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Hair (and other important things...)
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GH cost me $50 bucks this week. Or a better way of seeing it, GH stimulated the economy this week.

GH cost me $50 bucks this week. Or a better way of seeing it, GH stimulated the economy this week. I have been eyeing Kate Howard's mesmerizing haircut all summer and couldn't stand it anymore. I went to my hairdresser with a photo of Megan Ward and asked the age old question... "Would this look good on me?" and of course, wanting my 50 bucks, she said "Oh yes, that would be DARLING on you." I got mine a little longer, as it took me SO long to grow out my hair, but in general, that style of cut. I left the salon on Cloud 9. It looked so cute I could hardly stand myself. But then, as is known to happen, the next morning came. For the life of me I had no idea how my stylist made it look so perfect and I doubt it will ever look that way again until I need a trim and have professionals work their magic. All this was just a cautionary tale to others of you who may want Kate's style. It's very cute, but not as easy to attain as it may look. After the cut, you'll need products and a special brush and certain blow dryer settings and lots of spare time. Those discoveries lead me to spend another 35 bucks today at the beauty supply store...When Monday rolls around and the reports say the economy is taking an upward turn, thank Kate Howard.

My personal anecdotes aside, I adore Kate and Sonny together. She's the first woman I have truly liked with Sonny since Vanessa Marcil left. Kate is strong enough to stand up for her independence, but soft enough to fall for his dimples every now and then. She's smart and successful in her own right and doesn't need Sonny's money or influence to get her a job. Of course, now that Trevor has had her blacklisted, that may be another story altogether. Maybe she'll take a shine to having Epiphany boss her around at the hospital and go to Med School. Who knows?

One note regarding GH suddenly merging its Night Shift cast into the mix without explanation... Many of you have written to tell me you don't get SoapNet and have never seen Night Shift. Several viewers have written to say that they only have net access at work, and can't sit at theirs desks downloading episodes for online viewing either. Thus, when several new characters show up discussing incidents many GH viewers haven't seen, it's disconcerting. I got a number of emails this week with questions like "Did I miss an episode?" "Who is Spinelli talking about taking a bullet for him?" "When did Dr. Lee become a nympho?" Etc. Since many viewers haven't seen Night Shift, it's my opinion that if TPTB wanted to merge the two casts and storylines, they should have started GH with a "Previously, on Night Shift" update reel like they do at the beginning of the season of Heroes or Desperate Housewives and remind regular viewers what happened last year as well as bringing new viewers up to speed. I think that would have made the transition easier.

Speaking of transitions, when, oh when, is Spinelli going to realize that Georgie is interested in him? I think his entire love life has been in his vivid imagination, so the fact that a real flesh and blood girl is interested in him hasn't even made his radar. Spinelli is working tirelessly to please Jason, Sonny, Carly, to save Lulu, to find dirt on Trevor, and Georgie has genuinely taken an interest in him, not for what he can do for her with his plethora of nerd skills, but for who he is. I hope he notices soon. I think unrequited love is the saddest thing...Hopefully Georgie will win in the romance department this time around. She's due for a break.

Stupidity is a sad thing, too, and Lulu hasn't got a lick of sense. What in the world does she see in Johnny Zaccarro? He's violent and dangerous and she has been warned by everyone who loves her that he's a threat, and yet she just can't stop herself. How can the same girl who liked sweetheart Dillon be attracted to a gun toting thug? Is she really interested in him, or just doing the Maxie Jones self destructive thing to get even with Logan? Speaking of Maxie, her skanky butt is in front of Logan's door, begging for more even though their last encounter blew up both of their lives.

Sadly, Lulu comes by the stupidity honestly. Her Aunt Carly isn't making much better choices right now, luring a crazy armed young man into the park alone and such. Lulu must have just been a victim of her gene pool.

None of Liz's kids need to fear for their gene pool, as Lucky isn't really the father of either of her sons, and if I were Liz, I would have so played that card at the first mention of custody battles and legal wrangling. Diane and Alexis are having great fun matching wits, but let's be real. Lucky and Liz have spent a great deal of their marriage struggling financially, so to have two lawyers on the clock is probably eating up their rent. Liz, just spit it out and tell Lucky Jake is Jason's kid. You're already divorcing him, he's already bagged Sam - how much worse could it be?

Nikolas knows the answer to that question - it could be so much worse that you have a bloody knife in your hand and don't know why. That would seriously suck. Nikolas' missing pieces of time are coming more frequently, and he never just wanders into the park to smell flowers - it's always some violent rage. Some of you think Helena may have something to do with it, and that's never a bad guess. Of course, Genie Francis is rumored to be on her way back, so maybe she will magically know that Nikolas is in trouble mentally and bust out of her own vegetative state to save her son. She is just THAT good of a Mom.

As to Luke, he's coming back this week and my bet on the first thing he does involves his fist and Scott Baldwin's face. But Scott and Lulu are going to be in cahoots this week, as Scott makes a deal with Lulu - give Logan another chance, and he will drop charges against Luke and give her back custody of her Mom. It's an offer she can't refuse, I suspect. The relationship between Logan and Scott looks very promising. I'm anxious to watch it unfold.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will I start a new drinking game where we all do a shot every time someone says "Couture"? Will Robin forget she is HIV positive and get into a bloody catfight with horny Nurse Layla? Will police chief Mac notice some new guy is in town pulling guns on everyone? Will Spinelli teach us the logistics of making it look like text messages are coming from other people's cell phones so we can send nasty-grams to people we don't like and blame someone else for it? Will Jerry grasp the irony of a hostage-taking terrorist like himself calling Ric a creep? Will I ever learn how to style this haircut?

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