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For the Week of June 18, 2007
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I fully believe in a person's ability to change. I have seen evidence of such with my own eyes.

I fully believe in a person's ability to change. I have seen evidence of such with my own eyes. I have witnessed broken people fixing what ailed them through faith, through the power of their own character, through a variety of avenues. I've seen people truly turn their lives around and move into a new reality. Apparently, Amelia cannot conceive of such a concept. Even though Amelia has befriended Sam on a superficial level, and gotten to know her a bit, she views Sam as who she was in the past, and cannot allow for the fact that she may have changed and gained some redeeming qualities. And while Sam IS responsible for Amelia's Father's death, he bears a bit of responsibility, too. For instance, when he found out Sam was swindling him; he COULD have called the police instead of pounding the crap out of her. I'm guessing she wouldn't have blown him away with a rifle if he hadn't been wailing on her.

This does not indicate that I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy about Sam; I think she's being a total idiot right now. First off, she's annoyingly baby obsessed. Second, she is playing stupid manipulative games with Jason which gives women everywhere a bad name. Okay Sam, you found out Jason is lying to you. CONFRONT him instead of playing these dopey games trying to trick him into confessing. Jason has read the file folder full of evidence and heard the worst about Sam from Amelia, but still trusts her. He is compelled to judge Sam by his own experience of her, not from mistakes she's made in the past. However, her stupid choices now are causing him to doubt that. He knows Sam has discovered that he's Jake's Dad and her boneheaded choice to lie about it is making Jason wonder about her motives.

Elizabeth isn't behaving very intelligently either. Here's a handy tip, NEVER LEAVE A BABY UNATTENDED IN A PARK. Not even for a minute. Perhaps being from San Diego I'm more aware of such rules. We had a very sad story several years back- the Jahi Turner incident. Some dude went to a local park with 2 year old Jahi. He left Jahi in the sandbox, turned around to get himself a soda from a machine, turned back, and Jahi was gone. This was 5 years ago. The local news had Jahi's photo everywhere. We rushed home every night to watch updates to see if that poor baby had been found. To the best of mine and Google's knowledge, he's still missing. 9 As soon as Liz turned her back on The Innocent One, I knew he wouldn't be there when she turned around.

But who took him? Sam, who was heard saying she wished he would disappear? Perhaps Amelia who's looking for a new route for revenge attempting trying to frame Sam? Jerry, who is just a sick freak who likes to torment people? Luke whisked him off to go see Grandma Laura? Spinelli took him to implant a computer chip tracking device for Stone Cold? Sonny took him since Jax took his kids? Who knows?

We can at least cross Kate Howard off the list, as she apparently hates kids and would never risk getting vomit or dookie on her designer suits. I'm completely with her there, even though I have no couture fashion in my wardrobe. I don't even want baby puke on my Wal-Mart clothes. We all know Kate and Sonny are going to have sex, so she may as well have Milo pencil her into Sonny's day planner someplace between banging Amelia on his desk and sparring with Carly in his living room.

At least Sonny hasn't started boozing it up again - unlike the entire medical staff at GH who headed to the sleaziest bar in town to get hammered and have the Battle of the Sexes over mass quantities of liquor. I sure hope they don't let Patrick do brain surgery with a hangover. I've been drunk before and I happen to know you just aren't playing your "A" game after a night of excessive drinking. I think Robin and Sam should adopt a baby and share it since they both seem to have biological clock issues right now.

For those of you who are concerned, NotRic is just a temp; our real Ric had surgery and is temporarily out of commission, but will be back. As soon as the announcer said "The role of Ric Lansing will be played today by..." I was sad. Rick Hearst is such a delight as the extremely complex Ric Lansing; I can't imagine anyone else able to truly fill his shoes. He and Maurice Benard have such tangible chemistry in their on-going sibling rivalry; it would be very difficult to get lightning to strike twice.

Speaking of chemistry, Kin Shriner seems to have it with everyone, though it's adversarial rather than sweetness and warmth. Scott had Tracy carted off to jail while the Q's casually sipped their martinis and watched her get dragged away without any of them jumping to her defense. The only one engaged was Ghost Alan who was nearly gleeful in telling Tracy "I told you so!" Logan found another reason to punch Scott, and told Lulu that Scott had ruined his family with a shady business deal, but I suspect the truth is much deeper.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Epiphany get her wish and end up with Lainey for a daughter-in-law? Will Spinelli get a kiss from Lulu before the 4th of July? Will Kate have the forethought to purchase protection before she encounters Sonny's magic sperm? Will Nikolas sick Psycho Granny Helena on Jerry? Will the back of Laura's head come back with Luke at the end of summer?

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