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Chase Jennings
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Actor History
February 6, 2014 to present
Jonathon McClendon
February 6, 2014 - October 2015

Entered the 4th grade in 2014



Resides At

Somewhere in Salem

Formerly in Portland

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Aiden Jennings (father)

Meredith Jennings (mother; deceased)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes and Misdeeds

Found his mother's gun as a toddler and accidentally caused her death

Brief Character History

Chase Jennings is one of the students in Ciara Brady's class and the frequent targeting of Ciara's bullying. Ciara was bullying Chase and their parents were called into meet with Father Louie about the problem. Both Hope and Aiden agreed that they would talk to their kids. But, Ciara continued to harass Chase.

One day, a man on the Town Square tried to steal Chase's phone. Hope was there, stepped in, and arrested the man. From then on, Aiden's attitude toward Hope softened. Eventually, Aiden and Hope began dating.

As Aiden and Hope's realtionship progressed, Aiden decided to cut even more ties with his past life. He wanted to sell the lake house that they used to own. Chase insisted that he wanted to see the house one more time. So, the four of them went up for a visit. While there, Hope caught Bree trying to break into the house. Bree told Hope that somewhere in the house was a recording that Meredith had made, proving that Aiden killed her. Hope kicked Bree out. But, while looking for a phone charger in a desk drawer, Hope came across the recording.

In the video, Meredeth explained that Aiden had been trying to kill her for months. She said that he had been sneaking anit-freeze into her wine at night, but had stopped when she made an appointment with her doctor to check her blood. Hope found the anit-freeze in the spot where Meredith said it was. In the video, Meredith also showed the gun she'd bought.

Hope pushed Aiden for details about the video. Aiden broke down and told her that the story he told her before was a lie. The truth was that a drunken Meredith left her gun on the table and Chase -- a toddler at the time -- found it. She rushed to get it away from him. In the struggled, the gun went off and killed Meredith.

When Aiden heard the shot, he rushed downstairs and saw what happened. He took Chase upstairs and put him to bed. Then, he took all of Chase's clothes and wiped down the gun. Then, he called the police and gave them the suicide story. The police believed him. To protect Chase from ever remembering, Aiden moved Chase away from all potential memories.

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Who's Who in Salem

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