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Lani's Aunt Paulina arrived in Salem.  Susan  antagonized Chloe. Jack told Gwen he would not abandon her. Jack and Chad argued about Abigail. Abigail promised to break up Jake and Kate if Abigail helped her get revenge on Gwen. Anna found Gwen tied up in the DiMera wine cellar. Kayla convinced Steve to be nicer to Bonnie. Belle agreed to be Sami's lawyer. Sami's fingerprints were on the gun in Charlie's apartment. Clyde stole Orpheus' phone and gave it to Ben to pinpoint Ciara's location. Jake stole Gabi's storefront.
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Clyde told Ben that Ciara was alive, and Lani's Aunt Paulina arrived in Salem
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Abigail tries to enlist Gabi's help with Gwen Abigail tries to enlist Gabi's help with Gwen
Monday, March 1, 2021
by Mike

At the Horton house, Jack continued a phone conversation with Jennifer, who was still in the process of helping Mike settle Laura's estate in Boston. "It's all a little bit more complicated than I expected," Jennifer admitted. "You think you're gonna have to stay a little bit longer," Jack translated. "Yeah... I'm not sure -- maybe a week, maybe more... I'll have a better idea in a few days," Jennifer confirmed. "No rush -- just take care of yourself," Jack advised. "I miss you very much," Jennifer stressed, and Jack returned the sentiment -- just as someone knocked on the front door of the Horton house.

Jack hastily wrapped up the phone conversation with Jennifer then opened the front door -- and found Gwen standing on the other side of it. "Sorry -- I know I should have phoned first, [but] I just thought I'd take my chance... [See], I wanted to thank you -- again -- [for] coming to my room [with] no questions asked [and] believing me when I said [Laura's death] was an accident," Gwen explained.

"I'm not really used to people trusting me -- taking me at my word..." Gwen admitted. "Well, you better get used to it...because that's what fathers do," Jack stressed. "Thank you," Gwen repeated. "I don't really feel like I deserve your thanks," Jack protested. "I disagree," Gwen countered before changing the subject, revealing that Abigail didn't believe that Laura's death had been an accident.

While passing through the town square, Abigail spotted Gabi, who was hanging a "grand reopening" banner on the window of the Gabi Chic store. "So, are you gonna help me nail Gwen?" Abigail asked. "We're not exactly Butch and Sundance -- see, I think you're a prissy know-it-all, and you hate my guts," Gabi replied. "I don't hate [you] as much as I hate Gwen," Abigail stressed. "[And] there's also the fact that you don't know squat about making people pay," Gabi continued. "Yeah -- otherwise, I would have done it to you a long time ago," Abigail admitted. "[So], the answer's 'no,'" Gabi concluded.

"So, you're just gonna let Gwen get away with drugging me and letting you take the blame for it," Abigail incredulously summarized. "I've realized [that] revenge is really not that satisfying anymore, so I'm going to do the best I can for my business [and] be the best mom that I can for my daughter, [okay]? I don't want to be collateral damage in this war between you and your sister, [so] if you want to go after Gwen, [then] do it [alone]," Gabi firmly responded. "As much as it really pains me to say this...not without you," Abigail insisted, fearing that Gwen would win a one-on-one battle between them.

"You help me stick it to Gwen, and I will help you get something that you want," Abigail offered. "[The] one thing I want [is] Jake...[so], you break up him and Kate, and I'm in," Gabi decided. "I don't [even] know how to handle Gwen, and you want me to go after Kate? [I mean], if 'evil' were tennis, Gwen is a talented young phenom, [and] Kate is Serena Williams!" Abigail nervously protested. "Come on -- it's been decades since she put Sami in death row; she's gettable now!" Gabi dismissively countered. "Maybe you're right..." Abigail realized before agreeing to Gabi's terms.

Later, at the Horton house, Jack advised Abigail to stay away from Gwen. Meanwhile, Gabi went to the Salem Inn to see Gwen.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Kristen picked up a plate of blueberry pancakes, which had been made before Ben and Claire's earlier interruption and were no longer hot, and started to head off to Brady's bedroom while still disguised as Susan -- but someone knocked on the front door just then. "Now what?" Kristen grumbled.

Kristen placed the plate of blueberry pancakes on the coffee table then opened the front door -- and found Chloe standing on the other side of it. "Ugh -- you again..." Kristen snapped. "Good morning, Susan," Chloe responded. "What in the heck do you want now?" Kristen demanded to know. "I made some zucchini muffins this morning [and] thought Brady might like some for breakfast," Chloe explained while holding up a basket. "You thought wrong, sister!" Kristen spat before adding that Brady was going to eat blueberry pancakes for breakfast instead. "How 'bout we let Brady, who's a grownup, decide," Chloe argued.

Brady entered the living room just then and wondered what was going on. "I was just tellin' Chloe here that I whipped up a batch of my famous blueberry pancakes for you --" Kristen started to explain -- but Brady stopped listening after realizing that Chloe was holding a basket of zucchini muffins. "Your favorite," Chloe acknowledged as Brady excitedly claimed one of the muffins. "Keep your muffins away from him!" Kristen warned Chloe before slapping the muffin out of Brady's hand. "What's gotten into you?" Brady wondered. "I would like to know the same," Chloe stressed.

"[Zucchini] is a vegetable, and all that roughage is gonna wreak havoc on your system," Kristen reasoned. "I'm gonna take my chances," Brady insisted while claiming another muffin -- which Kristen also slapped away. "I made you a hot breakfast, and the least you can do is take a bite!" Kristen argued. "It's cold..." Brady protested before claiming a third muffin and managing to take a bite of it -- then raving that Chloe still had the magic touch where baked goods were concerned. Changing the subject, Brady started to lead Chloe off to another room so they could get some work done -- prompting Kristen to nervously block their path.

Kristen argued that Brady was still recovering from a gunshot wound -- thanks to Chloe -- and needed to be resting instead of working. "Susan, why are you so protective of me?" Brady wondered after stressing that Chloe wasn't responsible for what had happened. "It's your daddy that I'm worried about," Kristen tearfully claimed, adding that John already had enough to worry about -- and so did Marlena, for that matter. "Susan, we didn't realize how scared you were for John..." Chloe hesitantly responded while looking at Brady, who nodded in agreement then decided to comfort Susan with a hug. Kristen sank into Brady's arms while smirking at Chloe, who still seemed a bit suspicious. Kristen triumphantly showed Chloe out of the townhouse after Brady gave in to the idea of more rest.

At Statesville, Susan continued chatting with Lani while disguised as Kristen -- but the dentures of that disguise soon got dislodged. Susan turned away from Lani and put the dentures back in place then claimed to have just fretted about having a child who was living in Rome because Brady had recently expressed interest in taking Rachel there sometime in the near future. "Thinking about the man I love [and] the fruit of our love seeing the Old World without me --" Susan began to elaborate. "The Old World?" Lani repeated. "Is that wrong?" Susan wondered. "It just doesn't sound like something you would say..." Lani clarified. "Oh?" Susan stammered. "But I forgot -- you're a DiMera, [and] your ancestors are from there, so of course it's 'the Old World' to you," Lani decided. "Right..." Susan agreed with a sigh of relief.

Lani declared that Kristen had a right to be upset about the thought of missing out on Rachel's first visit to Rome. "And that isn't even the half of it -- I hear that their gelato is so much better than our ice cream here!" Susan complained, speaking normally. "Excuse me?" Lani protested. "Sorry -- I was just thinking about how I wanted to see my little baby have her first gelato," Susan backpedaled, mimicking Kristen's voice again. "Right..." Lani muttered before starting to recall having gone with Kristen to a gelato stand near the Piazza di Spagna during their time together at the convent in Rome. "Pizza and ice cream -- my favorite meal!" Susan raved. "Pizza?" Lani repeated. "What?" Susan answered, oblivious. "You know what? I'm probably mispronouncing it -- your Italian was way better than mine," Lani conceded.

"Remember that day [that] we climbed up the Spanish Steps?" Lani wondered. "Yeah... What a day..." Susan responded. "I guess I shouldn't be reminding you of all the good times in Rome," Lani realized before changing the subject, predicting that Brady and Rachel would pay Kristen another visit soon. "I don't think so," Susan argued before starting to tell Lani that Chloe was in the process of trying to steal Brady from Kristen.

At the Brady Pub, Abe and Eli discussed Laura's death as well as Charlie's death. "I don't want the people of this town thinking they can take the law into their own hands," Abe declared, referring to the circumstances surrounding Charlie's death as well as the possibility that Laura's death might have also been an act of vigilante justice. "You and I are on the same page there," Eli agreed.

Changing the subject, Eli somewhat disgustedly informed Abe that Valerie was watching Carver and Jules because Lani was visiting Kristen at Statesville. Abe admitted to still being just as concerned as Eli was about Lani's friendship with Kristen. Eli and Abe both hoped that Kristen would never give Lani a reason to regret their friendship.

Eli and Abe soon relieved Valerie of babysitting duties then took the twins back to the Price-Grant apartment -- and Lani eventually joined them. "How'd it go with Kristen?" Eli asked. "Not being able to be with Brady is really hard on her -- she's just not herself," Lani replied. Meanwhile, at Statesville, Susan had a sudden premonition -- that Lani was about to have an unexpected visitor -- and, a short time later, someone knocked on the front door of the Price-Grant apartment. "Aunt Paulina?" Lani incredulously began after opening the door. Susan's reaction to the premonition suggested that the visit might not be a good thing.

Abigail gives Jack an ultimatum Abigail gives Jack an ultimatum
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

At the Horton house, Jack told Abigail that Jennifer was still out of town, working with Mike on Laura's estate. "Well, I hope that she can come home soon," Abigail said. Jack told Abigail that she had just missed a visit from Gwen. "I am sorry that I can say that I have led my life in such a way to put my family in this kind of position, but Gwen is my daughter, and I told her that she can count on me," Jack said.

When Abigail said she hated that Jack intended to support Gwen, Jack suggested that Abigail avoid Gwen. "I can take care of myself," Abigail said. "I wasn't talking about what Gwen did to you. I was talking about what you did to Gwen," Jack countered. Jack said Gwen had told him about the fight at Laura's grave. Abigail groaned and complained about Gwen's continued efforts to act like a victim.

"All that Gwen did was show up at the gravesite to pay her respects," Jack said. "Dad, she came there to gloat!" Abigail insisted. Jack argued that was not fair. Abigail reminded Jack that Gwen had told her that she would kill whomever was to blame for paying off Tiffany, and then Laura had died. "Don't tell me that was an accident," Abigail said. Abigail argued that Gwen had practically admitted that she was to blame.

"And that is when you attacked her?" Jack said. "You're damn right!" Abigail yelled. Jack said that Gwen was upset because everyone believed she had murdered Laura. "Because she is guilty!" Abigail countered. When Jack said he knew for a fact that Gwen was broken up about Laura's accident, Abigail begged Jack not to fall for Gwen's lies. "[Gwen] lied in the past. That doesn't mean she is lying about this," Jack said. Abigail chuckled in disbelief.

[Gwen's] word means nothing, Dad. She tried to destroy your marriage. She drugged me. She slept with my husband," Abigail objected. "I am not defending anything she has done," Jack countered. Confused, Abigail asked Jack why he wanted to defend Gwen.

"Gwen is my daughter, too. I hate what she did to you. To our family. But she's had a terrible life. I wasn't there for her growing up, and there's a part of me that's trying to make up for it now. Can you possibly understand that?" Jack asked. "I understand because I know the kind of man that you are. I know the kind of father that you are, and you feel guilty, and you feel responsible because you are a good person. But nothing that happened to Gwen was your fault," Abigail said.

When Jack argued that Gwen had been scarred by her childhood, Abigail countered that lots of people with terrible childhoods grew up to be decent people. "Gwen isn't capable of loving anybody but herself," Abigail said. Abigail reminded Jack that Gwen had pretended to be her friend while Gwen had been plotting to destroy Abigail's life. "[Gwen] is doing it to you. She is playing you the way that she played me, and I am begging you, Dad. Please don't let that happen," Abigail said.

"I'm perfectly aware what Gwen is capable of, and she may very well be playing me," Jack admitted. Abigail reminded Jack that she still suffered from hallucinations because of when Gwen had drugged her. "[Gwen] is dangerous, and her only goal is to break apart this family, and we cannot let her do that," Abigail stressed. Jack said he needed to give Gwen a chance.

"I need to believe that with a little bit of understanding and support, she'll see that she is not alone. That she doesn't need to fight. That she doesn't need to lash out. And who knows? Maybe she'll even forgive me," Jack said. "[Gwen] has nothing to forgive!" Abigail countered. Abigail took Jack's hand in hers, and she told Jack that she could not forget what Gwen had done.

"I will never accept [Gwen], and I don't want her in my life," Abigail said. Abigail asked Jack to pick a side. "Please don't demand this of me, Abigail. I can't choose. I love you," Jack said. "Then protect me and this family," Abigail said. Jack refused to turn his back on Gwen. "She needs to know she matters. She needs to know that even if I wasn't there for her as a child, I'm there for her now. I owe her that," Jack said. "Even though she killed Grandma?" Abigail asked. Jack asked Abigail if she had considered that Gwen might have told the truth about Laura's death.

"[Did you consider that] maybe you are understandably so blinded by your anger that you can't see, much less accept, that she is innocent?" Jack asked. "Gwen killed my grandmother, and I'm going to prove it," Abigail said. As Jack stood there in stunned silence, Abigail walked out. Worried, Jack called Jennifer and told her about his conversation with Abigail.

"Abigail is increasingly upset with me because I'm giving Gwen the benefit of the doubt," Jack said. "Abigail's feelings are understandable given all that Gwen has put her through, but your feelings are understandable, too," Jennifer said. Jennifer assured Jack that the situation would work itself out. "I hope so," Jack whispered.

In the Grant apartment, Eli and Lani chatted with Abe while the twins slept. Lani answered a knock at the door. "Aunt Paulina!" Lani said. "It's so good to see my favorite niece in the whole wide world!" Paulina said as she hugged Lani. Lani introduced her mother's sister, Paulina, to Eli. "I'm a hugger," Paulina said as she grabbed Eli in a bear hug. When Lani introduced Paulina to Abe, Paulina raised an eyebrow.

"So, this is the famous Abraham Carver. The man who knocked up my sister," Paulina said. When Abe grew defensive, Paulina broke into a chuckle and assured him that she was messing with him. "I knew you had no idea that Tammy was pregnant," Paulina said. Lani asked Paulina why she was in town. "To see my great-niece and nephew, of course," Paulina said. With a laugh, Lani escorted Paulina over to the cribs.

"We are just going to have so much fun. I am going to spoil you rotten!" Paulina said. With a smirk, Paulina turned to Eli and said, "Did I mention that I am very rich?" As Paulina turned her focus back to the babies, Eli widened his eyes and shared a smile with Lani.

Gabi visited Gwen at the Salem Inn. "You asked me if I agree if I think we're even. Well I'm here to give you my answer," Gabi said. Gwen invited Gabi into her room. "What did you decide?" Gwen asked. "The answer is yes. We're even," Gabi said. Surprised, Gwen noted that based on the stories she had heard about Gabi, Gwen had assumed that Gabi would want payback.

"Funny. Abigail said the exact same thing," Gabi said. Suspicious, Gwen asked Gabi about her conversation with Abigail. Gabi congratulated Gwen on her new family. "[Jack] has been very decent, but Abigail and her mother, they hate me," Gwen admitted. "Well, I wonder why," Gabi joked. When Gwen refused to apologize for what she had done to Abigail, Gabi said she would never ask Gwen to apologize.

"Apologizing is more of Abigail's thing, which she did to me, even though she absolutely sucks at it," Gabi said. Gwen asked about the apology. With a shrug, Gabi said Abigail had apologized for falsely accusing Gabi of drugging Abigail's drink, when it had actually been Gwen. "There's no proof," Gwen interjected. Gabi noted that Abigail believed that Gabi should be just as mad at Gwen as Abigail was at Gwen. Suspicious, Gwen opened her door and asked Gabi to leave. Gabi added that Abigail was out for blood because she believed Gwen had killed Laura.

"I did not kill her nana. That was an accident," Gwen stressed. With a shrug, Gabi said she did not care what had happened with Laura. "[Abigail] wants me to team up with her to take you down," Gabi said. Gabi added that she had declined. "Abigail is my enemy way more than you are," Gabi said.

"Abigail actually framed me for Andre DiMera's murder. I don't really care if she was supposedly nuts. I went to prison. I was beaten to within an inch of my life, and I can never have another child, so, yes, I am not a fan of you, but I definitely hate Abigail a hell of a lot more than I hate you," Gabi said.

"Not many people hate Abigail DiMera," Gwen noted. "Not many people know her the way I do," Gabi said. When Gabi argued that everyone else saw Abigail and her family as perfect, Gwen nodded in agreement. "And it's never her fault, either, is it?" Gwen said. "Never. Not once. You know that when she framed me, she slept with Stefan? And all she had to do was whine a little bit and blame it on her alters, and she got yet another pass," Gabi muttered. Gabi noted that she wanted Abigail to get a dose of the real world. Gwen asked Gabi if she was offering to work together.

"Imagine what we could do if we put our heads together," Gabi said. With a grin, Gabi suggested they toast to their new partnership. Gwen offered to open up a bottle of Champagne. "Wouldn't that be perfect? Not to mention ironic?" Gwen said. Gabi picked up two glasses.

In the square, Chloe and Sarah ran into one another. "I am wedding dress shopping," Sarah announced. Chloe advised Sarah to run away from Xander. "I take it you're not a Xander fan," Sarah said. Chloe told Sarah about her kidnapping in Mexico. "[Xander] just left me there, and I ended up having to stab the guy, and as awful as he was, his death is still on my conscience. All of that could have been prevented if Xander would have just stepped up and done the right thing," Chloe said. Sarah admitted that she had not heard the story.

"I do know that Xander wasn't always the most admirable person, but he has changed. And he has worked really, really hard to become a better person and a more honorable man. So, he has earned my forgiveness for his past. We're really in love with each other and deeply committed to one another. And we're just happy," Sarah said. "Then I wish you all the best," Chloe said. Chloe apologized for mentioning the Mexico story.

"Susan Banks is starting to rub off on me," Chloe muttered. Chloe told Sarah that Susan was protective of Brady and did not like Chloe to be around. "Why would she care?" Sarah asked. "Exactly! I don't know. It's the weirdest thing," Chloe said. Sarah agreed that Susan was odd. With a shake of her head, Chloe noted that if she did not know that Susan was in love with Roger, she would believe that Susan had a crush on Brady.

"What would [Susan] be jealous over? It's not like there is anything going on between you and Brady, is there?" Sarah asked. Chloe swore that she and Brady were only friends and coworkers. With a sigh, Chloe added that she felt responsible for Brady's injuries, and that was why she wanted to check on him. "The woman that Brady loves is Kristen," Chloe said. Sarah noted that Kristen would be in prison a long time.

"What are you suggesting?" Chloe asked. Sarah shrugged. Chloe insisted there would never be anything romantic between her and Brady. With a nod, Sarah said she needed to get back to wedding planning. Chloe gave Sarah her card. "Call me if you need help with finding a dress," Chloe said. "Even if you're not a fan of the groom?" Sarah asked. With a smile, Chloe noted that she was a fan of the bride.

At the penthouse, Kristen lamented that she could not remove her Susan disguise and tell Rachel that she was her mother. "Screw it," Kristen said as she removed her glasses. Kristen whispered to herself that no one was in the apartment except Brady. "I can go to him and tell him everything, and he is going to understand," Kristen said. As Kristen started to go to Brady's room, the doorbell rang. "Again, Chloe? Really?" Kristen muttered. Kristen grabbed a letter opener and wondered aloud if she should put an end to Chloe's visits altogether.

When "Susan" opened the door, she raised the letter opener in a threatening manner. "Susan Banks?" Philip said. "Yep, that's me," "Susan" said. "Susan" explained that she was a guest and had been opening mail. When Philip started to introduce himself, "Susan" said she knew that Philip was the son of the "mean, mean Victor Kiriakis who had let that poor Kristen DiMera believe that her little baby girl was dead." Philip said he was there to check on Brady.

"[Brady] is still resting right now, and that's where he is going to stay. No visitors allowed," "Susan" said. Philip held up a bag, and he announced that he wanted to drop off a box of Brady's favorite cigars. "It's the least I can do, considering I'm responsible for him getting shot," Philip said. "Susan" argued that Chloe was to blame. Philip disagreed.

"Whoever fired that shot was aiming at me, not Brady," Philip said. "Susan" informed Philip that Chloe had admitted that she felt that she was to blame. With a grumble, "Susan" said Chloe had delivered muffins to Brady as an excuse to flaunt her chest in his face. "I think you're being a little unfair, Susan," Philip countered.

"The last thing that Chloe would want is for Brady to get hurt. Especially considering how she feels about him," Philip said. Alarmed, "Susan" asked Philip what he meant. Philip demurred, but "Susan" insisted that Philip tell her everything he knew. With a shrug, Philip told "Susan" that he had made a move on Chloe, and she had shot him down.

"And that's because you think she's hung up on Brady?" "Susan" asked. "I do. I told her that, too, but she denied it. There was just something in the way she said it -- I didn't believe it," Philip said. When "Susan" called Chloe a "nasty bitch," Philip warned "Susan" that her description of Chloe had crossed a line. Suspicious, Philip asked "Susan" why she was so judgmental of Chloe when she barely knew her.

"I've grown to care about Brady and that little nugget of a daughter since I've been staying here. While that child's mother is languishing in prison and Brady is missing the love of his life, that horrible spider woman is moving in on her man," "Susan" explained. Philip pointed out that he had not said that Chloe was after Brady, only that he believed Chloe still had feelings for Brady.

When "Susan" asked Philip if he thought the attraction between Brady and Chloe was one-sided, Philip said it seemed to be. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" "Susan" asked. Uncomfortable, Philip attempted to change the subject, but "Susan" demanded an answer. Philip told "Susan" about the time Brady had found him and Chloe in a state of undress, and he had noticed an odd look on Brady's face.

"Again, I'm not saying there is anything going on between them, it's just... you know how it can be with two exes. The old chemistry kicks in. Chloe was married to Brady long before he hooked up with Kristen," Philip said. "Clearly Brady has moved on, even if Chloe hasn't. Brady belongs to that child's mother!" "Susan" yelped. After a moment, Philip pointed out that Kristen had attempted to kill his father.

"So, as far as I'm concerned, prison is where Kristen DiMera belongs. The longer she is in there, the more likely it is Brady and Chloe could get something together," Philip said. "Susan" yelled at Philip to intervene. When Philip raised a quizzical eyebrow, "Susan" explained that she was a psychic, and she knew that Philip and Chloe had a strong connection. "But you just said maybe Chloe wasn't that into me," Philip noted. "Susan" encouraged Philip to fight for Chloe.

"Chloe wants you as much as you want her," "Susan" said. Philip was unsure. "Susan" insisted that her psychic vibration was right about Chloe and Philip. With a nod, Philip promised to think about "Susan's" advice. "Susan" needled Philip into calling Chloe to ask her out for dinner.

While Chloe was still walking around the square, her phone rang. Philip called to ask Chloe out to dinner. Chloe said that she already had plans to visit Brady and check on him. "No point in that. I'm here now," Philip said. Philip noted that Brady was asleep for the night. "If you change your mind, the dinner offer is still on the table," Philip said. Chloe thanked Philip for the offer, but she declined in favor of turning in early.

At the penthouse, "Susan" asked about Philip's call with Chloe. "Those vibes of yours must have short-circuited. Chloe turned me down. Cold. The only thing she was worried about is how Brady was doing," Philip said. Philip noted that whether Chloe knew it or not, the only man she was interested in was Brady. After Philip walked out, Kristen muttered to herself, "I guess I'm going to have to take care of Chloe Lane myself."

At the Salem Inn, Abigail banged on Gwen's door and ordered her to open it. Gabi opened the door. "Our plan worked like a charm. Come in and see for yourself," Gabi said. When Abigail walked into the room, she saw Gwen asleep on the bed.

Abigail and Gabi's plan for Gwen hits a snag Abigail and Gabi's plan for Gwen hits a snag
Wednesday, March 3, 2021
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander winced and released a quiet gasp of pain. "I think you're being a little rough," Xander, who was shirtless, protested. "It's just a little prick," a woman, who was fully clothed, responded. "Not-so-little..." Xander, who was standing, argued. "I know what I'm doing, Mr. Kiriakis -- I'm an old hand at this. Now, hold still so I can do what needs to be done," the woman, who was kneeling, stressed. "I still think we should have done this at your shop," Xander worriedly reiterated. "Mm-hmm..." the woman dismissively grumbled.

Just then, Sarah approached -- and from the doorway to the bedroom in which the scene was unfolding, it looked like Xander was wearing only a towel and was holding it open in front of the woman, who was fiddling with something in Xander's crotch area. "Who are you -- and what the hell are you doing?" Sarah challenged the woman. "I am this man's seamstress -- and what does it look like I'm doing?" the woman answered. "She's just adjusting my --" Xander began to explain. "'Adjusting' your what, love?" Sarah snapped. "Kilt!" Xander concluded.

"Sorry it took so long, Mr. Kiriakis -- the fabric is very old, so I had to be really careful with the seams," the seamstress declared while backing away. "This was supposed to be a surprise," Xander informed Sarah with a sigh of disappointment before showing off the kilt. "Oh, believe me -- walking in on an X-rated version of Brigadoon [certainly] is 'a surprise'..." Sarah bitterly muttered. "Since you were out shopping for your wedding dress, we thought it was the perfect time to do the alterations," Xander reasoned. "Ah, yes -- because you never know when you might need a kilt for, like, haggis night at the pub or a bagpipe flash mob in the town square..." Sarah skeptically grumbled. "It's for the wedding!" Xander clarified, causing Sarah's jealousy to fade away at once.

"It belonged to my great-grandfather, Old Caelan Cook -- he wore it to battle and to his wedding," Xander revealed. "Apparently, the Scots don't see a lot of difference between war and marriage..." the seamstress interjected. "[Anyway], it turns out that he was Wee Old Caelan Cook, 'cause when I tried it on, I couldn't fit into the bloody thing -- so, I called Maggie, and she suggested her long-time, lovely seamstress, Odelia, to take it out," Xander elaborated. "The kilt!" Xander quickly clarified. "And then [Odelia] stuck me with a pin," Xander complained. "Like I said -- it was just a little prick," Odelia reiterated. "Well, you didn't draw any blood, so all is forgiven," Xander decided. "[Anyway], since this was supposed to be a surprise, could you just...forget you saw it?" Xander asked Sarah. "No -- I'm never gonna forget any of this," Sarah replied.

Odelia exited the room so Xander could change out of the kilt and hand it over for permanent alterations. "[You know, I'm] half Scottish [and] half Greek, [so] I'm an easygoing guy...[but] it's bad luck for you to see me in my wedding dress," Xander jokingly informed Sarah once the coast was clear. "You get extra sensitive when you're in a skirt," Sarah teasingly responded. "So, you're back early -- does that mean you found a dress?" Xander wondered. "No -- I was window-shopping at Gabi Chic, and then I ran into Chloe, [who made me] realize that I am not a 'Gabi Chic' bride; [I'm] more 'Basic Black,'" Sarah clarified.

At the Horton house, Jack received a visit from Chad, who was looking for Abigail. "She left a little while ago..." Jack revealed before telling Chad about the earlier argument with Abigail. "And you're surprised that Abby blew up?" Chad incredulously challenged Jack at the end of the tale. "Damn it, Chad -- Abigail has proven that she cannot control herself around Gwen, [so] I am not trying to defend Gwen; I am trying to protect Abigail!" Jack defensively explained. "Me, too...[but] I can't [because], thanks to Gwen [and also thanks to] my own idiocy, there's a strong possibility that my relationship with Abigail might never be what it was -- [and] I don't want that to happen to you, Jack," Chad countered before exiting the house, leaving Jack to ponder the potential consequences of siding with Gwen over Abigail.

Kayla met up with Steve outside the Brady Pub and apologized for being late. "I had to stitch a patient up in the E.R. -- [a] brave four-year-old boy; he was so cute -- [and] his mother was [just] in my face [the whole time] -- 'How deep is the cut? How many stitches is it gonna take? Is it gonna hurt?' [And] I just was thinking, 'Ugh -- back up!' Oh, you know, sometimes people can be just too much..." Kayla complained while following Steve into the pub -- where Bonnie was sitting at a table with Justin.

"Please -- come sit down!" Bonnie offered. "It looks like you already finished --" Kayla objected. "We were just gonna get dessert -- have a seat!" Bonnie countered. "We haven't even had dinner yet --" Kayla protested. "We can wait for you to catch up!" Bonnie insisted. "Actually, this is our date night --" Steve explained. "Well, we can make it a double date, then!" Bonnie suggested. "That's really nice of you -- it's just --" Kayla stammered. "I guess I have to spell it out -- thanks, but we'll be eating alone!" Steve stressed.

"Ugh -- I did it again..." Bonnie realized. "I just don't know when to leave well enough alone..." Bonnie fretted. "Justin, I really don't feel like dessert tonight, so...thank you for dinner, and --" Bonnie declared. "Bonnie --" Justin tried to respond. "No, really -- it's okay," Bonnie maintained. "It was nice seeing you again -- really," Bonnie said to Steve and Kayla with a forced smile before rushing out of the pub in tears. "Thanks!" Justin snapped at Steve once the coast was clear. "I'm sorry," Kayla stressed. "He's not," Justin guessed, glaring at Steve.

"Why should I be?" Steve defensively argued before starting to complain about what Bonnie had done to Adrienne a few years earlier. "We all know what she did, Steve, [but] that doesn't stop you -- or Maggie -- from going through the whole litany every time her name comes up!" Justin tiredly interjected. "Do you really expect me to forget?" Steve wondered. "Of course not -- especially since you yourself have led a totally blameless life..." Justin sarcastically responded. "I have tried -- and I'm still trying -- to let go of my feelings about that woman --" Steve insisted. "Well, you're doing a heck of a job there, Steve..." Justin declared. "But she pushes too hard -- I was civil to her, and now she acts like we're old friends, [but] we're not friends...and we never will be!" Steve stressed. "Fine!" Justin snapped before starting to storm out of the pub.

"Wait," Kayla begged Justin before pulling Steve aside for a private conversation. "When Justin lost Adrienne, he tried to get his life back with me, [and] we both know how that worked out. And now he's trying to get his life back [once again] with Bonnie...[and] she wouldn't be my first choice, [either], but after what he did for us -- [you know], how he so graciously backed away -- I think, no matter who he asks us to have dinner with, we should [just] say, 'That sounds fun!'" Kayla argued, and Steve conceded the point then went to apologize to Justin, who agreed to talk to Bonnie about arranging a double date in the near future.

After Justin left, Kayla and Steve tried to get their planned dinner date back on track -- but Jack soon entered the pub and started venting to them about everything that was going on with Abigail and Gwen.

At the Salem Inn, Abigail callously asked Gabi if Gwen was dead. "She's just unconscious -- I'm very careful about the dosage!" Gabi replied. "[And] you've had a lot of practice -- on me..." Abigail grumbled. "Stop dredging up the past -- [and start] thanking me [and] saying what a genius I am!" Gabi demanded, and Abigail sarcastically complied.

"So, now [that] we have Gwen passed out in a hotel room...what's the next move, 'genius'?" Abigail challenged Gabi, who gave the question a bit of thought then rushed out of the hotel room -- and returned a short time later with a laundry cart. "We have to get her somewhere private," Gabi declared. "Ya think?" Abigail dryly agreed. "You know, you are getting on my nerves!" Gabi snapped. "I'm sorry -- I'm just a little taken aback that you went ahead and drugged her without knowing exactly what you were gonna do with the body," Abigail explained. "I don't like to overthink things!" Gabi reasoned. "Well, there's no danger of that, [but] you are the one with all the experience getting rid of bodies..." Abigail countered. Fed up, Gabi started to tell Abigail that their deal was off -- but Abigail managed to placate Gabi with another apology.

Gabi and Abigail placed Gwen in the laundry cart and added bedding and towels then wheeled it out of the Salem Inn while still bickering with each other -- and ran into Bonnie while wheeling it through the town square. Bonnie found it quite difficult to believe that DiMeras, unlike Kiriakises, did their own laundry. "You have a body in there, don't you?" Bonnie guessed.

"Oh, come on -- really? I mean, if we were gonna try and stash a body, do you really think we'd know, roll it right through the center of town here? I mean, how dumb do you think we are?" Abigail nervously argued. "Well, I don't know -- this is Salem..." Bonnie countered before reminding Abigail and Gabi that Raynor had recently stolen Eli and Lani's twins and had then brazenly waltzed through the park with the babies in broad daylight. "Well, she probably wasn't counting on bumping into you," Abigail guessed. "Neither were we..." Abigail whispered to Gabi. "She wasn't counting on my powers of observation, [either] -- see, 'cause of me, the police artist made a sketch, and they were able to figure out who it was!" Bonnie bragged, making Abigail and Gabi squirm even more than before.

Abigail and Gabi wheeled the laundry cart away after claiming that they were smuggling a bunch of top-secret designs into the nearby Gabi Chic store -- but Bonnie still seemed suspicious. Later, Justin joined Bonnie and explained what had just happened with Steve and Kayla. Meanwhile, Abigail and Gabi stashed Gwen somewhere within the secret tunnels of the DiMera mansion.

Sami begs Belle for help Sami begs Belle for help
Thursday, March 4, 2021
by Mike

Ben fell asleep while reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at the Weston apartment, and Ciara fell asleep while reading Through the Looking Glass at Vincent's lair -- then, the following morning, they both awoke with a start after another shared dream in which they reunited at Vincent's lair.

A short time later, at Vincent's lair, Evan slid a meal tray into Ciara's chamber. "Not just gruel -- gruel with raisins!" Evan announced. "I'm good," Ciara insisted. "Suit yourself," Evan countered with a dismissive shrug before changing the subject, offering Ciara a copy of that day's edition of the Spectator. "Why would I care about [what's going on in Salem] when I'm locked up down here?" Ciara wondered. "Well, it's pretty big news..." Evan teased. "About?" Ciara eventually prodded Evan, unable to resist taking the bait. "Your husband," Evan clarified.

Evan slid the newspaper into Ciara's chamber. "Apparently, he was driving way too fast on your motorcycle -- and without a helmet... Took a sharp turn, went flying... Bam!" Evan summarized as Ciara stared in disbelief at the headline -- "BEN WESTON KILLED IN TRAGIC ACCIDENT" -- that accompanied a picture of Ben and a lengthy article on the front page of the newspaper. "Ben is not dead," Ciara protested. "Cracked his skull," Evan maintained. "This is a lie," Ciara guessed. "You're accusing the Spectator of printing fake news?" Evan asked incredulously.

"Ben would never, ever get on a motorcycle without a helmet on!" Ciara tearfully argued. "Ben thinks you're dead, remember? Maybe he decided to join you," Evan reasoned with a shrug before gesturing to the copy of Romeo and Juliet that was still in Ciara's chamber. "[So], if you want to borrow a dagger, let me know," Evan advised Ciara with a smirk before walking away.

At Salem University Hospital, Sarah informed John and Marlena that there was good news and bad news to report. "I found no evidence of a new aneurysm...[but, John], I don't have an explanation yet as to why you blacked out," Sarah revealed. "Even after all those tests?" John asked incredulously. "Well, normally, when people lose consciousness temporarily, it's usually related to a sudden drop in blood pressure --" Sarah began to elaborate. "[Right -- but when] I took his blood pressure last night, it was high," Marlena interjected. "Yes -- [so], it could be possible that he's experiencing swings... If you think back to last night, was there anything that could have caused John's pressure to spike?" Sarah continued. "Well, there was an upsetting conversation about his granddaughter..." Marlena confirmed. "Yeah -- [so], that was it!" John concluded for Sarah.

"[Now], why don't you just cut me loose here and go take care of some patients who really need your help!" John begged Sarah. "Just to be safe, I am going to keep you a little longer for observation," Sarah decided. "I think that's a very good idea," Marlena declared, ignoring John's groan of frustration. "I love you too much to take a chance," Marlena explained to John after Sarah left the room.

Marlena soon received a text message from Ben -- "I need to see you right away" -- and John insisted that it was okay to arrange the meeting. Shortly after Marlena left, John received a visit from Roman, who revealed that Charlie had been murdered -- and that the police apparently had a suspect in custody already. Stunned, John told Roman about having recently argued with Charlie. Roman eventually said goodbye then exited the room -- and the sound of the door slamming shut again registered as a gunshot to John.

Meanwhile, Ben told Marlena about everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "It was weird -- Susan was so enthusiastic about helping [me] the first time, and this last time, it was like she didn't even want to help [and] didn't even care," Ben mused at the end of the tale. "No -- she's just very focused on Brady right now," Marlena explained. "I'm not blaming Susan," Ben clarified.

"I actually think I found another way I might be able to track down Ciara, [anyway] -- I want you to hypnotize me [and] get me back inside of that room [with Ciara]," Ben requested. "It doesn't work that way -- [I mean], if that were a real memory, then I could hypnotize you and take you back there, [but] I can't take you someplace you've never been," Marlena protested. "I have been there, [though] -- I don't know how, but I've been there! [Look], maybe it won't work -- maybe I won't remember anything else -- [but] would you at least try?" Ben begged.

At Statesville, Orpheus recorded a voicemail message for Evan. "Bravo, Christian -- you must be very proud of the little power play you pulled, going rogue on me with Ciara -- but we have a plan, and we're gonna follow through; the girl is exchanged for cash, and we disappear. Now, stop playing games and call me back, you insolent --" Orpheus spat -- but Clyde entered the visitors' lounge just then, cutting the recording short.

"Talkin' to your son again, aren't ya?" Clyde guessed. "Weston, I thought I warned you about sneaking up on me," Orpheus snapped. "I'm right, aren't I? You're givin' your boy holy hell, just like you did the last time!" Clyde maintained. "Back. Off," Orpheus warned. "Well, now, you're a little touchy this mornin', Milo -- did you skip your meditation?" Clyde wondered. "It vexes me when plebeians who've been asked to mind their own business refuse to do so," Orpheus explained. "You think I'm too stupid to realize you and your boy are up to somethin' that involves Ciara? Like I told you before, I'm gonna figure it out!" Clyde countered. "Not. Bloody. Likely," Orpheus predicted. "Funny you should mention 'blood'..." Clyde mused before producing a shank and plunging it into Orpheus' midsection.

Clyde grabbed Orpheus' burner phone then rushed out of the visitors' lounge and found a safer location to place a call to the most recent number in the device's log. "Stop calling me, Dad!" Evan demanded after answering the call. "This ain't your dad," Clyde clarified.

"I'm a friend of your old man's. [He] asked me to give you a call [because he's] had an unfortunate injury, [and] it's serious enough [that] he can't move forward with your plans for Ciara Brady -- Weston -- [but], suffice to say, he trusts me to move forward in his absence [and] carry the ball over the goal line, so to speak, so why don't you just bring me up to speed on what you got planned, and we'll take it from there," Clyde elaborated. "I don't know who this is, but you're full of it -- my father knows that I want no part of his plan, and I will never ransom that bitch back to her rich grandfather!" Evan countered.

"You bailed on Orpheus?" Clyde asked incredulously. "Damn right I did. Ciara cost me my son, and now I have the chance to make her pay -- I can watch her cry, hear her scream, and feel her suffer -- and I am going to enjoy every second of it," Evan coldly replied before ending the call.

Clyde used the burner phone to contact Ben, putting a stop to the hypnotherapy session that Marlena had started earlier. "This isn't a good time," Ben insisted. "You're gonna want to hear this -- it's about your wife," Clyde countered. Meanwhile, at Vincent's lair, Ciara decided not to believe that Ben was dead, but Evan maintained that it was true.

At the police station, Rafe joined Sami in one of the conference rooms. "Really? You had to keep me here all night long?" Sami snapped. "It's not my fault [that] Belle didn't pick up when you called," Rafe stressed. "[That's only because] she didn't know that it was me calling -- I'm sure of it!" Sami reasoned, drawing a nod of skepticism from Rafe.

Rafe exited the conference room so Sami could try to contact Belle again. "I'm so glad you picked up!" Sami began when Belle answered the call. "I'm at the Salem P.D., and I really need your help!" Sami explained. "Why would I do anything to help you after the hell you just put me through?" Belle wondered. "I'm family, for God's sake -- I'm your sister!" Sami answered. "Oh, no -- you don't get to play that card with me," Belle warned. "Maybe I don't, but I'm going to, anyway," Sami countered.

Sami was relieved when Belle entered the conference room a short time later. "I wasn't sure you'd come," Sami admitted. "Curiosity got the best of me," Belle reasoned before prodding Sami to explain what was going on. "It's all a big misunderstanding!" Sami insisted. "Rafe's the police commissioner -- he doesn't take people into custody for 'misunderstandings,'" Belle argued. "He's a good guy -- [and] my ex-husband, [and] my friend -- but...he does overreact," Sami countered. "What does he think you did?" Belle asked impatiently. "Murdered Charlie Dale," Sami hesitantly replied.

"Oh, my God -- Charlie Dale is dead?" Belle incredulously repeated. "You hadn't heard? [I mean], I thought it'd be in the news -- or that maybe Shawn would have told you..." Sami curiously admitted. "Well, he hasn't called me, so I assume he doesn't know..." Belle decided before prodding Sami for more details about Charlie's death.

"So...did you kill him?" Belle challenged Sami at the end of the tale. "Do you honestly think I could murder someone?" Sami protested. "You've shot multiple people," Belle explained. "Yeah, but only with good reason -- I mean, Bernardi was gonna kill Rafe, E.J. was trying to take my kids away from me, and you know what Alan Harris did..." Sami stressed.

"What about what you've done?" Belle countered. "I made a mistake, and I am so sorry," Sami whispered, knowing that Belle was referring to what had happened with Jan a few months earlier. "But I did it out of love for my children -- I did it because I love them more than anything in the world," Sami insisted. "I know -- I believe that," Belle admitted.

"[Which is why] I also believe that when you found out that Allie's rapist wasn't gonna face any consequences for the absolute horror he inflicted on your daughter, you must have been enraged -- [and, with that in mind], I can see you taking the law into your own hands, [so] I'm only gonna ask you this one more time --" Belle began to challenge Sami again. "No -- I did not kill Charlie Dale," Sami interjected. "Lucas called [and] told me that they were dropping the charges against Charlie Dale because he claimed that [what happened with Allie] was consensual -- and I'm not gonna let that scum get away with what he did to my daughter, so I jumped on a plane, and when I landed, I went straight to Charlie Dale's apartment to confront him...[but] when I got to his apartment, he was already dead," Sami explained.

"What about the gun?" Belle wondered. "What about it? It was on the floor. I didn't touch it," Sami claimed. "Don't lie to me," Belle advised. "I'm not lying!" Sami insisted. "You better not be -- because if I find out you've told me one false thing, I'll quit," Belle warned. "I understand," Sami agreed before reiterating that no incriminating evidence would be found on the gun.

Meanwhile, Allie entered the police station and demanded to see Sami right away -- a request that Rafe denied. "Your mom's busy," Rafe explained, elaborating that Sami was in a meeting with Belle at that moment. "Wait -- Aunt Belle is representing her?" Allie asked incredulously. "We'll see," Rafe skeptically replied. "But why would my aunt agree to be my mom's lawyer? I mean, she hates her for turning Jan Spears loose on our family!" Allie argued. "You know how your mother is when she wants something," Rafe reasoned. "She doesn't ever take 'no' for an answer," Allie conceded, and Rafe nodded in agreement.

"I wanted justice for you -- I wanted Charlie to go to jail, [but] at the very least, I wanted him to admit publicly what he did to you so you would have some vindication -- [so] I am sorry [about] the way that things have turned out," Rafe stressed. "I'm not -- [and], with no disrespect, I don't think you should be sorry, either. Everybody knows that Charlie Dale got exactly what he deserved, so...I mean, why can't you just drop it? I mean, why does it matter who killed him?" Allie countered. "As police commissioner, I need to make sure that the person who killed Charlie is held accountable," Rafe explained. "Even if that person is your ex-wife?" Allie wondered. "Unfortunately, I cannot just make this thing magically disappear," Rafe insisted. Allie begged to talk to Sami, but Rafe again denied the request.

After chasing Allie off, Rafe revealed to Sami and Belle that Sami's fingerprints were all over the gun that had been found near Charlie's body. Meanwhile, Roman went to the Walker-Brady apartment to see Allie, who revealed that Sami was the suspect the police had in custody as Charlie's potential murderer.

Clyde tells Ben that Ciara is alive Clyde tells Ben that Ciara is alive
Friday, March 5, 2021

In the DiMera study, Chad told Abigail how much it meant to him that Abigail and the kids had spent the night in the mansion. "We don't have to sleep in the same bed until you're ready," Chad added. Abigail nodded in agreement.

"The other reason I wanted to find you was to tell you that I sort of made a unilateral decision for the two of us," Chad said. Chad explained that he had made an appointment with a marriage counselor. Abigail agreed to attend the meeting, but when Chad told her that the only appointment was in an hour, Abigail asked Chad to cancel it.

"But if I cancel the appointment today, then we won't be able to see her for another week. Are you sure you can't make it today?" Chad asked. Abigail argued that she needed more time. When Chad reminded Abigail that she had suggested counseling, Abigail said she had more important things scheduled that day.

"More important than keeping us together? Than keeping our family together?" Chad asked. "I wish you had felt that way when you were listening to Gwen's lies over me," Abigail shot back. Chad whispered, "I had that coming." Abigail agreed to reschedule the next week. "I do appreciate you doing this," Abigail said.

In the tunnels of the DiMera mansion, Gwen woke up tied to a chair in the wine cellar. "What is this? Where am I?" Gwen said. Gwen thought about her last memories, and she remembered her conversation with Gabi. "That double-crossing bitch!" Gwen yelled.

When Abigail arrived in the wine cellar, Gwen was struggling to get free. Abigail admitted that Gabi had spiked the Champagne and that they had smuggled Gwen out of the building in a laundry cart. "This is somewhere where those tunnels [in the DiMera mansion] lead to, isn't it?" Gwen asked. Abigail told Gwen that she had also moved back into the mansion upstairs for Chad's sake.

"Well you've had your fun and games. Now, please let me go," Gwen said. Abigail said she was happy to let Gwen go after she gave a full confession of all her schemes. Abigail held out her phone so that she could record the conversation.

"So, what am I confessing to?" Gwen asked. "Why don't we just start in chronological order?" Abigail countered. When Abigail mentioned the nanny position, Gwen reminded Abigail that she had offered the job to Gwen because Abigail had been anxious to get back to work. Gwen argued that Abigail's kids came in second to her career.

"My kids are everything to me!" Abigail protested. "Is that so? Then tell me why aren't you up there spending your precious time with your kids rather than being down here punishing me?" Gwen said. With a rueful laugh, Gwen added that Abigail's children had barely seen their mother when Gwen had been the nanny. "Charlotte once asked me if I thought her mummy loved her," Gwen said.

"That's a lie," Abigail said. "And I said to her, I thought her mummy loved her more than anything else in the world. You know what? She didn't believe me. In fact, the poor thing started to cry," Gwen said. Abigail said that she did not believe Gwen.

"It is so very important to me to punish you, because you do deserve to suffer," Abigail said. Abigail recounted Gwen's transgressions. "Your mother deserved to hear the truth," Gwen countered. Abigail argued that it was laughable because Gwen was not committed to the truth.

"I am committed to the truth! I told you I slept with your husband, didn't I?" Gwen yelled. With a smile, Gwen teased that Chad had told her during sex that he had been hotter for her than anyone. "Shut up!" Abigail barked. Gwen laughed. "While we are on the topic of truth, you listen to me. I did not murder your grandmother," Gwen said.

"I hope you like your new accommodations, because it sounds like you're going to be here for a very, very long time," Abigail said. Gwen asked Abigail how she would explain Gwen's screams to everyone upstairs. Abigail laughed, and she reminded Gwen that Stefano had designed the tunnels to be soundproof.

"Looks like we are going to have to wait it out then," Gwen said. With a laugh, Gwen told Abigail that her plan would fail because Abigail did not have the stomach to starve Gwen to death. "You'll confess. You just need the proper motivation," Abigail said.

Chad returned to the study, and he was surprised that Abigail was gone. Anna walked in, looking for Tony. Chad asked about Abigail, and she shook her head no. "[Abigail] hasn't changed her mind about moving back in here, has she?" Anna asked. Chad told Anna about his conversation with Abigail about therapy. "Abigail is going to need some time. You did sleep with someone else," Anna said. Anna added that Chad and Abigail would figure things out.

As a distraction, Anna invited Chad to join her and Tony for a "boozy lunch." Chad chuckled. "I think three is a crowd," Chad said. Anna noted that Chad was always welcome. Chad said he planned to go to the park with the kids. "Things will get back to normal with you and Abby," Anna said. With a nod, Chad explained that Abigail was obsessed with the idea that Gwen had murdered Laura.

"Can you blame her? I mean, look at all the other things that Gwen has done to her," Anna said. Anna advised Chad not to put any more pressure on Abigail. With a grin, Anna announced that she was headed to the wine cellar to pick out a wine for her lunch with Tony.

In the wine cellar, Gwen screamed at the top of her lungs. "Someone hear me," Gwen whispered. Anna opened the door.

In the square, Gabi met up with Philip outside of the Gabi Chic storefront. "Has the contractor showed up yet?" Gabi asked. Philip said no. As Gabi complained, Philip pointed to the window of the store. "It's a stop work order. The city's Department of Building stopped construction," Philip said.

"They can't do that!" Gabi objected. "Actually, they can," Kate said as she approached with a smiling Jake. Gabi asked Kate if she had pulled strings with Abe. Kate noted that Abe would never sign an order without cause.

"This is between Titan and DiMera, so why don't you just keep your mouth shut?" Gabi asked. "Then it concerns me," Kate said. Jake explained that Kate worked for him at DiMera. When Gabi argued that there were no grounds to stop work, Jake pointed out that Gabi should not have hired a contractor before she had signed a lease on the store.

"What did you do?" Gabi asked. With a smirk, Jake explained that he had talked to the landlord. Kate jumped in to explain that because there was no signed lease, DiMera had offered more money for the storefront. Jake added that the landlord had been happy to sign with DiMera because he had been sick of Gabi's demands.

"We were thinking of putting a Basic Black store there," Jake said. "You're okay with him doing this to me?" Philip asked Kate. Kate noted that a flagship store was great for promotion of the brand. With a chuckle, Jake said that Kate had known exactly where to look up the status of the lease agreement.

"So much for running us into the ground," Jake said with a laugh. When Jake suggested that they look inside the store, Kate joked that Jake had no idea how much damage Philip could do in a short period of time. "Can I have a word with you?" Philip asked his mother. Kate said no, but Philip grabbed her arm and escorted her out of the square.

"You would never have come up with this idea on your own. You had to have your mommy think of it for you," Gabi said. Jake raised an eyebrow. Gabi pointed out that Jake could not prove that he was fit to run the company if he used Kate like a security blanket.

"Why wouldn't I want my partner in life to be my partner in business?" Jake said. "[Kate] is going to take this company away from you, kick you to the curb, and you are never going to see it coming," Gabi stressed. Jake said he wanted Kate by his side because she did not back down from a fight. With a chuckle, Gabi pointed out that Jake's previous love interests had been feisty, too.

"I'm known to fight hard as hell for what I want," Gabi said as she took a step closer to Jake. "Yeah. That's for sure," Jake said as he took a step toward Gabi. Gabi sidled even closer to Jake. "And when I want something, I go after it with a vengeance. And you know what? I never, ever give up," Gabi whispered. As Jake and Gabi stared into one another's eyes, inches from one another, Abigail called out Gabi's name and broke the spell.

"Can I talk to you for a moment privately?" Abigail asked. "I'm busy," Gabi growled. Unfazed, Abigail gently pulled Gabi aside into the park off the square. Annoyed, Gabi asked why Abigail had dragged her away from Jake. "What was going on between the two of you back there, anyway?" Abigail asked. "Nothing! What do you want now?" Gabi said.

"Do you remember when you asked Dr. Rolf where he kept his secret stash of drugs?" Abigail asked. "Yeah, why?" Gabi said. Abigail said she needed Gabi to take her to the stash so that she could use the drug that Gwen had used on Abigail. "Are you nuts?" Gabi asked. Abigail said she wanted to threaten to use the drug. "Then why do you need the real one?" Gabi asked. Abigail said she needed the label on the vial to look authentic, since Gwen had seen it before.

"They don't have the same label! It's not a fricking spice rack!" Gabi yelled. "Just help me get the drug, and I will get Gwen to admit what she did," Abigail said. Gabi suggested that Abigail just leave Gwen alone for a day. "No. I want it done today. I can't handle another night of knowing that she is downstairs in my basement," Abigail said. Abigail reminded Gabi that Abigail could not help break up Jake and Kate until she was done with Gwen.

"[Jake] is my friend. He listens to me, and I saw the way you were looking at him, and he is very obviously still a priority for you," Abigail said. With a sigh, Gabi asked Abigail if she knew what the drug looked like. "I do," Abigail said. "You better make this work," Gabi muttered. A soccer ball rolled to a stop at Abigail's feet, and Chad chased after it. When Chad saw Abigail and Gabi together, he stopped cold.

Outside the Brady Pub, Philip accused Kate of making the fight personal. "Maybe you should tell your business partner that, because she's practically throwing herself at Jake. In case you haven't noticed, she has more than a business interest in him," Kate said.

"In case you haven't noticed, you're playing right into her hands," Philip countered. Kate asked how. Philip pointed out that if Kate had stayed out of the business, Gabi would have been preoccupied with launching the store. "You made sure that Jake and Gabi will be locking horns from now on," Philip said. Kate scoffed at the idea. "Jake and Gabi as a couple are over," Kate said. Kate pointed out that it had been clear in the square that Jake and Gabi despised one another.

"We both know when old lovers are at each other's throats, things can turn sexy very quickly," Philip said. "Now you're just trying to aggravate me, which is not going to work," Kate said. Kate stressed that Jake and Gabi were only business rivals. "So are you and I," Philip countered. Philip promised to fight Kate and Jake. "I'd hate to see you get so focused on beating me that you end up all alone again," Philip added.

When Kate returned to the square, Jake was still there. "What did Philip want?" Jake asked. "To give me some unsolicited advice," Kate said. Kate asked about Gabi. "Abigail came up and wanted to talk to her, which is strange because I thought those two couldn't stand each other," Jake said. Curious, Kate wondered aloud why Gabi and Abigail would want to talk. "Maybe they finally found something they agree on?" Jake suggested.

Ciara talked to Christian through the wall of her Plexiglas cage. "I know that Ben is alive," Ciara said. When Christian asked her why she was so certain, Ciara explained that she had seen Ben in a dream. "Dream Ben told you he is alive? And you bought it?" Christian said. Christian asked Ciara if she believed he had gone to all the effort to print up a fake newspaper.

"I think that you would be willing to do just about anything to torment me, and I keep telling you, it's not going to work," Ciara said. Ciara told Christian that her dream was more like a premonition that Ben would save her. Christian argued that Ben was a killer.

"You don't expect me to buy that your love is so amazing and pure that it just defies time and space?" Christian asked. "I know what Ben did, and I hate it. Nobody hates it more than he does. And the love that we have for each other, it made us both better people," Ciara said. Ciara stressed that neither she nor Ben would give up on one another.

"Ben knows I'm alive and that I'm waiting for him. He is going to find me," Ciara said. Frustrated, Christian admitted that Ben was alive. "Don't get your hopes up, sweetheart. He won't be [alive] for long," Christian said. Worried, Ciara asked Christian what he meant.

"Even if that newspaper headline is a lie, I can make it true," Christian said. "You can't," Ciara said. "Sure, I can. Just like I killed his sister. And do you want to know the best part? There is nothing you can do to stop me," Christian said. Ciara pleaded with Christian not to hurt Ben.

"You and Ben took the two people that I love the most in this world! Now, I finally have the chance to make you pay," Christian yelled. As Christian got ready to leave, he wondered aloud how he would kill Ben. "What about a necktie? Talk about poetic justice," Christian said. Ciara suggested that Christian could let her go.

"You can go somewhere, and you can start a brand-new life," Ciara said. When Christian scoffed at the idea, Ciara reminded him that Ben had rebuilt his life. "Maybe you can find someone, too," Ciara said. Ciara asked Christian to forget about revenge. Christian insisted that he preferred to kill Ben. "I'm going to bring back proof," Christian promised.

Clyde called Ben from Statesville, and he asked Ben to meet him at the prison for news about Ciara. When Ben arrived at the prison, Clyde told him that Ciara was alive. "How could you possibly know that?" Ben asked. Clyde said Orpheus had hinted that he had information about Ciara.

"How could Orpheus be connected to what happened to Ciara?" Ben asked. Clyde told Ben that Orpheus had been calling Christian on the phone. When Ben asked how to proceed, Clyde handed Orpheus's phone to Ben. "I shanked him," Clyde admitted. Clyde assured Ben that Orpheus would live, and that he could take care of himself.

"[Christian] ended up bragging about the fact that he's got Ciara," Clyde said. Ben was stunned. Ben told Clyde that Ciara had told him in a dream that a man had killed Rhodes. "[Ciara] was talking about Christian!" Ben said. Ben asked if Christian had given out his location. Clyde said no, but he encouraged Ben to use the phone to track down Christian.

"How do I know that [Christian] still has the phone that you called him on?" Ben asked. "It don't matter. You take the phone to the cops, they track the number that I called, and find out which cell towers it pinged off of. That's how you find Ciara," Clyde said. As Ben thanked Clyde, Clyde waved him off and told Ben to leave. "Go find your girl!" Clyde said as Ben ran out.

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