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Kate Howard breezed into Sonny's office to make a phone call not knowing it would bring her face to face with her first love.

Kate Howard breezed into Sonny's office to make a phone call not knowing it would bring her face to face with her first love. Was this just a happy accident? Did she stumble onto her past serendipitously? The details are still hazy, but a few facts have surfaced. We've discovered that an 18 year old girl named Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst ceased to exist one night magically transforming into fashion mogul Kate Howard. When she vanished, she left a heartbroken Sonny Corinthos behind to take up with Joe Scully. Had Connie run off with Sonny as planned would he have chosen another career path?

Every choice we make has consequences both for us, and for those around us. Connie left Sonny for reasons all her own, but Sonny's life was dependent on her promises and it fell apart when she broke them. His life seemed devoid of other options - so her decision to leave him leads him to take the path of least resistance and enter into a life of crime with Joe Scully. This is a great back-story, a new glimpse into the missing years of Sonny's past. Sonny and Kate have some tangible chemistry; I'm very intrigued to see how this all unfolds.

Of course Kate will have to contend with Amelia who has contracted a Fatal Attraction-like obsession with Sonny, although she appears to be repulsed by his profession at the same time. We have reverted to Amelia 1.0, and she's spending her flight time on the private jet trying to convince Sam to dump Jason. Sam has adamantly rejected this proposal, but that was before she had all the facts. Now that she's overheard that Jason is the father of Liz's baby, will she be less willing to give up her cushy TV career for him?

Spinelli has been doling out advice, too, but it's in his crazy Spinelli language, so half the town doesn't know what he's talking about. But I speak Spinelli, and he's most definitely on the side of Truth, Justice, Babies, and Stone Cold. Spinelli believes Liz's baby has the right to have his real Dad Jason, caring for him while his Mom is ill, but just as Jason is about to confess all to Lucky, Liz woke up and stopped him. Wow. I was so shocked. (In case you didn't recognize it that was sarcasm.)

Lulu is also invested in this drama, and I delighted in the scenes where Spinelli gently and lovingly told her he didn't agree with her. He told her to her face she was wrong, but he did it in a way that also said "I love you" by the nature of his actions. Oh, to have more friends like that. I have a couple of close friends who tell me the truth about myself when I need it and disagree with me when I'm wrong. I cherish them more than all the butt kissers I encounter.

The truth of "Who Is The Baby's Daddy" WILL come out, but they're going to make us sweat it out for awhile. Sam has overheard the truth now, and if her track record is any indication, she won't be able to keep quiet about it. But not right away... It's kind of like American Idol on Wednesday night. It would really only take 4 seconds for them to tell us who got voted off, but instead they drag it out into 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. Not to mention a few weeks ago when they drew it out to a 2 hour extravaganza - (Which was only watchable because Elvis was resurrected from the grave.) when we just wanted to see who got booted off. So it is with Baby Spencer. I just want the truth to come out, but metaphorically we have to wade through retro song and dance numbers from 80's has-beens before we get to the big payoff scene.

Speaking of big payoff scenes, did you see the look on Carly's face when Morgan pointed to the photo of "Mr. Craig" and said "Uncle Jerry!"? I think she may have peed her pants. In hindsight, if we didn't know Mr. Craig was Jerry, we may have been inclined to root for Jax in the argument about Jerry being in their home. So his brother stopped by and didn't want Jax to know. No big deal, right? We all have some odd family member whose behavior we can't explain. Jerry's actions were kind of weird, but not visibly sinister to the untrained eye. But we know that Jerry isn't just Jerry; he's Mr. Craig. Jax's brother is the cruel and heartless scoundrel who stormed the Metro Court and tortured Carly and her loved ones for days. Methinks she is not going to invite her new brother-in-law over for the big Memorial Day BBQ.

I doubt he gets invited to the Cassadines' either, but no doubt he will show up anyway as Emily is his latest puppet. Like Patrick, I'd be the voice of reason saying "Let's go to the cops and tell them the whole story." But fear has a way of controlling people if they let it. The new Scooby Doo gang has somehow convinced themselves the police won't believe that a wanted felon like Craig coerced Emily into signing a paper because she dated Sonny?

Let's break this down. They live in a town where almost everyone was either trapped in the hotel with Craig and his goons, or related to someone who was in there, or someone who works at the hospital where all his victims were taken after the hotel exploded. So Mac Scorpio, the chief of Police who had a daughter and a niece inside wouldn't believe Emily's version of events knowing this is the same dude who shot Robin? Interesting that Craig hasn't run into Police Cadet Cooper as they are both rambling around town unmasked, too...

Nikolas is no longer in danger of death since that crafty genius Dr. Dreamboat and his equally brainy girlfriend Robin created an antidote from some leftover serum and gave Nik a giant syringe full of it. So while Craig/Jerry is still holding something over their heads, at least it isn't lethal.

Is it just me or did Lady Jane look downright regal this week? Hey hair and makeup, good work, Lady Jane's hair was stupendous and her face was glowing. Maybe she went to the Kentucky Derby with Queen Elizabeth last weekend and then rushed back to L.A. to shoot her scenes. But she sure looked glam. :

Skye looked glam too, but then she always does - not that it helps her with men. Jax dumped her about 4 minutes after their wedding for Brenda, Luke isn't the steadiest guy in town, and now Lorenzo stole her baby and she has to pretend to like him to get Lila Rae back. Thankfully, Sonny is on board and is willing to wait to off Lorenzo until Skye can find their baby. I know this is already set in stone and Ted King is leaving, but I surely wish that wasn't the case.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will we find a dead dog in Maxie's bedroom at home as she's been out skanking around with Cooper and hasn't been home in days to feed the poor thing? Will Luke get tired of Tracy talking to the chair and give it to the Salvation Army and make poor Ghost Alan stand? Will Spinelli take the 'English as a 2nd Language' class at PCU next fall? Will Sonny sell his old yearbook on E-Bay and circle "Kate's" photo? Will Jax coach Michael on boxing as it seems he can always land a punch square on the jaw?

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