16 Hours and what do you get?

For the Week of January 29, 2007
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16 Hours and what do you get?
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An exploding hotel for certain, and the promise of a thrill ride for the next 3 weeks.

An exploding hotel for certain, and the promise of a thrill ride for the next 3 weeks. No one does Sweeps as well as GH. Train crashes and hotel fires and jungle monkey viruses - GH always leaves us breathless when the ratings are at stake. Friday, GH launched into their new format - a "24" like existence where we see each hour unfold in real time. Friday's episode began with the hotel blowing up, and followed by 3 words - "16 hours earlier..." I confess to you, even though I knew this was coming, I thought I missed the end of Thursdays' show and went back to watch it again on Tivo to see how I missed the lead up to the explosion. It actually surprised me and after watching this show for 30 years and reading all the spoilers, I rarely get surprised, so Thanks for taking my breath away. So now we know how this will end, but not how it began, or who is inside, or who gets out alive. Bravo, Guza and team, you certainly have my attention.

The rundown? Robin's in jail from a drunken airport brawl, and her drunken doctor pals seem to be a bad influence on her. Are you even allowed to drink alcohol with the HIV meds she takes? Can someone out there from Poz give me a shout and let me know? New couch owner, Patrick, tossed some hoochie lap dancer off of his thigh to hightail it back to Port Charles as he realized he missed Robin more than he liked naked lap dances in Vegas.

Sam has just learned she is unable to get pregnant - but I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were her, as the same hospital staff told Courtney she could never get pregnant, but we all see Spencer alive and kicking, thanks to Emily who managed to bamboozle Helena. God I love it when I can find a way to work the word "Bamboozle" into a sentence. Normally you only hear it at Christmas when the Burgermeister is all wound up about being tricked into playing with a Yo-Yo. Class assignment, find someway, somewhere, to use the word Bamboozle this week, and then tell me about it. ;)

Liz has chickened out on telling Jason about her baby's paternity for the 858th time, and now even I want to shake her, and I usually take her side... Lucky proposed to her and she said she needs time to think about it, which is girl code for NO. Carly just overheard Sonny telling his competent new lawyer Diane to drag out the court case so he could keep her married to him awhile longer. Lorenzo has busted himself out of the hospital and taken Skye for backup (SAY WHAT?) and it looks like they stole one of Howie Mandel's Deal or No Deal cases to lock up in the Big Scary Safe at the Metro Court.

Big news flash of the week; Maxie and Sam wear the same size pumps, it turns out, as she broke a heel and Sam let Maxie put her Skankie Foot Funk into Sam's shoes. Ewww. Professor Pete did his "Down with Love" rant, all the while Georgie's eyes glisten whenever his name is spoken. The bigger news is that Maxie got hired for a job in a boutique at an upscale hotel when her only job experience is volunteering at the hospital and stealing drugs off the cart. Can anyone explain to me why the hospital let her come back after that was uncovered? Wouldn't Liz or Epiphany have demanded she not be allowed on the floor anymore?

Speaking of drugs, Alexis is being charged with a felony for drug possession, but one of my astute readers who is a police officer told me that for it to be a felony, Alexis would to have had a massive amount of pot, not a Ziploc bag with 4 joints in it. (Thanks Sharon) So it appears the GH writers are trying to take away my "Exaggerato" title. It's nice to see Alexis being cute and quirky and needy again instead of angry and yelling. When Alexis came to ask Carly to testify for her, it was sweet and touching, on both sides- when Carly agreed and told her she wouldn't even have to lie about Alexis being a good Mom, I confess I teared up a little. But, I had the stomach flu this week and puked for two days, so those tears may have been a product of my weakened condition.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Scratch that, what will happen in the next 15 hours?? Will Sam fall into any other rich dude's laps? Will Lorenzo really have to keep that "bullet to the head" haircut for the next 3 weeks? Will Spinelli be able to save the Goddess from Cyber space? Will Spencer have to get therapy from the Baby Whisperer as he has had 5 parents and 2 nannies and an Evil Granny in his first year of life? Will Max decide he prefers sitting in the hotel lobby reading the paper rather than dodging bullets for Sonny? How and why do all those people end up the Metro Court??? Will I be able to eat food next week without hurling?

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