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For the Week of September 24, 2007
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Dirty, sexy, revenge
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That's what this week was supposed to be all about...dirty, sexy revenge, at least, according to the commercials. Did it live up to the hype?

That's what this week was supposed to be all about...dirty, sexy revenge, at least, according to the commercials. Did it live up to the hype?

We certainly weren't lacking for dirty deeds. First there was Maxie, who took great delight in shattering Lulu's illusions of love by sharing every lurid detail of her pact with Logan. Naturally, Lulu was devastated and ran out of the apartment before Logan could explain things to her.

As if that were explainable.

Logan refuses to accept responsibility. Logan wasn't forced to have sex with Maxie. He could have done the honorable thing and simply said "No." Then he could have marched his butt on over to Lulu's house and told her the truth. Sure, Lulu would have been mad but eventually she would have gotten over it.

She's not going to get over this. How could she?

Of course no one is buying Logan's excuses. Spinelli was so furious with Logan that he nearly knocked Logan off of his feet with a powerful right hook that had him sporting a nasty shiner the next day. I was so proud of Spinelli that I stood up and clapped. Not to be outdone, Milo tracked Logan down and gave him several vicious blows to the kidneys. I don't condone violence as a rule, but I did enjoy that scene. Finally Nik unleashed his inner Cassadine and nearly choked the life out of Logan. Unfortunately, Georgie managed to pry Nik off before he could finish the job.

I'm not sure what's going on with Nik these days but he needs to seriously consider anger management. When he went off on Alexis and then threw that glass at her, he went too far. There are young children in that house. What if Kristina had witnessed that? Or worse, what if she'd been standing nearby and been hit by a piece of flying glass?

On the other side of town, Trevor was doing his own fair share of dirty deeds. Getting an advertiser to pull out of Kate's magazine and spiking her iced tea was just the tip of the iceberg for this diabolical evil doer. Furious over Kate's continued allegiance with Sonny, Trevor has leaked the story to the press, boxed Ric into a position where he is forced to prosecute Kate or be accused of giving her special treatment, and gone to Sam and asked her to do a show about drinking and driving featuring Kate's story. Sam was more than happy to agree since it fits in very nicely with her plans to get closer to Trevor.

Amelia was disgusted by the whole exchange. She's convinced that Sam is just trying to line up a new sugar daddy, not that the truth is much better.

As far as dirty goes, General Hospital did live up to the hype but what about sexy and revenge? It seemed that they were pretty intertwined this week.

There's Sam and Lucky's illicit affair. I admit that I didn't find it all that sexy. It was more sleazy than anything else. They didn't sleep together because there were any romantic feelings for each other. Sam wants to destroy Elizabeth's life starting with her marriage and Lucky wanted to test Elizabeth's love for him.

When they climbed out of the hot tub, Lucky got dressed and Sam, in a total ewwww moment, put her bikini back on rather than dash inside for something clean and dry. They did have some cutesy pillow talk which included the 'no regrets' line. It made me giggle. Of course they didn't have regrets. If they did, Sam would have to confess all she's done and knows and Lucky couldn't have been able to slink back home with the stink of chlorine and his mistress all over him to confront his wife about why she wasn't more upset that he had sex with another woman. All in all though, it was quite sleazy because Lucky never had any intentions of leaving Elizabeth.

In a moment that actually had me hitting the rewind to see if I missed something, Lucky and Elizabeth decided to keep their farce of a marriage going. The why of it truly escapes me because nothing in their conversation leading up that decision indicated that there was any hope of this marriage actually succeeding.

I actually found Sonny and Kate to be sexier that Lucky and Sam. The chemistry between the characters is sizzling and I love the way Sonny is when he's with Kate. It reminds me of the Sonny of old, back when he loved Brenda. He's tender, considerate and most important, a better person when he's around Kate.

Unfortunately for Kate she is a pawn to punish Sonny. In a gripping scene between Sonny, Ric and Trevor, the past is revisited as Kate's future is determined. Ric finally realizes just how twisted and malicious Trevor has always been and how he'd raised him to hate his own brother. Too bad his epiphany doesn't include how much Ric victimized Sonny including recently when he was struggling with his by-polar disorder. My mouth dropped when Ric announced that he would prosecute Kate to the fullest extent of the law not because his father wishes it but to pay Sonny back for all the hell he's caused him.

I also think Jason and Elizabeth are a lot sexier than Sam and Lucky. There's romance there even though it's coming at a very high cost. There's also undeniable chemistry. When Jason stopped by to tell Lucky about Lulu, the way that Jason's eyes devoured Elizabeth was palpable. I honestly could not blame Lucky for being jealous.

I'm also thrilled that Jason finally told Elizabeth that Sam knows the truth about Jake's paternity. Hopefully, Elizabeth will realize that it's not a matter of if but when Lucky finds out. I want her to be the one to tell him, not Sam. Sam is going to twist things around and just make everything worse than it needs to be. I want Lucky and Elizabeth free of each other. Their marriages have done nothing but bring out the worst in both of them.

Overall, I think General Hospital lived up to the promise of dirty, sexy revenge. We had all of those this week and more. I find myself anticipating this week's GH with great relish.

You can read more of Liz's take on General Hospital -- as well as All My Children and One Life to Live -- in her soapcentral.com blog. Click here for more.


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