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Emmy predictions: Liz Masters
Posted Sunday, April 19, 2015 1:31:00 AM
Emmy Predictions


Liz is a Two Scoops columnist and does weekly recaps. She loves all soaps, but her heart belongs to ABC. Her earliest memories are of watching General Hospital with her mother back in the days of Luke and Laura. This is Liz's eighth go-round as an Emmy prognosticator -- and she's back this year to see if she can up her total of correct picks.

Previous Predictions
2014: 3 for 8
2013: 3 for 8
2012: 2 for 8
2011: 3 for 8
2010: 0 for 8
2009: 3 for 8
2008: 3 for 8
2007: 2 for 8


General Hospital
  This is more about which of the soap operas currently on the air I enjoy the most. I'm a General Hospital fan through and through. The writing for this show has been downright phenomenal, so I think it's the best soap opera on the air.

Who will win: General Hospital

Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson
Patrick Drake
  Another year, another Daytime Emmys, and another chance for me to improve my record, which is admittedly pretty shabby. I picked Jason Thompson to win this category because I just really loved his performance. I saw everything that had led up to that moment, so I knew how deep his frustration and hurt were during that scene with Robin. It was as gripping the second time around as it was the first.

Who will win: Jason Thompson, (Patrick Drake, General Hospital)

Peggy McCay

Peggy McCay
Caroline Brady
  There were lots of tears in this category, but the performance that stuck with me was Ms. McCay's. The story, the delivery, the way everyone reacted as the story unfolded was perfect and beautifully performed. I loved it and hope Peggy McCay gets to take home the Emmy for lead actress.

Who will win: Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady, Days of our Lives)

Chad Duell

Chad Duell
Michael Corinthos
  While the lead actress category was filled with tears, this category was filled with anger. Tons of it. However, I think Chad Duell's performance was the most powerful because the anguish was palpable as Michael confronted his adoptive father after learning Sonny had murdered Michael's biological father, A.J. It was an unforgiveable betrayal that continues to play out to this day. The anger in Michael was raw, and I think Chad did a brilliant job of conveying Michael's hurt and rage over what Sonny did.

Who will win: Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos, GH)

Lisa LoCicero

Lisa LoCicero
Olivia Falconeri
  It may seem like I'm playing favorites because I keep picking GH people to win, but I promise that I kept an open mind when I watched the other submissions. I picked Lisa's performance mainly because it was a nice break from all the drama-filled clips that dominated this category. Lisa made a hilarious drunk. And yes, I cry at those animal adoption commercials, too, so I totally identified.

Who will win: Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri, GH)

Max Ehrich

Max Ehrich
Fen Baldwin
  I don't watch Y&R, but watching Max Ehrich's performance when he learns his father has cancer and then confronts him hit close to home for me. I know exactly how he felt because my father recently underwent two open heart surgeries and is now facing a third to fix his damaged heart. I know the fear of facing your parent's mortality, so I was able to connect with this performance more than the others.

Who will win: Max Ehrich (Fenmore Baldwin, The Young and the Restless)

Camila Banus

Camila Banus
Gabriella Hernandez
  This was a tough category to pick because I really liked Haley Pullos' performance as Molly Lansing. However, then I saw Camila Banus as Gabriella confessing to being driven to murder. Wow, what a powerful performance. I actually became teary-eyed as she begged to hold her baby one last time, following a heart-wrenching confession to murder.

Who will win: Camila Banus (Gabriella Hernandez, Days of our Lives)

Donna Mills

Donna Mills
Madeline Reeves
  I loved watching the Emmy reels in this category because I'm a fan of a lot of the actors who were nominated like Meredith Baxter, Sally Kellerman, and Fred Willard. However, my pick is Donna Mills as the diabolical Madeline Reeves. What can I say? I loved her since her Knots Landing days, and she delivered big time as Madeline on General Hospital.

Who will win: Donna Mills (Madeline Reeves, General Hospital)

2015 Emmy Predictions: Chart of all Picks
Dan J Kroll (Lead/Series) | Dan J Kroll (Supporting) | Dan J Kroll (Younger/Guest)
Kambra Clifford | Jenny Smith | Teddi Giggy | Mike Bradford | Liz Masters | Lisa Svenson

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