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Greta Von Amberg
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Actor History
Jamie Taylor
1998 to April 2002
Brittany Lee Carr
1998 to 2000; flashbacks
Other Names

Swamp Girl (first reference)


In her mid-twenties in the early 1990s



Resides At

Somewhere in Europe

Formerly in Salem

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Gina Von Amberg (mother)



Flings & Affairs

Eric Brady

Austin Reed

Crimes Committed


Brief Character History

When Bo went to New Orleans to find out about Hope's past there, he met a scarred young woman who became known as the 'Swamp Girl'. It was soon learned that this Swamp Girl had taken Hope's place on the Cruise of Deception many years ago, and it was her that the Salemnites had seen 'die' as Hope. She developed feelings for Bo, and knew that Billie's story about how baby Georgia had died wasn't quite kosher. She returned with Bo to Salem, and soon began a relationship with a younger man, Eric Brady. Their relationship fizzled when she realized he was cheating on her with ex-love Nicole Walker Roberts. With her mother's death confirmed, Greta had to take her rightful place as Princess, but in order to do so, she and Austin had to go through the virtual Garden of Eden, where they faced enemies like Witch-Sami, Princess Gina, Curtis Reed, and Satan. Back in the real world now, Greta has decided she wants Austin for herself...and will do anything she has to get him, even if it isn't quite ethical.

Greta eventually decided that Austin wasn't for her, and set her sights on her new friend, Jack Deveraux, until he told her he was gay (he was trying to let her down easy, and it just snowballed). Greta was disappointed, but soon decided that it would be enough for her to be good friends with Jack. Not only that, but she became good friends with his wife, Jennifer. Unfortunately, once Greta learned that Jack never had been gay, she decided her time in Salem was at an end, and left town. Although Greta knew her father's identity, she never revealed it on-screen, except to state that it was not John Black.

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Who's Who in Salem

DAYS Actor biographies
DAYS Cast and Credits

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