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Gabi made a deal with Xander. Victor asked Philip to stay. Xander quit Titan. Jack told Gwen about Laura. An enraged Gwen accidentally killed Laura, and Jack convinced Gwen to tell the truth to the police. Chad asked Abigail to move back into the mansion. Chloe offered to nurse Brady at home. Kristen asked Susan to switch places. Eli and Lani rescued their babies. Vivian acted insane, but Kate exposed her lie. Steve surprised Kayla with a wedding. Ciara and Ben shared a dream. Nicole suggested that Ava move in with Rafe. Ciara stole Rhodes's phone.
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Gwen accidentally killed Laura, Eli and Lani rescued their babies, and Ciara and Ben shared a dream
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Jack tries to make amends with Gwen Jack tries to make amends with Gwen
Monday, February 8, 2021
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Kate entered the study and greeted Jake, who was tying a tie. "I prefer the one that you got me for Christmas, but I that I'm CEO, I might as well invest in a few more," Jake explained. "I like it -- you have excellent taste," Kate raved. "And not just in menswear," Jake flirtatiously stressed, drawing a laugh from Kate.

Changing the subject, Jake informed Kate that DiMera Enterprises would not be reviving Gabi Chic. "Did you make this decision because of business...or because of me?" Kate wondered. "[Look, Gabi's] got a lot of great ideas...and, obviously, she knows what she's doing...[but I just] don't think [it's] the best move for DiMera right now -- and [besides], I'm no fashion expert, but...isn't Basic Black, like, the same thing? [So, anyway], I was on the fence about the whole thing, [and Tony] made me realize it wasn't such a good idea," Jake answered. "I thought he was Team Chad," Kate admitted. "He said that he's Team DiMera," Jake clarified.

"I am happy to see that he's going to stay impartial...[and, in that case], maybe you should find out whether he would be willing to come back to the company -- [I mean], you could use a DiMera by your side," Kate advised. "I was actually thinking the same thing...but I had somebody different in mind," Jake replied. "Me? [That could] get messy...and besides, I [already] have a job with Abe -- [and] I'm very good at it, [plus] I like it," Kate argued. "More than you'd like working with me?" Jake flirtatiously countered before urging Kate to at least give the idea some thought.

At Titan, Xander received a visit from Gabi, who shamelessly bragged that one of the most popular clothing lines in the world had just been put back on the market. "Jake turned you down," Xander translated. "Yes, he did...but because of his shortsightedness, I am now all yours! [So], what do you say, Xander? Why don't we make DiMera's loss your gain," Gabi countered.

"It just so happens that I've been trying to find a new fashion brand to compete with Basic Black, [and] Gabi Chic fits the bill, so...shall I have them draw up the paperwork?" Xander offered after taking a look at Gabi's business proposal. "Right now?" Gabi stammered. "Unless you're just trying to use me to make Jake DiMera jealous..." Xander challenged Gabi, who denied the accusation.

"I just thought you had to have your co-CEO sign off on this or something -- [I mean], I assumed that you two make these decisions together..." Gabi explained. "Well, I suppose I will have to get his signature...but, at this point, it's just a formality -- he's pretty much a CEO in name only now," Xander clarified. "What happened?" Gabi wondered. "It's complicated...but let's just say, between you and me, [that] Philip screwed up royally, and Victor's about to hand him his walking papers," Xander answered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip emerged from a bedroom and headed downstairs -- then froze, clearly nervous, after running into Victor in the living room. "When did you get home?" Philip asked. "Late last night -- after some exhausting negotiations with our...'business associates' Philadelphia, the last thing I wanted was to sleep in a hotel," Victor replied. "[So]...the debt is settled?" Philip assumed. "It's settled," Victor confirmed.

Philip breathed a sigh of relief then thanked Victor for the help -- and produced a letter of resignation.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad entered the study and greeted Kate with a flourish, showing off a white T-shirt that was covered with slime. "What happened to you?" Kate wondered. "A massacre -- those two are animals!" Chad grumbled. "So, I guess this means that Abigail let you have the kids last night," Kate summarized. "Stepping down from DiMera [and] handing Jake the reins was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do...but, bright side, I get to spend quality time with my kids," Chad admitted. "I'm glad you're making good use of your newfound freedom," Kate stressed. "[I'm gonna] outsmart those kids in the next battle!" Chad vowed.

Kate assured Chad that DiMera Enterprises seemed to be in good hands with Jake. Chad was surprised to hear that Jake had tried to lure Kate back to the company earlier. "I can't help but feel a little tempted by the idea -- [I mean], especially since I wouldn't have to be working alongside Gabi..." Kate admitted before telling Chad about Jake's recent decision to move on from Gabi Chic. "[But] I thought you [and Gabi] got along -- or were at least frenemies -- [so...what, do] you want [her] out because you think she's competition for Jake?" Chad challenged Kate, who grudgingly confirmed the suspicion.

"Let's not talk about my love life, okay? 'Cause we need to talk about your love life!" Kate suggested. "There's not much to say," Chad grumbled. "I know it's a mess, [but] you and Abigail love each other, [so] she needs to get over herself and forgive you!" Kate declared. "I cheated on her!" Chad stressed -- but Kate argued that Abigail needed to blame Gwen for that.

"What I can't understand is why [Gwen] would want to destroy Abigail's life..." Kate mused. "You don't know," Chad realized. "Know what?" Kate wondered, prompting Chad to share all the information that had recently surfaced. "Unbelievable... Laura Horton -- who's always up on her high horse, lecturing everyone about their behavior -- has misbehaved so badly... Wow -- she's made a mess of everything!" Kate declared afterward.

Laura entered the Horton house and sheepishly greeted Jennifer and Abigail, the latter of whom rushed off after optimistically assuring the other two women that everything was going to be okay. "I can forgive you, Mom, and it sounds like Abigail has, too...but we're not the ones who lost the most because of what you did," Jennifer stressed. "I know," Laura whispered.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen received a visit from Jack, who started to explain that some important information had surfaced the previous day. "Abigail already told me [last night] -- she came by [and] gave me a bloody earful [in an effort] to defend you," Gwen bitterly interjected. "I didn't know anything about [that] -- I haven't had a chance to speak to her [yet]," Jack apologetically stressed.

"[But what she told you is] true -- I swear to you, I knew nothing about what my mother-in-law had done --" Jack insisted. "Your mother-in-law?" Gwen curiously repeated. "Abigail didn't tell you that part," Jack realized. "No!" Gwen angrily confirmed before impatiently demanding to know the whole story -- a request that Jack granted without hesitation, uninterested in protecting Laura.

Gwen was on the verge of tears by the end of Jack's tale. "I am here to make up for what you lost, for what we lost --" Jack offered. "Even after everything I've done to you and your family?" Gwen asked. "Everybody deserves a second chance, [and] there's nothing that you have done that changes the fact that you are my child," Jack replied. "Do you really see me that way?" Gwen wondered. "I really do," Jack confirmed.

"Okay, let's say that I do believe that you're sorry and that you had nothing to do with abandoning me -- I mean, really, what am I supposed to do with that now?" Gwen asked. "Accept my apology?" Jack replied. "Just like that? You don't have to earn it?" Gwen incredulously protested. "No, of course -- I want to earn it, and I'm willing to put in the time, however long it takes!" Jack clarified.

"On one condition -- [that] you leave Abigail alone," Jack stressed. "What if you have to choose?" Gwen wondered. "Don't make me do that -- [just] let me try to be your father," Jack answered. "With strings attached..." Gwen grumbled. "No 'strings' -- [just the fact that] if you wage war against your sister, this can never work," Jack countered. "I will take it under advisement. You can go now...Daddy," Gwen snapped, and Jack complied.

Abigail exited the Brady Pub with a takeout order just as Jake was passing through the area. "Oh, wow -- look at you, Mr. CEO, [already] dressing the part!" Abigail observed. "Yeah, well...I haven't really gotten used to this outfit [yet, but] I guess it comes with the job -- [and] I didn't really have a know, with Chad stepping down and everything..." Jake admitted.

"Gwen really did a number on him [and you] -- I'll just never understand why she wanted to ruin your marriage, or why she hates you so much..." Jake mused. "Turns out, she resents the fact that her little sister ended up with the life she should have had," Abigail explained. "Her little what?" Jake stammered. "That was my reaction, as well," Abigail stressed.

"[Gwen] always refused to talk about her childhood [when we were together, but she did say that] her father rejected her -- that he had another family..." Jake suddenly remembered after Abigail elaborated. "I swear, if I had known [that] family was yours, I would have done everything I could have to protect you guys," Jake assured Abigail. "I know," Abigail assured Jake.

Changing the subject, Abigail warned Jake that Gabi was back in town. "Oh, I know..." Jake revealed with a chuckle before telling Abigail about everything that had recently happened with Gabi. "Do you have feelings for Gabi now?" Abigail challenged Jake at the end of the tale. "Okay, I overstepped -- I'm sorry," Abigail backpedaled when Jake didn't immediately respond.

"You think you and Chad will be able to work things out?" Jake asked. "Honestly? I don't know," Abigail replied.

While passing through the town square, Kate spotted Laura, who was just about to enter the Salem Inn. "Going to ruin someone else's life?" Kate called out, stopping Laura. "I'm busy right now, if you'll excuse me --" Laura said to Kate before starting to rush off. "No, I won't 'excuse' you -- or anything you've done," Kate insisted, stopping Laura again.

"You know, Chad told me a very interesting story about you today, and I couldn't help but see the irony -- [I mean], for years, you treated me as a pariah because of my relationship with your husband, [and] you blamed me for destroying your family, [but now] ended up doing that all by yourself," Kate mused. "Typical, classless Kate -- always ready to kick someone when they're down," Laura grumbled. "You know, even when you're on the ground, you're still trying to look down your nose at me -- because you are a complete and utter hypocrite!" Kate spat. "And you are just the worst kind of a meddler!" Laura spat.

"But you are consistent -- first you sleep with my husband, and then you sleep with my daughter's!" Laura added. "You're hardly in any position to judge anyone," Kate insisted. "Actually, I think I am...[because], unlike you, I can admit when I make a mistake -- and, right now, I'm trying to fix it," Laura countered. "Good luck with that!" Kate called out as Laura entered the Salem Inn.

Jake exited the Brady Pub with a cup of coffee just as Gabi was passing through the area. "Just so you know...I'm going into business with Titan -- [and] we're going to run you into the ground," Gabi warned Jake with a smile before stepping into the restaurant. Meanwhile, Xander entered the Kiriakis mansion -- just as Victor was in the process of forgiving Philip for everything. "Are you saying he's not fired?" Xander asked Victor incredulously.

Abigail entered the DiMera mansion in search of Thomas and Charlotte -- just as Chad was in the process of taking off the slime-spattered T-shirt. Meanwhile, at the Horton house, Jack told Jennifer about what had just happened with Gwen. "I am sure she will forgive you...but do you think she could forgive my mom?" Jennifer said to Jack at the end of the tale.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen stared at a digital photograph of Laura. "[So], you're the woman who ruined my life..." Gwen grumbled -- just as Laura knocked on the hotel room door.

Gwen fights with Laura Gwen fights with Laura
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Chloe ran into Susan as she walked out of the Brady Pub. When Susan asked about Chloe's order, Chloe explained that she had picked up pastries and soup for Brady. Susan wished Chloe well, and Chloe headed over to the hospital. Susan started to walk into the pub when her phone rang. It was Kristen.

"Kristen DiMera? Why would you be calling me?" Susan asked. Kristen asked Susan to meet with her at the prison. Susan admitted she was afraid of Kristen. "I'm locked up. What can I do to you? Besides, this will be a friendly visit," Kristen said. Susan was unconvinced, but Kristen argued that it was a matter of life and death. Reluctantly, Susan agreed to go to the prison.

When Susan met up with Kristen at the prison, Kristen explained that she was worried about Brady. Kristen said that she needed Susan's help. "Why me?" Susan asked. Kristen reminded Susan that she had been in Brady's room when Kristen had called. With a shrug, Susan noted that Brady was on the mend.

"No thanks to that Chloe Lane, though," Kristen muttered. Kristen argued that Chloe was no good for Brady. Susan told Kristen that she had run into Chloe, and Chloe had been on her way to see Brady at the hospital. "Tell me what [Chloe] told you about Brady," Kristen insisted. Susan said that Chloe had said that she cared about Brady.

"That tramp wants to steal [Brady] away while I'm locked up in here," Kristen argued. Kristen told Susan that Susan was the only person that could help her save Brady from Chloe. "You want me to keep an eye on Brady and Chloe and then report back to you?" Susan asked. "The only one that is going to keep an eye on them is me," Kristen said. When Susan asked how, Kristen suggested that they switch places.

"I don't want to be locked up in here," Susan said. Kristen promised that the switch would only be for a short time. "Chloe nearly got Brady killed. What if the next time, he's not so lucky?" Kristen asked. Kristen added that John was in ill health and that if Brady were killed, it could cause John's death and Marlena's heartbreak.

"If you care about John or Marlena at all, you will help to avoid this tragedy," Kristen said. As Susan squirmed, Kristen assured Susan that she only needed to be out of prison long enough to check on Brady. "I need to think about it," Susan said. "You think, but don't take too long," Kristen said.

In Brady's room at the hospital, Sarah changed the dressing on Brady's wound. As Sarah asked Brady if he had someone to change his dressing for him at home, Chloe walked into the room. "Good luck convincing him of that," Chloe said. Brady insisted he did not need a nurse, and he promised to take it easy when he got home. Sarah asked Chloe to talk some sense into Brady, and she left to see other patients.

Brady got excited when he noticed the bag of food in Chloe's hand. Chloe presented Brady with a carton of soup. Brady was underwhelmed but thankful, until he saw Chloe pull a pastry out of the bag. "Do you have another one?" Brady asked. Chloe shook her head no as she bit into the pastry. Brady complained that he needed to get out of the hospital. Chloe reminded Brady that he needed someone to cook and assist him, and Brady reluctantly agreed that she was right.

"How am I supposed to find the perfect person to hire for that?" Brady asked. "That's easy. Hire me," Chloe said. Chloe explained that her offer was not a big deal because she lived down the hall from Brady. "I'll just check on you a few times a day and see if you need anything," Chloe said. Brady thanked Chloe for the offer, but he declined because of Kristen. Chloe reminded Brady that Kristen was in prison.

"[Kristen] wasn't just upset that I was shot. She was upset because she caught me in a lie," Brady said. Brady told Chloe that he had told Kristen on the phone before he had been shot that he had not been with Chloe, and then Chloe had answered the phone. Chloe winced. Brady noted that Kristen had a history of taking extreme action to eliminate any competition.

"Are you sure you want to put yourself in the line of fire?" Brady asked. Chloe insisted that she did not have romantic feelings for Brady, so there was no need to worry. "I'm not trying to scare you about Kristen. I'm just letting you know what you might be in for, okay?" Brady said. "Oh, you mean a crazy, jealous, prison-breaking girlfriend?" Chloe joked. Brady nodded yes, and he accepted Chloe's offer of help. Chloe promised to be careful with Kristen. "It's not like she is going to know," Brady agreed.

In the Kiriakis living room, Victor told Xander that Philip was not fired from Titan. "[Philip] used his position to launder money for the mob," Xander pointed out. Victor agreed. When Xander argued that Philip's actions could have destroyed the company and put them all at risk for prison, Victor admitted that Xander was right. Victor said that Philip wanted to atone for his mistake and that he had tendered a letter of resignation. Philip confirmed that was true.

"That changes everything. I'm sorry, Uncle Vic. I didn't realize Philip was quitting," Xander said. Victor interrupted to clarify that he had refused to accept Philip's letter of resignation. Confused, Xander asked Victor why he had declined Philip's letter. Victor explained that he wanted Philip to stay with the company and the family.

"[Philip] is my son. One day, this company will all be his," Victor said. "And what about me?" Xander asked. Victor noted that Xander would remain as co-CEO. "I made a mistake, and you held a knife to my throat and busted me down to gardening duty. Philip gets involved with the mob and not even a slap on the wrist?" Xander said. Xander demanded to be the sole CEO, but Victor refused.

"If I hadn't uncovered Philip's shady dealings, he'd still be laundering money through Titan. I saved your company. I saved all of our asses. If that doesn't deserve the top spot, Victor, then I don't know what I'm doing here," Xander said. Victor insisted that Xander and Philip would remain co-CEOs. "Nothing is changing," Victor said. "Nothing ever does," Xander muttered under his breath.

"No matter how much the golden boy screws up, you always give him the benefit of the doubt. And no matter how much I do for this family, you are never gonna see me as truly part of it," Xander said. "I've shown you my gratitude," Victor said. Xander reminded Victor of the baby switch, and Victor countered that Xander had done that to help Sarah. Xander admitted he had wanted to help Sarah.

"But the reason I did it was because you begged me to help protect Maggie. I did it for you," Xander said. When Victor reiterated that Xander was family, Xander shook his head and said, "But that doesn't go both ways, does it?" Frustrated, Xander quit. Victor cautioned Xander not to grandstand, but Xander stressed that he was serious.

"Always hoped I'd find my place at Titan, but it's time to accept that that will never happen," Xander said. Victor warned that he would not chase after Xander. With a sigh, Xander countered that even if Victor did chase him, it was too late. Xander walked out. "I suppose that made your day," Victor said to Philip. "Actually, no, it didn't," Philip admitted.

At the Salem Inn, Laura knocked on Gwen's door. Laura started to introduce herself, but Gwen cut her off. "The monster who sold my future out from under me," Gwen growled. "Jack told you what I did," Laura said. With a nod, Laura noted that Gwen had every right to hate her. Gwen asked why Laura was there, and Laura begged Gwen to give her a chance to explain why she had interfered with Tiffany.

"You want to talk, let's talk. But I already know your so-called reasons," Gwen said. Laura walked into the room and apologized. "I realize now what a big mistake I made, but I tried to ensure that you were well provided for. I kept sending money to your mother, and I hope that she was taking good care of you," Laura said. Gwen scoffed at the notion.

"You knew my mother was bad news the moment you laid eyes on her, otherwise you wouldn't have paid her to get rid of her so quickly," Gwen said. Gwen told Laura that her mother had been a selfish drug addict. Surprised, Laura said that she'd had no idea about the drugs. Gwen explained that her mother had overdosed and died and that Gwen had entered the foster care system.

"Would you like to hear how that went?" Gwen said through gritted teeth. "If I would have known," Laura started. Gwen cut her off and argued that they both knew that Laura would not have come clean to Jack if Laura had known about Gwen's troubles. Laura nodded yes. "I didn't even care to find out. All that mattered to me was my own family," Laura admitted.

"So, you admit it? You cared more about your family than practically orphaning a young, innocent child," Gwen said. "It's not something I'm proud of," Laura said. Laura told Gwen that she had been riddled with guilt. Curious, Gwen pushed Laura to explain what Laura had done that was so awful that it had clouded her judgment.

Laura told Gwen about her accidental fling with Jack at the wellness retreat, the Meadows. Gwen burst into laughter. Laura explained that she and Jack had been there under fake names, and they had not known of their mutual connection to Jennifer. "Let me guess. You tried to keep this secret from Jen, didn't you?" Gwen asked. Laura nodded yes. "Eventually, the truth came out," Laura said. Laura explained that when Tiffany had arrived in Salem, Laura had been worried about Abigail.

"Abigail needed both of her parents," Laura said. "What about what I needed? Don't you think I needed my father, too?" Gwen asked. Laura said she had not thought about Gwen, and she had instead focused on Jennifer. "My whole life changed because two messed-up people couldn't be honest with one another," Gwen said. Gwen wondered aloud if she would have had Jack as a father if Laura had not met Jack at the Meadows.

"Maybe Abigail and I would have grown up close to one another. Maybe I'd be borrowing her clothes instead of borrowing her husband," Gwen said. Gwen added that she might not be "the miserable, vindictive bitch" that she had become. As Gwen fought back tears, Laura said she wanted to do something to make up for the past.

"I want my childhood back. Can you give me the life that I would have had if you hadn't kept the truth from my father?" Gwen asked. Laura suggested that Gwen could still have a family. "I mean, you have a father, a sister, a brother, and you could get to know them now," Laura said. Gwen argued that it was too late.

"You really think that after everything that I have done to Abigail, that she's just gonna welcome me with big arms as her sister? I slept with her husband," Gwen said. "I didn't say it would be easy," Laura whispered. Gwen noted that Jack's offer to be a father was based on guilt. "[Jack] doesn't really want me in his life," Gwen said. Laura disagreed.

"I'd just get in the way of [Jack's] real family. Don't you see? All that damage you did cannot be undone," Gwen said. "I'm sorry. It was probably a mistake for me to come," Laura said. As Laura started to leave, Gwen grabbed her arm and stopped her. "I want revenge because you ruined my life, and you're not going to get away with it," Gwen growled.

When Abigail walked into the DiMera study, a shirtless Chad was there. With a chuckle, Chad explained that he had taken part in a slime battle with the kids. After Chad put on a shirt, he returned to the study to inform Abigail that the kids were cleaned up and ready to go. Chad thanked Abigail for giving him time with the kids.

"Better they're here rather than at my parents' house right now," Abigail admitted. "I still can't believe it," Chad said. "My grandmother stole a lot from [Gwen]," Abigail said. "And from us," Chad added. Abigail told Chad that she had overheard him giving Gwen hell in her room at the Salem Inn. Abigail then thanked Chad for sticking up for her with Gwen. When Abigail thanked Chad for taking the kids, Chad noted, "Don't thank me. They're my kids." With a nod, Abigail said it would take time for the kids to get used to going back and forth between houses.

"Or you could move back in," Chad whispered. Chad said he thought it would be good for the kids, and for him and Abigail. "I would really like a chance to prove that you can trust me again," Chad added. Chad offered to go to counseling. "I've heard it before," Abigail said. "I hate that I believed Gwen for all those months, but all we can do is just try to move forward. Will you please do that with me?" Chad asked.

As Abigail turned away, Chad explained that he did not want to pressure Abigail, but he was worried that the longer they were apart, the bigger the distance would be between them. "You might be right about that," Abigail admitted. Chad asked Abigail if she wanted to work on their marriage.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen sat next to her bed with her knees pulled up close. After a moment, Gwen rose to her feet and peered over the bed. On the floor, Laura was motionless. Blood pooled on the floor next to Laura's head.

Eli and Lani are reunited with their twins Eli and Lani are reunited with their twins
Wednesday, February 10, 2021
by Mike

At the Alamain townhouse in Chicago, Lani and Eli remained locked in a bedroom, desperately searching for a way out. "[This is] all my fault --" Lani began to fret, but Eli insisted that wasn't true.

Meanwhile, Vivian joined Ivan in the living room and demanded to know why music was being played at such a high volume. "They say music...increases the plasticity of the growing brain, Madame!" Ivan reasoned. "What about their eardrums?" Vivian countered. "The louder, the better, Madame!" Ivan insisted, cranking the volume up even higher.

"Madame, would you like to feed the babies?" Ivan, who had been preparing a bottle, offered. "I can't hear a word you're saying!" Vivian stressed before stopping the music. "Madame, no!" Ivan protested. "Somebody, help us!" Lani shouted. "Let us out of here!" Eli screamed. "Those words are not in my head," Vivian challenged Ivan.

"Madame, I have a small confession to make -- we have guests," Ivan admitted. "What do you mean -- what guests?" Vivian wondered. "The Detectives Grant," Ivan clarified. "Eli and Lani? They're here?" Vivian translated. "In the upstairs bedroom, to be precise, Madame -- since last night," Ivan confirmed, stunning Vivian.

"Why?" Vivian asked. "Perhaps we should feed the children first, Madame --" Ivan replied. "Answers first, [Ivan] -- what aren't you telling me? [You know], we have spent months in peace and quiet...and then, one day, you just disappear, and you come back with these two precious babies... Tell me something -- does Stefania bear a striking resemblance to Detective Grant?" Vivian challenged Ivan. "Which one, Madame?" Ivan responded. "Both!" Vivian snapped. "Yes, Madame," Ivan reluctantly confirmed.

"Why didn't you just tell me that from the beginning?" Vivian demanded to know after Ivan admitted to having abducted the twins as a way of making Lani pay for shooting Stefan. "I started [to tell you], Madame, when the mission was accomplished -- I hoped you would be pleased and proud of my initiative, Madame -- but you seemed to be sort of against [taking kids from their parents, so] I panicked," Ivan explained. "[And] lied to me!" Vivian stressed. "Half-truth, Madame?" Ivan suggested.

"[Well], I do applaud your initiative, [and] now I have such deep feelings for these babies, I can't possibly let them go!" Vivian raved. "Madame," Ivan replied, accepting the credit with a bow. "[But] the question is...what do we do with our unwelcomed guests?" Vivian mused with a scowl.

"Madame, I think we should take the children and run -- Buenos Aires is lovely this time of year --" Ivan advised. "What good would that do? No, I think it's time that we made a permanent solution -- it's time for me to finish what I started," Vivian countered while retrieving a gun from a cabinet drawer. "Please, allow me -- murder, Madame, is a messy business --" Ivan offered. "As it should be -- and the satisfaction will be all mine, [Ivan]! Just as I took my precious Nicholas from his unworthy mother Katerina [Von Leuschner and] raised him to be mine, I am gonna do the same thing with Jacob and Stefania!" Vivian declared.

Vivian rushed off after telling Ivan to turn the music back on so the twins wouldn't hear what was about to happen. Ivan complied then started teaching the twins to speak Czech -- and Vivian soon returned with Eli and Lani, who had somehow managed to get the upper hand. Lani and Eli placed Vivian and Ivan under arrest then reunited with the twins.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail agreed to move back in with Chad, who was delighted at first -- then realized that there was one condition attached to the development. "I need you to have realistic expectations, [because] I cannot make any promises about our future," Abigail stressed. "I can do that -- I can do 'realistic,'" Chad insisted.

"Okay -- well, the reality is...there's a lot of tension at my parents' house since we found out about Gwen, [and] my dad's very angry with my grandmother [because of the] part that she's played in it all, so it's not a very healthy atmosphere for Thomas and Charlotte right now --" Abigail declared. "So, coming home is about the kids, not because you want to give our marriage another chance," Chad grumbled. "I didn't say that...[but] I want to take this slowly -- I want to rebuild the whole foundation, and I want to make it stronger -- [so] I'm gonna take [a] separate bedroom, and we're gonna start counseling," Abigail clarified. "Okay," Chad agreed. "I know we've done [counseling] before, but...for some reason, this whole 'trust' thing is a real problem for us," Abigail added. "I'm the problem," Chad admitted.

Abigail soon rushed off to the Horton house to pack -- and a relieved Chad broke down once the coast was clear.

At the Horton house, Jennifer checked the time then curiously mentioned to Jack that Laura had been gone for quite a while. "[And] she didn't say where she was going?" Jack assumed. "No," Jennifer confirmed.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen cautiously kicked the bottom of one of Laura's shoes -- but the action didn't rouse Laura. Seconds later, Laura's cell phone started ringing, and Gwen saw that Jennifer was the caller -- but the noise didn't rouse Laura, either. After the call went to voicemail, Gwen knelt beside Laura's motionless body and checked for a pulse -- then gulped. "She's dead..." Gwen declared in a whisper.

"I hope she's okay..." Jennifer said to Jack after recording a voicemail message for Laura. "Maybe [she] went back to wherever she came from, after the way I blew up at her," Jack suggested, showing a hint of guilt. "Your anger was understandable," Jennifer assured Jack. "[Still], I know [she] was just trying to protect you --" Jack began to concede before pausing to take a phone call.

"Jack --" Gwen began. "Gwen?" Jack replied, giving Jennifer a look of surprise. "Can you please come to my hotel room right away?" Gwen requested. "What's going on?" Jack wondered. "I can't explain over the phone -- just...please, hurry!" Gwen answered. "I'm on my way," Jack promised before ending the call and repeating Gwen's words to Jennifer.

"Don't go -- it could be a setup," Jennifer warned. "You don't know that," Jack argued. "Neither do you," Jennifer countered. "No, I don't...but I'm Gwen's father -- I have to go there if she needs me," Jack reasoned. "Because you're a good man," Jennifer conceded before urging Jack to be careful. "I will," Jack vowed before rushing off.

Julie went to the DiMera mansion to see Chad, who was quick to ask about the twins. Julie informed Chad that Eli and Lani were hot on the trail of the twins' true abductor and would probably have good news to share soon. Julie then segued into the point of the visit, wondering if Chad had managed to work things out with Abigail yet. Chad assured Julie that, while Abigail wasn't ready to forgive and forget just yet, there was hope that things would start to improve soon. Julie insisted on arranging a romantic dinner to accelerate the process.

Abigail entered the Horton house and greeted Jennifer then revealed what had just happened with Chad -- and admitted to having already started questioning whether it was really a good idea to move back into the DiMera mansion. "It's just...there's so much going on right now [that] I can't even think straight," Abigail fretted.

Jennifer told Abigail that Gwen had summoned Jack over to the Salem Inn earlier for unknown reasons. "I don't like the sound of that," Abigail declared.

At the Salem Inn, Jack knocked on the door to Gwen's room. "I'm here -- what's the emergency?" Jack began after Gwen opened the door a few inches and stepped in front of it. "You know how you said you wanted to make up for my miserable childhood, but you didn't know how?" Gwen reminded Jack, who responded with a nod of confirmation. "Well, if you meant that, I think I know what you can do -- [but] I'm gonna need you to keep an open mind," Gwen continued. "About what?" Jack wondered. "About this," Gwen concluded before stepping aside to let Jack into the room.

"Did you call an ambulance?" Jack challenged Gwen after kneeling beside Laura's motionless body and checking for a pulse. "She died instantly -- there was no point," Gwen answered. "What did you do to her?" Jack demanded to know. "Of course, that would be your first assumption -- like I'm some sort of a murderer or something!" Gwen grumbled.

"For the record, I didn't do anything to her, okay?" Gwen stressed before telling Jack about Laura's earlier visit. "[And then] she tried to leave, [so] I grabbed her arm, and then she tried to break free, and then...well, she sort of lost her balance, and then she hit her head on the corner of that desk," Gwen concluded.

"It was an accident?" Jack translated. "I swear!" Gwen confirmed before fearfully predicting that no one would believe that claim. "[So]...what, exactly, are you asking me to do?" Jack wondered. "What do you think?" Gwen snapped. "I can't --" Jack protested. "Don't you think it's time that somebody protected me, Dad? [I mean], surely you're not gonna put the proper disposal of a dead body before the needs of your living daughter, are you?" Gwen argued. "What about the needs of my wife? What am I supposed to tell Jennifer? Her mother is dead!" Jack countered. "I know, [and] I'm horribly sorry -- I am!" Gwen stressed.

"[But], of all the things that I have done in my past, I have never killed someone!" Gwen insisted. "Oh, my God -- you don't believe me, do you?" Gwen realized when Jack didn't immediately respond. "Really, out of all the people in this stupid, godforsaken town... If you don't believe me, then no one's gonna believe me!" Gwen tearfully fretted before starting to hyperventilate.

"All right -- I do believe you, [and] I'm gonna help you," Jack eventually assured Gwen before offering a hug.

"The body shouldn't be too heavy for the two of us --" Gwen suggested after recovering and pulling away from Jack. "That is not how we're gonna do this, [because] trying to cover this now is gonna make everything worse. [So], I am gonna call someone I trust, and I will be with you every step of the way. [Look], you asked me to trust you, and now I am asking you the same," Jack replied. "You kind of give me no choice, do you?" Gwen grumbled before agreeing to do things Jack's way.

Jack summoned Rafe to the Salem Inn and explained what had happened. "Did you witness it?" Rafe asked. "No, but I believe my daughter," Jack replied. "Thank you," Gwen whispered to Jack.

Rafe took Gwen to the police station for questioning -- and Jack went to the Horton house and regretfully informed Jennifer and Abigail that Laura was dead.

Steve and Kayla remarried on Valentine's Day Steve and Kayla remarried on Valentine's Day
Thursday, February 11, 2021
by Mike

Eli and Lani returned to Salem with the twins on Valentine's Day -- and found Valerie and Abe waiting for them at their apartment, which had been decorated for a homecoming celebration.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate wrapped up a phone conversation with someone then gave Jake a look of disbelief. "That must have been something big," Jake guessed. "Yeah, it's pretty big... That was the press office from the police station, and...I need to give Abe a heads-up..." Kate stammered. "About...?" Jake wondered. "Honey, you need to prepare yourself -- your mother's alive," Kate revealed. "What?" Jake exclaimed.

Abe soon received a text message from Kate. "The police van just arrived at headquarters," Abe summarized. "I'm gonna go on over there," Eli announced. "You can't leave now -- you just got home!" Lani protested. "I don't want to leave, [but] somebody's gotta take Vivian's statement -- and it's gonna be me," Eli insisted. "[But] you're the babies' father --" Abe objected. "You're way too close to this," Valerie concluded for Abe. "I need to [be there to] make sure that this is done by the book [so] she doesn't worm her way out of this on a technicality," Eli maintained -- and the others backed off, realizing that the decision had already been made.

Meanwhile, Jake reminded Kate that they had both attended Vivian's funeral. "I know --" Kate agreed. "[So], she can't be alive!" Jake argued. "But, truthfully, I was suspicious when I saw that closed casket, so...[before you arrived], I forced Ivan to open it, and...I saw her, and she looked dead, but...I should have thrown holy water on her to make sure," Kate concluded with a sigh. "How is [this] even possible?" Jake wondered. "Because your mother isn't like other mothers -- and, also, this is Salem, and no one seems to stay dead [here], do they?" Kate reasoned.

"After the funeral, you told me all about her past..." Jake recalled. "Yeah -- and that's the same time that Ivan, I guess, was waking her up. And then he took her off to Chicago, and she's been hiding out there, in some godforsaken suburb on the west side of town, [ever since -- and, apparently], she used that time to plan and plot her revenge against Lani for shooting your brother..." Kate began to explain to a horrified Jake.

Eli entered the police station and joined Vivian in one of the conference rooms. "I'm here to take your statement --" Eli began. "And who are you?" Vivian wondered. "You know damn well who I am!" Eli snapped. "No, actually, I don't -- but maybe you can explain to me why I'm accused of kidnapping my own babies?" Vivian responded. "Your babies?" Eli incredulously repeated. "Jacob and Stefania," Vivian matter-of-factly clarified.

"And where are my children?" Vivian asked. "Nice try, Vivian...[but] I know what you're up to, lady -- and I guarantee you, it's not gonna work," Eli replied.

Meanwhile, Valerie helped an overwhelmed Lani adjust to the responsibilities of parenthood as they waited for Eli to return home.

Kate and Jake went to the police station to find out if Vivian really was alive and well -- and Eli admitted that, at least for the time being, only one of those two descriptions was definite. "She's gone batty -- lost it?" Jake summarized. "No, she hasn't 'lost it' -- she's sharp as ever, I think, [and] she's just angling for a cushy room in a sanitarium, rather than [the] maximum-security cell which she deserves!" Kate declared. "I agree...[but] a sympathetic judge will buy her act, [so] we need to prove, right here [and] now, that she's faking it," Eli stressed.

"I'm an expert on Vivian's vulnerabilities -- why don't you leave her to me," Kate suggested -- and Eli happily accepted the offer then rushed out of the police station, not wanting to spend another minute of Valentine's Day away from Lani and the twins. "What are you gonna do to her?" Jake asked Kate. "I know exactly how to push Vivian's buttons,'re gonna find out who your mother really is," Kate answered.

Kate entered the conference room and greeted Vivian. "You must be the public defender! Oh, you have to get me out of here -- I need to go home to my children!" Vivian begged. "Knock it off -- you know exactly who I am," Kate responded. "How could I? I've never even seen you before!" Vivian insisted. "Yeah, right... Well, maybe you'll know who this is..." Kate countered before summoning Jake into the room.

Tripp entered the Brady townhouse and excitedly assured Steve that everything was going according to plan. "The florist has confirmed that the yellow roses have been delivered to the nurses' station, [and] I double-checked to make sure the card was right [so] Kayla won't have a clue that you're surprising her with a wedding today -- [and] the florist will deliver the bouquets to the pub [later], and the boutonnières for you and Uncle Jack are in here," Tripp elaborated while trying to hand over a box -- but Steve rejected the offering with a sigh.

"Something wrong?" Tripp wondered. "I wasted your time, sending you to the florist -- looks like the surprise wedding is off, [because] Kayla and I have a firm agreement with Jennifer and Jack that they will stand up with us...[and], unfortunately, Jennifer's mother just died," Steve explained. "Oh, man -- has she been sick?" Tripp asked. "No -- it was very sudden; guess it was an accident," Steve replied. "Oh, that's awful," Tripp declared. "[Yeah -- and] if my brother and his wife can't be with us, it doesn't seem like the best day to have a wedding," Steve reasoned.

"It's a good thing Kayla didn't know what I had planned," Steve mused. "You want me to call Stephanie and Joey?" Tripp volunteered. "I already did. Thank God for the time difference -- otherwise, they'd be on a plane, on their way here," Steve responded.

Just then, Steve received a phone call from Jack. "Thanks, man -- I really appreciate that. [And], listen, you let me know if you and Jennifer need anything at all -- [like...I don't know, if] you want dinner delivered, or if you want a P.I. to look into this -- [and] I'll do it," Steve said before ending the call.

"Sounds like Uncle Jack told you to go ahead with the wedding," Tripp guessed. "He said...'Life's too short to put off something this important,'" Steve confirmed. "Very cool," Tripp declared. "Yeah... [So], as soon as I find a new maid of honor..." Steve concluded with a grin. "And a best man," Tripp reminded Steve. "What are you talking about, dude? That's you!" Steve informed Tripp -- who scoffed in response.

"You shouldn't have told Joey and Stephanie not to come -- I mean, he could have been your best man --" Tripp fretted. "What, are you saying you don't want to do it?" Steve wondered. "I don't deserve [to do] it! I mean, you've known me for...what, five years? And all I've done is screw up your life!" Tripp clarified.

"You've gotta stop talking like that! Do you know how much you've added to my life? I love you, buddy -- and so does Kayla!" Steve countered. "You really mean that?" Tripp asked. "Yes!" Steve replied. "Then...I' to be your best man!" Tripp agreed, perking up again.

Steve and Tripp hurriedly dressed for the big event then headed over to the Brady Pub together -- and just as they were approaching the restaurant, Steve received a phone call from Marlena. "What's going on?" Tripp wondered after Steve ended the call with a sigh. "Well, you know, Marlena was supposed to marry us...but now, she and John have food poisoning, [so]..." Steve explained. "Oh, man -- that's awful..." Tripp declared.

"So, what are you gonna do?" Tripp asked. "I'll let you know as soon as I think of something," Steve replied -- and, as if on cue, Abe passed through the area just then.

"Lani and Eli and the babies -- they're home!" Abe bragged. "Oh, man -- that is such great news!" Steve raved, and Tripp nodded in agreement. "Yeah...[but] I figured that Eli didn't have time to come up with a Valentine's Day gift for Lani, so...I thought I'd stop by here and get a fancy dessert," Abe concluded.

"Do you have to get right back?" Steve asked Abe while sharing a look with Tripp. "No -- Valerie's there. Why?" Abe replied. "Tell you what -- I'll buy the dessert for you and a good bottle of Champagne...if you'll do me a favor [and] marry me and Kayla," Steve offered. "When?" Abe wondered. "In about...ten minutes? [Look], I would have asked you in the first place, know, the babies were missing, and I didn't want to bother you, [so]..." Steve explained. "Well...what can I say? I'm in!" Abe agreed with a chuckle, drawing sighs of relief from Steve and Tripp.

A short time later, Kayla arrived -- with Sarah, who was in search of food. Kayla was surprised and touched that Steve had planned a wedding for them -- and the idea of Tripp participating in the wedding wasn't an issue at all. "But I don't have a maid of honor --" Kayla argued. "What am I -- chopped liver?" Sarah countered.

With everything settled, Abe started the ceremony -- then gave Steve the floor.

"I almost lost you because I decided, without talking to you, that you were better off without I knew I was going out on a limb when I decided to organize this wedding without talking to you, but I just couldn't wait -- I couldn't wait any longer -- and it is Valentine's Day, my love..." Steve reasoned with a shrug, and Kayla agreed with a smile.

"Everything that's happened lately reminds me of how we need to cherish each day and make the most of every moment...and, for me, that means cherishing you -- being your man, your devoted husband... And, Sweetness, from the very first minute I laid eyes on you, [and] even at times we were apart, my heart belonged to you -- only you. I love you with all of my being, and I always will, and that is a vow that can never be broken," Steve concluded before declaring that Kayla could just stick to the traditional vows. "It's not fair of me to ask you to come up with something at the last minute like this," Steve acknowledged.

"I don't need time -- I know what's in my heart," Kayla insisted. "I could never love another man the way I love you, [Steve] -- I love your courage, and your kindness, and your passion... You're smart, and funny, and so sexy... I love your devotion to your family and to me... I will never get tired of looking at your handsome face, for the rest of my life... But let me tell you right now -- this is the last time I am doing this!" Kayla added.

Abe walked Steve and Kayla through the rest of the ceremony then pronounced them husband and wife. "And, after three marriages, I think you know what comes next," Abe added with a chuckle, prompting Steve and Kayla to seal the deal with a kiss.

At the Weston apartment, Ben picked up a Valentine's Day card that was generically addressed to a wife. "I bought you this because I know you're out there. We're not together today, but I'm gonna find you -- and when I do, I'm gonna bring you home, and this is gonna be waiting for you," Ben said to the woman whose silhouette was drawn on the front of the card.

At Vincent's lair, Ciara drifted off to sleep while reading some of the most romantic lines from Romeo and Juliet -- and soon started dreaming about acting out the entire play with Ben. Ciara awoke with a start at the end of the play, when the star-crossed lovers were both dead, and breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that it had only been a dream -- that Ben hadn't truly committed suicide while believing that Ciara was dead. Meanwhile, Ben awoke with a start, crying out the name "Juliet," and wondered what had prompted such an odd dream.

Ciara seizes an opportunity Ciara seizes an opportunity
Friday, February 12, 2021

Kate confronted Vivian in the interrogation room of the police station. "I've never seen you before," Vivian said. Kate scoffed at the notion as Jake walked in. Vivian said she did not know Jake, either. Kate pointed out that Vivian had met Jake before Vivian had died. With a shrug, Vivian said Kate was lying because she was clearly alive.

"You'll deny your flesh and blood to save your own ass," Kate said. "This is not Jacob. Jacob is a tiny little baby," Vivian objected. Kate reminded Vivian that she could no longer have children. Annoyed, Vivian asked Kate why the police wanted to keep her from her babies. Kate barked that the twins had been returned to their real parents.

"Why are you torturing me?" Vivian asked. Kate told Vivian to "cut the crap." Kate reiterated that Jake was Vivian's son, and she added that Vivian had stolen the babies as revenge against the woman that had shot and killed her other son, Stefan. "You have a wild imagination," Vivian said. Vivian protested that she had not kidnapped anyone. Frustrated, Kate offered to rattle off a list of Vivian's past misdeeds.

"You seem unable to let go of the past," Vivian noted. "You are damn right," Kate muttered. When Kate told Vivian about Philip, Vivian listened with a scowl. "That is why I'm going to make sure you pay for taking another woman's baby," Kate said. Vivian looked at Jake and told him that his great-aunt was crazy.

Kate lunged at Vivian, but Jake grabbed her and pulled her back. "Let's take a break. Don't let her get to you. She's not going anywhere," Jake said. Kate walked out. As Jake followed, Vivian called out to him, and she asked him to get her a glass of sparkling water.

In the bullpen, Kate stared through the window at Vivian in the interrogation room. When Jake rejoined her, he had a can of sparkling water in his hand. "I hope this is okay for our ladyship," Jake joked. Kate apologized for what she had said about Philip, but Jake assured Kate that she had every right to hate Vivian. "[Vivian] is my mother by definition only," Jake stressed. Kate berated herself for having lost her temper with Vivian.

"[Vivian] doesn't care. She does not care because she doesn't have a soul, and she doesn't have a conscience," Kate muttered. Kate lamented that Vivian had not reacted to Jake. "[Vivian's] one shred of humanity is that she cares about her kids," Kate said. "If she cared that much, why's she treating me like a water boy?" Jake asked. Kate argued that Vivian had played it cool because Jake was safe.

"We have to make her think you're in jeopardy," Kate said. When Jake jokingly asked if Kate planned to put a gun to his head, she chuckled. "No. I'm going to do something that is going to scare her even more," Kate said. Kate and Jake walked into the interrogation room, and he handed a cup of water to Vivian. Vivian insisted that she needed to get home to breastfeed her babies.

"Oh, God, I wish I hadn't heard that," Jake mumbled. "Before I leave, I wanted to share something with you, Vivian. I have a new man in my life," Kate said. "You've been trolling nursing homes again?" Vivian joked. With a smile, Kate told Vivian that she was dating Jake. Kate grabbed Jake's collar, and she pulled him in for a kiss. As Jake started to paw at a giggling Kate, Vivian rose to her feet.

"Take your hands off my son, you bitch!" Vivian shouted. "Got ya," Kate said. Vivian fell back into her chair, and she groaned. "Tell me that was staged," Vivian said. "It's true," Jake confirmed. Vivian started to reach for Kate, but Jake cautioned her to back off. "You bitch," Vivian muttered under her breath. Kate told Vivian that their conversation had been recorded. "Your insanity plea that you just blew up is all on camera," Kate said. Vivian scowled.

At Nicole and Eric's apartment, Rafe told Nicole that the London police had dropped the charges against Charlie. Nicole was furious. "It's not about believing Allie; it's about proving if he assaulted her or not," Rafe said. Nicole argued that Henry was proof, but Rafe countered that the baby was only proof that Allie and Charlie had had sex.

"I have heard enough male justification about boys being boys to last me the rest of my life," Nicole grumbled. Rafe agreed. With a sigh, Nicole apologized for having taken her frustration out on Rafe. Rafe told Nicole to yell at him all she wanted. Nicole smiled weakly. Rafe asked Nicole if she wanted to tell Allie about Charlie.

"It seems like it would be better coming from me, woman to woman, friend to friend," Nicole said. "Not just a friend -- a lifeline," Rafe interjected. With a growl, Nicole yelled that Charlie would still have to face her. Rafe warned Nicole not to tell him about any plans she had for vigilante justice.

"Stay away from Charlie Dale. Because if you go near him, you could end up screwing my only hopes of putting that son of a bitch behind bars," Rafe said. Rafe told Nicole about his plan to proceed with the kidnapping charges against Charlie. "[Ava] told me that she is willing to testify against him. So just hold on, okay?" Rafe said.

At the hospital, Charlie walked into Ava's room. "Nope, you're not real," Ava said as she continued to file her nails. Charlie explained that the police had released him from jail. "And Charlie is going to live happily ever after," Charlie said. Charlie announced that he was on his way to get flowers for Claire, and Ava laughed. Ava told Charlie that Claire would never forgive him.

When Ava argued that Allie would testify against Charlie, he explained that the London police had dropped the charges. "That's not even possible because the DNA test proves you were the father," Ava said. With a grin, Charlie said he had not denied that he had slept with Allie.

"You think it just slipped my mind that my youngest son admitted that he raped a girl?" Ava asked. "Mother, that was another one of your delusions," Charlie said. Charlie stressed that sex with Allie had been consensual. "At least, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it," Charlie added. Ava told Charlie that she knew he was lying.

"Your faith in me has always been such a comfort," Charlie said. Ava noted that she had been guilty of many horrible things, but Charlie had done worse. "To rape a woman, to get her pregnant, and then gloat about it? You disgust me. I can't even look at you," Ava said. Charlie mocked disappointment.

"I don't give a damn what you think about me. Not anymore," Charlie said. Charlie argued that he had a good job and his soul mate, Claire. "Does your soul mate want to be with a man who assaults women?" Ava asked. Charlie reminded Ava that the police had cleared him of all charges. "You weren't cleared of assaulting me!" Ava shot back. When Charlie dismissed the threat, Ava argued that because Rafe had found Ava in Charlie's apartment, Charlie could not dismiss the accusation easily.

"Hard to call that consensual," Ava said. Ava promised to help the police lock Charlie up in prison. "You hate me, your own son," Charlie said. Ava objected that she hated Charlie's actions. Charlie argued that Ava wanted revenge because Charlie had "bested" her. "You didn't best me. You tied me to a chair, and you drugged me, but you did not best me, because you got caught," Ava said. Ava called Charlie a loser.

"You have done everything to belittle me and make me doubt myself, but not anymore. I have an important job, and I have Claire," Charlie said. Ava countered that Charlie's job was little more than an errand boy and that Claire was insane. Furious, Charlie muttered, "Bitch." Ava argued that Charlie's combative relationship with Ava was no defense for what he had done.

"The judge and the jury are going to see what I see. A dangerous sociopath," Ava said. "I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Maybe I am a dangerous sociopath. And since you are the one thing standing between me and getting what I want, I have to make sure that you're not available to testify," Charlie said. Ava argued that Charlie had no hope of getting away with killing her in the hospital.

"You're outmatched. It's pathetic," Ava said. Ava warned Charlie that she was a better fighter, and he would lose against her. Charlie lunged forward and reached for Ava's throat. As Ava started to fight back, Charlie released his hold when he heard the door open. Rafe and Nicole walked into the room.

"Not interrupting anything, are we?" Rafe asked. Ava rubbed her neck. "Is it a crime to visit my mother in the hospital?" Charlie asked. "It is if he's the one who put her here. Are you okay?" Nicole asked. Ava nodded yes. Rafe asked Ava if she wanted Charlie to leave, and she said yes. "You should have told me you were tired. Get some rest. Get strong, and then you can come home soon," Charlie said with a smirk.

After Rafe escorted Charlie out, Nicole asked Ava if Charlie had threatened her. "Yeah. It's a good thing you showed up when you did," Ava said. Rafe asked Ava if she still planned to testify against Charlie. "It goes against everything the Vitali family stands for. But like I told him, you hurt a woman, you brag about getting away with it? I am going to do everything I can to stop that from happening ever again," Ava said. Ava promised her cooperation.

"What about Charlie?" Nicole asked. Nicole argued that it was not safe for Ava to return home to her apartment. "I know you don't have room for one more," Ava said. "No, but Rafe does," Nicole said.

Ben woke up from his shared dream with Ciara, and he whispered, "What the hell was that?" There was a knock at the door. It was Claire. "You look really pale," Claire said. Ben said he had died in a dream. "I'm not sure how I know this, but I'm pretty sure [Ciara] was dreaming about me, too," Ben said. Ben told Claire about his Shakespearian dream.

"It's Valentine's Day, I mean, of course, you are thinking about her," Claire said. Ben insisted that he had died in the dream, and then Ciara had killed herself. "It was a really intense dream, but it was just a dream," Claire said. "It was more than that, and I can prove it to you. 'Thus, with a kiss, I die,'" Ben said. Claire noted that the line was from Romeo and Juliet. Ben insisted that he had never seen the play or read it.

"It was because Ciara knows the play, and she was in my head, and she was in my heart, and this morning, we were together in our dreams," Ben said. With a shrug, Claire noted that everyone knew the story, and Ben had likely heard the line somewhere before. Ben insisted that he had never watched any Shakespeare. As Ben quoted a lengthy passage from the play, Claire's jaw dropped open.

"How else would I know the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet unless I was with Ciara?" Ben asked. Ben argued that Ciara had picked the story to prove to him that she was alive. "Ciara picked the play where the girl wasn't dead," Ben added. Ben argued that Ciara's message had been to keep looking for her. Ben started to leave to talk to Vincent, but Claire begged him to stop.

"You've convinced me. I think you're right about the dream, that Ciara is alive," Claire said. Claire cautioned Ben not to let Vincent know about Ben's connection to Ciara, because Vincent would toy with Ben. "It could be dangerous for Ciara," Claire added. After a moment, Ben thanked Claire for talking him out of going to Vincent.

"There is someone who can help you connect with Ciara. Someone who only wants to help," Claire said. "Don't tell me that loon Susan Banks," Ben said. Claire argued that Ben should not be so quick to dismiss Susan, since he had argued he had shared a dream with Ciara. Claire reminded Ben that Susan also believed that Ciara was alive.

"You have to interpret the dream. Susan is a psychic. We have to interpret what you saw," Claire said. When Ben groaned, Claire compared Susan to a first-generation smartphone. "[Susan] has a lot of bugs, but she's still got a way to connect with the person on the other end of the line," Claire said. Ben agreed to meet with Susan. Claire suggested that she talk to Susan alone first. After Claire left, Ben leafed through a copy of Romeo and Juliet. "Come on, Ciara. Keep talking to me. Keep trying to reach me," Ben said.

In the park, Charlie talked to himself. "She'll believe me. She has to," Charlie said. Charlie called Claire on his cell phone. Charlie heard Claire's phone ring before she rounded the corner into the clearing. "Hey," Charlie said. Claire stopped dead in her tracks.

In her cell, Ciara startled awake. "Stay alive, Ben. We both have to stay alive if I'm going to come home to you," Ciara said. Ciara grabbed her Romeo and Juliet book, and as she stared at it, Rhodes walked in. "I hope you're not getting any more ideas from that sentimental claptrap," Rhodes said. Ciara closed the book and walked over to the clear wall.

"I think I made a mistake," Rhodes said. Rhodes explained that he had given Ciara the book as a treat for Valentine's Day. "I saw Ben in my dream, and he saw me in his," Ciara said. Rhodes scoffed. "One can only imagine his nasty little dreams," Rhodes said. Ciara insisted that she and Ben had performed Romeo and Juliet in their shared dream.

"You're claiming to have some kind of psychic connection to him?" Rhodes asked. "Oh, I know that I do," Ciara insisted. Rhodes chuckled, and he reminded Ciara that the story was a tragedy. "Well, Ben and I aren't. We're going to end up together, and I'm talking together alive, in Salem, and not in some stupid afterlife," Ciara stressed. Rhodes set his phone down on a fold-up TV tray table as he picked up a tray of food for Ciara to put in the drop box.

Ciara asked Rhodes if the money was worth the hassle of keeping her locked up. "Not all of us can afford to be romantics," Rhodes said. With a grin, Rhodes announced that he was on his way out for a date. After Rhodes left, Ciara saw his phone was still on the table. Ciara dropped to the ground, and she reached out through the gap at the bottom of the wall toward the leg of the table.

With the distance too far, Ciara grabbed a coat hanger from the closet, and she bent it into a hook. Ciara reached through the gap, and she attempted to hook the table leg with the hanger. As the table wobbled, Ciara tipped it toward her, and the phone slid off of it. Ciara caught the phone before it hit the ground. Ciara pulled the phone into her cage, and she called Ben's phone. In Salem, Ben's phone rang. "Unknown number," Ben said as he looked at his phone. "Ciara?" Ben said as he answered the call.

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