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 From hot mess to HOT in 60 minutes flat
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The most bizarre thing happened to me Monday... I was watching General Hospital and the next thing I knew, an hour had passed.

The most bizarre thing happened to me Monday... I was watching General Hospital and the next thing I knew, an hour had passed. I didn't use the fast forward button one time. I even leaned forward a few times on the edge of my seat. I didn't roll my eyes, throw anything at the TV, or yell things at the characters. Dear readers, is it just me, or was GH really GOOD this week?

The Powers That Be said they weren't going to announce when the new writer's stories started airing, but if I were a betting woman (and I am- who wants to meet me in Vegas!) I would bet that we are indeed seeing the fruits of the new writer's labor. A few weeks ago, I could barely make myself watch the show. This week, I could barely take my eyes off it. I rushed home and flipped it on after work each night actually excited to see what would happen.

That's how it was when I first started watching GH back in high school. It started at 3 pm, way before VCRs, DVRs, and Tivos existed. You had to actually be at home when a show aired, it was brutal! School let out at 2:45, and with no traffic and no dilly dallying, I could get home by 3pm for GH. But some days there was traffic, or some kid would forget his books on the bus and the driver would have to stop and let him back on. I sat fidgeting in my bus seat panicked I would miss something WONDERFUL because some idiot forgot his homework.

That feeling of anticipation found me again this week. I prayed there would be no major crimes, Presidential addresses, celebrity deaths, updates on the fate of the seals in La Jolla or any other "breaking" news events that might interrupt GH in the 2pm hour here in San Diego. It was just so fun to watch, I didn't want to miss a minute of it.

The car crash story is brilliant; it draws so many characters in the mix. I love a good mystery. Although Michael confessed to causing Claudia's crash, we viewers know there are other viable suspects. Kristina and Alexis were also tooling around on Harbor View Road like maniacs in matching white hybrid cars no less.

Claudia is going to live through the crash, but as we learned Friday, there's no hope for her baby. I know some of you will be discouraged by that revelation, but I fear it had to be done. Can you see why a solid writer who actually cares about storyline had to end that pregnancy? If Claudia had the baby, the writers would have painted themselves into a corner. There are certain truths in certain characters that are immovable.

Sonny is always unfailingly loyal to his kids and their moms, all 50 of them, so if Claudia kept the baby, it would be set in stone that she would never pay for her crimes. Could you live with that?

On the other hand, if Claudia loses the baby, the doors of possibility burst open for storylines. Claudia might finally get busted for her role in Michael's shooting, which would in turn out Jax, Jerry, Kate and Olivia. All that betrayal, all those secrets, Sonny tossing glasses at the wall, can't you see it now? Claudia losing her baby sets the stage for some big, bold storylines that will captivate us. Or so I am hoping.

For instance, when Carly and Sonny have both betrayed by the people they trusted, odds are they will have another relapse with one another. Jax can freak about his baby being raised by Sonny, and Sonny can choke on having to raise Jax's kid. Olivia can explain why she kept so many secrets from Sonny and he can tell her she's dead to him. (Until he find out she's a baby mama and then he will have to forgive her somewhat.)

Of course that is all just speculation. My point is that the writer's had to get rid of that baby so the storyline didn't dead end. Sonny already has an illegitimate son in town he doesn't know about. I fear a new baby with a woman he loathes and a secret son with a woman he loves might be too much for Sonny to handle and his head might explode.

I am torn about Claudia. Part of me wants to see her pay for her crimes, but the other part of me feels a great amount of sympathy for her. She got pregnant on purpose just to save her sorry butt. However, somewhere along the line, like the Grinch, her heart grew 3 sizes and she fell in love with her baby. Love changes people, and the love on her unborn child has changed Claudia. I enjoyed that transformation and I hope she doesn't lose the softness her pregnancy awakened.

Now on to Michael...When they recast the role, I was peeved and very vocal about it as you know. But I was wrong. Drew Garrett has wowed me since his first line, and he was brilliant this week. The kid has phenomenal range. He goes from intense, angry teen to scared child effortlessly. Dylan Cash was a great actor and we loved him. But they could never have written this sort of story for a 12 year old, and if the outcome of aging Michael 5 years is a riveting story, so be it.

Against Jason's advice, Michael had the impulse to do the right thing and turned himself in to the police. Sadly, we know he might not be guilty of the crime to which he has confessed. The one part that of this incident that didn't ring true was that they put a minor child in adult lock up. Seems to me he would have been shipped to a juvenile facility.

I pity the fool who lays a hand on Michael's blonde head in jail. Sonny probably has a dozen goons spying for him at the PCPD. Which begs the question, where IS Sonny? He's not at the hospital with Claudia. He's not with Olivia. He's not with Carly...Curious minds like mine want to know - could Sonny be the other car who ran Claudia off the road? He's not accounted for which gives me pause. Of course, he could still be in the chapel praying, Sonny does get very religious in a crisis. But in the off season, he kills people. Jesus must be so confused.

The other rapidly aged children have been equally engaging. I didn't like NuKristina the first week. While I am still on the fence about the character in general, I will gladly go on record to say the Lexi Ainsworth who plays her is splendid. I'm angry with Kristina right now, because when her brother Michael confessed his sins to her, she remained silent. She knows full well she could have been the one who caused the crash, too. I'm angry with the character because the actress played it so believably.

Thankfully, we have big sister Sam hot on her trail. Sam knows something is amiss with her little sister and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Rumor has it that Michael and Kristina are going to take off together on the run from their crimes, and that Jason and Sam will have to team up to go on the road to find them. This will supposedly be the catalyst for reuniting Sam and Jason. Hooray.

I know there are many loyal Jason and Liz fans out there and I am certainly not denying that Jason and Liz had great chemistry. I liked them together the three times they actually let them be happy, and I rooted for them for a long time. But when it became clear it wasn't going to happen, I was able to let go. Why? Because I also liked Jason and Sam when they were together and I think as a couple they are more compatible. Sam knows her way around an alley with a gun, and frankly, Jason could use some good back up.

Our other new youngster, the recast Morgan Corinthos (played by Aaron Refvem) has also proven to be a very good actor. The scene he had with Johnny Zacharra this week in the hospital was stellar. First off, I always admire an actor who can give me a good cry, and this kid can produce water like Niagara Falls. I feel sorry for his mom, I bet he can turn those tears on and off like a garden hose. And how could you resist him when he cried?

Morgan was pouring his pure little heart out to Johnny, and inadvertently gave up the secret that could blow his family's life apart. Morgan tearfully confided to Johnny that it was his big brother Michael who accidentally ran Claudia off the road. Karma strikes again, right?

Claudia accidentally got Michael shot, Michael accidentally ran Claudia off the road, so it's even right? Well, I doubt it because the previews showed Claudia snarling at Johnny that someone had to pay. After Claudia loses this baby, there will be no dealing rationally with her anymore, I fear. She'll be at the prison cutting deals with her whacko dad Anthony in no time flat.

Do you know what I found painful to watch this week? Maxie dodging Spinelli's marriage proposal. It was almost unbearable to witness his poor little heart getting rejected ten times in one hour. I understand Maxie's hesitation to make the big leap. She has had zero role models in her life, both of her parents bailed on her and on each other. She's scared and rightly so. But if you could trust anyone in the world with your heart, it would be Damian Spinelli. Hey Maxie, marry him!

Dante, a.k.a. Dominic, is still a mystery to me. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Does he know Sonny is his dad, or does he not? Does Johnny know he's Olivia's son? Does Kate know Dante by site and will she recognize him? (Assuming we ever see her again.)

Speaking of Kate, that's another mystery... Was Kate the love of Sonny's youth, or was Olivia? They have painted it both ways and I am not sure which side Sonny's history they will settle on.

Cheesiest moment of the week? When Patrick accidentally sprained his finger and was unable to perform surgery on Claudia. Robin falling down the stairs at GH makes her the third lady to do so since GH reopened. I think they need some warning signs for the staircase like "These steps are way more treacherous than they appear!"

Still and all, it was a good week on GH and I eagerly anticipate Monday's episode. I am brutal in my critiques when the show is lacking, so I want to be equally enthusiastic when it's good. And this week, dear readers, it was very good.

I get letters every week from people who say "I used to watch GH and I gave it up, but I still read your column to keep up on what's happening." Well my beloved readers, I appreciate your loyalty, but I urge you to give GH another try. It's on its way back and I know you don't want to miss it.

What will happen tomorrow? Will Rebecca have to move in with Coleman when he lends her $20 to drink with? Will Lulu decide she's having a lonely summer and fight Olivia for Johnny? Will the leather store let Claudia return her leather biker maternity pants? Will Carly tell me what her cute haircut is called so I can finally get my hair out of my face? Will Molly take the hybrid for a spin to get some ice cream when she wakes up and finds herself home alone? Will someone please punch Kiefer? Will Edward Q be the one to spring Michael from jail and earn his grandson's eternal loyalty?

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