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What's your name? Who's your daddy?
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In our first case of 'Who's Your Daddy?' we discovered that Luke wants Ethan to be his son.

In our first case of "Who's Your Daddy?" we discovered that Luke wants Ethan to be his son. And, dear readers, I want Ethan to be Luke's son, too. Tony Geary and Nathan Parsons have displayed mad chemistry since the day Ethan showed up at the Haunted Star. I've liked their pairing from the get go. But with the powerhouse dramatic scenes this week, I discovered something wonderful - Nathan Parsons can match Tony Geary's intensity.

That is no small order. Of course that cuts Ethan off the list to be a love match for Lulu, but I'm okay with that. Maybe she will finally give Milo or Spinelli a spin in her desperation for male attention. Or perhaps she will go back to Johnny someday. I don't care, but I love the idea of Ethan as a new brother for Lucky and Lulu to contend with.

The other possible father is Robert Scorpio, but if there was another person on canvas interacting with Robin, my thumb would fall off from fast forwarding. Thus I give that idea a big "thumbs down." The net is bursting with rumors of more possible fathers such as Ethan is a secret Cassadine or Quartermaine. But please, oh please, let Ethan be Luke's kid.

Claudia has a Daddy dilemma of her own. Her impending bundle of joy could belong to Sonny or Ric. If the baby is Sonny's, she will probably get a free pass on having a part in Michael's shooting. Sonny wouldn't kill a pregnant woman. On the other hand, if the baby is Ric's, Sonny might kill both of them just for fun. I can hardly wait to see what Claudia turns up with for maternity clothes. Do they make maternity clothes in black? Sadly, as messed up as Claudia is, I still think she will be a better mother than Robin.

Although I know Claudia did a bad thing, I find myself rooting for her. That can be attributed to Sarah J. Brown's beautifully layered acting. We know Claudia's evil deeds and yet when we are exposed visibly to her vulnerability and inner turmoil, we find sympathy for her. Or at least I do.

Of course, far too many people know what she did, so somewhere along the line the truth will come out. Especially since anyone who wants to can wander into Sonny's supposedly guarded home. Ric has walked in at least 6 times this week; Jerry and Alexis waltzed in too. And since Claudia is on her cell phone in the living room arranging hits with "Fredo" and such eventually someone will overhear her. But possibly with a baby Corinthos on the way, perhaps she will be able to spin it before she gives birth.

Her attempt to blow up Jerry failed miserably, and caught Jason in the crossfire. Jerry scampered away from GH to cause more mayhem in the universe. Jason on the other hand did math in his addled brain and came up with a short list of people who would want Jerry dead. His list included "Claudia."

After discovering that Carly has a possibly fatal blood disorder, Jax begged Jason to keep his brother's role in Michael's shooting away from Carly to save her life. (BTW, I googled ZBT and came up empty handed. Perhaps this is a made up disease, or perhaps I heard the call letters wrong.) Jason said he agreed to "Do what's best for Carly..." but he and Jax might not be in agreement about what that entails. I can just see it now, for the next 9 months on GH "Please, don't let anyone tell Carly that Morgan didn't make a goal in his soccer game, it could give her a blood clot!" "Hey, paper boy! Why are you delivering a paper to Carly that talks about the recession and the swine flu, do you want to KILL her?"

It's going to be brutal. But as long as the Jack's have a healthy baby on the other end, I will endure this storyline. I have been rooting for Jax to have a kid for a long time. And really, don't you want to BE Jax's kid? On the day Carly found out she was pregnant he bought out the entire baby store, so hey, Score! Baby Jax!

Could anyone have imagined how HOT Nikolas and Elizabeth would be together? I know Nik kissed Liz at first just to mess with Lucky and Rebecca. But dear readers, when they went to Jake's and kissed for real and talked about getting a room upstairs? Yowza! I don't mind admitting I got a little tingly. But then Liz started talking about her Brownies and spoiled the mood.

Liz is a fertile little bunny, too - one night with Zander produced Cam and one night with Jason produced Jake, so a one night stand with Nikolas could easily produce a baby brother or sister for Spencer. Wouldn't it be fun to see Helena tangle with Elizabeth? I know there is a contingent of people rooting for Nik to get together with Rebecca, but she's up to something. Is Helena her puppet master, or someone else? At any rate, I was delighted with the Liz/Nik scenes. Lucky can have Rebecca and her plastic surgery scar. Maybe that document that Helena pulled out of her painting had something to do with this? I love a good creepy Cassadine mystery.

Robin let her damned baby roll down the stairs. I am so happy they sent her away to rehab. And frankly, even after she's healed, I probably won't like her much more. The intervention was kind of funny. Let's see, Dr. Lee missed her drinking buddy, Liz is tired of being Robin's free babysitter, and Maxie got creeped out when she had to take Emma to Mercy Hospital when GH was on fire. Robin lashed out at Maxie and said incredibly hurtful things, and then suddenly had an epiphany (no, not the sassy nurse) and realized the error of her ways.

Robin promised to take her meds and not skip therapy sessions (when I was kid we called it "flicking.") but she was told that wasn't an option any longer. Her family and friends, unable to stand her for one more day, just like the rest of us, sent her away for awhile. Good call.

This has opened the door for Patrick and Matt to play "Two Men and a Baby" which should be comical. Matt is already using baby Emma to troll for babes in the park. All this brotherly bonding makes me wonder if Dr. Drake Sr. will reappear someday soon? With Matt and Patrick interacting as brothers, a joint battle with their Daddy Noah sounds juicy.

We got our first glimpse of Nu-Michael. I have decided to give him a chance even though I adored Dylan Cash. It's not the new kids' fault that ABC fired someone, right? I will give Nu-Michael a chance to Wow me, and if he doesn't then I will start whining about Dylan Cash again.

Maxie, Maxie, Maxie. You little attention 'ho. Maxie schemed a fake mugging so Spinelli would rescue her, but in the interim real muggers came along and she thinks they are the muggers she paid for. She's going to get poor Spinelli shot or worse. I do understand how that feels though - when you adore someone with your whole heart and have disappointed them, all you want to do is fix it with whatever crazy means necessary. I hope she pulls it off, because I miss the two of them together as much as Maxie does.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Ethan and Lulu do it before they find out they are related? Will Nikolas and Elizabeth do it and get busted by Alfred the butler? Will Lucky do Rebecca and accidentally call her Emily? Will Carly get upset about Jason having a bump on his head and faint again? Will Jason ever get too much brain damage? Will Luke throw a coming out party for his newfound son when the DNA test comes back? Will the first DNA test be right? Will Jax do a hostile takeover of "Baby's R Us" so he has a steady supply of gifts and outfits for his new baby?

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