Between a rock and an in-law

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Between a rock and an in-law
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Carly is in a lose/lose situation. She has discovered the ugly truth; the man who terrorized the Metro Court and all its patrons is none other than her new brother-in-law, Jerry Jax!

Carly is in a lose/lose situation. She has discovered the ugly truth; the man who terrorized the Metro Court and all its patrons is none other than her new brother-in-law, Jerry Jax. If she tells Sonny and Jason, she risks destroying her fledgling marriage and the fragile trust she and Jax have built. If she stays silent, the people she loves may be in danger. Jax has put her in an untenable position.

Thankfully, she didn't have to keep the secret from Sonny for long, because at the end of Friday's show, Jax confessed Jerry's true identity to Sonny, in one of those "What could he possibly be thinking?" moments. Perhaps Jax will remind Sonny of all the times he wanted to kill Ric but let him live due to the 'brother factor' and hope he can appeal to Sonny's sense of family loyalty. Ingo Rademacher did a brilliant job this week - we saw his normally cheery demeanor turn sullen when he realized that his beloved brother had turned into someone unrecognizable, not only because of plastic surgery to his face, but because of the sinister acts he committed which Jax couldn't reconcile with the brother he once knew. Jax's heart broke right on camera for us to watch and we saw his intense determination as he fights desperately to pull Jerry back from the Dark Side.

About the same time Jax is confessing to Sonny, Jason has taken aim at Jerry's head, but before he can pull the trigger, Carly dives in front of "Mr. Craig" and blocks Jason from shooting him. Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in a tricky spot. Those moments when every single choice you make is going to hurt someone you love. The instances when there is no choice you can possibly make in which someone won't be crushed. When that happens to me, I often refuse to choose at all which often makes things worse. But on the up side, I don't have to live with the remorse and guilt of hurting someone deliberately. Carly on the other hand chose to side with Jax on this one, at least for the moment, and in doing so nearly got Sonny poisoned and her loyal to the bone best pal Jason is incredulous that Carly would protect the Über Evil Mr. Craig. Jason simply can't imagine why Carly, his best friend, would be protecting the man who killed his father.

In truth, Alan isn't doing do badly for a dead guy. In fact, he seems happier than he's been in years. Every time someone walks into the room, Alan's eyes light up and he greets them delightedly, but sadly, they don't return his greetings, as he is dead and no one can see or hear him but Tracy. Wouldn't it be fun if Jason walked into the Q mansion and could see his Dad sitting in the chair?

Jason isn't focused on ghosts right now; only on the tiny Stone Cold baby he gets random glimpses of thanks to Spinelli's cyber skills. (Hey, did any of you ever hear about Liz's beloved Grandpa Martin before? Me neither.) Now that Sam knows the secret of the Jacob Martin's paternity, I doubt it will stay secret for long. Sam may attempt to keep the secret, but she tends to drink too much and when she drinks she flaps her mouth and then forgets what she said. She'll let it slip to someone all wrong, like Ric or Lucky or Edward Q, and then the house of cards will tumble.

Skye has her own flimsy house to contend with, trying to make nice to Lorenzo and at the same time keep Jason and Sonny apprised of Lorenzo's latest plots to kill them. I hope someone brings baby Lila back soon, I miss her cute little chubby cheeks. Although, I only like babies from a distance on television, not close enough to spit up on me or anything.

Not only did Jason and Sonny have Skye watching out for them, Logan did a little spying on Alcazar, too and told Sonny he was about to be poisoned right before he drank a deadly espresso. I honestly could care less about Logan and Cooper. If they both left the show tomorrow without explanation, I'd be fine with that. I haven't connected with them on any real level. Cooper was a thug who held hostages at the Metro Court, and was only redeemed because he got locked into the hotel vault with skanky Maxie who took a shine to him.

May I just say I find this whole plot highly offensive? We are expected to believe that both Cooper and Logan are military veterans just back from tours of duty in Iraq. So according to this storyline, they both came home and immediately dove into lives of crime? Is this what the writers think about our military men and women, that they are all wanna be thugs? My daughter and son-in-law are in the Navy, and after coming back from tours of duty in the Persian Gulf neither of them tried to get jobs with the mob, nor held anyone hostage. "The few, the proud, the criminals" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Amelia is leading a duplicitous life as well, and her manipulations where Sam is concerned are very well played. To Sam's face, she's her best pal and confidante, but behind her back she is plotting revenge at every turn. The latest is to have same relive the night she killed Amelia's father - frankly, if Amelia's father was beating Sam around like the guy acting it out, I think Sam would have been justified in defending herself. But we don't know the real facts, only the version we see in Sam's black and white flashes of memory and Amelia's blabbing about it to her cameraman.

Alexis met with Luke and Tracy to discuss his court case with Scott, and has cautioned Luke that it's going to get ugly and that his dark and sordid past will be made public. How will Lulu respond when she discovers her Dad raped her Mom? Luke seemed unphased by her warning as his only concern is protecting Laura. His single-mindedness over the years inspires me, no matter how unrealistic it is. A friend told me this week that they think you can reinvent yourself at any time and disregard people from your past and simply write off pieces of your life like they were wrong turns on the freeway. They suggested you decide some segment of your life was a mistake and act as if you never knew the person and it dumbfounded me. My boss did an object lesson on marriage once, and he took a piece of blue paper and a piece of red paper and glued them together. When you rip them apart, there are shreds of blue paper on the red, and blotches of red paper on the blue. Once two people are bound in any real way, you leave pieces of yourself permanently etched upon the other's soul. I look at myself, and I am quite clearly an amalgamation of many people I have encountered in my life. To erase their part in my life is unthinkable, as I wouldn't be who I am without their influence. Luke is Luke because he had Laura's love in his life. Without her love, he'd be someone totally different. He fights for her because he's fighting for his own soul, she is weaved into the fiber of his being, If you pull that one Laura shaped thread out of Luke's soul, his whole being would unravel. This isn't about beating Scott in court, it's about protecting the only thing he holds sacred.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will 'Everyday Heroes' ratings soar when Sam's fake attacker accidentally make her boobs fall out of her too tight shirt while filming the domestic abuse scenes? Will Sonny hire Logan to be his official coffee taster to make sure no one poisons his Vanilla Latte again? Will Skye forget and buy Lila Rae more yellow clothes thereby eliciting Lorenzo's suspicions as everyone knows Lila looks awful in yellow? (Dumb!) Will Kate Howard make Sonny play 'Red Rover Red Rover let Katy come over' since he made her play hopscotch? Will Ghost Alan learn to do cool stuff like slide a penny up a door to prove he's in the room? Will Maxie keep getting extensions in her hair until she can play Lady Godiva at the Nurses Ball Talent show?

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