I've got a weakness for strong chemistry...

by Tamilu For the Week of October 13, 2008
For the Week of October 13, 2008
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GH Two Scoops: I've got a weakness for strong chemistry...
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Once Sonny discovers that Kate and Olivia kept a secret from him all these years in the form of a long lost son, we should plan to do shots every time Sonny uses the word 'betrayed.' You know we'd be hammered 10 minutes in.

Every now and then I drop a David Wilcox line, because he's fabulous and hardly anyone knows he exists. That's just tragic. I went to see him in concert once and I had front row seats. He made eye contact with me during almost the entire concert and I was in love with him for at least a week. But once my über crush faded, I was still crazy for his music. I heard that particular song in my head every time I saw Olivia with Sonny. Those two characters have more chemistry together than Kate and Sonny have ever, ever had. I was somewhat hoping Sonny would throw her down on the trunk of that car she was oil changing and have his way with her. But alas, my vicarious hopes were dashed. Olivia didn't know the mob code about not talking to law officials, so when she gave Alexis actual answers to her questions, Sonny's libido was squashed.

I suggested to a few readers that we should start a drinking game. Once Sonny discovers that Kate and Olivia kept a secret from him all these years in the form of a long lost son, we should plan to do shots every time Sonny uses the word "Betrayed." You know we'd be hammered 10 minutes in. I have a long memory of all the times Sonny has been betrayed in the past and seriously, the dude can't stop saying it.

I can only imagine who they will cast to be Sonny's son. The ad probably reads "Desperately seeking a dark, brooding bad boy type with serious dimples and very white teeth. Must have a New York vibe and no allergies to fake blood."

But back to business. Alexis confronted Karpov, who denied any involvement in Kate's shooting; just as some seemingly Russian thugs were caught prowling around in the Crimson office. Does Anthony Zacharra have a few spare Russian goons lined up in case of emergency? Was Karpov actually in cahoots with Anthony?

Not according to Maximus Giambetti played by the exquisite Vincent Pastore. He heard about the note left in English by Karpov, and declared it was not Karpov because he would never do anything that obvious. Maximus believes his son Max is the head of the Port Charles organization and has weighed in on all pieces of evidence that have come across Jason's ...oops I mean Max's desk. When Maximus slapped Jason upside the head, I howled. I did not see that coming. The sweetest part of all this, is that Vincent Pastore is actually a GH fan and wanted to be a guest. A sheer joy.

Rumor has it he will end up being more than a comic relief. Maximus, retired mobster of yore, will advise Sonny on how to handle his current dilemma. Rumor has it that Sonny will take Maximus' advice, and that advice will wreak havoc on many people for months to come. But for now, I am certainly enjoying Max and Milo's visit from their Papa. Of course, their Dad doesn't really know Milo's name. Kind of like Endora on Bewitched who called Darrin "Derwood" for 8 seasons.

In other news, since Robin and Patrick couldn't seem to work things out on their own, Mac gave them a hand at Anna's suggestion. Mac trumped up a phony charge to arrest Patrick and marched him out of GH in handcuffs as Robin followed along. Down at the police interrogation room, Mac put Robin and Patrick in there together and told them to figure it out. While handcuffed, Patrick got down on one knee and proposed to Robin again, but this time she said yes. Okay, not exactly the big romantic moment we had been hoping for, but with those two, we should just be happy they both finally agreed to get married at the same exact moment.

Nikolas and Nadine haven't faired as well. Nadine assumed their night together meant nothing to Nikolas and decided to do as many things as she could to prove to him it wasn't important to her although it meant everything to her. Nikolas didn't understand her bizarre behavior, and really, could you blame him? She's just too goofy to be taken seriously by Nikolas or anyone. Perhaps she would be a good fit for the equally off-beat Spinelli. Still, all this time later, I have to ask: Why did the powers that be feel the need to kill off Emily?

Emily and Nikolas were a beloved super couple, Emily was the member of the once core Quartermaine family which sadly has been mostly killed off or made unrecognizable. For instance-Tracy as a concerned step mom? Are you serious? She didn't even mother her own children. But I digress. Without Emily around, the writers tossed Nadine in Nikolas' direction and we are supposed to believe he is smitten with her. I for one can't buy it. His past romances with Gia Campbell, Kathryn Bell, Courtney Matthews, and Emily - well, they were not really goofy, quirky girls - so is Nadine a rebound against type?

Of course now that the evil Mr. Craig side of Jerry Jax is reemerging and he is injecting people with unknown substances again, we might not have Nadine around much longer. I don't dislike her, mind you - she's a cute character, I am just not sold on the idea that she is a fit for Nikolas. Call me boring, but I think being able to have a conversation with your lover is a turn on. I can't imagine the two of them having a lot in common to talk about say 10 years down the line. Right now Nik may be slightly amused by her small town Lake Woebegone anecdotes, but he is a Prince after all, so imagine him coming home after a hard day of Prince work and trying to talk about politics or the economy with her when she just gets that blank confused glaze in her eyes. Not a good fit. Just my opinion of course.

A much more promising couple from where I sit is Ric and Claudia; two off balance sociopaths coming together in a steamy embrace. Now that's good drama. Was it the "deal" that got Claudia into bed with Ric, or have they genuinely developed feelings for one another? Well, if my sociopath theory holds true, this romance will only last until one of them gets in the others ones way in some revenge or power play scheme. But maybe I have become jaded in my old age.

Let's be honest, this was a fairly boring week on GH, Maximus aside. It seemed to me that everything that happened was the beginning is a set up, possibly for November sweeps, but nothing moved the plot forward by much. Nikolas wants to buy a piece of the Metro Court. Maxie and Spinelli are going to attempt to put out an issue of Crimson on their own. Claudia and Ric rented a room above Jake's. Johnny took a trip to his dark side and suddenly seemed willing to embrace his role as heir to the mob throne. Nadine was injected with some unknown substance. Jason refused to turn the mob over to Sonny. Elizabeth got put off by Jason and then walked in to see Sam and Lucky kissing. Anthony offered Sonny a job. Olivia informed Kate that Sonny was still in the mob. All of these random events are leading up to something, but we don't know where it's all headed just yet.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Sam miraculously end up pregnant so Lucky can finally have a child of his own? Will Lulu imagine a visit from Dillon and Georgie? (That would be nice.) Will Maxie's issue of Crimson sell way more than Kate's issues and Mate will have to fetch lattes for Maxie instead? Will Maximus and Max have a battle for Diane's affections? Will Sonny give Olivia 20 bucks so she can go to Jiffy Lube? Will Patrick ask new brother Matt to be his Best Man since his only male friend is Coleman the bartender? Will Luke ever hear that his daughter went nuts and come back home?

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