Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 25, 2021 on DAYS
Xander helped the police track down Raynor. Julie had heart issues. A hitman shot Brady as he left Chloe's room. Kristen broke out of prison to see Brady, and John stopped her from shooting Chloe. Gabi gave Jake her work proposal. Xander told Victor about Philip's situation. Abigail asked Chad to tell the police that Gwen had drugged her. Gwen befriended Charlie. Under hypnosis, Allie remembered her rape. Ben told Claire that he believed Ciara was alive. Ciara asked her captor to let her go. Tripp gave Charlie DNA proof. Shawn arrested Charlie. Allie apologized to Tripp.
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Kristen broke out of jail to see Brady, who had been shot by a hitman, and Ciara was revealed to be alive
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Xander sets a trap for Raynor Xander sets a trap for Raynor
Monday, January 25, 2021
by Mike

At Statesville, Kristen entered the visitors' lounge and greeted Lani, who tearfully revealed that Jules and Carver were still missing -- and that Raynor was the one who had abducted them. "You've gotta be kidding me," Kristen grumbled. "Did she ever reach out to you after you got Rachel back?" Lani asked hopefully. "No," Kristen apologetically replied. "[Then], right now, our best hope is Xander," Lani concluded. "I will never forgive him for what he did to me and my daughter...[but if] he's all you got, [then] I pray it works out for you," Kristen stressed. "He's not my favorite person, either...[but] I would make a deal with the devil to get my babies back," Lani admitted.

At the Horton house, Julie and Doug received a visit from Abe, who revealed that Carver and Jules were still missing -- and that Raynor was the one who had abducted them. Julie -- who, according to Doug, hadn't eaten or slept since the abduction -- started hyperventilating after Abe reminded the couple of Raynor's previous crime. "If [she's] capable of something like that, she could be capable of anything!" Julie stammered. "Your heart is racing!" Doug observed. "I'm fine!" Julie insisted. "She look fine to you?" Doug asked Abe, who was also concerned.

Xander entered the police station and apologetically informed Eli that Raynor was nowhere to be found. "[But] when I paid [her] to leave Salem, I gave her an untraceable phone [so] I could check in on her -- [and] I made it clear that if she knew what was good for her, she would always answer. [Of course], once the truth came out about the baby switch, there wasn't a lot of point in staying in touch [with her anymore...but] it is possible [that she] still has that phone," Xander revealed. "Right now, it's our best chance at finding her," Eli conceded.

Xander dialed a number, using the speakerphone setting for Eli's benefit -- and Raynor eventually answered the call. "I thought you weren't gonna pick up," Xander began. "I almost didn't...but I was afraid not to," Raynor admitted. "Heh -- perhaps because you remember what I'm capable of," Xander suggested. "Why are you calling me after all this time?" Raynor wondered. "I thought we could have a wee chat -- about those babies you stole," Xander explained. "I don't know what you're talking about," Raynor claimed. "Let's not play games -- a witness saw you at the park [with] Eli and Lani Grant's newborn twins," Xander revealed, horrifying Raynor.

"[And now], because of our past history, the cops think I have something to do with this kidnapping -- they hauled me down to the station, asked me all sorts of questions..." Xander grumbled. "So, that's what this call is about -- you want me to call the police and tell them you're innocent," Raynor assumed. "No -- I want to help you," Xander clarified. "Why?" Raynor wondered. "[Because] I hate Eli Grant's guts -- and his wife's, too," Xander explained. "So, you don't even want the babies brought back home?" Raynor asked. "I want to help you disappear," Xander replied.

"[And] you know I have the resources [to] make it happen, [so]...just tell me where you are, [and] I'll come meet you," Xander suggested. "Why would I ever trust you?" Raynor wondered. "Well, you don't have a lot of other options..." Xander reasoned. "Maybe not...but I'm still not telling you where I am," Raynor insisted. "Fair enough -- I doubt I would, either, if I were in your shoes -- [but] I got the impression [that the police] are very close to finding you, [so]...the way I see it, I'm your only hope. [Look], you don't have to give me an address, but I can still help you slip out of the country undetected," Xander countered before proposing a meeting with Raynor in a public place the following afternoon. Raynor didn't accept Xander's offer -- but didn't reject it, either.

"Nice touch, you telling her that you hated my guts," Eli declared after Xander ended the call. "Yeah -- sorry about that, mate," Xander stressed. "No need to apologize -- you had to make her buy it," Eli acknowledged. "I'll let you know if I hear from her," Xander promised. "Thank you," Eli replied. "Look, I remember what it felt like when I lost Mackenzie -- I know it's not the same thing, can thank me when you bring your children home," Xander advised Eli before exiting the police station.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah paced around the living room while waiting for an update from Xander on the search for Raynor and the Grant twins. Maggie soon approached with a cup of coffee and offered it to Sarah -- then casually explained that it had originally been intended for Philip, who was nowhere to be found and had apparently slept elsewhere the previous night.

"He probably went into Chicago [then] decided to spend the night and checked into a hotel," Maggie assured Sarah, sensing concern. "Or he's dead!" Sarah blurted out, leaving Maggie stunned and confused. "What's going on?" Maggie demanded to know, prompting Sarah to reluctantly explain everything.

At the Salem Inn, Brady knocked on the door to Chloe's room -- then sighed when Philip opened it. "So, did you two have a good night?" Brady dryly challenged Philip and Chloe, who were both only half dressed. "Oh, relax, Brady -- Philip slept on the sofa," Chloe stressed. "I'm not concerned about where he slept -- I'm concerned that he's here at all," Brady clarified. "[Well], since he spent the night here and we're both alive to tell the tale, I don't see any problem with him staying here," Chloe countered. "For how long?" Brady wondered. "For as long as it takes," Chloe answered.

Philip donned a few more articles of clothing then rushed off, sensing that Chloe wanted some time alone with Brady -- who continued voicing concerns as soon as the coast was clear. "Just because you were safe here for one night, [that] does not mean that [it's] a good idea to have [Philip] here permanently!" Brady argued. "It's a risk that I'm willing to take," Chloe maintained. "Why?" Brady wondered. "Because I care about him -- we're friends," Chloe explained. "Just friends?" Brady asked. "Yes!" Chloe replied.

Philip entered the Kiriakis mansion while Sarah was fretting to Maggie that a hit man could already be in Salem. "Philip could be dead in a ditch somewhere, and it's all my fault!" Sarah admitted. "So sweet of you to be concerned...but, as you can see, I'm still breathing -- despite you and your boyfriend's best efforts to get me killed!" Philip interjected.

"[And] thanks for telling my stepmother!" Philip snapped. "Take a step back, Philip," Maggie warned. "You two can't tell [my father]!" Philip insisted. "I don't want to make things worse for you, so if you don't want me to tell Victor, I won't," Sarah promised. "I don't love the idea of keeping a secret like this from your father...but I will -- for now," Maggie decided. "Thank you," Philip said to Sarah and Maggie.

"Are you sure that it's safe for you to be here?" Maggie wondered. "I'm not staying long -- I just came to get a few things, and then I'll be gone," Philip explained. "Where?" Sarah asked. "Better that you don't know...[but], once this is all sorted out, I'll tell my father everything -- [and then], hopefully, I can move back home," Philip replied.

Sarah advised Philip that Rafe was willing to help if an official request for police protection was made. "I can't involve the cops," Philip insisted -- and, just then, Sarah received a phone call from someone at the hospital, ending the conversation. Sarah rushed off to the hospital, where Doug and Abe were waiting -- along with Julie, who had been admitted earlier.

"Your heart rate was quite elevated when you came in, [but] I think the beta blocker that I gave you should help with that, and your pacemaker is operational, so I think that you should be feeling back to normal pretty soon...[but] we're gonna keep you for a little while longer for observation," Sarah summarized after examining Julie, who groaned in response.

Philip packed a suitcase then left the Kiriakis mansion and headed back to the Salem Inn, where Brady and Chloe were still arguing about the best place for someone to hide from a hit man. Brady soon received a phone call from Kristen, who wanted to talk to Rachel. "I'm actually not with Rachel right now," Brady stammered. "Are you with Chloe?" Kristen asked. "No, I'm not with Chloe -- I actually just walked into the inn, and Rachel's just down the hallway, [so] why don't I head down there..." Brady replied while exiting Chloe's hotel room. "I just miss the both of you so much -- you know, after talking with Lani, I just started --" Kristen explained.

A gunshot rang out on Brady's end of the line just then, interrupting Kristen, who started panicking while trying to figure out what was happening.

Kristen takes Tony hostage Kristen takes Tony hostage
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Gabi made cupcakes at the Hernandez house for Rafe's birthday. After Rafe made a wish and blew out the candle on his cupcake, Gabi pushed Rafe to tell her his wish. "I wish my baby sister would finally find happiness," Rafe confessed. Gabi chastised Rafe for having wasted his wish on her. When Rafe insisted he was happy, Gabi said she wanted Rafe to have someone special in his life.

"You're an amazing man, and I don't want you to turn out to be some old, weird bachelor who is eating out of a can, standing up, and has hair growing out of his ears," Gabi said. Rafe shrugged. Gabi encouraged Rafe to start dating again. Rafe asked Gabi how long she planned to stay in town.

"That depends," Gabi said. "On what? Or shall I say on whom?" Rafe asked. Gabi noted that there was no one in her life. Curious, Rafe noted that he knew that Jake had taken over DiMera. "Maybe if you want to make your own happiness, now is the right time," Rafe suggested. Gabi explained that Kate was dating Jake. Rafe was surprised by the pairing.

"Jake was on the rebound after I left, and Kate, well, she just yanked him onto her bed," Gabi said. Gabi joked that since she was back in town, Jake did not have to settle for Kate. "Maybe he is happy," Rafe suggested. Gabi argued that she was better for Jake, and she believed Jake would realize it.

In Jake's bedroom at the DiMera mansion, Jake dreamed of his conversation with Gabi at DiMera Enterprises. Jake woke from his dream, and Kate asked, "Bad dream?" With a grin, Jake insisted he was fine. "I'm surprised you're awake after all that tossing and turning you did last night," Jake said. Kate admitted that thoughts about Gabi had kept her awake all night.

"Don't tell me she got into your head?" Jake said. "I think if she got into anyone's head, it was probably yours," Kate countered. Jake insisted that Gabi had kissed him, and that the kiss had not meant anything to him. Kate said that she believed Jake. "So, what's the problem?" Jake asked. Kate said she had not been able to stop thinking about Gabi's accusation that Kate had stolen Jake from Gabi.

"You didn't steal me. You know that. I'm not anybody's property," Jake said. Kate reminded Jake that when Gabi had first returned from Mexico, Gabi had been anxious to rekindle her relationship with Jake. "[Gabi] said that she dumped you because she was trying to protect you. She lied to keep you safe. That's what she said," Kate said. Kate noted that Gabi still had feelings for Jake.

"But I do not have feelings for her," Jake stressed. Kate pointed out that Gabi had said there was unfinished business between Gabi and Jake. "That's just Gabi being dramatic," Jake said. With a shake of her head, Kate said she thought Gabi was right. Jake argued that Gabi had put on a performance to play head games with Kate.

"Forget about Gabi, because the only person I have real feelings for is right here next to me," Jake said. When Kate sighed, Jake said, "Looks like I have to convince you the old-fashioned way!" Jake pulled the covers over him and Kate, and the two of them laughed underneath the bedspread.

After Jake and Kate's morning tryst, they dressed and went down to the study to work. "The numbers on this company look good," Jake said. Jake handed the tablet over to Kate for review. Kate rattled off a list of corporate issues, and Jake smiled. "Beauty and brains. How did I get so lucky?" Jake said. Jake attempted to nuzzle Kate's neck, and she laughed as she told him, "Stop it! You'll never get anything done."

"Well, for once, I agree with Kate," Gabi said as she walked into the room. After a deep breath, Jake asked Gabi why she was in his house. "You wanted to see the Gabi Chic proposal," Gabi said. Gabi pulled a folder out of her bag. Gabi argued that her company was a better option than acquiring any other company.

"So, if you and Miss Thing here could get your hands off each other for one second, you could take a look. I guarantee once you see my business model and my branding genius, you're definitely going to want to be in bed with me," Gabi said. When Jake scowled, Gabi added, "Business-wise. Of course." Kate told Gabi that Jake was not interested in her proposal. Gabi noted that Jake was the CEO, not Kate.

"Actually, I do want to take a look at your proposal," Jake said. Kate warned Jake that the proposal was a ploy. "How insecure are you?" Gabi asked. Jake told Kate that he had already promised Gabi he would look at her proposal. With a shrug, Kate advised Jake that working with Gabi was more trouble than it was worth.

"What would happen if I took my company somewhere else, and it just was wildly successful? What are you going to tell Shin, Jake? Because at the end of the day, who do you answer to?" Gabi asked. Gabi urged Jake to choose her. "Not you, Gabi. Your company. And the numbers have to be right," Jake said. Kate announced that she had an appointment.

"I'll let Jake throw you out," Kate said. Kate leaned over and gave Jake a long kiss. After Kate left, Gabi told Jake that he did not need to put on a show. "I'm not trying to prove anything to you. I was kissing my girlfriend goodbye like I always do," Jake said. "With absolutely no care for my feelings at all," Gabi said. Jake laughed. Gabi noted that it hurt her feelings, and she asked Jake how he would feel if she kissed another man.

"I don't care!" Jake said. Gabi told Jake to picture it, but he refused. "Because it is going to make you jealous and uncomfortable, right?" Gabi asked. "No, because I'm not willing to play this game with you, Gabi," Jake stressed. Gabi told Jake that she knew he'd liked the kiss she had given him at the office. Jake demanded that they talk business, but Gabi ignored him.

"I think that you are pretending to feel something for Kate that you don't," Gabi said. Jake warned Gabi to stop. Jake added that if Gabi was incapable of avoiding talk of his personal life, then he would review her proposal without her there. "I'm not going anywhere," Gabi said. Jake grabbed the proposal out of Gabi's hand. "Go. Now. I'll look this over when I have time, and I will get back to you," Jake said. Jake said he needed to go to the office and that he refused to leave Gabi alone in his house. With a sigh, Gabi agreed to leave.

"You keep saying that there is just business between us, over and over and over. So, my question is, are you trying to convince me or Kate or yourself that it's just business between us?" Gabi asked. "Go," Jake said. With a grin, Gabi said, "I am in your head, aren't I? Even when you don't want me to be." When Jake scowled, Gabi blew Jake a kiss, and she walked out.

Nicole arrived at the hospital, and she asked Sarah about Ava. Sarah explained that the drugs were leaving Ava's system. "So, she is gonna recover," Nicole said. Sarah said she believed Ava would be fine. Sarah told Nicole about Ava's involvement with the mob and how Ava had forced a friend to launder money. "The situation has escalated, and if something isn't done, then people will get hurt," Sarah said. Worried, Nicole asked Sarah who was in danger.

Reluctant to say who was involved, Sarah asked Nicole to talk to Ava about backing off of the business or at least not to hurt anyone. "So, you want me to suggest to Ava that mob boss isn't a great career choice?" Nicole asked. "Something like that," Sarah said with a shrug.

When Nicole entered Ava's room, she gave Ava a plant. "Maybe you could think of it as a new leaf," Nicole joked. Nicole told Ava that Sarah believed Ava would make a full recovery. "[Sarah] also said something else about you," Nicole added. Nicole explained that Sarah believed Ava was a mob boss. "Interesting," Ava said.

"Ava, I'm not going to ask you if it is true, but if it is, you could be jeopardizing your freedom, your future, and how about Tripp? I know how much he means to you, and you want a relationship with him, and that is pretty hard to do when you are in prison," Nicole advised. Ava shifted her eyes away. Nicole added that it would be difficult to clear Tripp's name, as well.

"Well, I have to. It's my fault that he is in this mess," Ava said. Ava explained that she had ordered Charlie to follow Tripp. "Which places Charlie in London when Allie was attacked," Nicole said. Ava nodded yes. Nicole asked Ava if she had talked to the police, and Ava confirmed that Steve had promised to tell Rafe.

"This could change everything," Nicole said. "I wish to God it was enough to clear his name, though," Ava whispered. Ava asked Nicole if she could check for an update at the police station. "If we're still friends, that is," Ava added. "Of course, we're still friends, and of course, I will see what I find out," Nicole said. Nicole asked Ava to think about what she had said.

As promised, Nicole went to talk to Rafe about Tripp's case. Nicole apologized for bothering Rafe on his day off at home, and she asked if Steve had told him that Charlie had been in London at the time of the rape. Rafe confirmed that he had talked to Steve. "I'm just waiting to verify that information right now," Rafe said. Nicole was relieved, but Rafe cautioned Nicole not to get her hopes up. Nicole told Rafe that Allie had agreed to undergo hypnosis.

"That couldn't have been an easy decision for her to make to have to face that trauma," Rafe said. Nicole thanked Rafe for his help on the case. As Nicole glanced across the room, she saw the birthday cupcakes. "It's your birthday!" Nicole exclaimed. As Rafe smiled, Nicole hugged him and wished him a happy birthday. Rafe mentioned that Gabi was back in town but that he had no plans.

"You have to celebrate! It's your birthday!" Nicole shouted. "I already did. [Gabi] made me my favorite cupcakes," Rafe said. Nicole insisted that Rafe could do better. "Let the adventure begin!" Rafe agreed. Nicole took Rafe's hand and led him out of the house.

In Chloe's room at the Salem Inn, Brady lied on his phone call with Kristen. Brady told Kristen that he was not with Chloe. As Chloe and Philip smirked at one another, Brady exited the room. A shot rang out in the hallway. At the prison, Kristen was alarmed to hear a gunshot on the phone and then no response from Brady.

At the Salem Inn, Brady stumbled into Chloe's room, and he collapsed on the floor. Brady clutched the bleeding bullet hole in his stomach. Philip ran into the hallway to pursue the shooter, and Chloe urged the unconscious Brady to wake up. Brady's phone was on the floor nearby, and Kristen's voice could be heard on it. Kristen pleaded for Brady to tell her what had happened. Chloe picked up the phone.

"Brady's with you? What is going on?" Kristen asked. "Brady's been shot," Chloe said. Kristen asked for details, but Chloe hung up the phone to call an ambulance. While Chloe waited for the paramedics, she put pressure on Brady's wound, and she urged him to hold on. Philip returned, and he announced that the shooter had escaped.

"You can't die on us," Chloe pleaded. Next to Brady, his phone buzzed with a call from Kristen. Chloe did not answer the call. After the paramedics transported Brady to the hospital, Sarah asked Chloe and Philip what had happened. "He was shot at point-blank range," Philip said. With a nod, Sarah rushed into the trauma room after Brady.

"You know that bullet was meant for you," Chloe said to Philip. "I know. Damn it," Philip said. Chloe wondered aloud how the mob had known where to find Philip. "Angelo must have had one of his men staked out at my dad's house. They followed me back, and I somehow missed them," Philip said.

"All Brady wanted to do was protect me, make sure that I wasn't hurt. And all I did was yell at him that I was capable of handling this. And now he is fighting for his life," Chloe said. As Philip sat in the waiting area, Chloe paced back and forth next to him. "Why didn't I listen to Brady? Why did I have to be so stubborn?" Chloe muttered. Chloe blamed herself for dragging Brady into the situation.

"It isn't on you, Chloe, it's on me. Brady warned you that I'd be putting you in danger. I didn't listen to him. I did what I wanted. Hell, you're probably still in danger, being anywhere near me," Philip said. With a sigh, Chloe said she only cared about Brady's health and nothing else. Sarah returned with an update, and she glared at Philip. Sarah explained that the bullet was out of Brady, and that none of Brady's organs had been damaged.

"So, he is going to be okay?" Philip asked. Sarah said she needed to consult with a specialist about any additional surgery, but she believed Brady would recover. Chloe asked to see Brady. As Philip started to follow Chloe, Sarah stopped him. "One at a time," Sarah said.

"That bullet was meant for you, wasn't it?" Sarah asked. Philip blamed Xander's interference for the escalated situation. "You were the one trying to screw over your father's company. The only thing that Xander did was try to undo the damage that you have done," Sarah growled. Philip countered that Xander had only bothered to dig for information because he did not want to compete with Philip.

"This is on you, Philip! You brought the mob to Brady's doorstep. You may be Victor's son, and he may forgive you for a lot of things, but if you are responsible for his grandson's death, he will never forgive you," Sarah said. Sarah warned Philip to pray that Brady pulled through.

Philip walked down the hallway to Ava's room. "Call off your dogs," Philip said. Ava warned Philip to watch his tone. "While you were laid up, your cousin Angelo put a hit out on me," Philip said. Ava seemed surprised by the news. "Brady got shot instead," Philip said. "Is he okay? Is he alive?" Ava asked. Philip told Ava that Brady was stable, but the gunman had escaped. Ava swore she had nothing to do with the hit. "And I sure as hell didn't know about it," Ava added. Ava asked why Angelo had ordered the hit, but Philip walked out.

At the prison, a frantic Kristen called Brady's phone, but no one answered. "What is going on?" Kristen cried out. A guard told Kristen that she had a visitor. Kristen turned and saw Tony walk into the recreation room. Upset, Kristen rushed over to her brother. Tony assumed that Kristen had heard the news about Chad's resignation, but Kristen yelled that she did not care about the business.

"Brady has just been shot!" Kristen yelled. Kristen told Tony about her phone call and that Chloe had confirmed that Brady had been shot. Tony reassured Kristen that he would get an update for her. "I'm going with you," Kristen insisted. With a scowl, Tony told Kristen that she could not leave the prison.

"What if our daughter is in danger?" Kristen asked. Tony grabbed Kristen and growled at her, "You just can't walk out of prison!" The guard returned to the room when he heard Tony and Kristen shout at one another. Tony assured the guard that everything was fine. As the guard turned his back to leave, Kristen shoved him and grabbed his gun. Kristen grabbed Tony and put the gun to his chest.

"Get out of my way! Or I swear to God, I'll shoot," Kristen yelled at the guard. Tony pleaded with Kristen to stop. "You won't shoot your own brother," the guard said. "You don't know our family," Kristen countered. Tony confirmed that Kristen would shoot him. "Don't do this. You have a child to think of. Your future. This could add years to your sentence," Tony argued. Kristen apologized and said that she needed "a hostage and a driver."

Tony promised to check on Brady and take Rachel back to the DiMera mansion, but Kristen refused to lower the gun. "Brady could be dying, and I need to be by his side. And Rachel needs her mother, so I am getting out of here. Now," Kristen said.

At the hospital, Chloe sat at Brady's bedside. In tears, Chloe apologized. "I never should have asked you to help me. And when you did, I should have listened to you. You were just trying to protect me, because that is the kind of man you are. You've always been kind and wonderful to me. Oh, God, please, Brady, you're going to be okay. You have to be," Chloe said. Chloe added that she would never forgive herself because the situation was her fault.

"Oh, really," Kristen said. Chloe turned and saw Kristen enter the room in Tony's hat and coat. "What did you do to him?" Kristen asked.

Kristen threatens to shoot Chloe Kristen threatens to shoot Chloe
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
by Mike

Anna went to the Horton house to check on Abigail, who shared all the new information about Gwen that had surfaced since they had last seen each other.

"We need to make sure [that] evil woman is prosecuted for attempted murder [and] punished for all the horrible things she has done -- especially to you and Chad!" Anna declared at the end of Abigail's recap. "Yeah, well...[Chad] is not innocent in any of this," Abigail grumbled. "I know...[but] I also know that you love Chad, [so] you can't give up [on him] -- especially because if you do, Gwen wins!" Anna advised.

John and Marlena rushed over to the hospital after Philip contacted them and informed them that Brady had been shot earlier -- and they arrived at the same time as Chad, whom Tony had summoned for help with Kristen. Tony and Chad tried to warn Marlena and John that Kristen was with Brady, but John kept walking when Marlena stopped to hear Chad and Tony out.

Meanwhile, Chloe watched in shock as Kristen hugged and kissed Brady, who was still unconscious. "Did you break out of prison?" Chloe wondered. "Well, how the hell else could I be here, Chloe?" Kristen snapped.

Kristen demanded to know Brady's prognosis as well as the reason for the shooting -- then started lashing out after Chloe finished responding. "You dragged Brady into this! What the hell is wrong with you?" Kristen spat. "I'm sorry!" Chloe stressed. "Yeah, well...I'm not," Kristen countered before pointing the stolen gun at Chloe's head and preparing to pull the trigger -- just as John arrived.

Kristen tearfully explained everything to John while keeping the gun aimed at Chloe's head. "Brady can sense everything that's happening around him right now -- I know because I could when I was in a coma not so long ago -- [so] you holding a gun on Chloe [and] threatening her life is not good for him," John advised Kristen while protectively stepping in front of Chloe.

Kristen conceded the point then rushed off after saying goodbye to Brady -- and ran into Tony, Chad, and Marlena at the nearby nurses' station. "Are you all right?" Marlena cautiously asked Kristen, who was still armed. "Of course not -- the man I love has been shot, [and] he could be paralyzed, [or] wake up and not even recognize me, [or] never wake up at all! And it's because of that Chloe Lane -- she did this to him, and I want to go back in that room and make that bitch pay!" Kristen spat. "I know you do, [but] vengeance makes things worse, [so] you've gotta be strong [and] think of how far you've come -- you've got a beautiful little girl, you've made amends to the people that you've hurt, you're paying your debt to society... Brady is so proud of you -- we are all so proud of you -- [and] I don't want to see you jeopardize [that]," Marlena advised.

Kristen conceded the point and handed the gun to Chad then seized a hug from Marlena and broke down. Marlena returned the embrace and offered a few more words of encouragement to Kristen -- then showed a hint of discomfort after her former enemy walked away with Chad and Tony. Meanwhile, Chloe finished thanking John, who only held the Vitalis responsible for what had happened to Brady.

Xander entered the Kiriakis mansion and greeted Victor, who was reviewing some Titan paperwork. "Bad time?" Xander wondered. "Oh, it's a great time -- especially for Titan! You know, I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you and Philip were able to put aside your personal differences for the sake of the company --" Victor raved. "I have to tell you something about Philip -- he's in trouble," Xander revealed. "What kind of trouble?" Victor asked. "The kind that could get us all killed," Xander replied.

Philip arrived shortly after Xander finished telling Victor everything. "Dad, I need to talk with you --" Philip began. "Too late," Xander warned. "Betrayed by my own son -- can it get any worse than this..." Victor mused. "Yeah, it does -- Brady got shot," Philip admitted, horrifying Victor -- and infuriating Xander, who was quick to assign blame.

"Shut the hell up, Xander! I'm not the reason Brady got shot -- you are! [The Vitalis] were perfectly happy with what I was doing; they only got pissed when you shut down the shell company!" Philip argued. "You can try to shift the blame all you want, Philip, but this all comes back to your asinine decision to get mixed up with the Vitalis in the first place! [And the] most despicable part of this whole thing is that you manipulated your own father to get back into Titan -- not because you give a damn about him or his company but to pay off a debt!" Xander stressed. "As if you haven't double-crossed this family before! In fact, wasn't Brady shot [another time] before this? Oh, yeah -- by you!" Philip countered. "Enough!" Victor interjected.

Victor asked Xander to contact Sarah and get an update on Brady's condition -- then started lashing out at Philip once the coast was clear. "I swear, Father, if Xander hadn't --" Philip maintained. "You screwed up, Philip -- for God's sake, be a man and admit it!" Victor snapped. "Regardless of what I did, that idiot should not be running Titan!" Philip argued. "Xander is doing just fine -- you're the one that failed me, and now your weakness [and] deceit could cost me my grandson!" Victor countered. "You're right, [and] I'm so sorry -- about everything. Maybe I have no right to ask, [but]...can you ever forgive me?" Philip replied. "That depends [on] whether or not Brady survives," Victor warned -- just as Xander returned.

Xander gave Victor and Philip an update on Brady's condition then changed the subject, pointing out that the Vitalis were probably going to strike again at some point. "Somebody has to handle this situation!" Xander stressed. "Damn right they do -- and that 'someone' is going to be me!" Victor declared.

As a guard led Kristen out of the hospital, they ran into Chloe. "This isn't over -- not even close," Kristen warned Chloe with a scowl.

Marlena hypnotizes Allie Marlena hypnotizes Allie
Thursday, January 28, 2021
by Mike

Abigail summoned Chad to the Horton house after giving some thought to the things that Anna had said earlier. Chad rushed over, clearly expecting good news -- but Abigail was quick to clarify that they wouldn't be getting back together anytime soon. "What did you want to see me about, then?" Chad asked. "Gwen," Abigail replied.

"I want you to go to the police [and] tell them what you told me [about Gwen]," Abigail elaborated. "I'll do it..." Chad stammered. "But...?" Abigail snapped. "I'm just not sure there's any point -- [I mean], Rolf doesn't have any credibility, [and] anyone who read that article in the Intruder is just gonna think I'm doing [this] for revenge," Chad warned. Chad headed off to the police station after informing Abigail that Gabi was back in town.

Claire went to the auto repair shop to see Ben, who was eating Chinese food in the upstairs apartment. "Wow -- you must have been really hungry," Claire observed. "I've just got the order saved on my phone -- all of Ciara's and my favorites -- [and], usually, I just hit the button without even thinking," Ben explained.

"I came to apologize," Claire revealed. "You have nothing to apologize for," Ben insisted, but Claire disagreed. "The other day, when you barged in and found me with Charlie, I was incredibly rude to you [because], at the time, I just couldn't imagine what reason you would have for reacting the way you did [to seeing me with him]," Claire elaborated.

Gwen entered Julie's Place and started to approach the bar -- then noticed Charlie, who was sitting alone at one of the tables. "Do I know you from somewhere?" Gwen asked. "I...don't think so...?" Charlie replied. "You look very familiar..." Gwen mused before suddenly realizing that Charlie was the person who had kidnapped Ava Vitali.

"I saw you in the Intruder!" Gwen recalled. "Don't believe everything you read -- especially not in some trashy tabloid," Charlie advised. "Not a fan of the rags, are you, Charlie? So, I suppose you've got...what, more sophisticated taste, have you?" Gwen summarized. "I'm not above reading the Intruder once in a while," Charlie clarified, eyeing Gwen knowingly.

"Especially when an interesting story catches my eye -- like, yesterday, there was one about some poor nanny that was taken advantage of by the big, bad daddy of her little charges..." Charlie elaborated. "So, you read my story," Gwen translated. "Didn't really buy it -- seemed really one-sided to me..." Charlie stressed. "Well, you're certainly entitled to your own opinion..." Gwen countered.

"I wonder what else we have in common..." Gwen mused while claiming the extra chair at Charlie's table. "Not much," Charlie guessed. "[Seems to me that] you're kind of like this straight arrow -- like you wouldn't even hurt a fly, let alone your own mother -- [so] I can only imagine that [she] must have done something truly wicked to have her son keep her bound and gagged in his own flat..." Gwen prodded Charlie.

"My mother is...unstable... [She] abandoned me when I was a kid; she only had enough love for her other child -- her golden child -- so, as far as she was concerned, I didn't exist," Charlie explained, surprising Gwen. "I know exactly how you must have felt -- my father, he won't even acknowledge me; he won't even admit that I'm his daughter... All his love is reserved for my perfect little sister..." Gwen revealed.

"Being rejected by a parent can make you do really dark things -- extreme things that you might end up wishing that you had never done..." Charlie admitted. "Worse than taking your mum prisoner?" Gwen wondered. "All I'll say is that it is possible to become so full of rage -- so overcome with the need to hurt somebody the way that you've been hurt -- that you end up doing something that you wish you could take back," Charlie elaborated. "Well, I have no regrets -- not a one! My conscience is clear," Gwen insisted.

"Do you wanna get something to eat?" Charlie offered. "No, I think I'm gonna have to take a rain check on that...but it is really nice to know that there is somebody else in this miserable, bloody town who understands where I'm coming from," Gwen answered. "Arrivederci..." Charlie muttered as Gwen exited the restaurant.

Gwen headed off to the Salem Inn -- and found Abigail waiting there. Gwen refused to confess to having drugged Abigail. "There's no way you can ever prove it, [so] there's nothing you can do about it -- just like there's nothing you can do about me sleeping with your husband," Gwen insisted. "Oh, there's one thing I can do..." Abigail countered before punching Gwen -- just as Chad arrived. "What are you doing?" Chad asked. "Putting my 'big sister' in her place -- and if she's smart, she'll stay there," Abigail replied before storming off.

Allie entered the hospital and spotted Marlena at the nurses' station. "I heard that Uncle Brady got shot -- is he okay?" Allie began. "Yes -- he hasn't regained consciousness, but the doctors say he's gonna be fine," Marlena reported. "We can just totally reschedule our appointment --" Allie hopefully offered. "No, we're gonna keep our appointment, honey -- it's really important," Marlena firmly countered.

Marlena assured Allie that John, who was with Brady, felt the same way about the hypnotherapy session -- and that, if conscious, Brady would surely agree, too. "This is about your life and moving on -- and you can't do that until you remember what happened in London," Marlena reasoned. "What if I don't want to remember? I mean, of course, a part of me [does], so that I can finally get justice...but, Grandma, that was the worst night of my life, [and] I don't know if I can handle reliving it," Allie fretted. "I know hypnosis can be some people...but I'll be right there with you every step of the way," Marlena promised.

Despite Marlena's words of comfort, Allie remained worried about what might happen during the hypnotherapy session. "What if I remember doing something wrong -- [I mean], what if I didn't resist as much as I think I did, or what if I didn't say no as many times as I think I did, [or] what if I remember this whole night [and] realize that I got myself into this whole nightmare?" Allie tearfully suggested.

"You listen to me [and] understand this -- you did nothing wrong. It's not your fault, what happened -- it isn't about whether you did too much, did too little, fought too much, fought too little... It isn't even about what he thought... This man committed a crime against you -- a terrible crime," Marlena stressed, but Allie still seemed conflicted.

"Look, I'm not gonna pressure you, [Allie] -- I want you to do what's right for you, [so] whenever you're ready, that will be the right time," Marlena relented -- but Allie ultimately decided not to take the out. "I need to know what happened to me -- and I need to know who hurt that I can make him pay," Allie conceded, wiping away the earlier tears.

Allie was soon sitting on a couch in Marlena's office, ready to start the hypnotherapy session. "I want you to remember that, in your mind, we're going to be in your apartment in London...[but] your body's gonna be right here, [and] whatever memories come up, I'm gonna make sure that you're safe," Marlena assured Allie, who nodded in response. "[Now, it's] December, a year ago, [and] you're at a nightclub called Jubilee..." Marlena continued, prompting Allie to recall meeting Tripp for the first time -- and everything about that part of the story aligned with what they had each described before.

Allie eventually realized that Tripp's account of what had happened after they had left the nightclub had been true -- and that Charlie had entered the apartment at some point after Tripp's departure. "[Charlie's] standing next to my bed [and] just staring at me -- and he's holding a little crumpled-up piece of paper; it must be the note that Tripp said he left for me..." Allie recalled before also remembering that Charlie had been at the nightclub -- and had been jealous because Allie had chosen to take Tripp home. "Charlie raped me," Allie summarized, remembering everything. "Arrivederci..." Charlie had said to Allie before pocketing Tripp's note and exiting the apartment.

Allie broke down in Marlena's arms after the hypnotherapy session ended. Meanwhile, at the Dale apartment, Charlie browsed one of Claire's social media accounts, focusing on digital photographs of Claire and Allie together -- then stopped with a sigh of frustration when Tripp knocked on the front door. "That, little brother, is proof that you raped Allie," Tripp explained while shoving a manila envelope at Charlie.

At the Weston apartment, Ben tossed aside a fortune cookie while trading memories of Ciara with Claire. "Don't really feel like reading any more fortunes now that she's gone -- it just feels meaningless, because I can't really imagine a future without her... Maybe [that's] why I can't accept that she's gone, and a part of me truly still believes that she is alive and [that], one day, she's gonna come back to me," Ben admitted.

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location, Ciara struggled to get out of a soundproof chamber.

Ciara begs for her freedom Ciara begs for her freedom
Friday, January 29, 2021

After spending the day out celebrating Rafe's birthday at a family-themed restaurant, Nicole and Rafe returned to her apartment. Rafe thanked Nicole for having won a stuffed bear for him. Nicole teased Rafe about how she was better at the claw machine than he was, and Rafe bristled. "You really are upset. Look at you. What is going on?" Nicole asked. Rafe continued to playfully bicker with Nicole about the claw machine and then over a name for the bear.

"Can we stop now, please? And tell me why you're really upset?" Nicole asked. Rafe admitted that when he had seen the parents and kids at the restaurant, he had realized that he could have been one of those parents. Nicole apologized for taking Rafe to a family-themed restaurant on his birthday.

"Do you get to visit David?" Nicole asked. "Every once in a while," Rafe said. Rafe added that his visits had become less frequent. "I just thought that if I could win that bear, that I could take that bear to him the next time I saw him, if there was a next time," Rafe said. "Then I just barged in and ruined that for you because that is what I do," Nicole said.

"What you did, was you made sure that I wasn't alone on my birthday, and you know what, since you actually did win that bear, I'm going to leave him here. I'm leaving him here for Henry and Holly," Rafe said. Nicole insisted that Rafe take the bear in case he saw David. "I can't count on that," Rafe countered. Rafe offered to babysit if Nicole ever needed a hand with Henry or Holly.

"Deal," Nicole said as she shook Rafe's hand. Rafe thanked Nicole for their day out. Nicole's phone rang with a call from Eric. As Nicole answered the phone, Rafe grabbed the bear and slipped out of the apartment.

After Allie's hypnosis session with Marlena, she visited Belle at her house. "The civil suit against Tripp? I want to drop it," Allie said. Allie told Belle about her memories and that she was certain that Charlie had raped her, not Tripp.

At Charlie's apartment, Tripp handed Charlie an envelope and stated that it was proof that Charlie had raped Allie. "How can you run a DNA test without my DNA?" Charlie asked. "Turns out toothbrushes are just loaded with DNA," Tripp said with a grin. Furious, Charlie told Tripp he'd had no right to steal Charlie's DNA.

"Guess where my dad is now. He's sharing the results of that test with the cops," Tripp said. Charlie argued that the test would not hold up in court, but Tripp explained that the test could convince a judge to order a legal DNA test. "Whatever happened to Allie was in London. The Salem PD can't get a judge or cops to do anything there," Charlie said. Tripp countered that the police could forward any collected evidence to London.

"What do you think this is going to do to you and [Claire]?" Tripp asked. "I'm not going to lose Claire over this. She knows how much I love her, and she believes in me," Charlie muttered. Tripp countered that Claire would change her mind once Shawn showed her the DNA report. When Tripp said he was thankful that Claire had learned the truth before Charlie had hurt her, Charlie yelled that he would never hurt Claire.

"Unless [Claire] turned you down like Allie did," Tripp argued. Charlie yelled in frustration. "Claire will understand. I'll make her understand," Charlie said. Tripp asked Charlie if he planned to force himself on Claire, too. "I would never hurt Claire. What we have is special," Charlie insisted.

"I guess that means Allie wasn't so special," Tripp said. "I didn't rape Allie! I'm not that kind of guy!" Charlie screamed. Tripp held up the test results, and he asked Charlie to explain them. Tripp urged Charlie to admit what he had done for the sake of Charlie's son. "Take responsibility for what you did!" Tripp yelled. Charlie ordered Tripp to leave.

"Fine. You're the one who has to live with what you did," Tripp said as he shoved the test results into Charlie's chest. Charlie attempted to push the envelope away, but Tripp shoved back. "You can take that. I got plenty of copies," Tripp said. Tripp warned that Charlie could no longer run from the truth, and Tripp walked out.

At the police station, Steve handed Shawn the results of Charlie's DNA test. "This is proof that your daughter's boyfriend fathered Allie Horton's baby," Steve said. As Shawn got to work on the case, Allie arrived with Belle. "We need to talk about Allie's case," Belle said. Shawn told Belle and Allie that Steve had already given him the DNA test results.

"I don't need those test results to know that Charlie Dale is Henry's father," Allie said. Allie told Shawn about her therapy session with Marlena. Shawn offered to take Allie's statement, and she agreed. After talking to the police, Allie went over to Steve and Kayla's place to talk to Tripp.

"My Uncle Shawn told me about the DNA test," Allie said. "So, you finally believe that it wasn't me?" Tripp asked. "I already believed that," Allie admitted. Confused, Tripp shook his head. Allie told Tripp about her therapy session with Marlena. "Everything kind of came back to me," Allie said.

"I know what I did to your life, and I was wrong. I'm really sorry," Allie said. Allie added that she wished she had not said and done horrible things to Tripp. "I wish I could take them all back, I really do. But I didn't just say them. I mean, I really thought that you were the one. I probably should have just gone to my grandma Marlena in the first place before I started pointing fingers, but I'm just really sorry," Allie said. Stunned, Tripp said he did not know what to say. Allie apologized again, and she walked out.

Ben and Claire talked in his apartment about Ciara. "I can't really imagine a future without [Ciara]," Ben confided. Ben admitted that he had not been able to accept that Ciara was gone. "A part of me really still believes that she is still alive and one day she is going to come back to me," Ben said. Claire asked Ben if he truly believed that Ciara was alive. Ben shrugged.

"You think I'm crazy?" Ben asked. With a chuckle, Claire noted that she had no right to call anyone else crazy. Claire added that it was no surprise that they both had had a hard time accepting Ciara's death when there had been no body to mourn.

"It is not like you are ignoring reality. I mean you're not the only one that thinks there is a chance that Ciara is still out there," Claire said. "The sensible part of me says that I'm driving myself crazy. But the crazy part is saying what if she is all alone? What if she needs me to stop sitting around missing her and get off my ass and actually do something?" Ben said.

Claire argued that Vincent had intentionally messed with Shawn and Ben so that neither could be sure what had happened to Ciara. Ben insisted that he still felt Ciara's presence in the world and that Ciara wanted him to find her. When Claire admitted she had vivid dreams about Ciara, Ben argued that his feelings were more than dreams. Ben told Claire about when he had seen a vision of Ciara during the blackout.

"It could have been her trying to make contact with me," Ben said. Ben told Claire that the vision of Ciara had talked him out of attacking Vincent. When Claire said that it made sense that Ben would imagine Ciara at a time of emotional turmoil, Ben interrupted to say that he had seen Ciara again at Christmas.

"I'm always right here," Ciara had told him. "She kissed me. I don't know, but I felt it," Ben told Claire. Ben said he had not gone through a moment of any day without talking to Ciara. "It's like she is always here. It's more than that now. It's like she is really reaching out to me now," Ben admitted. Ben asked Claire if he had a psychic connection to Ciara.

"For what it's worth, people say my grandma Marlena and my grandpa John have a connection like that," Claire said. With a smile, Claire added that people had said the same thing about Bo and Hope. "So, you've seen this kind of thing for real?" Ben asked. "No, but I come from a long line of people who know it's real. Maybe that is the power of love," Claire countered.

Claire encouraged Ben to talk to Marlena, but Ben said Marlena had suggested that he talk to Claire. "I think [Marlena] has a higher opinion of me than I do," Claire said. "You are a good person, Claire. Really. And you love Ciara. And [Marlena] just figured that maybe we could both help each other because we both miss [Ciara] so much," Ben said. Claire asked Ben if he felt better since they had talked. Ben nodded yes.

"We can talk anytime. We both miss her so much," Claire said. Claire handed Ben a fortune cookie, and she told him that she would be there for him if he needed someone to remind him that he had a future. After Claire left, Ben accidentally knocked over his wedding photo onto the fortune cookie. Ben took the fortune out of the remains of the cookie. "Nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart," Ben read aloud.

Claire returned home at the same time that Belle returned home from the police station. "I hate that I have to tell you this," Belle murmured. Belle told Claire about Allie's therapy session with Marlena. "[Allie] had a really clear memory of being raped. It was Charlie," Belle said. Stunned, Claire whispered, "No." Belle noted that Allie had given a statement to the police and that the police were on their way to arrest Charlie.

At Charlie's apartment, he stared at the DNA test results. There was a knock at the door. With a sigh, Charlie walked over and opened the door. "You're under arrest for the sexual assault of Allie Horton," Shawn said.

In a Plexiglass containment cell, Ciara pounded on the wall and called for help. A man in a cowboy hat walked into the outer room outside the cell. "I told you, dear, there really is no need for all this racket. I thought you'd eventually give all this up," the man said. "Then you obviously haven't learned a whole hell of a lot about me," Ciara countered. The man recommended that Ciara should read a book if she was bored. With a smirk, the man dropped a book in the deposit drop of the enclosure, and he turned to leave.

"Rhodes! Wait!" Ciara called out. Rhodes stopped. Ciara asked Rhodes why he was taking care of her. "I'm not the mastermind here. It's Vincent. It's always been Vincent," Rhodes said. Ciara asked Rhodes why he wanted to work for a "psychotic creep like Vincent." Rhodes explained that Vincent had always been good to him.

Ciara talked about the night of the car explosion and how she had thrown her wedding rings at Vincent. Ciara recounted how she and Vincent had struggled over his gun, the gun had fired, and she had escaped during the struggle and run into the woods. "And right into me," Rhodes added. "I really thought that I was going to get away with it until you grabbed my arm," Ciara said. With a smirk, Ciara said she had hoped that Rhodes had been a good guy that would help her.

"I guess the bullet hit the gas tank of the car or something. I have no idea," Ciara said. Rhodes noted that the fire marshal had told Shawn and Hope that Ciara had died in the explosion. "They never found a body. My brother is a cop, and so is my mom. And my husband? He is never going to stop believing that I'm alive," Ciara said. Rhodes argued that the wedding rings and the bullet casing in the car were enough to support Vincent's story.

"They held a memorial service, dear. No one has any idea that you escaped," Rhodes said. With a shake of her head, Ciara argued that Rhodes did not know her family. "[My family] is not going to decide that I'm dead based on crazy Vincent's ramblings," Ciara said. Rhodes agreed. Curious, Ciara asked Rhodes what he meant. Rhodes admitted that Hope still believed Ciara was alive.

"I knew it!" Ciara said triumphantly. Rhodes told Ciara that Hope had left Salem in search of her. "[Hope] is looking in all the wrong places. I made sure of that," Rhodes said. Ciara yelled that she would escape if Rhodes did not let her go. Rhodes shrugged. "I want to go see my family. I miss my mother. I miss my husband," Ciara complained. "That's how it works when someone is held against their will. So, I cannot accommodate you, unfortunately," Rhodes said. Ciara asked Rhodes why he had continued the plan when Vincent was in jail.

"[Vincent] still has considerable funds at his disposal. As long as his checks don't bounce, I will continue to keep you here in the style to which you have become accustomed," Rhodes said. Ciara shook her head with dismay. Rhodes told Ciara that her situation was not bad and that she would get used to it.

"If it is just about the money, I can get you way more than what Vincent is paying you. My grandfather is Victor Kiriakis," Ciara said. With a laugh, Rhodes said that if he accepted Ciara's offer, he would not have a happy ending. "It's not going to be yours, either," Rhodes added. Rhodes urged Ciara to read the copy of Romeo and Juliet that he had dropped in the deposit box for her.

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