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'What goes up, must come down, spinning wheel got to go 'round,' as the song says.

"What goes up, must come down, spinning wheel got to go 'round," as the song says. The last 3 weeks of GH has been so breathtaking that the aftermath of the hostage situation can't help but move into a lower gear. For me, the "24" like format worked wonderfully, I thought GH had by far the best sweeps storyline in Daytime. I do watch other soaps, and let me tell you - GH far outdid the "Oh no, Nik bought all the boutiques so the Forrester's can't sell their gowns" on B and B, and the "Hey, Brad is still looking for clues in his reliquary," (zzzzzz) on Y and R, etc. The GH creative team wrote and acted rings around all the other soaps with this saga, so before I critique anything, I have to start with major praise. GH should definitely walk away with this year's Daytime Emmy for Best Drama on the basis of the past 3 weeks alone.

And on top of the action some secrets were revealed - Liz told Jason about their baby. Sam told Jason she can't get pregnant. Skye told Alan that she knew about the dangers at the Metro Court and kept quiet. Carly and Sonny did it in the heat of the moment. Leticia took Michael to Best Cuts for a 10 dollar haircut. Maxie has another fugitive in her closet, whose last name happens to be Barrett. As in Brenda. Coincidence? Spinelli has gone for days without BBQ chips or weed. Robin is still bossy even flat on her back in a hospital bed.

Things that bugged me this week:

1) I have been waiting for flashbacks in the Alan Q saga but haven't gotten any. We have the same actors playing Alan, Monica, Jason, Edward (No, I haven't forgotten the late great David Lewis) and Tracy - so no reason not to use some wonderful old footage as we watch Alan go to the Great Soap Bubble in the Sky.

2) Liz was trapped in an elevator and still didn't pee.

3) Robin escaped the hostage crisis, and made it into the hospital, but still no sign or mention of Robert.

4) Georgie dumped Dillon, but he should have gotten the joy of dumping her. I used to root for Dillon and Georgie, but I am glad it's over. I'd rather see Dillon, The Jackal and Milo duke it out over The Blonde One than listen to smarmy Georgie whining.

5) Jason's father is dying, he just escaped from a collapsed building himself, and Sam had to dump more bad news on him by telling him she can't get pregnant? Perhaps she could have said to herself "Hey, I should wait and tell Jason this news after things calm down since it's not urgent."

6) Emily's Dad is dying and we have seen neither hide nor hair of Nikolas since the hostage crisis broke. Why isn't he with The Love of His Life when her Dad is dying?

But all this is just nitpicking. Jason knows he has a baby on the way, and realizes it could be his only child as Sam can't have children. (Of course they said that to Courtney too...) Sonny behaved heroically and calmly and almost made Carly forget Jax, but only for one night. Robin survived her gunshot and has Dr. Dreamboat by her bedside. Alan forgave Skye, Lucky discovered Liz was alive before we voluntarily swallowed a bullet- things are falling back into place after the crisis.

GH and ABC outdid themselves, as they do every year during sweeps. There simply aren't any other Daytime Dramas who do Big Events as well as General Hospital.

I am terribly sorry this is so late. It's almost pointless now I know, and unfinished, but alas, computer issues kept me from writing, and now it's Thursday and I have to start on my next column for this weekend. I promise it will be better than this. Be patient with me readers, I'll make it up to you.

What will happen tomorrow? Will my tech desk guy recover all the files he lost from my last 6 years worth of work? (Let's hope so.) Will I single-handedly down a pitcher of margaritas if he doesn't? (Most likely) Did all my computer woes cause me to lose sight of GH and Alan's death? (Not a chance in a million.) Will you come back next week even though this week's column was so random and thrown together?

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