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Lie to me
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Loyalty is an extremely rare thing. In fact, in our society it's an endangered species.

Loyalty is an extremely rare thing. In fact, in our society, it's an endangered species. The word loyal is defined as; unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause. think about that for a moment. Unwavering in devotion. Unwavering. If someone is loyal to you, you can count on it, every time without fail. Sure, people are human and may fail you occasionally in the small matters, but when it counts, they will come through for you. If you have a relationship with anyone where you believe you are truly valued, you'll know it because loyalty is the foundation upon which everything else is built. Without loyalty, there is nothing of substance, and you are building on shifting sand.

Carly is loyal to Sonny. He told her he needed her to marry him to keep him out of jail, and though she initially resisted, in the end, she married him even though it came at a high cost to her and risked her relationship with Jax. She did it because her loyalty to Sonny is unwavering. He lied to get her to do what he wanted, and then continued lying to her until she accidentally overheard the truth as he talked about her behind her back to his lawyer Diane. He should be ashamed, but he isn't. He has no conscience. He's a snake.

Carly gave him her trust, and he repaid her with betrayal. She gave him what he said he needed, and he greedily took it without even caring that it may wreck her life to give it to him. She gave it in spite of the fact it broke her heart to do what he asked, but Sonny was celebrating his victory, so happy he had won again, with complete disregard to those he hurt in the process. Carly's heart is not valuable to him; he only cares about getting his own way. People are obstacles to maneuver into place, not souls to be cherished. He is monumentally selfish, and everyone in his life knows it but never holds him accountable or forces him to change, and so he remains a selfish ass.

So now Carly is married to Sonny because of a lie, and worse, she can't fly off to the Dominican Republic and get a quickie divorce as planned, as instead she is trapped in a hotel filled with gunmen, her cousin Lulu is covered in HIV-positive blood, her fiancé Jax is lost in the jungle somewhere, and her hotel is about to explode. Carly is having a really crappy day.

Not as bad as Robin who broke up with her boyfriend, checked into a four-star hotel to escape his apartment, but instead got a four-star crime scene. Mr. Craig and his backup band, the Criminal Element, shot one person, and it just had to be HIV-positive Robin, didn't it? She just wanted to avoid Patrick, but ended up getting shot. See, there's a life lesson -- don't avoid the hard conversations; stick around and work things out instead of running away, and maybe you can avoid crazed armed criminals and fix your relationship all at once!

Robin's HIV status caused Elizabeth to stay at a safe distance, as she doesn't want the infected blood to impact her baby. While you cannot contract HIV by touching the blood alone, it can be transferred through open cuts or sores, or splashes that get into mucous membranes like inside the nose or the eyes. "Nearly A Doctor" Emily and Student Nurse Liz are all Robin has right now, as Alan has been spirited away someplace.

Liz was in the wrong place at the wrong time, as she was waiting for Lucky in the lobby after Ric made him work late with a bogus search warrant of Sonny's warehouse. Liz was already having a crappy day -- when she went on her big "I need a hot maternity evening gown" shopping spree, her salesclerk was Skankzilla Maxie. While I confess I don't hate Maxie as much this week as I normally do, I can't believe the thug in the safe hasn't shot her yet, as he is trapped in there with her and she just won't shut up. But she has a good track record with armed and dangerous felons; last hotel fire she was hiding Zander in the basement, and when Jesse was armed and dangerous she befriended him, too.

Speaking of befriending people, the back of Laura's head (which appears to be about two shades darker than Laura's real head from November) was befriending her ex-husband Scott Baldwin. Okay, that's an exaggeration; she just sat and stared blankly into space while Scott stopped in to bring daisies and reminisce alone as the back of Laura's head doesn't say anything. Neither does the front for that matter. What a sight for sore eyes Kin Shriner is... Dude, thanks for coming home.

In other news, Georgie turned down a movie date with the darling Dillon for an evening with Professor FeelGood, Jackie Zeman's Bobbie actually got an entire scene where she got to speak actual lines, Nikolas is playing Deal or No Deal with Mr. Craig and his Bad Ass Band, the hostages are asked to give themselves descriptive names and I can't decide which one made me laugh harder -- Marty McFarty or Screw You Lulu. But when Liz called herself Baby's Breath Elizabeth, I threw up a little in my mouth, retching from the sickening sweetness.

Lorenzo had a brain injury relapse and conked out three numbers into the six-digit code needed to disarm the briefcase before it blows. Why didn't he talk faster? If you knew your brain was bleeding and you were about to pass out and six numbers stood between you and your family staying alive, wouldn't you say those six numbers really fast? Skye should immediately call in Luke, who typed in about 94 codes before stopping the end of the world with Ice Princess.

Patrick's HIV test was inconclusive and he was not going to get retested, but after some ultra-annoying fights with Robin and lectures from Foxy Dr. Drake Sr., Patrick decided he was going to be retested, but first he has to save Lorenzo so he can in turn save Robin and the other hostages. Luke is back in town and barely got his bags unpacked before the hostage situation unfolded, leaving his baby girl trapped inside and his archenemy Scott Baldwin next to him on the sidewalk.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Sam take one of Maxie's broken stilettos and clock Mr. Craig in the back of the head with it? Will we see Rosie burst into the Metro Court, fresh off her training as a Bomb Sniffing Dog? Will Alexis go down to the docks to try to score some more weed to deal with her stress from daughter Sam being held hostage? Will Scott and Dillon trade hair spiking secrets? Will GH ratings skyrocket because this Sweeps stuff is really, really good? Will the Port Charles Police Department ever formally hire Jason, as he has to help them all the time?

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