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For the Week of September 17, 2007
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Lizzie's got a gun!
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And by the looks of it she knows how to use it!

And by the looks of it she knows how to use it!

Hi everyone! It's me Liz and I'm once again filling in for the Devine Miss Tamilu who will be away for the next couple of weeks. So without further ado, let's review this week on General Hospital.

We had official confirmation that, alas, Leticia is dead. Zacchara appears to be the one who ordered the murder but Jason has his doubts about it. He made a good point to Sonny. Why would Zacchara suddenly start killing without at least first calling for a meeting? Jason urged Sonny to back off on killing Trevor until they could get some information out of him but Sonny is too filled with rage to listen. He wants him dead. Trevor is pushing every single one of Sonny's buttons and Sonny wants it to end NOW.

Unfortunately Sonny may be too late. Trevor is already causing quite a bit of trouble for those close to Sonny. Besides possibly putting the hit on Leticia, he has convinced one of Kate's biggest clients to pull ads from her magazine. This is a career killing move. He is miffed with her for choosing Sonny over him. There was quite an ugly power play between Sonny and Trevor on Kate's patio shortly after she realized how easily Trevor could destroy her dreams. Terrified of seeing everything she worked for slip away, Kate was forced to tell Sonny that she never wanted to see him again. It wasn't enough for Trevor. Apparently before he left, he spiked Kate's iced tea.

At the end of Friday's show, Kate was clearly struggling as she was driving heaven knows where. She looked down a tad too long and when she looked up, you guessed it, she wrecked. I have no idea why any of Sonny's women bother driving. They all eventually end up crashing. The man should come with some kind of warning. Something like "WARNING: Likely to cause pregnancies and car crashes while under the influence of Sonny."

Spoilers say Sonny will stand by her side as she is wrongly accused of DUI.

Another spoiler nugget that I find interesting is that these mob murders may not be exactly as they appear. There are suggestions, that there is a sleeper, someone who is trusted but has nefarious intentions, in town that is committing the murders. Supposedly, there will be subtle clues with each murder to help identify the murderer. I admit, I'm intrigued. The idea that there may be a plant in Sonny's organization (beyond the monkey Logan) is a wonderful twist.

Speaking of Logan, line of the year goes to Edward Quartermaine when Tracy suggested that Luke may divorce her if Lulu moves in with Logan. With a devious smile, Edward took Lulu's hand and put it in Logan's telling her, "Oh. Well, then what's keeping you? Here. Just take the monkey and run." I absolutely howled. It's positively wonderful to see the Quartermaines together. I would rather see them arguing about something other than Lulu and her ridiculous relationship with Logan, but I'll take what I can get.

So back to Leticia's murder.

The minute Sonny realized Zacchara could be behind Leticia's murder, he had Carly and the boys whisked off to his island. Jax was miffed. He's trying hard to outmaneuver Sonny but all he gets for his efforts is a rental car blown up and a missing family. I hate seeing Jax behave so territorial. He seems to have forgotten that Michael and Morgan are Sonny's sons, not his. Sonny has a right to protect his children if he feels that they are threatened. Jax has to deal with that as someone who entered into this blended family thing.

Alexis meanwhile packed up Molly, Kristina and Viola and took a wing at Wyndemere. With Nikolas' security they should be safe.

News of Leticia's murder hit Elizabeth pretty hard too. She realizes that even if no one knows that Jake is Jason's son, she and her kids could still be a target because they obviously mean a lot to Jason. He did jump bail to rescue Jake from a kidnapper and landed back in jail for his troubles. Plus there was that incident in the park with Sam's hired thugs. Elizabeth doesn't know that she was behind it so as far as she is concerned it could have been Zacchara's men.

It bothers me that Jason says he's in love with Elizabeth but he keeps her in the dark about some very important things. Like Sam's involvement with Jake's kidnapping, who hired the goons and of course that Sam knows the truth about Jake. As does Lulu, Spinelli, Diane, Sonny, the butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

While Lucky was off investigating Leticia's murder, Elizabeth was at home alone with the boys. As she came downstairs from putting them to bed, she heard a strange noise. After a few more minutes of strange noises and no replies to 'hark who goes there?', Liz went to the coat closet (I love how everyone keeps their guns there) and punched in the code for the lockbox that held Lucky's backup gun. After turning off a light, Elizabeth made her way around the house until she saw a shadow and heard someone walk up on the front porch. Holding that gun like a professional, she threw open the door and nearly shot off poor Grandma Lesley's head. Lesley decided to stop by late at night to drop off presents she bought while on the cruise.

At Carly's house, Lucky's hackles raised when Jason walked in. I don't know if he went temporarily stupid because of jealousy or if Lucky is just that much of a moron but he actually asked Jason if there had been any disputes between Carly and Leticia recently.

Nice, Lucky. Did you forget Carly is your cousin? Can you really see her taking a phone cord and strangling the life out of the one woman who has been a constant in the lives of her children? Somehow, Jason managed not to break out into gales of laughter. I was not so fortunate so I missed what Jason said. His expression seemed to say "Are you on drugs?!?"

After leaving Carly's, Lucky decided to check on Sam. It was a good thing because Sam was having all kinds of foot traffic through her apartment. First Jerry stopped by for a little ransacking and blackmailing. He ordered Sam to sleep with Trevor to get information on Zacchara or else he will kill her. Sam suggested he call another call girl but Jerry pointed out that she was actually more of a temptation to Trevor because she'd slept with all of his rivals...Sonny, Jason, and Ric. After Jerry walked out Nik stopped by in the hopes of convincing Sam to move in with him at Wyndemere. Nik wasn't making the offer because he wanted to get to know his cousin a little better. He and Emily wanted to keep an eye on Sam to make sure she didn't seduce Lucky.

They have good reason to be worried. Lucky is not just hooked but being reeled in. When he stopped by Sam's place, he found her in her brand new hot tub. He practically swallowed his tongue when she stood up and gave him a nice long healthy look at her scantily clad glistening body. Touched by his concern for her well being, Sam gave him a nice big hug before throwing a cover-up over her bikini.

Lucky resisted temptation. Just barely though.

He raced home and was confronted by Elizabeth who was not happy to learn her husband had been at Sam's while she was scared out of her wits.

Elizabeth knew where Lucky was because she had called the station and been informed that Lucky went to check on Sam.

Lucky should really have a talk with his loose lipped co-worker.

Lucky took it down a notch after that. He and Elizabeth at down to talk about their relationship and unfortunately when he leaned in to kiss his wife, Liz wasn't receptive. As she told Emily the following day, Lucky would come home high on drugs and want to have sex with her. He acted the same way the night before only now his addiction was Sam. She wasn't about to be Sam's stand in when Lucky came home all hot and bothered after spending time with her.

Lucky took Elizabeth's rejection as an excuse to sleep with Sam. He went over to Nik's and pretty much tried to test out his reasons for sleeping with Sam. Nik wasn't buying it. He told Lucky that Sam only wants to hurt Jason and Elizabeth. Lucky, naturally defended Sam. He insisted that they understood each other and that she respected and appreciated him. Nik realized his brother was blind to how he was being used so he tried to talk to Sam.

Nik should have saved his breath. Earlier, Sam placed a call of help to Jason, sounding distraught and scared. When he showed up, she took Jason out to the show him her new hot tub where she intended to have sex with Lucky. Jason was more annoyed that she lied to get him to come over. Sam was furious when he told her that next time she makes a call like that he won't come because he won't believe her.

So, Sam had no interest in stopping Lucky if he wanted to sleep with her. As Nik stood there trying to talk sense into Sam, Lucky showed up. He'd just stormed out of his house after Elizabeth told him that she would not be his substitute for Sam. Nik realized that there was no saving his brother from the path he was determined to take. He left Lucky and Sam to self destruct and went over to see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth wasn't surprised when Nik told her that he'd just left Sam and Lucky together. I think she realized that it wasn't a matter of if but when Lucky was going to sleep with Sam.

As the show closed, Lucky ripped off his shirt and joined Sam in the hot tub. He was all over her as he climbed in, so there seems little doubt about what's going to happen next. It's sad because they've clearly learned nothing from their mistakes last Summer.

You can read more of Liz's take on General Hospital -- as well as All My Children and One Life to Live -- in her blog. Click here for more.


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