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No. (Is a complete sentence.)
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When I am not writing about GH, I freelance for other websites and I recently wrote an article entitled 'How to Say No to an Unwanted Request.'

When I am not writing about GH, I freelance for other websites and I recently wrote an article entitled "How to Say No to an Unwanted Request." Carly seriously needs to read it. I have taken a very unscientific poll among my divorced girlfriends, "If your ex-husband shot a Russian mobster in the head and showed up at your door all bloody asking you for an alibi, would you give it to him?" Guess what? They all knew the magic word, "No."

"No, I won't get involved in a murder cover up." "No I won't risk my marriage to Jax to save your sorry butt." "No, I won't get involved in the violence that already took one son from us and could put our other son in the line of fire." Those are a few of the things Carly *could* have said rather than "Yeah, Mac, Sonny was with me all night having hot wild monkey sex." Okay, she didn't actually use the words "monkey sex" but she might as well have.

Carly just can't stop herself from wrecking her life. Jax went to her ready to reconcile and she blew him off for Sonny yet again. I want him to forgive her, but I want her to stop being such an idiot. I want me to stop being an idiot, too. I wonder if Carly or I will accomplish that goal first. :

I can't even blame Sonny for going to Carly for help - he knows she will help him no matter what it costs her. And it's not like he could go to Kate for help. She is the most self absorbed creature on the planet. If you disagree, consider Exhibit A - she went to GH this week ostensibly to visit poor Mike who had been beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat, but instead of cheering Mike up, she proceeded to start a fight with Sonny in front of his severely injured Dad.

Chances are their fight would have been worse if Kate had known that Olivia actually witnessed Sonny committing a murder. Sonny's act of murdering Karpov has unleashed an army of angry Russians on Port Charles. They set fire to Kelly's diner (I hope it's not really burned down) and beat Mike to a pulp. They set fire to Jason's office/Sonnybucks Coffeehouse with Olivia trapped inside. We do not yet know how many people will have to pay for Sonny's act of revenge, but we do know Sonny will not learn from this and will repeat it again some day no matter how many people he loves get hurt.

Jason, who is supposedly the brain-damaged one in the mob equation, has far more common sense than Sonny does. Jason refused to turn Sonny's territory back to him because he knew full well that Sonny would start a war. Question- where are Max and Milo? I was on vacation for two weeks and they have been absent since I returned. Did they fly off with their Dad when he left? Why aren't they protecting Sonny and Jason in the midst of this mayhem? They really kind of suck as body guards, think about how many people have died or been injured supposedly on their watch.

Now Sonny has started a war anyway, and is banking on his alliance with whack job (but utterly delightful) Anthony Zacharra as his back up. Does this mean nuptials are pending for Claudia and Sonny? How will Sonny be able to juggle Claudia, Olivia, Carly, and Kate and simultaneously fight a mob war? This should be good. And let's not forget Ric and Trevor are part of this twisted family, too. And a possibly mangled Jerry Jacks. It just keeps getting better!

Speaking of Jerry, Jason and Spinelli tracked Sam down right before the ship exploded. So, Jason got to be Sam's "Everyday Hero." Last week when I mentioned the chemistry between Jason and Sam, many of you agreed. The letters were running 3 to 1 in favor of the Jason and Sam/Lucky and Liz pairings. Many of you want them to swap the couples back to their original partners. Heaven knows the original pairings made more sense. But let's face it; it rarely works that way in real life either. Two decent, hard-working people like Liz and Lucky hardly ever end up together. It's usually one decent hard working person and one lunatic. Two adventure seekers who love a great adrenaline rush never end up together; its one person who wants to climb Mt. Everest stuck with a person who wants to climb Mt. Bed for an "I Love Lucy" marathon. Call me jaded, but I see a lot of mismatched couples out there. But hey writers! Since this is fantasy, let's have some happy endings.

I fear the fate of these 4 crazy kids may have already when Liz and Lucky had a sudden pang of guilt and got all honest and confessed (blabbed) to Laura and Nikolas about baby Jake's true paternity. Heaven only knows who overheard this deep dark secret when Lucky blabbed it to Nikolas at the outside tables at Kelly's just before the creepy Russian mob guys torched the place. I bet that's some info Jason's enemies would love to get their hands on. And chances are they already did.

Then there is Luke and Laura. I have to tell you, I am deeply dissatisfied with the clumsy ending of this storyline. Laura finally woke up from her coma after we patiently watched the back of her head for years, then Boom, she was gone again. I mean no disrespect to the other actors of GH, but Genie Francis can act circles around the rest of the cast. Watching her light up the screen was thrilling.

Why does ABC continually clutter up the canvas with the likes of Dr, Lee, Leyla, Nadine, Sasha, when they could have Laura? I would trade all of the aforementioned characters for Laura. I don't hate any of those other ladies and I don't deny they have beauty and a modicum of talent. But seriously - Genie Francis deserves to be front burner more than once a year as stunt casting. It just irks the hell out of me.

I loved all of her scenes, but one stand out scene was the showdown between the also stellar Jane Elliot as Tracy Q, and Laura debating which one of them was better suited to be Luke's partner. The last line Tracy said to Laura, "He doesn't have to be a hero, he gets to be himself," really got to me.

I think in great relationships, the love we share with that other person makes us strive to be better than we actually are. It makes us reach and grow trying to become the person our beloved believes us to be. It inspires and propels us toward the highest version of ourselves. That's a good thing. That's the ideal- love makes us better.

But Tracy had a point, too. Sometimes it is exhausting trying to be wonderful and perfect all the time when you're not. Sometimes it is very comforting to be with someone who accepts you as you are without lofty expectations. Although Tracy is lying to Laura (and herself) if she says that is how she has loved Luke. Sure, she always takes him back eventually after each of his missteps, but she sure makes him pay along the way.

Laura was leaving on a jet plane and yes, I did see that Scotty Baldwin was squirreled away on the plane to France. Was it all a ploy? Was he the one who faked the doctor's call? Is he still blackmailing Laura to keep Lulu out of prison? Is there more to come for Laura down the road? I certainly hope so.

Nadine is under the impression that Nikolas wants to marry her to get a green card. But can one of my lawyer-type readers set me straight? Since Nikolas' mom Laura is an American, doesn't he automatically have dual citizenship? Why is he suddenly considered a resident alien? Maybe it's just a cheap writer's ploy to get us on board for a Nik/Nadine wedding. I sure hope I am wrong about that.

Earlier I mentioned how self absorbed Kate was, but there is another contender for the title - Elizabeth Weber. Jason has told her possibly 159 times that he does not want to get involved with her because it will put her and the boys in danger. But she keeps coming back which makes me think she is a terrible mother. Seriously - after she saw Michael shot in the brain, I thought she finally got it. But apparently Jason's somethin' somethin' is irresistible because Liz just won't give up trying to make their relationship work. I know many of you defend Liz for "standing up for her needs" but her needs are endangering her kids' lives. I'm just not okay with that. If any of my friends was hot for a hit man, I would have this same talk with them. Sure, Jason is dreamy, but he kills people for a living. Killers are not a good catch, girls.

Although Maxie got in big trouble with Jason for blabbing her mouth about Sam being at his penthouse, I have to admit it made me laugh when Liz overheard and dropped those medical charts and made a beeline to the elevator. As soon as she heard that a dripping wet Sam was cozying up next to Jason's fireplace, Liz almost lifted off the ground flying out of that hospital. Just as Liz and Jason were about to try to iron out all the details of their relationship, Jason saw his office from the hotel rooftop and noticed it was ablaze.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Scott Baldwin re-route Laura's plan to Sing-Sing? Will Port Charles residents become exceedingly groggy now that both Kelly's and Sonnybucks have burnt down and there is no place to get a morning java? Will Spinelli's tracking device on Jerry track him inside the belly of a whale? Will Olivia stop stalking, lurking and eavesdropping on everyone and get a life? Will Sam go back to Jason's and get her clothes, or just keep Spinelli's "probably reeking of weed" clothes? Will all the psychiatrists in Paris speak English to Laura, or refuse to wait on her because she doesn't speak Francais?

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