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For the Week of September 10, 2007
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Airport margaritas
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First, allow us to pay our respects to Leticia, may she rest in peace. The *instant* she said, 'No, no, I'll stay behind and pack, you go on ahead,' I knew she was a goner.

I am currently in the Atlanta Airport, deep into my three-hour layover. I may or may not have had an $8.50 margarita at the airport bar to pass the time. It may or may not have impeded my ability to type and think. You decide after reading this. I can sit in the airport, possibly tipsy, and write my column on my laptop due to the 21st century wonder of wireless Internet. I feared I would be unable to find such a thing outside of my highly wired hometown of San Diego, but alas, Atlanta surprised me. I may or may not remember any of this tomorrow.

First, allow us to pay our respects to Leticia, may she rest in peace. The *instant* she said, "No, no, I'll stay behind and pack, you go on ahead," I knew she was a goner. Well, she hasn't had much of a life anyway. It basically consisted of getting the slip from Michael and Morgan. In fact, she may be one of the worst nannies on record. Her charges have run away at least 20 times. She did have a brief flirtation with Reginald, the Q's old butler back when Michael was an infant, but that was short-lived after Alice took Reg's job. But now, Sonny and Carly will have to find a new nanny, and they will hopefully do a better job of screening than Nikolas did when he hired Nanny McFreak, Colleen.

She was the first casualty in the impending mob war between Sonny's people and the new and lethal mob boss, Anthony Zacchara. We haven't seen him, but we hear Trevor works for him. There is a rumor about that Trevor may actually be the mob boss and running the mob in that "Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain" Wizard of Oz way, but I'm not sure I buy it. All we know for sure is that ever since he showed up in town, the weirdness level of Port Charles was raised a notch or two.

Could it really be that Ric is willingly handing Molly over to Alexis? Or that Jason is working with Jerry, the man responsible for his father's untimely death? Or that Sonny gets Kate by default because Trevor gave up a hot little number like Kate Howard just because she won't stop climbing over the security wall and randomly showing up on her neighbor Sonny's patio? Crazy.

Also crazy is the Skank Factor in Port Charles. For instance, Sam dropping by Lucky and Liz's place to tell Lucky, "No, no, don't save me and my ultra perky bosoms; you have a family, and I would never forgive myself if you got a scratch on your pretty face protecting me." Yeah, whatever.

I was delighted to see Liz and Lucky starting to reconnect this week. They were enjoying one another, talking a water fight, laughing together, teasing each other. Real marriages survive mistakes. I can say that with some authority, as I have been married almost 20 years, and you don't live with another human being for 20 years without one or both people messing up. I want Lucky and Liz to say, "Okay, we both blew it. Let's dig in and fix things and get on with it." But, that is most likely not to be because there is still a lie between them -- Jake is not Lucky's son, and when that little nugget comes to light, fuggedaboutit, game over. Besides, I want Jason to have his son, too. It's easy for me to understand Liz's confusion in all this, as I'm confused too. Part of me wants Liz and Lucky to fix their marriage, part of me wants Jason to get his son, and I can't see how those two different things can work in harmony.

I am enjoying the harmony between Spinelli and "Loyal Friend and Dispenser of Wisdom," but I think Georgie wants more from Spinelli than friendship. She digs him, but he's so strung out on "the Blonde One," he doesn't even realize Georgie is interested. She has that moony-eyed look when she sees him, and I am delighted that someone finally truly appreciates Spinelli that's an actual female flesh and blood being instead of a daydream or fantasy. I want our nerd to win at love, and I hope he takes this time while Lulu is off at sea with Lesley to pay attention to the other girl in town.

Nikolas is up to something, but I can't figure out just what. Alfred, the loyal but creepy butler, is overstepping his boundaries again, but this time it's more than tricking Emily into dropping by. If anyone figures out what is going on before I do, by all means, let me in on it.

I am now officially on vacation, and on my way to Ohio and Florida to visit family. See you in a couple of weeks!

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Michael and Morgan feel too guilty about Leticia's death to take advantage of the free room service they were promised? Will Alexis even enjoy having Molly home since she didn't get to fight with Ric over the custody win? Will Coop try to tap Lulu now that he caught Maxie with Logan? Will Sonny make Kate move into his house for special protection and Lotsa Pasta when she refuses to go back to Manhattan?

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