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Jake rejected Gabi's business proposal. Eric decided to stay in Africa longer. A DNA test confirmed that Jack was Gwen's father. Laura admitted that she had paid off Gwen's mother. Abigail told Gwen that Jack had not known about Gwen's existence. Eli and Lani tracked down Ivan, and he trapped them in a room. Ivan delivered the twins to Vivian as a gift. Philip kissed Chloe. Brady and Kristen fought about her escape. Ciara's escape attempt was thwarted by Rhodes. Susan told Ben that Ciara was alive.
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Eli and Lani tracked down Ivan after he delivered the twins to Vivian as a gift, and Ciara's escape attempt was thwarted by Rhodes
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Jack and Gwen receive confirmation that they are related Jack and Gwen receive confirmation that they are related
Monday, February 1, 2021
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Jake entered the study and retrieved Gabi's business proposal from the desk -- then started thinking about their recent kiss. Tony entered the study a few seconds later -- and, by then, Jake was staring at a wall instead of the business proposal and was practically drooling. "Hard at work, I see," Tony sarcastically began while preparing a cup of coffee, snapping Jake back to reality.

Jake -- who either hadn't heard exactly what Tony had just said or was simply choosing to ignore it -- started complaining that reporters had been calling all morning to ask about what Kristen had done the previous night. "I would have appreciated a heads-up on yet another DiMera family scandal," Jake snapped. "Oh, I'm sorry -- [Kristen] held me hostage in the process [of breaking out of prison, so] I was all tied up," Tony countered. "Our sister sounds like a lovely gal," Jake incredulously declared. "I'm fine, by the way -- thanks for asking," Tony dryly stressed.

Changing the subject, Tony wondered if Jake needed some input on Gabi's business proposal. "No, thanks -- you're Team Chad all the way, [and] I'm not gonna let myself get sabotaged this early on," Jake answered. "Well, I am ultimately Team DiMera -- and I do have some advice that I think you'd like to hear...unless, of course, you're so sure of yourself that you [believe you] can run a multinational company based [solely] on your...vast experience..." Tony countered. "Fine -- knock yourself out," Jake agreed after some thought, handing the business proposal to Tony.

"Resurrecting Gabi Chic, I think, would be an excellent move for the company...[but] the problem lies with Gabi herself, [so] if you decide to go along with this, you may have professional success [at first, but] your personal life will be in purgatory, which will [eventually] lead to professional failure, which will qualify for a lose-lose proposition... [That said], the choice will be yours to make," Tony advised Jake.

At the Hernandez house, Gabi entered the kitchen and greeted Rafe, who was reading a newspaper. "Don't you think Arianna's a little old for teddy bears?" Gabi asked while eyeing the stuffed animal that Rafe had left near a pot of coffee. "Actually, he's mine," Rafe replied before telling Gabi about what had happened the previous day.

"I know that you're lonely --" Gabi began at the end of the tale. "[Nicole and I] are just friends," Rafe insisted. "Be careful," Gabi advised. "You, too," Rafe countered. "[My situation] is different [because] Jake and Kate aren't married -- and Kate doesn't stay with a man very long; you know that," Gabi declared. "Nice," Rafe grumbled before saying goodbye to Gabi then rushing off to the police station.

Later, while showering, Gabi heard someone knocking on the front door. "I guess I should have called first," Jake admitted when Gabi opened the door, dripping wet and wearing only a towel. "What are you doing here?" Gabi asked. "I came to talk about your naked -- your towel -- your proposal," Jake replied. "That must mean --" Gabi excitedly assumed. "I gotta turn you down," Jake apologetically clarified.

Gabi tried to object, but Jake refused to reconsider -- and insisted that Kate hadn't been involved in the decision-making process. "I can't be in business with you [because] you'll always want me to be him, and I'm never gonna be," Jake explained. "Will you at least release the rights to my company?" Gabi asked. "Of course -- it's yours," Jake replied. "Kate and Tony aren't gonna like that very much," Gabi warned. "Screw what they think," Jake declared before wishing Gabi luck then exiting the house.

Nicole entered the Brady Pub and greeted Roman then excitedly revealed that Eric would soon be returning to Salem -- for good. Nicole and Roman made tentative plans for a homecoming party, choosing a date when Brady would hopefully be out of the hospital and up for a celebration.

Roman and Nicole then started talking about the recent developments in Allie's rape case. "I just wish I didn't encourage Allie to go to the police until she was absolutely sure it was Tripp," Nicole admitted. "Yeah, well, at least he's off the hook now, and the right guy's in jail," Roman stressed. "Let's hope he stays there!" Nicole declared. "[Yeah]... I am sure glad Eric's coming home -- for a lot of reasons, but a big one is that you and Allie and the kids won't be alone in that apartment [anymore, because] if Charlie does get bail, he just might want to get even," Roman noted.

At the Horton house, Jack and Jennifer discussed Gwen's recent claims. "Have you thought any more about whether it could be true -- whether you might be Gwen's father?" Jennifer wondered. "Honestly...I have no idea," Jack admitted. "'Tiffany Rizczech,' though -- that isn't a name you forget," Jennifer argued. "It's not out of the realm of possibility that...I never knew her name," Jack clarified.

"Are you telling me that you slept with so many cocktail waitresses back then, you can't remember them all?" Jennifer asked incredulously. "I'd like to take back a lot of things I did in those days -- [I mean], that part of my life [honestly] feels like it happened to a different guy," Jack sheepishly replied. "[Yeah] -- it just seems like such an abstraction to me," Jennifer agreed. "Well, it's coming into focus now..." Jack grumbled. "[Look], I can't hold against you how you acted before you met me, [so]...I'm sorry I snapped at you," Jennifer backpedaled.

"What gets me [is]...I may not remember ever seeing Tiffany's face, but I would certainly remember when she came to our house and told me that she had my child," Jack mused. "Do you think it's possible that there's another 'Jack Deveraux' out there, and he's Gwen's father?" Jennifer wondered. "Maybe? Maybe not? I don't know -- I mean, after the last few weeks, we can certainly tell that anything is 'possible,'" Jack conceded. "[Or] what if somebody else decided to take it upon themselves to deal with [Tiffany]? Your secretary back then, [Gladys], was always really protective of you..." Jennifer suggested. Jack quickly contacted Gladys, believing that Jennifer might be onto something -- but the secretary denied having any knowledge of the situation.

Abigail went to the hospital to see Julie, who was stunned to learn that Gwen was claiming to be Jack's daughter. "[And] Gwen is the person who put the drug in my Champagne at the restaurant," Abigail revealed. "I knew I had seen her somewhere before -- I must have noticed her the night that happened to you!" Julie realized.

Abigail soon headed over to the police station to talk to Rafe about what Gwen had done -- and Gwen arrived a short time later, sporting a black eye that was more makeup than actual bruise, and demanded to talk to Rafe about what Abigail had done. Rafe diplomatically declared that neither woman had enough evidence to press charges.

Gwen stormed off after receiving a phone call from someone at the hospital, prompting Abigail to tell Rafe about the possibility that Jack might have another child. Rafe warned Abigail to stay away from Gwen, who was clearly quite dangerous, then promised to get a statement from Rolf as soon as possible.

After Abigail left the police station, Rafe headed over to the Brady Pub -- where Nicole was in the midst of a phone conversation with Eric. "No, Eric -- frankly, I don't understand, and... You know what? I'm gonna get off the phone before I say something I regret!" Nicole snapped before ending the call and blindly tossing the cell phone -- which nearly hit Rafe, who wondered what was wrong. "When Eric called last night, [he] told me he was coming home the day after tomorrow...[but] I just got another call from him, and the mission begged him to stay three more months -- and he said yes!" Nicole tearfully explained.

At the hospital, Jack met up with Gwen, who handed over the paternity test results. "Read 'em and weep...Daddy," Gwen spat.

Abigail went to the Horton house to vent to Jennifer about what had just happened with Gwen -- and Laura arrived a short time later, having read the recent Intruder article. Laura sighed as Jennifer and Abigail took turns explaining why Gwen was on the warpath. "I never, never thought I would have to tell you this, but...that secretary who sent the checks...was me," Laura admitted.

Laura tells Jennifer about Tiffany Laura tells Jennifer about Tiffany
Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Outside the pub, Nicole told Rafe that she was upset because Eric had unilaterally decided to remain in Africa another three months. "I know that I shouldn't be upset with him. He's a good man, it's just I really need him right now," Nicole confessed through tears. Rafe pointed out that Nicole had a right to be upset because Eric had said he was on his way home and then had changed his mind the next day. Nicole reminded Rafe that she had persuaded Eric to take the job in Africa.

"I mean, he didn't even ask me if he could stay. He just announced that he was doing it," Nicole said. Rafe argued that Eric might have felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. "Eric would be a fool not to come back to you, and Eric is no fool. Everyone knows how much he loves you," Rafe said. Rafe assured Nicole that Eric would return home eventually.

"It's just that I miss him so much," Nicole said. As Nicole broke down in tears, Rafe pulled her close so that she could cry on his shoulder. After a moment, Nicole noted that she needed to clean up before work. Rafe offered to buy Nicole breakfast, but Nicole did not want to have to tell Roman the bad news about Eric. Rafe invited Nicole back to his house for breakfast instead.

"I don't think you should be alone right now," Rafe said. "Honestly, neither do I," Nicole agreed. When Rafe and Nicole arrived at his house, Rafe cooked. As Nicole picked at her food, she admitted she did not think she would feel better until Eric returned home. Nicole started to clean up, and she accidentally spilled food on Rafe's bear. With a cartoon voice, Rafe lifted Duke the bear and told Nicole not to worry. Nicole laughed.

"I didn't get you to eat much, but at least you're smiling," Rafe said. Rafe reminded Nicole that he was there if Nicole needed help with the kids. Nicole started to leave for work, but Rafe stopped her to give her the bear. "Take him because he is going to give you good company," Rafe said. "I'm sure he will," Nicole said.

At the hospital, Gwen reviewed the results of her paternity test as an anxious Jack looked on. "Well, what do you know," Gwen said. Jack snatched the results from Gwen's hand. "Read them and weep, Daddy," Gwen said. Gwen warned Jack that he could no longer deny that she was his daughter.

"It never occurred to me," Jack stammered. "That you could be wrong, and I could be right? You turned your back on me when I was eight years old. Eight! I know you hate my guts, but the truth of it is, you made me who I am today. Are you proud of yourself?" Gwen asked. As Jack stared as the test results in silence, Gwen smirked.

"I have to say by the look on your face that you are not pleased at all to find out that you got another little offspring," Gwen said. Jack said he would not challenge the results of the test. "I know that is a very big step for you," Gwen murmured.

"I never turned your mother away. The part where I instructed my secretary to pay her off, none of that ever happened. I never saw your mother, and neither did my old secretary. I called her this morning. She never knew your mother. She never wrote her a single check. Neither of us ever knew you existed!" Jack protested.

"Somebody is lying through their teeth, aren't they? And it sure as hell isn't me!" Gwen snapped. "I intend to get to the bottom of what happened to your mother all those years ago. You were owed an explanation," Jack said. Gwen said she was angry about what her mother had told her, but Jack insisted, "It doesn't change the fact that it didn't happen."

"Fine, whatever. But now that you know that I'm your daughter, how about a big hug for your long-lost baby girl," Gwen said. As Gwen spread her arms wide, she struggled not to cry as she dropped her arms back down. "Why am I not surprised? After all, I'm not the fair damsel, Abigail," Gwen grumbled. Jack argued that it was difficult to welcome Gwen into the family after she had worked for months to break it apart. Gwen groaned in frustration. When Jack pointed out that Gwen's plan to drug Abigail could have killed Abigail, Gwen shrugged and noted that Abigail was fine.

"You convinced Chad that [Abigail] was having an affair, and then you turned around and seduced him. They're separated now, and my grandchildren are miserable!" Jack growled. Gwen argued that Chad had come onto her because his marriage had not been healthy. "Jennifer and I were happy until you made sure that she found out about that one night with Kate," Jack countered.

"That's because you couldn't keep your bloody trousers zipped up!" Gwen yelled back. Gwen argued that Jack could not lecture her about morality after all the times he had screwed up in his life. "We are in a hospital. For God's sake, shut up!" Jack growled through gritted teeth. As Gwen turned away, Jack apologized.

"You are not sorry, and I am not ready to shut up yet!" Gwen barked. Gwen argued that Jack should not be surprised at how she had turned out. "If I'm meant to be the villain of this piece, that's because I'm a chip off the old block," Gwen said. Gwen added that she had something else in common with Jack.

"Your birth parents didn't want you, did they? Your mother gave you to an orphanage," Gwen said. "It wasn't like that," Jack stammered. "Your mother chose your sister. You weren't the favorite one, were you?" Gwen said. Jack admitted that life with his adoptive father had been "less than ideal." Gwen noted that unlike her, Jack had been raised with money. Jack insisted that his life had not been good, and Gwen groaned.

"I have standards, because I know I would never throw my child away," Gwen said. Jack insisted that he had never known that Gwen had existed. "I can't be sorry for something I had no part in," Jack said. "You're not sorry at all! You are thankful that you never had to lay eyes on me!" Gwen said. Gwen pushed Jack to admit that he was glad that he had not had to raise Gwen.

"And you're standing here, wishing you didn't know me now," Gwen said. With a sigh, Gwen said she knew that Jack hated her, but she said that she hated him more. "Go ahead. Hate me, by all means, but Jennifer did nothing to you, and neither did Abigail," Jack said. Jack asked Gwen what she wanted, since she had gotten her revenge.

"I'll give you one guess," Gwen whispered. Jack reached into his pocket for his checkbook. "How much money will it take to make you go away and leave me and my family alone?" Jack asked.

After Laura Horton saw Gwen's article in the paper, she traveled to Salem to see Jennifer and Abigail. Jennifer and Abigail explained that the nanny in the article had executed several harmful schemes against the family. When Abigail mentioned that Gwen had claimed to be her half-sister, a look of guilt crossed Laura's face.

"We're about to find out if it's true. Jack agreed to a paternity test," Jennifer said. When Jennifer said that Gwen had claimed that Jack's secretary had paid off Gwen's mother, Laura closed her eyes and sighed. "It's not all lies," Laura whispered. Laura explained that she had sent checks to Gwen's mother.

"But you were never dad's secretary," Abigail said. With a sigh, Laura admitted that when she had seen Gwen's name in the newspaper, she had been upset. "Rizczech is not a name that pops up often," Laura said. When Jennifer asked Laura where she had heard the name before, Laura noted that she would explain everything. Laura said she had traveled to Salem to stop Gwen from telling anyone that she was Jack's daughter.

"Obviously, I was too late," Laura said. Abigail stared at her grandmother in stunned silence. Laura said she was free to tell Abigail and Jennifer the whole truth about Gwen. With a nod, Jennifer encouraged Laura to tell her story. Laura explained that 25 years earlier, after Laura and Jack had left the Meadows facility, they had moved in with Jennifer. Laura stopped, and she glanced over at Abigail.

"It's okay. Abigail knows what happened between you and Jack," Jennifer said. Laura dropped her face into her hands, embarrassed, and she groaned. "Your father and I knew it was the biggest mistake of our lives. And your mother, she was a saint for taking us in," Laura said to Abigail. Laura continued that at the time, the situation had been awkward. Laura recounted what had happened 25 years before:

"I know you feel guilty for sleeping with my husband, and I don't blame you for that. But you didn't know it was Jack, and Jack didn't know it was you. And besides, I'm with Peter now," Jennifer said. Laura countered that Jennifer was not in love with Peter. "Jack never loved anyone but you," Laura said. Jennifer said she did not want to give Jack a second chance.

While Jennifer ducked into the kitchen to finish young Abigail's dinner, Laura answered the door. Gwen's mother, Tiffany, was at the door, in search of Jack. "So, you're saying Gwen's mother really did come looking for Jack?" Jennifer asked. Laura nodded yes. Jennifer asked if Tiffany had spoken to Jack. With a shake of her head no, Laura explained that Tiffany had told Laura about Jack's daughter Gwen.

"I can't believe this. You're saying Gwen really is Jack's daughter?" Jennifer whispered. Laura nodded yes. "I was so sure that Gwen was lying," Abigail said. Confused, Jennifer asked Laura how she had kept the matter secret. Laura told Jennifer that Tiffany had seen Jack on television when he had been hosting a show with Jennifer, and Tiffany had demanded money. Laura explained that she had promised Tiffany that she would be in touch about the matter, and Tiffany had left the house before Jennifer had seen her.

"But Dad knew. He had to know," Abigail said. "[Jack] didn't know, either," Laura confirmed. Confused, Jennifer asked Laura how Jack had not known about Tiffany or Gwen. Laura explained that she had panicked.

"I wanted to warn Jack so that you wouldn't be blindsided by that woman's claims. I didn't know if there was really a child. I didn't even know if she had actually met Jack," Laura said. Laura explained that when she had realized that Jack and Jennifer had started to grow close again, Laura had worried that Tiffany would destroy any hope of a reconciliation for Jack and Jennifer.

"There was no way that I was going to let you be hurt like that again," Laura said. Laura told Jennifer and Abigail that she had known that if she had told Jack what Tiffany had said, Jack would have wanted to meet with Tiffany. "I made a decision, and I contacted Tiffany, and I told her that Jack wanted to meet her," Laura said. Laura told Jennifer and Abigail that she had met with Tiffany at the Brady Pub, and she had lied to Tiffany:

"I'm very sorry but Jack was not able to make it," Laura told Tiffany. "Who are you?" Tiffany asked. Laura said that she was Jack's secretary and that she needed proof of Gwen and her paternity. Tiffany pulled a photo out of her purse, and she pointed out that Gwen had the same birthmark as Jack.

"Jack just feels terrible about this situation. I hope you know he would never turn his back on you if he knew that you were pregnant," Laura said. Tiffany explained that she had been unable to find Jack until she had seen him on the TV.

"He has a wife and a child now," Laura said. "Well, now he's got two kids! But he doesn't want to know my Gwenny, does he? He doesn't want to see her, and he doesn't want to see me. That's why he sent you," Tiffany said. Laura apologized to Tiffany, but she had not told her the truth.

"I was determined to protect you and Jack and Abigail but didn't protect you at all. I'm sorry," Laura said. Laura squeezed Abigail's hand, and she started to weep. "So, you saw a picture of Jack's daughter, and you told her mother that Jack didn't want to have anything to do with her? And you never told Jack about her?" Jennifer asked. Laura shifted in her seat, unable to answer the question.

"What about the money that Gwen told us about?" Abigail asked. Laura told Jennifer and Abigail that she had offered Tiffany a check to buy her off, but Tiffany had demanded more. "I never saw or heard from Gwen's mother again, and a few years later, I noticed that she hadn't cashed a check I wrote her. She was always very prompt with that," Laura said. Laura explained that when she had called the bank, they had told her that Gwen had died. "I'm so sorry!" Laura cried out.

In Chicago, Eli and Lani staked out a park bench from a nearby hotel. Eli looked out the window through binoculars as Lani paced the hotel room. "What if Raynor doesn't show?" Lani wondered aloud. "[Raynor] is not due at the park bench for another ten minutes," Eli said. Eli stressed that they would get their babies back. "I wish I could be as optimistic as you are, but we are pinning all our hopes on Dr. Raynor," Lani said. Eli called Raynor a liar. Lani worried aloud that Raynor had not told the truth and that they had wasted time on a stakeout.

"There she is," Eli said as he looked out the window. Eli and Lani raced out of the room to apprehend Raynor. In the park, Raynor waited at a park bench and wondered aloud why Xander was not there. "Something is not right," Raynor whispered. As Raynor turned to leave, Eli and Lani boxed Raynor into the area. Eli held up his badge.

"I don't know where the babies are now. I swear to you," Raynor said. Lani argued that the babies needed constant care, and Raynor promised that the children were safe. "How do you know they are safe if you don't even know where they are?" Eli asked. Raynor apologized, and she said she had had no choice in the matter.

"Why did you do it?" Lani asked. "I was blackmailed," Raynor said. Eli yelled at Raynor to tell him who was to blame. Raynor said she had started over in New York, but a man had threatened to tell her employer about her past in Salem. "What did he ask you to do?" Eli asked. "He wanted me to take your babies," Raynor said. Somewhere in the world, Ivan walked into an apartment with the twins, and he called out, "Madame!"

Eli and Lani get a crucial clue from Raynor Eli and Lani get a crucial clue from Raynor
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
by Mike

At the hospital, Gwen watched with a hint of sadness as Jack started filling out a check. "After everything that you have put my family through, this is more than generous," Jack argued while holding up the check so Gwen could see the amount: $50,000. "Compared to what? How much have you spent on Abigail in her lifetime? I'm sure it's a heck of a lot more than that!" Gwen countered.

"Is that your subtle way of saying 'not enough'?" Jack wondered. "God, you are such a smug..." Gwen grumbled. "Do you want this [check] or not?" Jack impatiently demanded to know, earning a slap from Gwen. "You do not get to pay me off the way you did my mother!" Gwen insisted. "I did not pay off your mother!" Jack maintained, but Gwen remained convinced that was a lie.

"Your mother raised you to hate me -- she lied to you so that you would hate me as much as she hated me," Jack suggested. "She did raise me to hate you...but now that I have met you, I hate you even more!" Gwen spat before snatching the check and crumpling it then storming off while simultaneously tossing it back to Jack.

At the Horton house, Jennifer and Abigail waited for the next part of Laura's story -- but Laura just kept muttering apologies. "What about the child?" Abigail eventually prodded Laura. "I'm sorry!" Laura continued repeating until Abigail offered a hug and a few words of comfort. "I didn't think about that," Laura eventually admitted in a whisper.

"What a mess I've made of everything!" Laura fretted. "Grandma, no -- it's okay; you were just trying to protect Mom...and Dad," Abigail argued. "What I remember is how awful that woman was -- I mean, she as much as said she was just after money! And then, [Jennifer], when you and Jack got together again, I thought I had done the right thing!" Laura explained.

"But that girl -- the way she lived, and what she's done... Oh, dear God -- that's my fault!" Laura tearfully acknowledged, prompting Jennifer to offer a box of tissues. "You have a lot to talk about, [so]..." Abigail said to Jennifer and Laura before rushing out of the house. "What are you feeling about what I did?" Laura asked Jennifer nervously. "I'm upset...[but] I know you were trying to do the right thing, and what's done is done, so there's really no need for us to talk about it," Jennifer answered. "You think I'm too fragile to hear what you really think -- that I'm gonna fall apart again," Laura translated.

Before Jennifer could respond, Jack entered the house and started to say something about what had just happened at the hospital -- then froze in shock at the sight of Laura. "She came here to tell us something," Jennifer explained to Jack before probing for more information about what had just happened at the hospital. "It was the worst-case scenario," Jack grumbled. "Does that mean...?" Jennifer wondered -- and when Jack didn't immediately respond, Jennifer stressed that Laura was already aware of the situation with Gwen. "Yes -- the test is positive; I am Gwen's father," Jack elaborated. "Well, good to have confirmation, I guess..." Jennifer mused.

"Jennifer, I am so sorry -- I swear, I didn't know --" Jack began. "I know you didn't know. You want to know how I know?" Jennifer interjected before ordering Laura to tell Jack everything -- then storming off to another room, not wanting to be a part of the conversation. Laura regretfully repeated the story as Jack listened in stunned silence.

"Now I actually do understand how that young woman could be so filled with hate and rage..." Jack grumbled at the end of the tale. "I'm sorry -- I'm so sorry -- but her mother was horrible, [and] I didn't think --" Laura tried to explain. "[Right] -- you conveniently didn't think about the little girl, my little girl..." Jack summarized.

"Who the hell gave you the right to play God? [You know], I shouldn't be surprised that you would do something like this -- you did essentially the same thing to your own son -- [but] at least he had you [and] Mickey! What you did to Gwen was far worse -- it was cruel [and] heartless!" Jack snapped. "I didn't see it that way --" Laura admitted. "You're a psychiatrist!" Jack incredulously protested. "Seriously, Jack, please --" Laura defensively countered. "Right now, I don't really care about your pain -- [so], tell me, Doc...are you a 'nature' or 'nurture' kind of a gal? [I mean], do you really think that Gwen would have been a miserable, feral, self-loathing, desperate young woman no matter what...or was it all your fault?" Jack challenged Laura. "You're right, of course," Laura conceded.

"I was only thinking about Jennifer --" Laura explained. "You wanted to protect Jennifer? Well, you ask Jennifer what she has been through because of that child; you ask Abigail what she has been through! You created a monster, Laura!" Jack spat. "Jack, I don't know what to say except...I'm sorry -- I'm more sorry than you'll ever know!" Laura stressed before rushing out of the house in tears.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen received a visit from Chad, who bragged about having given the police a false statement earlier. "I told them that I didn't see Abigail lay a finger on you," Chad elaborated before producing a handkerchief and wiping away some of the makeup that had been used to exaggerate the severity of Gwen's black eye.

"Case dismissed," Chad triumphantly summarized. "Well, that case was small potatoes, anyway -- a nuisance suit; nothing compared to bringing her marriage down...[and] nothing compared to what's in store for her next," Gwen dismissively countered. "This is not an empty threat -- you stay away from Abigail, or you're gonna be sorry!" Chad warned Gwen -- just as Abigail approached the door to the hotel room, which had been left ajar.

"Oh, would you look at that -- your black eye's all better! What is your secret?" Abigail said to Gwen after entering the hotel room. "What the hell are you doing here?" Gwen tiredly demanded to know, prompting Abigail to summarize what had been revealed earlier. "[Our father] never lied to you...but if your mother told you that he was the one who turned her away, then she was lying," Abigail concluded. "Don't think that this exonerates [our father...but] whoever it was that turned my mother away, believe me, I will find them -- and I will kill them!" Gwen vowed. "Which is why I have not [and] will not tell you their name," Abigail said.

Abigail exited the hotel room, and Chad followed, leaving Gwen alone to ponder whether Jack had actually been telling the truth all along. While passing through the town square, Abigail explained to Chad that Laura was the person who had provided Tiffany with checks. At the Horton house, Jennifer comforted Jack, who wondered how to fix the damage that Laura had caused.

In Chicago, Eli and Lani realized, while listening to Raynor's story, that the man who had orchestrated the abduction of their twins had specifically targeted their twins. "I swear -- I don't know who he was; he never told me his name, [and] I only saw him that once!" Raynor insisted. "Lady, you are gonna tell us every single detail of how that went down," Eli demanded. "I got an envelope with a plane ticket to Salem and a key to a motel room here in Chicago --" Raynor began to explain. "Take us there -- now!" Lani snapped.

Raynor complied -- and, while searching the motel room, Eli and Lani found a duffel bag that was filled with stacks of cash. "Looks like you got paid really well," Lani grumbled. "He insisted I take that, okay? [And] I'm afraid --" Raynor stressed. "When was he here?" Lani wondered. "Two nights ago," Raynor answered. "He could be anywhere with them by now -- it's less than 45 minutes to O'Hare!" Lani fretted. "[No] -- he couldn't get past security, [so] he has to be somewhere nearby," Eli argued, but Lani didn't find that comforting.

Eli and Lani were both disappointed -- but not particularly surprised -- to learn that the motel's surveillance system was set to erase its footage every four hours. "He was planning this for a very long time," Raynor guessed before adding that the man who had abducted the twins had apparently even had their new parent lined up before the exchange had been made. "And you're just now telling us that?" Lani snapped. "Tell us exactly what he said [about this person]," Eli demanded. "After he left, he made a call in the corridor..." Raynor began to explain.

At the Alamain townhouse, Vivian stormed into the living room and demanded to know why Ivan had been gone for so long. "I have been worried sick!" Vivian snapped. "Madame, I was fine -- [and, remember], I called --" Ivan began to respond. "I'm not worried about you -- I am worried about me!" Vivian clarified.

"What if someone saw you -- identified you?" Vivian fretted. "Madame, you know I would never do anything to put you in jeopardy!" Ivan protested -- and Vivian conceded the point after some thought. "Forgive me -- it's just...this thing about pretending to be dead...[well], I was hoping that would never happen to me again. But I shouldn't have lashed out at you," Vivian backpedaled. "You're a passionate yet sensitive woman, Madame --" Ivan began to reason. "Yes, I am," Vivian proudly agreed. "It is to be expected," Ivan concluded.

"I think it's just the isolation -- [I mean], I feel so alone..." Vivian admitted. "But you are not alone, Madame -- you have me!" Ivan stressed. "It's really the same thing..." Vivian grumbled. "[And], Madame, now you have them!" Ivan announced while pushing the twins' stroller toward Vivian, who stared at it with obvious confusion.

"Babies, Madame!" Ivan excitedly explained. "Ah -- well, that certainly clears it up..." Vivian sarcastically declared. "Twins, Madame -- I brought them for you!" Ivan further explained. "Why in God's name would you do that?" Vivian demanded to know. "Madame, don't you see? I brought them to you to atone for my lie all those years ago, when I told you [one] son was stillborn and didn't even mention the other one!" Ivan reasoned. " think...that those two babies...could replace my sons? [Tell me, Ivan] -- did you forget to take your medication again?" Vivian asked incredulously. "No, Madame!" Ivan defensively replied.

"I know I certainly don't look [any different now, but] when I had my sons -- [well, that was] 30 years ago, [so] I was a lot younger --" Vivian began to point out. "You are eternally young, Madame!" Ivan interjected. "And another small detail -- I am not their mother! I didn't adopt them -- I have no right to them!" Vivian concluded. "[Look], I didn't steal them, Madame; I got them from a reputable doctor -- obstetrician -- [and] the fact is...their parents are in no position to raise them, [so] they need you!" Ivan claimed, but Vivian still wasn't convinced.

"Ivan, there is a reason why you should clear things with me before you take any action -- because, left on your own, you do...stupid things," Vivian declared. "Madame, I have known you forever, [and] I have never heard you say 'I can't do this'! [Look], I know you -- once you allow yourself to bond with these precious children, you will never be able to let them go! Those babies, [Madame], are your destiny -- as you are theirs!" Ivan insisted before urging Vivian to finally take a look at the babies for the first time. Vivian grudgingly decided to humor Ivan -- then smiled excitedly.

Meanwhile, Lani told Eli that, since Raynor had overheard the twins' abductor addressing someone as "Madame," the man had to be Ivan -- and the woman had to be Vivian.

Ciara plans an escape Ciara plans an escape
Thursday, February 4, 2021
by Mike

In Chicago, Eli laughed off Lani's theory about the mastermind of the twins' abduction. "Vivian died of a massive heart attack -- in police custody! EMTs pronounced her dead in front of, like, 20 cops! [And even then, I still] wanted to make sure that the psycho who tried to kill my wife was really gone, so I asked Rafe to show [me her death certificate] -- a coroner signed off on it," Eli argued. "She cheated death before -- what if she did it again? [Actually], wait a minute -- didn't Ivan claim Vivian's body, like, almost immediately?" Lani countered. "Yes, he did..." Eli matter-of-factly confirmed before suddenly realizing exactly what Lani was implying.

"Why did they release Vivian's body so quickly?" Eli wondered. "Kate was at the memorial [because], like you, she wanted to make sure that [Vivian] was dead... [Anyway], she told my dad that [the quick release of the body] had something to do with 'Alamainian custom' -- [and] that Ivan opened up the casket and showed her Vivian's body, [so] maybe we're both wrong..." Lani replied. "[Or] Ivan helped Vivian fake her death to avoid prosecution --" Eli theorized. "And then Vivian took our babies to get back at me for shooting her son!" Lani fretted.

"You mentioned 'Alaimainian custom' -- isn't [Alamainia] where she's from? Maybe it's possible that she could have took [our twins] from here to there," Eli suggested. "I guess...but then...why come here at all?" Lani argued. "Yeah, I get what you're saying... Wait -- after the explosion at the warehouse in Nashville, weren't Rolf and Vivian found at some [townhouse] in Chicago with Nicole and Holly?" Eli recalled. "Yeah -- they were being held by Kristen and some thugs -- but would she even go back there?" Lani replied. "Everyone thinks she's dead -- why not?" Eli reasoned. "Do you know where the [townhouse] is?" Lani wondered. "No, but Nicole will," Eli guessed.

At the Alamain townhouse, Vivian remained reluctant to go along with Ivan's plan -- despite clearly already feeling drawn to the twins. "I still don't know if I can actually do this -- raise twins -- [so] can return them," Vivian declared. "Madame, children are not like a pair of shoes -- you can't simply take them back!" Ivan protested. "Of course, you can -- don't be silly! Lots of people adopt babies -- especially when they're so...when they're so...yummy!" Vivian argued. "Ah, but this was a private adoption, Madame -- I got these babies from a reputable obstetrician who got extremely well paid, [so] the deal, as they say, 'is done'...[and] these children are yours now," Ivan countered before challenging Vivian to think about the marvelous life that the twins could have as Alamains.

Vivian imagined raising the twins to know the different types of caviar by taste and the various rules of polo by heart. "Well, I suppose that they could do a lot worse than to have a mother like me..." Vivian conceded before naming the twins "Jacob" and "Stefan" -- then realizing that "Stefan" was a girl. "Madame, I tried to find twin boys, but...this is the best I could do," Ivan sheepishly explained, and Vivian dismissed the concern then changed the baby girl's name to "Stefania" -- just as someone rang the doorbell. "Who could that be?" Vivian asked Ivan worriedly.

At the Brady house, Claire received a visit from Ben, who wondered if it was a bad time. "You mean because of Charlie? I'm trying not to think about [his arrest]. But I would like to talk about Ciara some more," Claire answered. "[That's why I'm here]. I told you that part of me still thinks she might be alive -- [well], right after you left last night, I put our wedding picture back, and...all of a sudden, all by itself, it just fell over, [and] it landed directly on the fortune cookie [that] I refused to open, [and]..." Ben revealed before showing Claire the fortune that had been inside the cookie.

"You think I'm losing it, don't you?" Ben guessed as Claire read the fortune. "No -- not at all," Claire assured Ben.

At the hospital, Chloe offered to sit with Brady for a while so John could return a few phone calls from concerned family members. Shortly after John left, Brady regained consciousness and, with Chloe's help, remembered what had happened at the Salem Inn the previous day. "It's all my fault --" Chloe fretted. "Philip is the reason -- [I mean], if anyone's to blame..." Brady argued. "Thank you for that...but there is one person who blames me..." Chloe admitted before telling Brady about what had happened with Kristen -- providing only a few details at first then reluctantly sharing the rest of the story.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena received a visit from Susan, who was in a panic. "I had to come -- I had to get here right away -- because...oh, my God, I had the most awful premonition that somethin' terrible's gonna happen to someone you love!" Susan explained with a gasp of horror. "You...came all the way from Memphis had a premonition?" Marlena asked incredulously. "Yep!" Susan proudly replied.

"I hopped in my car, and I floored it, man, 'cause I was just prayin' I'd get here in time to stop this terrible thing from happenin'!" Susan stressed. "Stop what from happening?" Marlena wondered. "Oh, God -- you just brace yourself, Dr. Marlena Evans, 'cause I had a premonition that...Brady Black was gonna be shot!" Susan clarified with another gasp of horror, stunning Marlena.

"I know -- you think I'm crazy, right?" Susan grumbled, misinterpreting Marlena's reaction to the warning. "No, I don't... Susan, Brady was shot," Marlena revealed, drawing a whimper of regret from Susan. "I'm too late!" Susan assumed. "No, Susan -- it's okay; the doctors say he'll make a full recovery," Marlena clarified, drawing a sigh of relief from Susan.

"Who was it that shot him -- and why?" Susan wondered. "A case of 'wrong place at the wrong time,'" Marlena answered. "Oh, I bet you a million dollars it had to do somethin' with that mean, mean, mean Kristen DiMera! I just don't know what Brady sees in that she-devil!" Susan declared. "They love each other," Marlena explained with a shrug.

"[Well], I know that you hate her as much as I do!" Susan recalled. "I don't," Marlena admitted before assuring Susan that Kristen had changed after having a child -- and had even broken out of prison just to check on Brady after the shooting. "If you say so, Dr. Marlena Evans -- [after all, I know that] when you love someone...I mean, you can go to extremes!" Susan conceded before making a point of getting Marlena to confirm that Kristen was back in prison again. Marlena complied then invited Susan to spend the night at the townhouse, since it was getting late.

Susan excitedly accepted the offer then rushed off to the guest bathroom, having consumed a gallon of iced tea during the road trip -- and, seconds later, Claire and Ben arrived at the townhouse with a casserole that Claire had made for Marlena and John. "I hope you don't mind me tagging along," Ben said to Marlena. "No -- not at all," Marlena assured Ben. "It was my idea -- [see], Ben has something he needs to talk to you about --" Claire began to explain to Marlena -- but Susan returned just then and screamed at the sight of Ben.

"The Necktie Killer!" Susan fretted before grabbing a fire poker and waving it menacingly while vowing to stop Ben from hurting Marlena and Claire. "Ben is not gonna hurt you or anybody else -- he's had the same kind of intensive therapy that you had after the incident with Will," Marlena assured Susan. "I guess I have to believe what Dr. Marlena Evans says about you changing, since I believed what she said about Kristen DiMera changing...[but] do not pull out any neckties!" Susan said to Ben, who nodded in agreement.

Claire tried to get the earlier conversation back on track, but Ben was reluctant to talk to Marlena about Ciara while Susan was around -- especially after Susan started recapping a graphic report about Ciara's death that had apparently aired on a news broadcast in Memphis at some point. "If you've got something to say about Ciara, I'd like to hear it," Marlena encouraged Ben after shushing Susan.

"You don't think that means anything," Ben guessed after telling Marlena about what had happened the previous night. "Well, I'm not entirely sure... Why don't we talk about this at our next session," Marlena replied, and Ben nodded in agreement. Before anyone could say anything else, Marlena received a text message from John -- and excitedly informed the others that Brady was awake.

Marlena rushed off to the hospital, but Claire and Ben stayed behind with Susan to heat the casserole so Marlena and John would have something to eat when they returned from visiting Brady. Once the coast was clear, Susan somewhat conspiratorially summarized that it sounded like Ben had experienced a premonition about Ciara. "I'm guessing you don't believe in stuff like that," Ben replied. "Oh, I do believe in that -- yeah, I believe in it a hundred trillion million percent; [in fact], that is the reason why I am here!" Susan clarified before telling Ben and Claire about personal premonitions.

"[So], if there's a teensy, teensy, teensy chance that [Ciara] is alive, I want to do everything I can to help you find her!" Susan stressed before asking to hold the fortune for a moment -- a request that Ben hesitantly granted, reluctant to hand over the precious item. "Oh, my God -- Ciara Brady, she's not on the other side; she is alive!" Susan declared while holding the fortune.

At Vincent's lair, Rhodes slid a meal tray into Ciara's chamber. "Why do you look like you just lost your best friend?" Rhodes asked as Ciara stared at the meal. "Ben and I, we had Chinese food -- we had it a lot," Ciara replied. "Ah, I see... Well, I do hope it brings back happy memories, 'cause you won't be sharing a meal with Ben ever again," Rhodes declared before heading off to another room.

Rhodes eventually returned -- and discovered that Ciara was writhing around the chamber, seemingly in severe pain. "The food -- Rhodes, you poisoned me!" Ciara snapped. "I'd never do that -- Vincent will only pay me if I keep you alive!" Rhodes stressed. "Then something in this Chinese food must have been bad, [and] I have food poisoning!" Ciara decided.

"Lie down," Rhodes advised. "I could die -- you have to help me!" Ciara begged before collapsing to the floor, seemingly unconscious.

Rhodes rushed into the chamber and tried to revive Ciara but wasn't successful. Rhodes turned away from Ciara in a panic then produced a cell phone and started to dial 9-1-1 -- and Ciara seized the opportunity to grab the meal tray and swing it at the back of Rhodes's head, knocking the man out. "Hang on, Ben -- I'm coming home!" Ciara excitedly declared.

Eli and Lani confront Ivan Eli and Lani confront Ivan
Friday, February 5, 2021

Vivian cooed over the twins in her Chicago apartment as Ivan watched. The doorbell rang. "Who could that be?" Vivian wondered aloud. Vivian asked Ivan if he expected anyone. With a nervous look on his face, Ivan shook his head no. The doorbell repeatedly chimed.

"I'm coming," Vivian called out. Ivan stopped Vivian from answering the door, and he explained the visitor was likely the delivery he had ordered for the babies. "No one can know you're alive. It would be best if you take the children to your room," Ivan said. Reluctantly, Vivian steered the baby carriage into the other room. When Ivan opened the door, Eli and Lani pointed their guns at him.

"I must compliment you on your excellent sleuthing," Ivan said calmly. Eli demanded to see Vivian. "Both Madame and your twins are alive and well and inside, but I'm afraid I cannot allow you to enter," Ivan said. Lani warned Ivan to step aside. "Was it the doctor?" Ivan asked. Eli yelled at Ivan to comply, but Ivan warned that if Eli or Lani forced their way into the apartment, their children "would pay the price."

"Tell me you didn't just threaten my kids with my gun pointed at your head?" Eli growled. Ivan said he had not meant to antagonize Eli, but he wanted to discuss some issues first. "I did my best to talk Madame out of this enterprise, but she would not hear it. So, I must warn you, her mental state is fragile. She is quite volatile," Ivan said. Lani suggested that Vivian might listen to her, but Ivan reminded Lani that she had murderded Vivian's son.

"If you storm in there, I'm afraid Madame will panic -- and possibly even hurt your babies," Ivan warned. Eli asked Ivan what he wanted. Ivan asked Eli and Lani to lower their weapons, and he would escort them to the twins. Eli refused, but Lani agreed to leave her gun in the hallway. "You take me to my son and daughter," Lani said. Eli ordered Ivan to show that he was not armed. Ivan opened his coat as proof. Eli placed his gun on the table in the hallway.

As Ivan stepped aside to let Eli and Lani in, Lani raced over to the baby blanket on the couch and smelled it. "Detectives, this way," Ivan said as he walked down the hallway toward the bedrooms. Eli and Lani followed Ivan to the door to a bedroom, and he stopped and asked for their phones. Eli refused. "You're not in a position to negotiate," Ivan said. Lani and Eli handed over their phones. Ivan noted that the babies and Vivian were on the other side of the door.

"Promise me you will be gentle with [Vivian]," Ivan said. "Open the door," Eli ordered. Ivan entered the room, and when Eli and Lani brushed past him to look around, Ivan slipped back out and closed the door. Eli attempted to open the door, but it was locked. Lani opened the curtains to the window, and she saw that the window was bricked up.

In the living room, Vivian rejoined Ivan, and she asked about the baby supplies. "I'm afraid it was not the delivery, after all, Madame," Ivan said. Ivan lied and said the visitor had been a salesman. Vivian told Ivan that she was already in love with the babies. "I didn't realize how much this would mean to me. You are a wonder," Vivian said. "I just want you to be happy," Ivan said. Vivian admitted that she had not felt happy in a long time. Ivan promised that he would not let anyone take Vivian away from her children.

In Brady's room at the hospital, Chloe and Brady talked about Kristen. "I can't believe Kristen threatened you with a gun," Brady grumbled. "She was just afraid that she was going to lose you," Chloe said. Brady argued that nothing justified Kristen's actions. With a smirk, Chloe reminded Brady that Kristen was impulsive and made big gestures. "Besides, it's not like [Kristen] can carry out that threat now, right? What can she do from prison?" Chloe asked.

After Brady's talk with Chloe, she left, and he called Victor in Philadelphia. "I did my damnedest to try to convince [Philip] to come to you in the first place," Brady said. With a smile, Brady asked Victor to pick him up some cheesesteaks on his way home.

At the penthouse, Ben and Claire watched as Susan called out to the spirits to reach Ciara. When there was no response, Susan squealed with delight. "Ciara Brady is not on the other side! She is alive!" Susan shouted. Ben asked Susan if she was sure, and Susan excitedly said she was certain that Ciara was alive. "Where is Ciara?" Ben asked. Susan said that Ciara was attempting to escape a room. Worried, Susan called out a warning to Ciara that she was in danger by a man with a gun. When Ben asked what was happening, Susan moaned and noted that she had lost her connection.

"What do you mean Ciara is in danger?" Ben asked. Susan asked for patience while she divined what was happening to Ciara. Claire quietly warned Ben not to get his hopes up, because Susan's vision might be about the car explosion. "Ciara is not trapped in a car. Ciara is trapped in this glass box," Susan said.

After Ciara faked unconsciousness from food poisoning in her glass cell, she waited until Rhodes's back was turned, and hit him over the head with a tray. Rhodes collapsed to the floor. "Hang on, Ben. I'm coming home," Ciara whispered. Ciara attempted to open the door, but it was locked. As Ciara reached out for the key attached to Rhodes's belt, Rhodes grabbed her wrist. Ciara wrenched her hand free, and she opened the door. As Ciara ran for the exit, Rhodes leveled a gun and warned her to stop.

"Quite the actress," Rhodes said. Rhodes told Ciara that he had no problem shooting her. "Vincent isn't paying you to guard a corpse. So, you're not going to kill me, and we both know it," Ciara said. Ciara turned to walk away, but Rhodes yelled that he was tired of babysitting. "The whole damn world already thinks you're dead, so your choice," Rhodes said. Ciara walked toward Rhodes with her hands up.

At the penthouse in Salem, Susan explained to Ben that sometimes her connection to the spirits cut out without warning. Ben asked Susan to reach out again. "I need to know that Ciara is all right," Ben said. Susan grasped Ben's hands in hers, and she attempted to connect to Ciara. "Maybe I can use your love," Susan said. Susan rubbed her face against Ben's hand, and she said that Ciara was fighting to get home.

"She'd rather die than spend another day away from you," Susan said. With Susan's eyes closed, she yelled, "Don't do it, Ciara! It's too risky!" Outside of Ciara's holding cell, Ciara grabbed for the gun. Rhodes and Ciara wrestled for control of the weapon until it fired. In Salem, Susan screamed, "The gun! It went off!"

Back at Ciara's cell, Rhodes shoved Ciara aside. "Are you crazy?" Rhodes shouted. When Ciara suggested that someone might have heard the gunfire, Rhodes reminded Ciara that the room was soundproof. "There is no way in hell that anyone heard that shot. Now, let's go," Rhodes said as he pointed the gun at Ciara. Rhodes grabbed Ciara by the hair, and he shoved her back into her cell. Rhodes asked Ciara if she had gotten the idea to fake being poisoned from the book he had given her.

"I didn't know you could read," Ciara quipped. "There's a lot you don't know about me," Rhodes growled. Rhodes closed the door and locked it. Rhodes complained that Ciara had drawn blood on his arm, and he warned her that next time, she would be the one that got hurt. As Rhodes reached up to close the curtain in front of the glass box, Ciara saw that the tattoo of a shark on Rhodes's arms was covered in blood from where she had scratched him.

At the penthouse in Salem, Susan announced that her vision of Ciara was gone. "You just said you heard a gunshot. Is Ciara okay?" Ben asked. Susan said she did not know. "When the sight goes dark, it's like a curtain being pulled over your eyes, and it's just that's the end of it," Susan said. Claire asked Susan if she had seen anything else before her vision had cut out.

"A shark," Susan said. Confused, Claire asked if Ciara was in an aquarium. Frustrated, Ben grabbed Susan's hands and asked her to make another attempt to see Ciara. "You can't force me to do that, because when the sight goes, it just goes," Susan protested. Ben refused to let go of Susan's hands, and he ordered her to try. Claire intervened and gently removed Susan's hands from Ben.

"It's okay. Ben is just upset," Claire said. Claire warned Ben that he had scared Susan. Ben apologized. "You're scaring me. You're telling me my wife is in trouble, and we can't do a damn thing about it," Ben said. As Ben paced the room, Claire asked Susan if there was anything she could do to regain the sight. Susan explained that she needed to recharge. When Claire asked how, Susan said that she needed to visit Brady in the hospital. As she looked across the room at Ben, Susan whispered to Claire to hide John's neckties.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip wrote a note for Victor, and he tucked it into his jacket. "I thought you'd like to know that Brady is awake," Chloe said as she walked into the living room. "Is he going to be okay?" Philip asked. Chloe confirmed that Brady would be fine. "My relationship with my father, however," Philip said with a shrug. Philip complained about Xander and how he had told Victor about the money laundering.

"Right now, [Victor] is in Philadelphia, trying to clean up my mess," Philip said. Philip explained that Victor had reached out to business partners to coordinate a way to disengage from the Vitali crime family. "That's a good thing, right?" Chloe asked.

"I never thought it would play out like this. I thought I had it under control. Instead, my father thinks I'm a liar and a thief, and everyone blames me for putting Brady in the hospital," Philip said. "Not everyone. Kristen DiMera made it very clear that she thinks I'm responsible for this," Chloe said. "Kristen DiMera is after you? Damn it, I never should have stayed with you," Philip muttered. Chloe reminded Philip that she had volunteered to help Philip.

"You've always stood by me, no matter what," Philip said as he stood close to Chloe. "We're friends. That's what friends do," Chloe said. "Friends? Or have we always been something more?" Philip asked before he leaned in and kissed Chloe. Chloe gently pushed Philip away. "What was that?" Chloe asked.

"Maybe I'm trying to own my mistakes? Or maybe I'm trying to fix one?" Philip said. Chloe raised an eyebrow. Philip explained that he had made a mistake when he had chased after Mimi in New York rather than pursuing a relationship with Chloe. "Is there any way that I can convince you to give me another chance?" Philip asked. Chloe told Philip that she would always care about him, but she did not want to get involved with Philip while he was dealing with so much.

"I know that you'll come back from this soon," Chloe said. As Chloe smiled at Philip, he said, "You sure know how to let a guy down easy." With a chuckle, Philip asked Chloe if she was interested in Brady. Chloe stressed that Brady was only a friend, and she added that Brady was in love with Kristen. "A crazy woman who takes hostages and waves guns around," Philip said. Chloe laughed. Philip pointed out that Kristen would have time added to her sentence after the prison break, which could leave Brady free.

"[Brady] obviously still cares for you," Philip said. "As a friend," Chloe countered. Philip asked Chloe if she had seen Brady's face when he had thought Philip and Chloe had slept together at the hotel. "Admit it or not, I think there is a little more going on than just friends," Philip said. Chloe advised Philip to focus on his own life. Philip suggested that he would clean up his life so that he and Chloe could reignite their relationship.

"You don't give up, do you?" Chloe said. With a grin, Philip pointed out that Chloe had not said no to the idea. "I haven't," Chloe admitted. Philip thanked Chloe for her honesty, but he added that he thought Chloe was not being honest with herself about her feelings for Brady.

At Statesville, Kristen stewed in anger as she looked online at the New Year's Eve photo when Brady and Chloe had kissed. Kristen called Brady. "Thank God, you're awake. How are you?" Kristen asked. Brady said he was going to be fine, but he was "mad as hell." Kristen yelled that she was furious with Chloe, too. "I'm not mad at Chloe. I'm mad at you," Brady said. Brady demanded an explanation for Kristen's actions. "I had to see for myself that you were okay," Kristen said. Kristen said she was sorry she had used Tony, but she felt justified for her anger against Chloe.

"The love of my life was shot in cold blood because of that heartless woman. She nearly got you killed, Brady, and there is no way in hell I'm going to let her get away with that!" Kristen yelled. Brady shook his head in frustration. "It wasn't Chloe's fault," Brady objected. Kristen disagreed, but Brady insisted that it had been his choice to get involved in Philip's problem. Furious, Kristen said that if Brady had died, she would have had to break out of prison to go to his funeral.

"You should not have broken out [of prison the first time]," Brady said. Brady told Kristen that it had been a stupid decision and that Kristen should have stayed in prison. "You know what was stupid? Is you lied to me about Chloe, Brady, because you didn't think that I would find out!" Kristen yelled. Confused, Brady asked Kristen what she meant. Kristen told Brady that Chloe had picked up Brady's phone after he had been shot. Kristen argued that Brady had no need to lie unless he was involved with Chloe.

"You remember how you blew up when you saw that picture of Chloe and me sharing a platonic kiss at New Year's? You remember that? Well I didn't want a repeat of that," Brady explained. Brady said he had not wanted to give Kristen anything else to worry about. "I'm not leaving you for Chloe. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever," Brady said firmly. Kristen said she wanted to believe Brady, but she had too much time to think in prison. Emotional, Kristen told Brady that the shooting had reminded her that anything could happen to Brady before she left prison.

"You need to get this through your head, that Rachel and I, we're counting the days until you get released. And when we can be a family again," Brady said. Kristen said she felt the same way. Brady asked Kristen if she understood that her prison break had added time to her sentence. "I am so sorry," Kristen whispered.

In Brady's hospital room, Susan marched in with a bunch of balloons. "Is that Chloe?" Kristen asked. "No, it's Susan Banks," Brady said. Confused, Kristen asked Brady what Susan wanted. "I think I'm going to find out," Brady said before he ended the call. "I love you," Kristen said. After a moment, Kristen realized that Brady was no longer on the phone. Annoyed, Kristen returned to the computer in the rec room and stared at the photo of Brady with Chloe. "Susan Banks might just be the answer to my prayers," Kristen said.

At Salem Hospital, Susan gave Brady a big bunch of balloons, and she asked if he was okay. Brady said he was fine. "I had a vision about this. I saw the whole thing," Susan said. "About me getting shot?" Brady asked. Susan nodded yes. Susan squeezed Brady's arms, and she noted he was as strong as ever as she leaned in close to his face. Uncomfortable, Brady told Susan that he needed his rest. As Susan rose to leave, she swooned. Susan said that she'd had a vision. "This is not going to be the last visit that we share," Susan said with a giggle.

At the penthouse, Ben and Claire sat on the couch, and Ben admitted that he was scared. "At least now we know that what you felt in your heart was real, Ben. Ciara is alive," Claire said. Ben wondered how they would find Ciara. Claire suggested that Ben continue to use his connection to Ciara to guide him. "What if, after finding out that after all this time that Ciara is alive, I've lost her all over again?" Ben said. Ben pulled the fortune cookie fortune from his pocket and read aloud, "Nothing is ever lost."

In her glass box, Ciara opened the fortune cookie that Rhodes had left with dinner. "Nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart," Ciara read. As tears streamed down her face, Ciara begged Ben not to give up on her. "I am going to find my way back to you," Ciara vowed.

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