Baby, I broke them all for you

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Baby, I broke them all for you
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After literally years of pushing it down and keeping it quiet, I think Liz is about to break all the rules for Jason and admit to Lucky she's in love with him.

Before we even scratch the surface of GH- Here's a music tip: If you haven't heard a song by Brandi Carlile called The Story, you're missing out on a fabulous tune. Go to your preferred download site, and listen. Or, if you have My Space, it's on my homepage, - That way you'll know where this week's title comes from - I know some of you keep score of my pop culture references. :

Now to GH...Why did I reference this song? After literally years of pushing it down and keeping it quiet, I think Liz is about to break all the rules for Jason and admit to Lucky she's in love with him. Mind you, she didn't get this brave on her own, Lucky asked her point blank. And honestly, if Lucky sensed it enough to pose the question, what would be the point of lying? I want her to say it. I want her to look Lucky in the eye and say "Yes. Yes, I am in love with Jason." Say it Liz! Say it! When Lucky asked her face to face, "Are you in love with Jason?" I was screaming "SAY YES!" at my TV, because I just want her to bite the bullet and tell the truth. Just let all the ugly pieces fall where they may. I want Liz to stop being codependent and basing her life choices on whether or not Lucky will start popping pills again when he finds out, I want her to just let herself love who she loves and stop trying to carry the fate of Lucky and his choices on her shoulders. God Liz, please, JUST ADMIT IT.

But here's the catch. She loves Lucky, too. He was her high school sweetheart, they have a long history together- they're married. They made vows to God. They have a big extended family and a stability of life that Liz depends on for the sake of her kids. She's torn between the past and the future. Sadly, the Lucky she fell in love with isn't the Lucky she's married to today. The current version of Lucky is fairly cruel to her, as in blaming her for Jake being kidnapped, and tormenting her every time she talks to Jason. When Maxie came to the door to "offer her condolences" about Jake being kidnapped, Liz would have had every right to kick her to the curb, but she was decent and polite even though Maxie was the one who seduced her husband and scored drugs for him all last summer - feeding his addiction, which is what lead to Liz to that fateful one-night stand with Jason.

As a viewer, I'm torn, too. I have seen Lucky and Liz over the years (and with 3 versions of Lucky, I might add) and I know how deep their history runs, and how much they have overcome over the years. I respect their commitment and their history, and part of me is rooting for them to make it just because so many people give up on their marriages at the first sign of trouble, and I want people to say a marriage can weather storms, even huge ones, and still survive. My Dad used to say "Love isn't a feeling, it's a decision." And that's true. Lucky and Liz may not feel particularly giddy about one another right now, but even after the truth of Jake's paternity comes out, they could still make their marriage work if they are willing and able to forgive. Liz didn't carry this secret around because she was evil, but because she was trying to protect Lucky from going back to drugs, and trying to protect her child from Jason's criminal lifestyle. Seriously, girls, if you got knocked up by a hit man and your child was going to be a target for other thugs to kidnap - wouldn't YOU try to find a better way to raise your child?

But danger aside, Liz has a genuine adoration for Jason. He's her hero. She's his angel. Liz and Jason find their way back to one another time and time again. Between lovers and marriages and ups and downs, this connection they have is undeniable and there is a magnetic pull that has been there long before Jason ever heard of Sam. They have a child together, and that bond will connect them eternally whether or not they ever come together as a couple.

I only care about 3 of the 4 players in this Saga, Liz, Lucky, and Jason. But Sam? I could care less. Throw her to the wolves. Mind you, this has nothing to do with Kelly Monaco or her acting. I think she's fabulous. I just think the writers have written her character into a corner and Sam ahs become completely unsympathetic, there is no justification for her latest actions, like watching a baby being kidnapped and staying silent. It's unforgivable and I hope Jason doesn't forgive her. Put her with Ric, or Jerry, or some other snake. Jason's too good for her. Even though he's a hit man, Jason has more scruples in his trigger finger than Sam does in her whole body.

In other news, Logan got shot, Coop shot him, Maxie bandaged him up, Lulu was feisty and concerned, Ric was making deals, (a.k.a Blackmail) Alexis was getting flustered by Jerry, Carly was fighting with everyone but "her husband" Jason, Anna was "dropping in", Eli Love was talking with that very sexy accent, Noah was pretending to be a boring doc but we know a Rock Star heart beats beneath that lab coat, Lainey pretended to like a sweaty rooftop beer because Stan's so darned cute, Robin and Patrick get punished for caring for an uninsured patient, Night Shift premieres, Dillon leaves town with Ned and I'm sad to see them both go, Robin tells off Lucky (GO ROBIN!) for arresting Jason after he saved Jake, Ric shows Sonny what he's got on Jason, Diane gets sassy with Sonny and Jason (she's been a great cast addition, I like her almost as much as Spinelli for comic relief) Amelia threatens to expose Kate as Connie and Sonny jumps to her defense with a little blackmail.

It's been a great week, and so much has happened, I should write 5 more pages on the above list, but - time is out, I'm already late. My puppy Bushi had an allergic reaction to shots, and so I was playing Puppy Nurse and it's hard to use your laptop when your lap is full of sick puppy. 9

On another note, MANY of you wrote about Night Shift and here are the answers to your 2 Most Burning Questions;

1) Are GH and Night Shift supposed to be in sync? NO. They are independent of one another. For instance, on GH, Jason is in prison, and on Night Shift, he's free as a bird. They are two independent shows which have the same characters, but storylines will not necessarily coincide. 2) If I don't get SoapNet in my area, can I see Night Shift? Call your cable company and ask them to add SoapNet, because as far as I know, it's only going to be broadcast on SoapNet.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will more magical hoses that were never there before emerge for Jerry to have wet t-shirt fights with Carly? Will Ghost Alan go back to the Q mansion and just sit in his chair even though Tracy's back in Shadybrook? Will the High Security guards at Pentonville ever think to check Photo ID's so people like Liz can't pretend to be 6'1" male cops and tall blondes like Carly can't pretend to be a petite brunette like Brenda? Will Logan die of infection since Maxie, whose previous medical experience as a volunteer was passing out magazines, was the one to bandage him up? Will Georgie get to date Spinelli when Lulu dumps him for Logan?

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