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Those who put the black ink to the white page have come up with another stellar sweeps week storyline.

And those who put the black ink to the white page have come up with another stellar sweeps week storyline; the Black and White ball, which has glamour and lust and murder as various types of mayhem abounds. I'm riveted.

It's hard to pinpoint my favorite minute in the countdown so far...Could it be the hair-pulling name calling catfight between Sam and Liz? Or maybe it was Leyla wimpering over her broken necklace? (I almost like Maxie for 2 seconds) Maybe it was when Georgie actually got to almost dance with Spinelli...I enjoyed watching Johnny konk Trevor over the head to bust out of his house to save Lulu. But I also loved Logan teaching Lulu to dance. Then again, I was also thrilled when Sonny showed up looking more dashing than ever in his tux, and surprised Kate (and the rest of us) who were still worried he had been blown up in Puerto Rico. Then there was Jason speeding out to Wyndemere on a Sea-Doo to try to save Carly from her own stupidity. The tender moment of Lucky and Liz dancing out in the courtyard like they did in days of old ranked high as well... No, Wait. I've got it! It was when Robin asked Nikolas for sperm 3 seconds after he announced his engagement to (the truly stunning) Emily!

Best line of the week - when Luke tells Scott to go be the "Next Shish on the Kebab" after hearing Ric has been...skewered. Tony Geary and Kin Shriner trading barbs could be a show all its own. I've been watching those two spar for nearly 30 years and I never grow tired of either of their precious talented faces. And we needed some comic relief - it's been a violent week, stranglings and danglings and stabbings, and guns and explosions - it's hard to believe the theme song used to be "Love in the Afternoon".

When Anthony Zacchara gunned down 2 of his own goons in cold blood, I was a little startled. But man, it worked! They finally convinced me that he's as crazy as they say. Great casting there, ay? Johnny looked pretty fine in a tux as well. I have to say I am intrigued by the pairing of Johnny and Maxie. That could be a lethal combination, but ultimately fun to watch. GH has far more danger than romance these days, but they toss in enough romance to keep this sucker tuning in every day.

But, apparently not for long. Good Morning America said the first thing to be affected by the Writer's Strike is Soaps. Yikes. What will I do with my life if all the soaps are reruns? Maybe I will actually get my boxes unpacked from when I moved in September. But probably not - there is after all still Netflix. I am such a Pop Culture Ho. I actually took a college class called American Pop Culture and got actual college credit for watching Soaps and reading the Enquirer. That was my favorite class EVER.

Being a writer, I'm instantly inclined to take the writers side. On the other hand, as a viewer contemplating a fall season without new episodes of The Office or House or Heroes or GH - well that just sucks. Did you see how I didn't really give away my position? I could run for office.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Robin find a frozen sperm pop in the hospital freezer and help herself? Or, will she finally take another pregnancy test after she faints for the 3rd time in a month and realize she is already pregnant and discover the reason she's been so crazy is HORMONES? Will Leyla wimper her way to CVS for replacement waterproof mascara? Will Nikolas put the swords away before his next Black and White ball? Will Lucky still thinks Sam and her ample cleavage are so special once he finds out she was behind Jake's kidnapping? Will Elizabeth find a new babysitter since Rachel Ames (a.k.a Gram) has officially retired? Will I keep pausing Jax in his tux on Tivo so I can stare at his Fabulousness? (Yes.) Will there be anything to write about next week if the writers strike goes forward?

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