WATCH: Classic movie star blows the roof off of the Daytime Emmy venue...
Posted Thursday, March 19, 2015 12:31:51 PM
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WATCH: Classic movie star blows the roof off of the Daytime Emmy venue...
...And other fun facts about the soundstage that will be hosting this year's Daytime Emmy Awards.

As Soap Central previously reported, the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be returning to television, but not just from any ordinary venue. The live Pop telecast, which is scheduled for Sunday, April 26, will see the event return to its former state of glamour from its all-new home of Stage 16 at Warner Bros. Studios.

But what exactly makes the iconic WB soundstage so historic? For starters, many classic films have been made in the space, including Casablanca, Jurassic Park, and Rebel Without a Cause. And as the following video shows, in addition to having the capability of hosting daytime television's biggest night, Stage 16 is able to transform into a casino, an ocean, Gotham City and just about anything else movie makers can dream up. Check it out via this sneak peek video, and stay tuned for more 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy coverage as the big night approaches.

What do you think about Stage 16 being the new home for the Daytime Emmy Awards? What ingredients do you think make a great Emmy broadcast? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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