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What's your name - who's your daddy?
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Sam's shady past has finally caught up with her.

Sam's shady past has finally caught up with her. The plethora of aliases, the men who unwittingly became her Sugar Daddies, the murder of Amelia's father - all the incriminating evidence tumbled out of Amelia's file folder when she left it unattended on Sonny's desk. Will Sam be able to explain away all the poor choices of her past and convince those in her present she's a changed woman? Maybe, maybe not. Jason won't even consider the possibility that their entire relationship has been a scam. Jason's faith in Sam may not make sense given her history, but if she was just in it for the money, she could have dumped him the instant she got the big TV contract, right? Of course she is still lying to him and pretending she doesn't know about Liz's baby, and he's lying to her by omitting that truth as well, so this isn't a healthy relationship to begin with.

Genuine relationships get messy some times. There are hard truths we should tell one another, but sometimes we choose to lie to spare someone's feelings. HA! That never works - it only hurts twice as much later on when you find you were being duped into a false sense of security. If you have something to say - by all means SAY IT. Jason and Sam need to answer one question; "Is we is, or is we ain't?" (A line from an old episode of Moonlighting that stuck with me) If they are going to make their relationship work, they need to come clean about everything to one another and work through the muck and mire of each other's issues and learn to trust one another again.

But then there is Liz. She loves Jason from afar, longingly - so much she aches with it - but she's married to Lucky and loves him, too. Can you love two people at once? Sure you can, albeit in different ways and for different reasons. With Lucky, they have been together a long time, they have history, and she feels like she owes him. Liz believes that Lucky needs her and if their marriage ended he'd be back on drugs in 4 seconds flat. She also believes Lucky is the better father for her children because - well, he doesn't kill people for a living... Liz doesn't want to ruin Lucky's life or jeopardize her kid's lives by following her heart. But her heart wants Jason.

Liz has convinced herself, whether truth or merely thinly veiled fear and insecurity, that the whole world would collapse if she admitted her feelings about Jason. Since Jason is in prison right now it makes no sense for her to take that leap when she knows full well she can't realistically be with him anyway. The two of them are worlds apart - she has no key to the cell he's locked in - they are in an impossible situation.

But I don't think they will give up on one another. Liz keeps coming back to Jason even though Lucky gets furious every time he sees them together. Jason is under her skin, he's in her blood and she won't turn her back on Jason even though it would make things easier for her with Lucky. Jason keeps coming back to Liz even though he knows Sam is uneasy about it- not only to see Jake, but because he has feelings for Liz, too. It's all so complicated. Without lies, there would be so soaps.

And without Maxie, there would be no skanks. Can you believe that she hates Lulu so much she has made this ridiculous bet with Logan that if he can seduce Lulu and get her into bed, that she will sleep with him the next day? What a Ho. Not only is she deliberately trying to hurt Lulu or no apparent reason, she's also willing to cheat on her boyfriend whom she supposedly worships and adores. She's a truly awful person. And exceptionally self destructive, too - she must get that from Frisco.

I hope Lulu doesn't fall into Logan's trap of seduction and instead succumbs to the nerdy, fumbling charms of The Jackal. I can't recall the last time I liked a soap character as much as I like Spinelli. He's just so out there, lovably geekish, literate and unique. If I was 20 I'd have posters of him in my bedroom. I never liked the squeaky clean athlete types, I never liked the illiterate thugs, but give me a boy with a guitar, or a little poetry in his soul, or some serious nerd action and now we're talking. :

Sonny is apparently into snooty rich chicks with an attitude right now, but as they say, to each his own. When he's not banging Amelia the slutty TV producer on his desk, he's playing head games with Kate/Connie. Some God awful replacement statue showed up on Kate's doorstep compliments of Carly - which is strangely reminiscent of a prop from an Indiana Jones flick. There are probably monkey brains inside of it or something. Carly did this simply to annoy Kate, which worked brilliantly. What she didn't anticipate was that it would give Sonny and Kate another opportunity to spar (a.k.a Foreplay) with one another. These two have great chemistry, and a past to explore - it could get interesting, but only if they don't drag it out too long. Sonny calling Kate "Connie" 42 times a day is already getting old. People DO change their names - Marilyn Monroe or Sigourney Weaver for instance. Sigourney's real name is Susan. I mean she picked SIGOURNEY on purpose. Anyway, I digress. Right now, this tension between them is working, but they need to take it someplace build that chemistry into something more substantial. Kate is the first decent match-up for Sonny in a really long time.

Alexis got on famously with Kate, too. But that was about the only happy moment in Alexis' day - she lost the case of Laura's guardianship to Scott. She overheard Ric taunting Sam about sleeping with him, too. She apparently hasn't seen her kids in weeks - or at least we haven't seen them. Not to mention that Jerry Jax escaped and Alexis was kind of digging him before she discovered he was a sociopath. But then she never has been good at picking men, except for Ned, whom she regrettably left at the altar.

Luke was none too pleased about losing Laura to Scott, and somehow controlled his impulses and didn't punch Scott inn the jaw. Instead, he plans to kidnap Laura before Scott can have her moved. (This whole plot is mainly a device to facilitate Tony Geary's summer vacation, which is well deserved. Even so, I am jealous.) Tracy and Luke asked Lulu to enlist the help of Spinelli to hack into World Wide Web and track down Laura's secret location. In about 3.5 seconds, he finds that Laura is in Roselawn under an assumed name. It was so nice to see the back of Laura's head again.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Ghost Alan learn to move crap around like Patrick Swayze does in Ghost and move a penny up Edward Q's wall? Will poor lonely Georgie steal one of Lulu's 4 boyfriends for her own? Will anyone ever remember that Alexis has cancer and is going through chemo? Will Jason ever get booked into an actual cell, or is he being jailed right IN the interrogation room? Will Skye ever learn to meet Sonny and Jason in a more discreet location instead of the coffee warehouse which Ric has under surveillance? Will Sam tell Amelia she wants to do an episode of Everyday Heroes about a woman who goes berserk when her discovers her Boss betrayed her to her Mob hitman lover? Will Logan have to take Viagra to bed both Lulu and Maxie in the same 24 hour period?

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