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Man, I love to watch catfights.

Man, I love to watch catfights. Seeing Carly and Sam do some good old fashioned hair-pullin' and face-slappin' reminded me of a college birthday party where my BFF Betsy slapped our friend Beth in the face after a very drunken Beth said "Why don't you just slap me! I know you want to! C'mon, Slap me." so Betsy obliged her request and hauled off and WHACK'd her hard across the chops! I have never slapped anyone in my life, but it sure looked fun and Betsy didn't appear to have any regrets.

Nor did Carly regret slapping Sam. In fact, if Diane hadn't shown up, Sam would have a broken nose and a rib or two out of place and Carly would be coughing up hairballs. Frankly, Sam had it coming. Carly, in my opinion is the superior human being. In spite of all the nonsense she has pulled over the years, she is fiercely loyal. Even though Carly and Sonny broke up, she would NEVER side with Ric and testify against him. It would be unthinkable to her. Carly will be loyal to those she loves as long as she is breathing.

Loyalty is such an uncommon quality. People pretend to be your friends, but rarely ever are when it gets right down to it. When you have to move, or need a ride to the airport or someone to dog-sit, then you find out who your real friends are. Sam isn't anyone's real friend. In fact, Sam doesn't have any friends. Even her Mom can barely stand her. Sam is all about Sam and what's good for other people never enters her little pea brain. She's mad at Jason and is willing to make him pay for a lie with his freedom for the rest of his life.

I feel sorry for Kelly Monaco, I really do. This is a 180 for Sam's character. In the past, she's been a pretty loyal person. Over the years people have been rooting for Sam and Jason, but the writers have now made Sam so despicable, there are very few viewers still in her corner. In the past few months, we've discovered that she's been married a bunch of times before, murdered someone in self defense, watched an unbalanced woman kidnap a newborn baby and said nothing... That doesn't make the character very likable. By the way, is it just me, or does Jake look like he's a year old already? When I saw him in extended scenes with Jason on Nightshift, he seemed pretty darned mature for an infant.

Can Sam be redeemed? Well, if she backs down and doesn't testify against Jason, maybe. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a Sam and Lucky pairing. Both of them were lied to about baby Jake's paternity, so they can commiserate if nothing else. Seeing her in any sympathetic situation would help.

I do quite enjoy Kate and Sonny together. It's the first match they have had for Sonny in a long time that was actually exciting to watch. The best part is Kate's internal struggle. The part of her that is Connie Falconeri, the part she has tried to hide and push down for years is suddenly reemerging, while the self invented Kate Howard views Sonny as a threat to everything she wanted to run from. Are the two versions of her merging? Which side will win out? I don't know how long any woman can resist Sonny though, so she may as well give in now and just receive his magical sperm. She may already be pregnant. I'm guessing in her drug addled state she didn't think to use a condom.

Another romance that has captured my attention is Anna Devane and Noah Drake. Robin and Patrick's protestations aside, this is a Super Couple in the making in my humble opinion. Rick Springfield and Finola Hughes both have charisma galore, and it's good to see them doing something other than lecturing their respective children. I hope we get to see much more of this budding romance. I hope Robin and Patrick set aside their concerns and acknowledge that their parents are happy and having fun together! This is a great storyline.

But poor Bobbie, first Noah comes to town and doesn't say Boo to her, and then Jerry Jax does the same - apparently either A) Bobbie is very forgettable, or B) The writers are very forgetful about GH history. My guess is "b".

Now to other questions; why does Ric still have a job? Alexis was D.A. and Ric was filling in for her *temporarily* while she underwent chemo. Now, she is apparently fine, so shouldn't Ric have stepped down and given her back her job? Not to mention that he's lousy at it - when the PCPD's prized prisoner gets attacked by a van full of armed gunmen in the PCPD parking lot, apparently Ric really doesn't have things under control. The mayor alluded to giving Ric's job to Scott Baldwin (which frankly would be great TV) but in truth, the person elected to that post is still Alexis.

Not only was Jason able to single-handedly take out all the gunmen, he did it while handcuffed and shackled. The PCPD should be trying to recruit him; he'd instantly be the best cop they ever had. He saved Amelia's life, too, and in doing so, won a fan who says she is going to use her media connections to get him out of jail. If she does, she'll have a friend in Carly for life, and it's about time Carly got another girlfriend. Ever since Courtney died, Carly hasn't had a gal pal, and she needs one. All girls need a best friend. God knows I struck the jackpot with mine. Will that be Amelia's ultimate revenge for her Dad's murder? Taking Jason away from Sam?

Of course Amelia, like Liz can't handle Jason's violent lifestyle. I wouldn't be able to handle it either, no matter how fine Jason is. Many of you ladies have said "Jason needs a woman who can accept what he does for a living." Well, here's another point of view - maybe if Jason loved his son enough, he'd make a sacrifice for him and give up killing people for a living. He could go back to fixing motorcycles, or legitimately running Sonny's coffee business so he could be a Dad to Jake without endangering his life. Has anyone tried that idea on for size? Why is it always that the women in his life have to accept that he's a hit man? Why can't he stop being a hit man if he really wants a family?

But I digress. Amelia believes the power of the media can free Jason, and it will be interesting to see if she is the hero in this case, or if Jerry pulls through. But one way or the other, I'd like to see Jason out of that damned prison garb and into his normal threads.

Another area where GH excels is that its 'B' players are so delightful. Carolyn Hennesy as Sonny's attorney Diane is brilliant. The looks she gets on her face when she hears something she doesn't want to know, the absolute annoyance she can convey at any given moment - she's just so funny and expressive. I love her. Not to mention the ever entertaining Damian Spinelli's, Alice the maid/Lady Wrestler/, our new drug addicted Iraq War vet Cody, Max the bodyguard - we just have a plethora of folks that make Port Charles unique and constantly interesting.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Maxie promise to score drugs for some other stoners and get the crap kicked out of her when she backs out? Will Elizabeth remember she has another son named Cameron? Will Scott Baldwin's daughter Serena ever make an appearance to meet her new half-brother Logan? Will Sonny get horny and slip some more Viagra into Kate's latte? Will Eli Love recover only to find Noah Drake is better at being a rock star than he is? Will Sam be able to find a suitable place to rent in Port Charles now that she's such a big TV star? Will it ever stop annoying me every time Maxie says "Coop"? Will Lulu ever realize she's 18 and thus can leave the Q house anytime she wants, and can date anyone she pleases?

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