The 33rd ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS panelists predict the Emmy winners: Lisa Svenson

Posted Tuesday, April 25, 2006 12:27:12 PM
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Lisa Christine Svenson is a non-viewer (of soaps and virtually all television). She is a writer who lives with her husband, child, and a variety of pets (who were somewhat helpful in assisting her with her selections, although her older cat refused to cooperate entirely). She was overwhelmed by the number and character of awards being handed out this year, and really strained her brain to find reasonable and interesting ways of making predictions. These methods are described below, after her prediction in each category.

Previous Predictions
2006: 0 for 8
2005: 3 for 8
2004: 1 for 8
2003: 0 for 8
2002: 1 for 8
2001: 2 for 8


Guiding Light
I selected this after first considering "As The World Turns" (simply because it was first on the list). While the turning of the world IS highly important to me, as an inhabitant of said world, I needed a beacon to follow, so I had no choice but to follow that Guiding Light. I'm just hoping it doesn't lead me astray...


Robert Newman (Josh Lewis, GL)
I have to say that I selected this actor simply because he had the same last name as Paul Newman, whose company makes a good marinara sauce (and who donates his proceeds to charity, which I find very cool). So, Mr. Newman, follow in the footsteps of respectable actors who have gone before you and use your powers for good instead of evil.

Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B)
Let me confess now to being a New Englander. One thing you see a lot of in New England is Bed and Breakfasts. I have never been to one, but when I saw B&B, that's what I thought of (I know it's really Brash & Bawdy), and it made me want to spend a weekend in some beautiful spot in the, they aren't really like the place Bob Newhart ran in Vermont, and they might not even be all that relaxing, but until I find out otherwise, I'll hold onto that delusion.

Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan, ATWT)
I don't know a lot of people with the names "Grayson" or "McCouch" and they had an interesting ring to them. Dusty Donovan sounds like he maybe needs a bath. They should pay these poor actors better. Sure, he might be a SUPPORTING actor now, but if you bathed him properly, maybe he'd be "Sparkly" Donovan, and think of how his life could change! Next year, lead actor, the year after...he might be the first soap star on the moon, where it's, um, dusty.

Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline Williamson, OLTL)
I selected this person because her character is named Evangeline. First, I have an aunt-in-law named Evangelina, which is not a common name. Second, the daughter of the founder of the Salvation Army was named Evangeline. My grandparents were Salvation Army officers (Brigadier). My grandmother, who is 97 years old, and lives with me, tells me that for a time before he was married, and possibly before he was an officer, my grandfather drove for Evangeline Booth. I have no way of knowing otherwise, so I had to go with the name that reminded me of family lore.

Michael Graziadei (Daniel Romalotti, Y&R)
My daughter, hereinafter referred to as "Bob," used her magical fairy powers to select this choice, because she the sound of both his names.

Christel Khalil (Lily Winters, Y&R)
Bob selected this because she likes the name Christel and has a friend named Lily. She is also a younger actress, so I felt her (equally uneducated) opinion was more accurate than mine.

One Life to Live
One life to live, and yet they have to write about it every day, day in and day out, and make it sound like a whole lot of lives, and more exciting than the normal life that most of us have to lead. One life to live, and they have to try to make the lives redeeming at the end of a storyline, or else they have to determine when that one life that was lived is to stop being lived, unless it comes back later after a bout of amnesia following a bizarre accident in a strange locale. One life to live...maddening, isn't it? (Please, don't use this as input to a soap that is about reincarnation...Many Lives To Live On The Road To Enlightenment. MLTLOTRTE is just too long an abbreviation. My friends at Soap Central would never forgive me for suggesting it.)

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