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The canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
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Jerry took Carly and the boys sailing this week, and maybe I'm hallucinating, but I think I saw a little less hatred in Carly's eyes when she looked at Jerry during the 4th of July fireworks.

Christopher Cross already has one solid tie to GH, so I thought it would be fun to drag another of his songs into the fray. Jerry took Carly and the boys sailing this week, and maybe I'm hallucinating, but I think I saw a little less hatred in Carly's eyes when she looked at Jerry during the 4th of July fireworks. She knows full well what his Dark Side is capable of, but she is beginning to see glimpses of his humanity. She has started to see the part of him that Jax is willing to fight for. She doesn't trust him at all, but she's softening, just a little. Of course, Carly's Mom Bobbie was once in love with Jerry, so why they haven't played that angle, I'll never understand. It could be a great reversal of roles - Carly has spent years defending Sonny to Bobbie, now Bobbie could extol the virtues of Jerry Jacks to Carly and defend him as a "good man." Michael and Morgan are of course are oblivious and just think Uncle Jerry is a really cool dude who takes them places. I wonder how long Sonny will stay silent before he warns Michael not to let Jerry get too close?

Probably at least awhile, as he is fairly preoccupied with Kate right now, and although he's casually interested in his family, Kate's his current obsession. The fact that Jason is in jail, and a psycho like Jerry is sitting on a sofa with his children doesn't enthrall Sonny nearly as much as Kate busting into his living room uninvited. BTW, that's my greatest of all pet peeves. I have 2 friends, count 'em, 1, 2 who are welcome to drop by my house unannounced. But if anyone else did that, like some old flame I haven't seen in 20 years, I would not be nearly as gracious and accommodating as Sonny. I would most likely say "Hey freak show! We broke up in 1980, get over yourself and go away." Or maybe not, I suppose it would depend on what mood I was in at the time they knocked. Maybe that's Sonny's deal. Carly has married Jax, Emily is back with Nik, Alexis is battling cancer, Amelia is just using him for his body, so Kate showed up when he's lonely and vulnerable and he can't resist dancing with the past and finding out the answer to the question we all ask ourselves, "What if?"

Maybe Sonny can impress Kate by getting her front row seats to the Eli Love concert! I almost spit out my Pomegranate Blueberry Iced Tea on that one. Okay, let's say you're a dead ringer for a rock star. Let's imagine for the sake of the exercise that I look exactly like Madonna. Every day, every place I go - to the grocery store, to my office, to the beach, to a restaurant, don't you think that at some point in life someone would have said to me, "Hey, lady, did anyone ever tell you that you look just like Madonna!" Of course.

But apparently, Noah Drake just found out this week that he's the identical twin of a famous singer who presumably has had a long career. Silly to be sure, but if it means I get to hear Rick Springfield sing on GH, I'll swallow any crap explanation that they feed me. As far as the fight between Noah and Patrick goes, I don't think either of them is objective enough to operate on poor Eli. It's like in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker pulls off Darth Vader's mask and finds his own face revealed. Too creepy.

Tracy has escaped the Cuckoos Nest and has come to see Dillon, played by the fabulous Scott Clifton, who is about to leave us. Tracy is extremely reluctant for her son to leave. That makes two of us. I love Dillon's character. Last summer this time, he was front burner, right in the midst of the Lulu abortion debacle, but then, he got pushed into the background. I can see why he wants to leave; he's a shining star that deserves more than what he's been given. When Spinelli entered the canvas, Dillon was relegated to one of the 3 amigos fighting for crumbs at Lulu's feet. Why they broke up Georgie and Dillon is still a mystery to me. Why does Lulu need 4 boyfriends (Spinelli, Dillon, Milo and Logan) while Georgie gets none???

Dillon and Georgie had more chemistry together than anyone they've been paired with since. Professor Pete became a ghost - I think when he went to Vegas with Patrick he just stayed there and decided to work his way through all the buffets. Dillon and Lulu never connected as a couple, so he just got left by the wayside thrown into random scenes here and there, but without any real direction. What a terrible shame. Scott Clifton has chemistry amazing with Luke, Tracy, Ned, Georgie, Lulu, Spinelli - anyone he's in a scene with, he just oozes charm. I hate to see him go, and while I am rooting for his career success, I hope he comes back to GH someday. We need a literate movie geek on the show. Maybe he'll come back as bona fide a film snob, but that's okay with me, too. Just as long as he comes back. Thanks for a great ride, Scott, we'll miss you.

If I were king of the forest, we'd keep Dillon and ditch Cooper. He really doesn't do much other than lunge in bed with Maxie. He's supposed to be Sonny's plant in the PCPD, so why didn't he tip Sonny off that Jason was about to be arrested for jumping bail? What good is it to have a snitch on your payroll if they don't snitch?

Logan is growing on me. Mostly because we finally got the payoff that he is Scott Baldwin's son, and I am anxious to see that play out. It appears that Scott didn't know he had a son, and seems totally shocked by the concept, so perhaps Logan will cut him some slack if Scott truly didn't know about him. Time will tell. I think Logan is actually becoming invested in Lulu, more than just a means to win a bet. This of course would set up Baldwin vs. Spencer, the Next Generation - as Luke will NOT be into his daughter dating Scott Baldwin's son, and vice versa.

Wonderful random moments this week; Epiphany talking about how a musician changed her life; Carly and Jason's jailhouse goodbye; Lulu telling Dillon she doesn't have feelings for him so he will feel free to go and follow his dream. Tracy busting into the Q mansion escaped from Shadybrook in Laura's wig; Carly telling Elizabeth off and almost stumbling onto the truth.

Last but not least, Sam. Boy is she in for an old fashioned hair pulling, face slapping, cat fight when Carly finds out Sam saw Jake's kidnapping and did nothing. Mind you, Carly doesn't know Jake is Jason's son, but she does now her best friend is in Pentonville for jumping bail which he did to rescue Liz's baby - and she will hold Sam accountable for that, as will Sonny. Sam's first instinct is to call Alexis and see how she can legally cover her own butt from witnessing a crime and staying silent, and then moves into mode 2 - "Go to the bar and drink." And finally, into Phase 3 - "Lie to Sonny." Oops, big mistake.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Maxie bet Mike if he sells 12 bowls of chili she will sleep with him? Will Baby Jake and his 'cousin' Spencer get together for a play date and be seen again around Christmas? Will Lainey realize Tracy has broken out of Shadybrook before or after her date with Stan? Will Sonny stop boffing Amelia on his desk once he and Kate finally hook up? Will Night Shift hurry up and start so we can get rid of the bimbo nurses and the long haired doctor who looks like Jay Mohr in a bad wig? Will Eli Love perchance have a song called "Jessie's Girl"?

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