Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 15, 2021 on DAYS
Ben heard Ciara's voice on the phone. Claire dumped Charlie, and Ben intervened when Charlie grew violent. Lucas threatened Charlie. Rafe agreed to let Ava live with him. Vivian went to prison. Susan agreed to switch places with Kristen. Xander and Sarah proposed to one another. The Hortons buried Laura. Gabi pitched her company to Philip, and Kate urged Philip to take the deal. Abigail and Gwen fought in the cemetery. Vincent committed suicide, and Evan killed Rhodes on Orpheus' order. Ben and Shawn searched Rhodes's last apartment. Abigail asked Gabi to help her get revenge against Gwen.
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Ben heard Ciara's voice on the phone, Vincent committed suicide, and Evan killed Rhodes on Orpheus's order
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Ben hears Ciara's voice on the phone Ben hears Ciara's voice on the phone
Monday, February 15, 2021
by Mike

At the hospital, Ava told Rafe and Nicole that even though Charlie was her son, she could not allow him to get away with everything that he'd done. Nicole was concerned about Ava's safety and suggested that Ava not return to her apartment. Ava thanked Nicole for her concern but noted that Nicole didn't have any room for her. "No, but Rafe does," Nicole quickly replied. Ava sensed Rafe's uneasiness and said that she could not impose. Nicole pressed on before Rafe asked to speak to Nicole privately.

At the park, Charlie told himself that "she'll believe me." He dialed his phone, and the sound of a ringing phone sounded a few yards behind him. As he turned around, Charlie saw Claire looking at the Caller ID display on her phone. "Why aren't you in jail?" she asked him. Claire was stunned when Charlie told her that all of the charges against him had been dropped. Charlie admitted to having slept with Allie, but claimed that it had been 100% consensual and that Allie had been the aggressor.

Claire refused to believe Charlie and tried to walk away after declaring that Charlie was sick. Charlie grabbed Claire and refused to let go, but Ben passed through the area just then and shoved Charlie away from Claire. After Claire rushed off, Ben warned Charlie to never touch Claire again -- or else. Ben chased after Claire and revealed what had just happened with Ciara. Claire insisted that Ben needed to talk to Susan about the matter, and they headed off in search of her.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Allie took care of John and Marlena, who were both still recovering from food poisoning. Allie confided in Marlena about having apologized for falsely accusing Tripp of rape, and Marlena predicted that Tripp would eventually forgive Allie. Allie admitted that it was hard to get used to having the actual memories of the rape back, but Marlena insisted it would get easier eventually.

Tripp ran into Lucas outside the Brady Pub, and Lucas apologized for everything that had happened before the truth about Allie's rape had been revealed. Tripp admitted that it had hurt to be falsely accused of rape but that it was also understandable that everyone had believed that he was guilty, given the apparent evidence. Tripp assured Lucas that the real rapist was behind bars, prompting Lucas to clarify that Charlie had actually been released earlier -- information that outraged Tripp.

Tripp rushed off to the hospital to warn Ava, who revealed that Charlie had already stopped by earlier to issue threats. Tripp promised to stay with and protect Ava, who was scheduled to be released from the hospital later that day. Ava revealed that someone else might be taking on that responsibility -- and, just then, Rafe and Nicole returned to reveal whether Rafe was going to take Ava in as a personal favor to Nicole.

Lucas went to the Evans-Black townhouse to see Allie, and they took Henry for a walk in the town square, where they ran into Charlie. Charlie asked Allie if Henry was "my son" -- and that made Lucas realize who Charlie was, which prompted a confrontation. Allie intervened after Lucas threatened to kill Charlie.

Ben looked quizzically at the "Unknown Caller" display on his phone. He then looked down at the copy of Romeo and Juliet on his bed. At Vincent's lair, Ciara pleaded for Ben to pick up the phone. When he finally picked up, Ciara's face lit up. She told Ben that it was her and started a phone conversation with him -- unaware that Ben could only hear static. Rhodes eventually returned in search of the cell phone that Ciara was using -- and as Rhodes snatched the device, Ben finally managed to hear Ciara's voice.

Rhodes ended the call then warned Ciara to never try another stunt like that again. Ciara wasn't particularly intimidated, but Rhodes hinted that it wasn't an idle threat and that Ciara didn't know who she was really dealing with. Later, Rhodes went to Statesville to complain to Vincent about the situation with Ciara, but Orpheus was the only person who was waiting for Rhodes in the visitors' lounge, and it wasn't immediately clear if Rhodes knew that Orpheus and Vincent were two different people.

Susan gives Kristen an answer Susan gives Kristen an answer
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

In the interrogation room of the police station, a frustrated Vivian struggled with her handcuffs. "They all thought I had lost my mind, and it was working, I know it was working, and then that bitch, Kate, gloating about how she was having sex with my son. Damn her," Vivian muttered to herself. An officer escorted a handcuffed Ivan into the room, and he sat Ivan at the table across from Vivian.

"I've failed you, Madame," Ivan said once he was alone with Vivian. Vivian begged Ivan for help. "What can I do?" Ivan asked. "Kill me. Ivan, kill me right now," Vivian said. Ivan said that he did not have access to the drugs he had used before. "I used my last little bit of influence to get this moment with you before we have to go our separate ways," Ivan said. Ivan added that he had a present for Vivian, and he slipped a paper heart across the table.

"This is all my fault," Ivan said. Ivan asked Vivian to forgive him for having kidnapped the twins. "Of course, I can. I know what you did, you did out of loyalty," Vivian said. "And love, Madame. On Valentine's Day, and every other day in the year. You have my love. Always," Ivan said. Ivan kissed Vivian's hands. An officer walked in and pulled Ivan away from Vivian. After Ivan left, Vivian picked up the paper heart and clutched it to her chest.

Rhodes went to Statesville to talk to Vincent but was surprised when Orpheus was in the visitors' room instead. "Mr. Belman is unavailable at the moment, so you'll have to deal with me," Orpheus said. "What have you done to Vincent?" Rhodes asked. Orpheus explained that he had convinced Vincent to let him take the meeting instead. Wary, Rhodes insisted that he only had business with Vincent. Orpheus introduced himself.

"I very much look forward to getting to know you," Orpheus said. Rhodes admitted that he knew about Orpheus' reputation. "Which is all the more reason why I want nothing to do with you," Rhodes added. Orpheus urged Rhodes to hear him out. Orpheus explained that he knew that Rhodes had Ciara under guard. As Rhodes sighed in resignation, Orpheus explained that it had been easy to figure out what Vincent had done.

"Ben Weston is stubborn. Just like his old man. And so are the rest of the Bradys. And they are reluctant to believe that Ciara has shuffled off this mortal coil," Orpheus said. Rhodes complimented Orpheus' Shakespeare quote. "A love of Shakespeare. Something else we have in common," Orpheus said. Orpheus asked Rhodes if he was aware that Hope was out looking for Ciara. "[Hope] can search all she wants. She is looking in all the wrong places," Rhodes said.

Orpheus approved of the wild goose chase, but he urged Rhodes to focus on other people. Rhodes said he was not worried. "What you should be worried about is me having a talk with the warden," Orpheus said. Orpheus cautioned Rhodes to remember that they could be friends or enemies. "There really is no middle ground. So, what is it going to be?" Orpheus asked. Rhodes asked Orpheus what he wanted. Orpheus said they would have to discuss what would benefit them both.

At the penthouse, Marlena asked John if he was well enough to pick Brady up from the hospital after his bout of food poisoning. John assured Marlena that he was fine. As John opened the door to leave, he found Claire and Ben in the hallway. John announced that he was on his way to the hospital, and Claire sent her love to Brady. After John left, Marlena asked Claire and Ben what they needed to talk about.

"We came to see Susan. Please tell me she is still here," Claire said. "I'd like to, but she is not," Marlena said. Worried, Ben asked if Susan had returned to Memphis. Marlena explained that Susan had gone out in order to give Marlena and John time alone to recuperate after their bout of food poisoning. Concerned, Marlena asked Claire why she was so desperate to talk to Susan.

"You are not going to believe this, Grandma," Claire said. "I know for a fact that Ciara is alive," Ben said. Ben told Marlena about the phone call. "How can you be so sure it was her?" Marlena asked. "Because I've loved her since the second I laid eyes on her. I know her voice," Ben said. Marlena asked why Ben needed to talk to Susan. Ben and Claire told Marlena about Susan's vision of Ciara.

At Julie's Place, Susan prepared to dig into a large ice cream sundae when her phone rang. "Statesville Prison, huh?" Susan said when she answered. With a sigh, Susan agreed to take the call. "Are you going to switch places with me or not?" Kristen asked. Kristen added that Brady's life was at stake. Susan called Kristen overly dramatic. When Susan insisted that she saw no romantic future between Chloe and Brady, a curious Kristen asked Susan if she had had another vision about Brady's future.

"No, I have not," Susan started. Annoyed, Kristen called Susan gullible. "[Chloe] wants Brady," Kristen insisted. Susan agreed that Brady was handsome, but she believed there were more important things in life. As Kristen started to argue about Chloe again, Susan interrupted to explain that she had been talking about herself. Susan told Kristen about the sundae she had ordered for herself as a present for Valentine's Day. Kristen told Susan that there was a "make your own sundae night" at the prison on Thursdays.

"As good as that sounds, I don't want to go from living with Dr. Marlena Evans to a prison cell," Susan said. "It's only going to be for a month or so. What else do you have to do?" Kristen asked. Kristen told Susan that prison could be an adventure until Susan's boyfriend was back from his tour. As Susan thought, her phone beeped. Susan announced that Marlena was on the other line, and she ended the call. At the prison, Kristen growled in frustration.

At the penthouse, Marlena talked to Susan on the phone, and she asked Susan to return to the apartment. As Marlena ended the call, Ben sighed in relief. "Susan Banks is the only connection we have to Ciara," Ben said. When Susan arrived at the penthouse, Ben told Susan about Ciara's phone call.

"Do you have the phone that she called you on?" Susan asked. Ben handed Susan the phone. "I need you to keep an open mind and an open heart," Susan said. Susan's phone began to ring. "This is not a good time," Susan growled into her phone before she ended the call. "Who the hell was that?" Ben asked. Susan told Ben that the call had not been Ciara.

"This can't wait until tomorrow. Ciara needs us!" Ben yelled. "I think Susan could use a break," Marlena said softly. Ben calmed down, and he thanked Susan for her help. "Claire will check in with you later," Ben said. As Ben and Claire started to exit, Ben stopped in the doorway. "You don't believe me, do you?" Ben asked Marlena. "I think you do, and I think when the subconscious is involved, anything is possible. And I'd like to believe it for my own private reasons," Marlena said. Ben thanked Marlena, and he left with Claire.

At the prison, an annoyed Kristen hung up the phone. "I can't believe her. She didn't take my call," Kristen muttered. Kristen called Susan again then slammed the phone onto the cradle when she got the voicemail. "It looks like somebody is having a very bad day," Vivian said as she walked into the room. "And it just got worse," Kristen muttered.

With a smirk, Vivian said it was nice to see a friendly face. Kristen countered that, as Lani was her best friend, she had no interest in being friendly with Vivian. "[Lani] murdered my son," Vivian said. Kristen argued that the bullet had been meant for Vivian, but Stefan had jumped in front of her.

"If you hadn't pulled a gun on [Lani], your Stefan would still be alive," Kristen said. "How dare you," Vivian grumbled. Kristen told Vivian that she was not afraid of Vivian. "Don't mess with me, and leave Lani alone. Her first baby was stillborn, and having her twins kidnapped, it must have left her terrified inside," Kristen said. Vivian told Kristen that she had not planned the kidnapping.

"You and I have both had children taken from us. And you know it can make you insane," Vivian said. "Don't I know it. I have a little girl I almost never get to see," Kristen said. Vivian told Kristen that she was sorry that Kristen was separated from her daughter. "Don't be. The situation is about to change," Kristen said. Curious, Vivian asked Kristen what she had planned. When Kristen remained silent, Vivian asked Kristen to take Vivian with her if Kristen had an escape planned.

"You want me to tell my private plans to you? You? The only thing I'm going to tell you, Vivian, is that you can count on seeing this familiar, not wholly unfriendly, face for the foreseeable future," Kristen said. "You are so impossible. See ya," Vivian said. After Vivian walked out, Kristen said, "Not for long." Kristen noted that she needed to get out of prison in order to save Brady from Chloe.

As Brady waited in his hospital room for John, Chloe entered the room. "I'm so glad that you're finally getting out of here, but I'm glad I caught you before you left because this is for you. Happy Valentine's Day," Chloe said. Chloe handed Brady a handmade Valentine. "Are you asking me to be your Valentine?" Brady said. Chloe told Brady to read the card.

"Nothing would make me happier," Brady said as he realized that the valentine was from his daughter. With a grin, Brady said that he believed Rachel had artistic potential. "Kristen, she is going to love seeing this," Brady said. Chloe asked Brady if Kristen would be jealous. Brady laughed. "I think she is going to make an exception on this one," Brady said.

When John arrived, Chloe and Brady wished him a happy Valentine's Day. John explained that he and Marlena had spent the day sick with food poisoning. "I'm better now that I've talked to Sarah, and she has written you a release to go home," John said. Relieved, Brady said he wanted to leave. John insisted that Brady recuperate at the penthouse. Chloe agreed.

"I'm good and healthy," Brady said. As Brady leaned forward to point out his clothes, he winced. "I rest my case," John said with a chuckle. Brady asked Chloe to talk some sense into his father, but Chloe agreed it was a good idea to stay with John and Marlena. Chloe promised to check on Brady every day.

Brady had difficulty getting dressed, and Chloe offered to help him get his shirt over his shoulder. As Chloe started to button up Brady's shirt, Brady gently grabbed Chloe's hands, and he told her he could handle the buttons. "A man has his pride, right?" Brady said. Chloe laughed awkwardly. "Parker says the same thing to me," Chloe said. John returned to announce that Brady was free to leave.

At the penthouse, Susan stared at her phone. "Susan, what's troubling you?" Marlena asked. Susan said she was fine. Susan's phone rang again, and she ignored the call from Kristen. "It's those calls isn't it? Who keeps ringing you?" Marlena asked. Marlena encouraged Susan to open up to her. As Susan started to talk, John returned home with Brady. Susan grinned. Marlena explained that Susan was staying with them.

"How long are you going to be here, Susan?" Brady asked. Before Susan could answer, Chloe walked into the penthouse with Brady's bag. "What in the Sam Hill are you doing here?" Susan said to Chloe. Chloe helped Brady to take off his jacket and settled him in a chair. Chloe renewed her offer to stop by to check on Brady while Marlena and John were under the weather. John insisted that he and Marlena were fine, and he added that Susan was there to help.

"I know, but I owe it to [Brady]. If I wouldn't have asked him for help, he wouldn't have gotten shot," Chloe said. "You know, sweetheart, sometimes a little guilt can be a good thing. It can stop you from doing something even worse than what you're feeling guilty about," Susan said. Confused, Chloe said, "What?" Marlena said that Susan had referred to a conversation they had been having before John, Brady, and Chloe had walked in. Marlena asked Susan if she wanted to finish their conversation in the next room. Susan said she was fine. John announced that he would head over to Brady's place to pick up clothes and the baby.

With a chuckle, John asked Chloe to make sure that Brady did not carry his bag into his room. "I promise I will keep an eye on him," Chloe said. After John and Marlena left, Susan stared at Brady and Chloe. Chloe went to the kitchen to fix a plate for Brady, and when she returned, Brady dove into his sandwich. Susan peeked over the top of her magazine and watched Chloe dab mustard off of Brady's face. Susan's phone rang, and she stepped aside to take the call from Kristen.

Susan pretended to be on the phone with a friend from Memphis. Susan noted that she was staying at her friend Marlena's house and that Brady had returned home from the hospital. "Is Chloe with him?" Kristen asked. "Oh, yes, indeed," Susan said. When Kristen asked if Chloe was going after Brady, Susan said, "Yes, for sure." Kristen asked Susan if she intended to switch places with her. "That is exactly what I mean," Susan said.

At Julie's Place, Ben and Claire talked over coffee and muffins. "I know how bummed you are that Susan couldn't help us today. I feel the same way," Claire said. Ben asked Claire if she believed that Ciara was alive. Claire admitted that she had not believed that Ciara was alive until Ben had told her about his shared Shakespearian dream with Ciara.

"Ciara sent you that dream because the two of you are so connected," Claire said. Claire added that she also believed that Ben had heard Ciara's voice on the phone. "The only reason why [Ciara] has not come home to you is because somebody is keeping her from doing that," Claire said. Ben wondered aloud who would hold Ciara as a prisoner. "I have an idea about how to start looking," Claire said. Claire suggested that they reevaluate the evidence.

"Somebody has her locked up. Since it can't be Vincent, who is it?" Ben said. Ben noted that someone had to have been working with Vincent. "We need to go to Statesville. We need to start asking some questions," Ben said.

The Hortons attend Laura's funeral The Hortons attend Laura's funeral
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
by Mike

At the Horton house, Jennifer wrapped up a phone conversation then assured Jack, Julie, and Doug that J.J. was okay. "I think," Jennifer added after a moment of silence. "I have to think that," Jennifer admitted in a whisper.

Jack released a sigh of regret while looking around the living room. "It was right here -- [this is where] Laura told me what she did," Jack recalled. "[And then] I just let her have it...[and] I was on fire -- I was brutal, [and] I went for the jugular --" Jack continued. "Under the circumstances, your anger was justifiable," Julie argued. "Maybe...but it drove her to Gwen's room [to] confess [and] try to atone [or] whatever, and we all know how that ended," Jack countered. "It was Laura -- and I kicked her when she was down, and now she's dead, and --" Jack continued.

"Jack, I won't hear this!" Julie snapped. "It was not your fault -- [and] it wasn't Laura's fault, [either]! Like every [other] horrible thing that's happened in the last year to this family -- and there've been so many, I've lost count of them -- it was Gwen's fault --" Julie continued. "Honey, maybe we better talk about this another time," Doug suggested. "What better time to talk about it than right now?" Julie countered. "We are burying Laura today -- and Gwen is carrying on as though she is the victim because she didn't get the childhood she thought she deserved! Well, who does? I'm sorry, [but] I don't care how much she pretends to be wounded -- I will not cater to a sociopath's feelings --" Julie continued.

"Julie, just stop -- that's enough!" Jennifer protested. "For crying out loud, you're talking about Jack's daughter!" Jennifer reminded Julie before comforting Jack with a hug. "Sweetheart, I don't blame you -- [I mean], you had every right to be angry with [my mother], and I'm the one who walked out [and] left you alone with her --" Jennifer tried to assure Jack. "I shouldn't have lost control," Jack maintained. "Okay...[but] can we just maybe just let it go, please?" Jennifer responded, and Jack nodded in agreement. "I am so sorry -- over and over again, I always make things worse!" Julie fretted. "None of us here are at our best," Jennifer acknowledged. "Let's just forget about it," Jennifer repeated -- and Doug jumped in just then with a happy memory of Laura, successfully relieving the tension.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail complained to Chad that Gwen had really done a number on their family. "From the moment she got here, she's been lying to me [and] everybody [else] -- and now she's lying about killing my grandmother," Abigail declared. "I'm not saying that you're wrong, [but] there's not any proof --" Chad pointed out. "There will be, 'cause I'm taking a page from Gwen's book -- I'm not gonna let her get away with this; I'm going to make her pay," Abigail vowed. "But first...I'm gonna go bury my grandmother," Abigail added, fighting back tears.

Abigail picked up an open purse from the wrong end and started to storm off with it -- then broke down when things began falling out of it. "Let me go with you to the funeral -- and then, when it's over, I'll walk away, but let me go with you," Chad requested while comforting Abigail with a hug -- and, just then, Kate and Jake approached.

"I'm really sorry about your grandmother," Jake said to Abigail. "I am, too," Kate agreed. "I wasn't expecting condolences from you," Abigail admitted to Kate before starting to pick up the items that had fallen out of the purse. "[Laura and I] had a terrible history, and I regret that...but the truth is, I know that you loved her, and I am very sorry for your loss," Kate maintained while helping Abigail, who nodded in response then looked at Chad after the last of the items had been returned to the purse. "Are you coming?" Abigail wondered. "Are you sure?" Chad responded, pleasantly surprised. "Yeah," Abigail confirmed.

After Abigail and Chad left, Jake said goodbye to Kate and started to head off to DiMera Enterprises -- then stopped abruptly. "You want to come with?" Jake suggested. "I haven't decided yet," Kate admitted. "I figured as much, but here's the thing -- Gabi has taken her business to Xander, [and] that makes Titan even more competitive, [so] I could use your help more than ever --" Jake started to reason -- just as Kate, who had been fiddling with a tablet computer, suddenly saw a news alert about the change of leadership at Titan.

"I wonder what that means for Gabi..." Jake mused -- and Kate stiffened in response to the obvious concern in the tone of the comment. "Since, you know, Xander is the one who offered her the deal," Jake quickly added, perhaps realizing that there were two ways for Kate to interpret the concern. "[Anyway], I need to get to the office myself, or I will be out as CEO, [too] do you say -- do you want to carpool?" Jake challenged Kate. "I need a little more time," Kate requested. "Okay," Jake agreed.

At the Salem Inn, Xander woke up and groggily greeted Sarah, who had just finished pulling an all-nighter at the hospital. "I'm so sorry that I couldn't spend Valentine's Day with you --" Sarah began to stress. "Vice versa," Xander interjected. "So, I was kind of hoping that I could make it up to you somehow..." Sarah concluded before giving Xander a kiss -- then quickly pulling away and stifling a yawn.

"Oh, that is...just...very flattering..." Xander muttered, more amused than hurt -- and Sarah apologized then explained that assisting on a triple bypass was exhausting work. "[It] was not my dream Valentine's Day," Sarah admitted. "Well, at least it was heart-related," Xander reasoned, and Sarah conceded the point.

"The worst part [of the surgery] was just thinking about..." Sarah started to add. "This nice, comfy double bed..." Sarah continued, getting distracted. "[No] -- I wasn't just thinking about the bed; I [also] didn't want you to be [in it] all alone after --" Sarah continued, trying to stay focused. "Quitting Titan," Xander concluded for Sarah. "And your family, in a way," Sarah elaborated. "Eh, you know the Kiriakises -- blowups just...blow over," Xander tried to assure Sarah. "In 30 to 40 years," Sarah dryly translated, and Xander agreed with a chuckle.

"Do you regret what you did?" Sarah wondered. "I do hate the thought that Philip thinks he won...[but, no], I don't regret my decision -- I'm just excited to see what's next," Xander answered. "Me, too!" Sarah declared before quickly changing the subject, directing Xander's attention to a box that was sitting on the desk.

"Before I got called in to surgery, I got you your favorite cake -- and it may be stale [by now], but...hey, cake for breakfast?" Sarah suggested. "As tempting as that is...there's something else I'd like to do first," Xander replied. "I think I know what you're getting at, and I think that that's a great idea -- I do -- but...what about cake first?" Sarah maintained.

"Actually...first, I want to talk about the future..." Xander clarified before retrieving a jewelry box from the drawer of a bedside table and showing Sarah the enclosed diamond ring. "[It's] an engagement ring," Xander stressed when Sarah didn't immediately respond. "I get why you're not saying anything -- I really messed up last time -- [but] I will never again hurt you the way I hurt you last year...and, right now, it just seems that the one thing I can do to make my life make sense is ask you to marry me so I can spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy," Xander added, on bended knee, as Sarah continued staring at the ring in silence.

"Let's have cake!" Sarah finally suggested again. "Is this your gentle way of shooting me down?" Xander wondered. "It's my gentle way of asking you to get me some cake!" Sarah answered. "I'm on my knees, unemployed, apparently unengaged -- I'm not really in a 'cake' kind of place right now --" Xander protested. "Will you just open the damn box!" Sarah tiredly ordered Xander.

"This is really weird..." Xander grumbled before agreeing to humor Sarah -- and realizing that a marriage proposal had been written on the cake in frosting. "Well? Will you?" Sarah prodded Xander. "Have some cake?" Xander teasingly translated for Sarah. "Jerk!" Sarah protested while playfully smacking Xander. "Course I'll marry you -- remember, I was just on my knees, trying to get you to marry me!" Xander clarified. "I know -- but I just wanted you to know that it was mutual," Sarah explained. "I don't think I've ever been this happy!" Xander declared, and Sarah agreed -- then they sealed the deal with a kiss.

At the Horton Town Square, Gwen started reading the Spectator's online article about Laura's death. "Questions remain [as to] whether or not Dr. Horton was met with foul play..." Gwen muttered, squirming a bit.

Gwen soon moved on to the Spectator's online obituary for Laura. "Well, Jennifer, you [chose] not to include the part about how your dearest mother destroyed a young girl's life -- decided that her existence was an inconvenience..." Gwen grumbled. "So, no, I'm not sorry for your loss -- if you ask me, Abigail was lucky to even have a grandmother to lose in the first place!" Gwen spat.

"Reliving your latest triumph?" Jake began while approaching Gwen from behind. "You scared me!" Gwen snapped at Jake. "I can imagine -- I mean, I could be any number of dozens of people who want to pop out from behind you with a knife, a garrote, a blunt instrument..." Jake mused. "That's not funny!" Gwen protested. "You just lost your sense of humor," Jake countered.

"Going to the funeral?" Jake wondered. "Course not!" Gwen insisted. "Really? I figured you'd want to gloat. [You know], this is a new low for you -- offing the granny --" Jake began to respond. "It was an accident!" Gwen stressed. "I mean, I now know that Abigail spent months in a mental institution because you were the one who was drugging her, and I thought that was as low as you could go, but...boy, was I wrong..." Jake continued. "You should see her now -- you have destroyed her! Chad practically had to pick her up off the ground [earlier] -- you really, really hurt her this time!" Jake concluded.

"Oh, boo-hoo -- she's such a poor little thing, she's in so much pain... Well, so am I, Jake! They're dragging my name through mud [in the news, and] no one will believe my side of the story, and now I've got the police against me [as well as] the Hortons -- [but] it was an accident, damn it!" Gwen snapped. "You're scared. I think it's hitting you that this time you really stepped in it, and this time you might actually have to pay for something you've done," Jake translated. "I'm not scared -- I didn't do anything wrong! [And] I don't need to defend myself to you, 'cause I don't owe you anything -- certainly not an explanation!" Gwen countered.

Gabi went to Titan in search of Xander -- but found only Philip in the CEO's office, which had been redecorated to accommodate just one occupant instead of two. "Xander said you were the one on the way out!" Gabi protested. "Well, as you can see, the news of my demise was greatly exaggerated," Philip responded.

"Well, I know you probably haven't had time to look at Xander's files, but he was very interested in my proposal for the company -- he wanted to sign a deal with me --" Gabi tried to explain. "If Xander thought it was a good deal, that's all I need to know," Philip declared -- and Gabi quickly realized that was a rejection of sorts.

"You don't understand -- I need this!" Gabi protested. "Why?" Philip wondered. "Because...I have a million ideas, and I need to get my brand out to the public!" Gabi hesitantly clarified, not wanting to admit to Philip that the main goal was actually to make Jake jealous. "And this is gonna be as good for Titan as it is for me! And just because Xander drew up this deal, [that] doesn't make it a bad deal! I know that you hate him, but you're a Kiriakis -- come on, don't you still want to stick it to DiMera Enterprises?" Gabi desperately elaborated.

"I always enjoy that..." Philip conceded, finally giving Gabi's proposal some real consideration -- but Kate arrived before a final decision could be made. "So, are you two going into business with each other?" Kate wondered. "Maybe... Do you have a problem with that?" Philip responded. "Course she has a problem with that -- this is where she tells you not to trust me [because] I'm just an opportunist, using you for my own ends!" Gabi guessed. "Actually, I wasn't thinking anything like that -- [and], I mean, certainly, Philip is more than capable of making his own decisions; he doesn't need his mother butting in," Kate countered.

" know, if you think it's a good idea, I would go for it," Kate encouraged Philip. "Oh, I get it -- I know what's going on here! You want me to be in business with Philip so I won't take my proposal back to Jake, [right]? You don't want us working together because you're scared, deep down, that he still wants me!" Gabi challenged Kate. "Gabi, if Jake wanted anything to do with you, he would have simply made the deal...but he turned you down," Kate argued. "[Because] he knew there'd be hell to pay when you found out," Gabi reasoned.

"Wow -- what an elevated, rational business discussion we're having..." Philip sarcastically interjected before chasing Gabi off with nothing more than a promise to consider honoring the deal that had been struck with Xander. "Don't take too long -- I'm a very hot property!" Gabi warned Philip before giving Kate a glare then storming out of the office.

"Do you have any Champagne so we can toast this new position [of yours]?" Kate asked Philip once the coast was clear. "Was she right? Do you want me to make the deal with Gabi to keep her from taking it back to Jake because you're scared of them working together again -- [and] scared that she'll get him back?" Philip challenged Kate. "Scared?" Kate repeated with a dismissive scoff. Meanwhile, Gabi ran into Jake at the town square.

After the funeral, Jennifer tearfully admitted to Jack that Laura's death still didn't feel real. Jack comforted Jennifer with a hug, and they soon headed over to Julie's Place for the reception, leaving Abigail and Chad behind at the cemetery. Abigail eventually asked Chad to head back to the DiMera mansion and reassure Thomas and Charlotte that their mother was going to be okay.

At Julie's Place, Jennifer and Jack discussed Jennifer's plan to fly to Boston later that day to meet up with Mike and settle Laura's estate. Julie and Doug eventually joined Jennifer and Jack, each carrying two glasses of Champagne, and they all toasted to Laura's memory. Meanwhile, alone at the cemetery, Abigail vowed to avenge Laura's death -- just as Gwen approached.

Clyde offers Ben a clue to Ciara's whereabouts Clyde offers Ben a clue to Ciara's whereabouts
Thursday, February 18, 2021
by Mike

At Titan, Philip and Kate continued discussing Gabi Chic. "I'm not gonna make a business decision based on the problems in your love life," Philip insisted. "I don't have problems in my love life," Kate countered. "Then why else would you [want me to agree to] acquiring Gabi Chic?" Philip wondered. "I'm trying to help you!" Kate explained.

"[Look], I am so proud of you for becoming the sole CEO of Titan, [and] I want you to be successful...but not too successful, because I might end up working for the competition -- [see], you're not the only one exploring new opportunities," Kate elaborated. "[Well], I was already gonna make the deal before you came in here and said, 'Make the deal,'" Philip revealed. "[Then] just make the deal...[but] keep it strictly professional," Kate advised. "Just like you always do, right?" Philip countered, but Kate wasn't amused.

At the Horton Town Square, Gabi bragged to Jake that Titan's recent change of leadership wasn't going to be an issue for Gabi Chic. "You don't have a deal with Titan -- because if you did, or if you were confident you were gonna have one, you wouldn't be here, filling me in," Jake guessed. "Philip's gonna say yes," Gabi insisted before seductively offering Jake a chance to beat Philip to the punch. Jake rejected the offer -- and Gabi's advances. Gabi predicted, while walking away, that Jake wouldn't be able to resist temptation forever. A short time later, Jake ran into Kate -- and chose not to mention the encounter with Gabi.

At the cemetery, Gwen made it clear that Abigail's vow to avenge Laura's death had been overheard. "If you have something to say to me, sis, why don't you just say it to my face instead of to a dead woman?" Gwen challenged Abigail, who decided not to bother.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Abigail demanded to know. "I came to pay my respects to your grandmother," Gwen responded. "Well, aren't you special -- there's not many people who would come to pay their respects to somebody they murdered!" Abigail snapped.

"It was an accident!" Gwen insisted. "Do you really expect anyone to believe that?" Abigail asked incredulously. "The police do -- that's why they released me! And our father believes me, too!" Gwen defensively replied. "Only because [they] didn't hear what you said to me the other day -- [that] if you ever found out who paid off your mother to disappear, [then] you would kill them," Abigail argued. "That's a figure of speech," Gwen countered.

"[But] what if I did [murder Laura] -- what are you gonna do about it, sis?" Gwen challenged Abigail, causing the argument to get physical -- but Shawn broke up the fight seconds after it began. "What the hell is going on here? I'm here trying to pay respects to my sister, and all I hear is you two screaming!" Shawn snapped at Abigail and Gwen. "She just practically stood right there and admitted to the fact that she murdered my grandmother!" Abigail explained to Shawn. "That is a lie!" Gwen assured Shawn. "I want her arrested!" Abigail informed Shawn. "I want her arrested!" Gwen insisted.

Abigail and Gwen lunged at each other again, but Shawn kept them separated. "Okay, enough!" Shawn demanded. "I am sorry about Laura, but she would not want this -- not here, not now!" Shawn said to Abigail. "You know, I hate to do this, but...I gotta take both of you to the station," Shawn decided.

Abigail and Gwen were both outraged -- and they grew even more upset when Shawn handcuffed them to separate chairs in one of the conference rooms at the police station and ordered them to hash out their differences in a civilized manner. "In the last two weeks, the two of you have tried to press charges against each other...what, five times?" Shawn recalled. "You're sisters --" Shawn continued. "Half-sisters," Abigail stressed. "[And], from what I hear, Jack wants Gwen in his life, so the two of you are gonna have to learn to coexist," Shawn concluded before exiting the room.

Abigail and Gwen glared at each other in silence for a while. "Your cousin is insane if he thinks that I can peacefully coexist with you!" Gwen eventually spat. "Well, we can agree on that..." Abigail coldly replied.

Abigail encouraged Gwen to finish the apparent confession that had caused their earlier argument to get physical. "Do you really think that I am that stupid? I read the Intruder -- much more interesting than your boring rag -- [so I know that the police] just busted Vivian Alamain for having a 'private' conversation caught on surveillance video in this very room! This whole thing is probably a setup by you and your stupid cousin! [Well], I am not gonna let you entrap me!" Gwen snapped at Abigail before reiterating that Laura's death had been an accident.

At Statesville, Clyde joined Ben in the visitors' lounge. "Nice of you to finally come visit me," Clyde began. "I didn't come to see you today, Pops -- I came here to see Vincent," Ben clarified. "Oh..." Clyde grumbled.

"Well, I'm afraid that's not gonna happen," Clyde declared. "Why the hell not?" Ben wondered. "How should I put this... Vincent is outta the picture -- permanently," Clyde explained. "What do you mean?" Ben asked. "I mean...he's dead," Clyde elaborated. "Dead?" Ben incredulously repeated. "Yeah -- hung himself in his jail cell; tragic story," Clyde matter-of-factly confirmed. "No, that can't be -- I just called here an hour ago, [and] they said he agreed to see me!" Ben protested. "Well, you oughta know, better than anyone, [that] a lot can happen around here in an hour," Clyde reasoned.

"You!" Ben guessed. "What?" Clyde innocently responded. "You said that you wanted to take care of Vincent for what he did to Ciara!" Ben angrily recalled. "So did you," Clyde argued. "No, what I said was to leave it up to me -- but you didn't, did you? You killed him!" Ben countered. "I did not kill Vincent -- and you need to keep your voice down when you're throwin' around accusations like that around here," Clyde insisted. "So, he just happened to die right before I came to see him, [then] -- what a coincidence!" Ben skeptically summarized.

"Oh, I'm not sayin' I wouldn't have killed him if I'd had the chance -- [but] the guards wouldn't let me near him; they knew there was bad blood," Clyde clarified. "Well, the guards should have kept a better watch on him!" Ben grumbled. "Hey, I ain't gonna shed a tear for that animal -- as far as I'm concerned, he got what he deserved for what he did to Ciara!" Clyde declared.

"Aren't you happy about this?" Clyde wondered. "No, I'm not happy -- because I needed Vincent!" Ben answered before telling Clyde the whole story. "I know this all sounds kind of crazy --" Ben conceded at the end of the tale. "Kind of?" Clyde incredulously repeated. "I know!" Ben defensively reiterated. "Who am I to judge? I mean, I'm from the Ozarks -- I grew up with superstition as a way of life," Clyde acknowledged after some thought. "[Ciara's] obviously being held against her own will -- and Vincent was the only person who knew where!" Ben fretted. "Not necessarily..." Clyde countered.

"You said [Ciara's] bein' held somewhere against her will, [which] means Vincent had an accomplice on the outside -- [and] I happen to know that Vincent was expectin' a visitor yesterday. [Now], I don't think that Vincent ever got to see him, 'cause he got thrown into solitary for doin' somethin' stupid, but you find out who that visitor was --" Clyde explained. "And maybe I'm gonna be able to find out where Ciara is!" Ben realized.

At the police station, Shawn rejoined Abigail and Gwen and wondered if they still wanted to press charges against each other. "We only have one holding cell," Shawn warned, prompting Abigail and Gwen to agree that it would be best for them to each drop their respective charges so they wouldn't have to spend any more time together.

Gwen went back to the cemetery and tearfully apologized to Laura for what had happened at the Salem Inn. Meanwhile, Abigail ran into Gabi outside the Brady Pub and insisted that they needed to talk.

Back at the police station, Shawn received a visit from Ben, who explained everything that had happened recently. "So, when I left the prison, I sneaked a look at the visitors' log, and I caught the name of the guy coming to visit Vincent -- Joseph Glynn," Ben concluded. "Doesn't ring a bell...[but], look, I talked to my mom earlier -- she ran down another lead on Ciara, [but] it was just another dead end," Shawn responded. "Maybe this one is, too...[but] my gut is telling me different," Ben insisted. "All right, look -- I'll run [the name 'Joseph Glynn'] through the system. If he's got a record, we'll find him," Shawn promised.

"We got a match," Shawn eventually informed Ben. "'Joseph Glynn' doesn't have a rap sheet, but 'Glynn' is an alias for a man named 'Allan Rhodes' -- [and he's] got a list of priors a mile along, [including] armed robbery, kidnapping --" Shawn continued while showing Ben a digital photograph of Rhodes. "That tattoo -- that's a..." Ben realized. "Shark," Shawn observed. "Oh, my God -- Susan Banks was right!" Ben raved.

At Statesville, Orpheus joined Clyde in the visitors' lounge and casually commented on Vincent's death. Clyde declared Vincent's death a shocking development, and Orpheus chuckled and nodded in agreement.

"By the way, I wanna thank you for givin' me a heads-up about Ollie comin' to visit -- how'd you know about that, anyway?" Clyde continued. "I know everything, Clyde," Orpheus bragged. "[So], what's going on with Big Ben? Why was he gonna come out to see Vincent?" Orpheus wondered. "He's really hurtin' -- he's convinced that his dead wife is still alive [and] that she's out there somewhere," Clyde explained. "Huh... What makes him think that?" Orpheus asked. "Gut feelin' -- [and] the trouble is that Vincent knew the truth, and that might've died with him," Clyde replied.

"You never know who's out there that might have some information about Ciara..." Orpheus declared. "Yeah, well, we figure [Vincent's] got an accomplice... Wait a minute -- you tryin' to tell me somethin'?" Clyde responded. "What would I know about Ciara? Then I say, I do know everything..." Orpheus stressed.

At Vincent's lair, Rhodes offered Ciara some food -- but, as punishment for the phone call to Ben, the offering was just a bowl of cold gruel. "Be grateful you're getting anything at all," Rhodes snapped. "I'm not even hungry, anyway," Ciara insisted, refusing to eat even a single bite of the meal. "Suit yourself," Rhodes countered with a dismissive shrug.

"So, where did you run off to last night?" Ciara wondered. "Funny you should ask -- I drove up to Statesville [to] update Vincent about your uncooperative attitude [because] I thought he should know you were getting to be more trouble than you're worth. [And now], you'll be interested to hear, I have new marching orders," Rhodes answered.

"What did Vincent tell you to do with me?" Ciara asked. "Absolutely nothing," Rhodes replied. "[So...what], he just wants you to leave me here so I can starve to death?" Ciara incredulously translated. "I wish...[but no -- what I meant was that] I didn't see [Vincent] at all [because he] longer reachable," Rhodes coyly clarified -- and Ciara got the point.

"[At least], that's what they tell me -- found him that way in his prison cell," Rhodes elaborated. "[Then] he's not paying you to keep me here anymore, [so] you can let me go, right?" Ciara argued. "Wrong," Rhodes countered. "[But] you have no reason to keep me here anymore! [And, look], if you let me go, I promise that I will just forget that this whole thing ever happened!" Ciara stressed. "I don't believe you...and even if I did, there's another really good reason you're not getting out of here -- [see], someone else is calling the shots now," Rhodes explained.

"You know, you were supposed to be Vincent's loyal friend, and I don't really see you too broken up about his death," Ciara observed. "Eh, a job's a job -- a man's gotta eat, and my new employer made a very generous offer," Rhodes reasoned. "Eve Donovan?" Ciara assumed. "You're cold -- very cold, just like your gruel!" Rhodes declared.

"[But] my new employer made it very clear he prefers to remain anonymous," Rhodes revealed. "He?" Ciara repeated.

Ben and Shawn approached Rhodes's last known address and prepared to enter it -- and, seconds later, Rhodes was shot in the back while insisting that no one would ever arrive to save Ciara.

Abigail asks Gabi for help Abigail asks Gabi for help
Friday, February 19, 2021

Abigail and Gabi ran into one another while they were walking past the Brady Pub. "Chad told me that he apologized to you," Abigail said. "[Chad] managed to spew out a few half-hearted words of regret," Gabi said. Abigail said that she felt bad for Gabi, because she understood what it was like to be accused of something she had not done. Gabi told Abigail that her apology was terrible.

"Two little words. I'm sorry," Gabi said. "I'm sorry, but I also want you to know that I was never 100% sure that you were actually the person that drugged me. I always had a little bit of a nagging feeling that something didn't add up," Abigail said. Gabi reminded Abigail that Abigail had not said anything to the police or Will when both had confronted Gabi about the drugging incident.

Abigail admitted that she wished she had done something, and she explained that she had been worried that she would lose her grip on reality and lose her family. "You think that was all my fault?" Gabi asked. "No, I don't, and I'm sorry that I ever thought it was, and I know that I'm saying all this way too late, but Gabi, I do mean it," Abigail said. Gabi joked that Abigail's apology still sucked.

"I know Chad was hard on you, but he is not the person responsible for putting me through hell. That honor belongs to Gwen," Abigail said. "I'd like to punch that bitch in her freeloading, scheming face," Gabi grumbled. With a smirk, Abigail confirmed she had already punched Gwen. Abigail added that she had also attacked Gwen at Laura's gravesite.

"I wanted to press charges, but it would have meant sharing a cell with her, which, you know, there is no way that was happening, even if the woman is my sister," Abigail said. "Did you just say Gwen was your sister?" Gabi asked in disbelief. Abigail briefed Gabi on Gwen's history.

"Brilliant move on my part, trusting my kids to a homicidal maniac, but I didn't know. I thought she was my friend," Abigail said. When Abigail rattled off what Gwen had done to wreak havoc, Gabi's jaw dropped open. "She slept with Chad?" Gabi asked. "And now she has killed my grandmother," Abigail growled. When Gabi noted that Gwen's misdeeds were impressive, a frustrated Abigail vowed to make Gwen pay.

"So, what's your plan?" Gabi asked. Abigail said she did not have a plan yet. "I was thinking maybe you could help me," Abigail said. Gabi reminded Abigail that she had framed Gabi for murder. Abigail stressed that she had not been in her right mind when that had happened. Abigail added that she regretted what she had done to Gabi.

"But Gwen? She doesn't regret a damn thing. She was perfectly happy to watch you take the fall for something she did. She knew that you were innocent while you were being dragged away to prison for drugging me, and she didn't say a word. While your life was being turned upside down, while your daughter was being traumatized for not having you around, because she didn't know why. Don't you think [Gwen] deserves just a little bit of payback for that?" Abigail said.

"So, what are you saying? You want to team up?" Gabi asked. "I would say you are the last person that I would want to turn to for help, but I desperately want to see Gwen get what she deserves. Don't you?" Abigail asked. When Gabi noted that she was busy, Abigail countered that Gabi had always made time in her life for revenge.

"I can say from personal experience, you're pretty damn good at it," Abigail added. Gabi said she was not sure. "How satisfying would it be to watch that conniving bitch get what she deserves?" Abigail asked. As Gabi started to speak, Abigail stopped her. "Think about it," Abigail said.

In the town square, Gwen saw Charlie in the café, and she joined him. Charlie noted that he had been reading about Gwen. "Did you kill her?" Charlie asked. "I told police it was an accident," Gwen said firmly. When Charlie asked Gwen why the police had interrogated her, Gwen reminded Charlie that interrogation was not evidence of guilt. Charlie said he believed Gwen's story as much as he believed that Chad had taken advantage of her.

"The last time we had a lovely little chat, you had kidnapped your mother and drugged her. Now it turns out you're also a rapist," Gwen said. Charlie admitted that he had had sex with Allie, but he swore it had been consensual. "Why would [Allie] say that you had raped her?" Gwen asked. When Charlie suggested that Allie had wanted attention, Gwen disagreed. "Women do not make false sexual accusations for attention," Gwen said. Charlie said Allie was crazy.

"That's it, right? Crazy. Or a manhater. Or an attention whore or just a regular whore, because we all know she's not telling the truth, right?" Gwen said. "Correct," Charlie said firmly. Gwen narrowed her eyes as she leaned toward Charlie. "You really are a smug son of a bitch, aren't you? Sitting here drinking your coffee, reading your news, after you traumatized that poor girl. My God, how did they let you out of jail?" Gwen said. Charlie insisted there was no evidence against him.

"I lost the woman of my dreams," Charlie said. Gwen noted that violent felonies put a damper on romance. Charlie denied that he was a rapist. With a nod, Gwen countered, "Alleged rapist." Gwen asked Charlie about his soul mate. Charlie talked about his connection to Claire.

"[Claire] wants me," Charlie said. Charlie argued that no one would let him be happy. When Gwen asked Charlie who was fighting him, Charlie noted that Claire's family had been feeding Claire lies about him. Charlie said that when he had talked to Claire, he could tell that she had wanted to believe him, but Ben had interrupted his conversation with Claire.

"Do you think that perhaps [Claire] asked [Ben] to take her away? Because, you know, she was scared?" Gwen asked. "Me? I love her," Charlie stressed. Charlie argued that he was honest with Claire, and he was sure that Claire loved him. "And then, [Claire] talks to somebody else," Charlie said with a shrug. With a frown, Charlie vowed not to let Claire's friends and family keep him from her. Concerned, Gwen asked Charlie what he planned to do.

"I have to get [Claire] alone," Charlie said. "I don't think that that's going to happen, Charlie," Gwen said softly. Charlie insisted that he could fix things with Claire if he could talk to her. With an understanding nod, Gwen suggested that Charlie's girlfriend would not want to be alone with Charlie. "In fact, I don't think that any sane person is going to want to be alone with you at the moment," Gwen added. Gwen urged Charlie to steer clear of his girlfriend and to move on with his life.

"The more you joke, the more you say these awful things, the more I want to go see her," Charlie said. Gwen advised Charlie not to contact his girlfriend. "I can't let [Claire] keep thinking all these horrible things about me," Charlie said. Gwen reminded Charlie that everyone thought horrible things about her, too. "I'm not a rapist," Charlie said. "I'm not a murderer," Gwen countered. Charlie got up and walked away.

As Gwen studied the menu, Gabi approached. "Dining alone?" Gabi asked. "I haven't seen you since you were writhing around naked with my then boyfriend, Jake," Gwen said. With a grin, Gabi asked if she had told Gwen that the sex had been mind-blowing. "Only thing I remember is calling you a disgusting slut," Gwen countered.

"You also said you were going to kill me, which I didn't really believe at the time, but seeing as how you've done some serious damage," Gabi said with a shrug. Gabi reminded Gwen that she had let Gabi take the fall for when Gwen had drugged Abigail. Gwen insisted that there was no proof that she had drugged Abigail.

"But we both know you did," Gabi whispered. "Regardless of what may have happened, it was never my intention for you to take the blame. Just like I'm sure it was never your intention to have me find you mounting my boyfriend like a bitch in heat," Gwen countered. Gwen suggested that they call things even. "I guess we will see," Gabi said.

At the Horton home, Claire told Belle about Ben's possible psychic connection to Ciara and the fortune cookie. Belle argued that it sounded like a coincidence. When Claire told Belle about the Shakespeare dream, Belle was still unconvinced.

"I know that Ben and Ciara shared a really deep bond, but I think what you're describing is a man who is having a really hard time accepting that his wife has gone," Belle said. Claire told Belle about the phone call. "Ben swears it was Ciara's voice. Mom, Ben is convinced that Ciara is alive," Claire said. Claire stressed that Ben believed Ciara had reached out to him because she was in danger.

"This isn't denial or wishful thinking. Ciara is alive, and that is why Ben is going to check it out," Claire said. Concerned, Belle asked Claire what she meant. Claire told Belle that she and Ben believed that Ciara had escaped the car before the explosion. Claire added that she and Ben believed someone was holding Ciara against her will.

"The only person that would want to hold Ciara captive is Vincent Belman, and he is in prison," Belle noted. Claire agreed. "It's got to be someone who is connected to Vincent. Which is why Ben has gone to Statesville to talk to him," Claire said. Belle argued that Vincent would never tell the truth. Claire agreed, but she countered that Vincent was their only lead.

"I'm praying that Ben finds something. Just any clue at all," Claire said. Belle cautioned Claire not to get her hopes up. With a sigh, Claire admitted she had been a fool to get her hopes up about Charlie. "Charlie deceived you. You had no way of knowing who he really was," Belle said. Claire told Belle about her conversation with Charlie in the park. When Belle asked how Charlie had reacted to the conversation, Claire admitted that Charlie had grabbed her.

"I'm fine. Ben came along and got me out of there," Claire said. Belle worried aloud that Charlie was dangerous. Claire assured her mother that she did not need protection. "The person I'm worried about is Allie. How is she ever going to get justice? Is Charlie never gonna pay for what he did to her?" Claire asked. Belle confirmed that kidnapping charges were still pending, but she said that the case rested on Ava's unreliable testimony. Belle admitted that Charlie might get away with his crimes.

With a shrug, Belle added that Allie could file a civil suit against Charlie. "[Allie would] get a financial settlement, but she'd also get acknowledgment that what happened to her was real," Belle said. Claire asked if there was anything that would send Charlie to prison, and Belle said that a confession would help. Frustrated, Claire yelled that it was not fair that Allie had been so brave and that Charlie had lied his way out of trouble. "There has to be a way to make him pay!" Claire yelled. "The law is the law, and you're just going to have to find a way to accept that," Belle said.

Shawn and Ben prepared to enter the last known address of Rhodes. "Stay behind me," Shawn whispered. Shawn prepared to kick in the door.

In the room outside Ciara's holding cell, Rhodes told Ciara that she would remain a prisoner. The door flew open, and a shot rang out. Rhodes clutched his bloody chest and fell to the ground.

"Who's there? Ben? Is that you?" Ciara called out. "Hey, Ciara. Remember me," Evan said as he entered the room. "Christian Maddox," Ciara said. "I prefer Evan," Evan countered. Confused, Ciara asked Evan why he was there. Evan checked Rhodes's pulse, and he confirmed Rhodes was dead. "Why did you shoot him?" Ciara asked. "Why do you care? He was holding you prisoner?" Evan asked. Ciara frowned.

"Why am I here? It's not to let you go. I can tell you that," Evan said. Ciara asked Evan if he was the new boss. "That would be none of your business," Evan said. Confused, Ciara wondered aloud why Evan would shoot his new employee if he was the boss.

"Aren't you supposed to be in prison?" Ciara asked. "I was locked in a cage, and you put me there. Unfortunately for you, I got out," Evan grumbled. Ciara asked Evan how he had gotten out of prison. Evan told Ciara that the prison had transferred him to Bayview. Evan told Ciara that he had been making progress at the hospital until his father had forced Marlena to break him out.

"Why would Marlena do anything to help Orpheus?" Ciara asked. "She had no choice when my dad took her great-grandson hostage," Evan explained. Evan added that his conscience had kept him from executing Orpheus' plan, and he had double-crossed his father.

"I left town. I never thought I'd hear from [Orpheus] again, then out of the blue, he called me up. My first instinct was to hang up. I wanted nothing to do with him, but then I was stopped cold when he told me you were still alive," Evan explained. Ciara asked Evan how Orpheus had known she was alive. "Vincent told him," Evan said.

"Why would Orpheus want Rhodes to work for him?" Ciara asked. "So he could find out where you were stashed, and I could pay you a visit," Evan said. Concerned, Ciara asked Evan what he wanted from her. "Isn't it obvious? My dad gave me a golden opportunity to pay you back for destroying my life, and I'm taking it," Evan said. Evan said he had learned in the hospital how to experience and express his emotions, including his anger.

"My whole life fell apart because of you!" Evan yelled. "Your whole life fell apart because you killed Jordan, and then you let Ben take the fall," Ciara countered. Evan accused Ciara of having stolen his future. With a sigh, Evan said he had taken joy in Ciara's death. "[But now], you're alive and well, and now I'm angry again," Evan said. Ciara asked Evan if he planned to kill her.

"If the answer is yes, then just do it," Ciara said. As Evan stared in silence, Ciara added that she did not regret having saved Ben's life. When Ciara urged Evan to shoot her, Evan noted that he had other plans. Evan dragged Rhodes's body out of the room.

Shawn and Ben looked around Rhodes's empty apartment. "Nobody is here," Ben said. As Shawn stepped outside to search the building, Ben looked around the room for evidence. When Shawn returned, he told Ben that the neighbor had confirmed that Rhodes had moved out months earlier. "Where did he go?" Ben asked. Shawn said that Rhodes had disappeared in September, and Ben pointed out that September was when Ciara had disappeared.

"What if Rhodes moved out because he was ordered to get Ciara and take her someplace else?" Ben asked. "The question is, where?" Shawn said. Shawn suggested that they check the storage room in the basement of the building.

When Shawn and Ben returned to the police station after their search, they rifled through boxes of evidence. Ben asked Shawn to check with his contacts again, but Shawn stressed that there was nothing there. "I think we've hit a dead end," Shawn said. With a sigh, Ben suggested that they use the photo with Rhodes's visible shark tattoo.

"Visions are not evidence," Shawn protested. "Do you believe Ciara is alive or not?" Ben barked. With a nod yes, Shawn said he wanted to believe Ben, but he needed hard evidence. "I heard her voice," Ben reminded Shawn. Ben argued that Ciara was reaching out for help because she was in danger. Shawn promised that he would help Ben, but he was worried about Ben's reaction if Rhodes did not have Ciara.

When Belle arrived at the station to talk about her conversation with Claire, Shawn was at his desk, reviewing paperwork. Belle noticed that Shawn was distracted, and he explained that he had been preoccupied with the search for an associate of Vincent. Shawn told Belle that Vincent had committed suicide. When Shawn mentioned Ben's theory about Ciara and the explosion, Belle admitted that Claire had shared the same theory with her.

Charlie nervously paced his apartment. "I should have just found Claire and talked to her. But I wouldn't have gotten her alone. Not past her army of bodyguards who won't let me anywhere near her. There has to be something. Some way to make this happen," Charlie said. As Charlie stood in his living room, deep in thought, his phone rang. It was Claire, and she asked Charlie to meet up with her.

At Ben's apartment, Ben looked through the box of Rhodes's stuff. "What am I not seeing?" Ben said. Ben looked over at his wedding photo. "Nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart. I hear you, Ciara, and I am not giving up on you. Not ever," Ben said.

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