true?" Abigail asked. "A lot of the things she said were absolutely not true, but as to whether or not I'm her father, honest to God, I don't know," Jack admitted.

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