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I am so glad that Olivia Falconeri didn't listen to the nuns, and slept with Sonny Corinthos in high school.

I am so glad that Olivia Falconeri didn't listen to the nuns, and slept with Sonny Corinthos in high school. If she had been a good Catholic girl, we wouldn't have been treated to all of this "edge of our seats" drama.

We haven't even begun to feel the ramifications of this storyline and my tear ducts are already getting a good workout.

Maurice Benard was so deliciously tortured this week. On Monday, his visit to the chapel to have a little talk with the One who made him left me crying like a baby. The dialogue between Sonny and God was supremely moving. Sonny told God he had done his best by his kids, then hesitated and gasped as he caught himself in a blatant lie mid-prayer and retracted the statement. He had to admit to himself and God that he had not done the best he could by his kids. Sonny had instead chosen a life of violence and crime, which he realized came with consequences.

Sonny wondered aloud if God was punishing him for the life he lived by making him shoot his own son. Okay, in case you didn't go to Sunday school, that's theologically unsound; God doesn't punish us for our sins by making us shoot our children. But warped logic aside, a lifetime of regret crept across Sonny's weary eyes and his confusion, regret, and pain was visible. As I type this, I am crying again just thinking about it. (Of course, we could chalk that up to hormones, too, because I'm feeling especially emotional today.)

That's the redemptive thing about the character of Sonny Corinthos. We know he is a criminal, but we love him anyway because he has certain lines he doesn't cross. Sonny clings to a certain code of honor and he never falters. He is honorable in a way few people are - he is 100% devoted to his kids and is willing to protect them at any cost; even at the sacrifice of his own life and freedom.

Sonny is willing to take the rap for Claudia's murder to save Michael. He only discovered Dante was his son this week, and yet he instantly offered Dante his absolute loyalty. Jason and Carly begged Sonny to skip bail and make a life elsewhere, but Sonny refused to leave his injured son even if he had to risk life in prison to make it right with Dante. And I'm crying again!

Dante, played by the fabulous Dominic Zamprogna, obviously got that part of Sonny's DNA. When Lucky showed up semi-drunk to take Dante's statement, Dante refused to finger Sonny. He knew Sonny was already on the hook for Claudia's murder and didn't want to add to his woes. Dante claimed he shot himself. The look on Lulu's face when Dante spoke those words into the air was priceless.

How hard up is Mac for a decent detective that he'd show up at a bar where Lucky had been pounding ice cold brews and shooting pool to make him leave to take a statement from Dante? Didn't Mac have any sober cops available, like say...himself to take Dante's statement? But instead, he stalked Lucky at Coleman's bar.

Speaking of Coleman, I hope you all caught Blake Gibbon's cameo on ABC's Modern Family last week.

Thanks to Diane's mad legal skills, Sonny is out on bail momentarily, but set up your TiVos, readers, because a big trial is on the way. This I know from following the delightful Nancy Lee Grahn's Twitter account - here was my favorite glimpse she offered this week into GH's future...On Feb 2 she posted: "Sat next 2 Maurice in soap courtroom all day while he drew giant penises & boobs on my legal pad. Just another day at the office." So when you see Sonny and Alexis in court, you can have a chuckle knowing what he was up to.

This might be a controversial opinion, but my favorite lady on GH is Carly. I know she's loud and selfish and sometimes a complete beyotch, but even so, I genuinely like her. I wish she was real and I wish I knew her. This week when Olivia was coming unraveled, Carly didn't judge her for her lies, but instead extended her sympathy and understanding. I was particularly pleased by those scenes, because if Carly had behaved any other way, it would have made her a hypocrite considering her own shady path with paternity. I liked that the writers referenced that, too.

On the other hand, when Carly came down so hard on Jax, I felt sorry for him and couldn't decide whose side I was on at first. I love them as a couple, so I wanted to root for the entity instead of one or the other, but it was impossible.

Sure, Jax had the best motives of getting Sonny out of the picture so his family would be safe, but he was shady about it. He knew for a fact that Michael was Claudia's killer and willfully pointed the finger at Sonny. Carly also reminded Jax that he knew going in to their relationship that Sonny was part of her life and the father to her sons.

When she said that, I remembered those old scenes where Carly discussed that with Jax; "Sonny is part of my life, can you handle that?" and he said he could. He was obviously wrong.

Being the selfish woman she is, Carly showed up at Jason's with her kids in tow and announced they were moving in. Okay, I know, she is clearly over-the-top. Even so, I love her. Maybe someone should remind Carly and Jason about the completely empty penthouse right across the hall where Sonny used to live. Chances are no one else has rented out the penthouse across the hall from Mob Central.

Perhaps this is a vehicle to get Spinelli to move in with Maxie when Josslyn and her adorably chubby little cheeks take over Spinelli's "regrettably pink room." (BTW, the christening scenes were precious.) Or maybe, as Jason reminded Carly, it "always comes down to you, me, and Sonny." Maybe Carly is going to claim Jason as her own again to complete her mission to get custody of Jake away from Elizabeth. That could be fun!

Speaking of Elizabeth, did anyone else want to pull her hair and slap her this week? I know I did. She has completely lost control and is throwing tantrums at GH and yelling at patients. Nikolas witnessed one such event and informed Elizabeth that "as a member of the hospital board" he was putting her on leave on absence... Hey nurses out there, if some random member of the hospital board sees you being bitchy to a patient can they just do a "citizen's arrest" in the hallway and suspend you? Enquiring minds want to know.

Nikolas, who has started slumming it by drinking at Jake's, pleaded with Lucky to reach out to Elizabeth in her time of need. Lucky looked completely unmoved. Or maybe he was just buzzed.

In news of other women I want to slap this week, add Robin to the list. Readers, I confess, I have only liked Robin twice in all the years she has been on GH. I liked her when she first arrived as a little girl, Anna and Robert's daughter, and I liked her when Stone was dying and she was supporting him during his battle with AIDS.

Other than that, I've never liked her, mostly for the exact attitude she had this week. When she discovered that Patrick knew about Dante's paternity, she screamed at him for keeping it from her. When Patrick asked Robin point-blank if she would have shared it with Sonny had he told her, she said, "Yes."

That's why I hate her. She feels it is within her rights to make choices that will devastate other people's lives because she thinks a thing is right or wrong. I don't like anyone that believes that way about anything. Adults get to make their own choices without the Robins of the world deciding the validity of their decisions. I was so delighted when Patrick asked her how it worked out for everyone when she blabbed' Michael's paternity all those years ago. And of course, that answer is still unfolding.

(I guess Robin might have been right, after all, if Michael had grown up with AJ he might be a drunk, but he'd also be the CEO of ELQ and not a killer.)

Michael and the rest of the kids had a powwow about the shocking news of Sonny's arrest and Dante's paternity. After Kristina's tirade about what a worm her father was for killing his own wife, Michael exploded and confessed to his siblings and his cousin, Molly, that he was the one who killed Claudia. They all discussed the matter, toyed with the idea of talking about it with Alexis, and interacted like a real family of kids would have done.

I would love to meet the casting directors of GH and give them a big fat kiss for all the wonderful talent they have hired in the past year. All of the SORASed kids on GH are wonderful and talented young actors. Their scenes this week were vibrant and real.

Someone is noticeably missing from all this high drama: Olivia's cousin Kate/Connie. I truly hope Megan Ward will be back to share a scene with her dear cousin to give her a good old-fashioned "I told you so."

Lisa Locicero has also been stellar in her scenes. She poured every ounce of emotion in her body into her scenes this week. Olivia's inner turmoil, what she should have done differently and trying to justify her choices to herself after everything went so badly, was riveting to watch. She has connected to every actor she's played against, she would probably have chemistry with the hospital bed. I hope the work she has done will be noticed by the Emmy voters, too. Really, they should just give GH all the Emmys now because it's the best thing out there. But, I guess I could be biased.

Readers, I am definitely on Team Johnny. I don't care that Sonny is single and that he and Olivia and Dante are a family, I just love the way Johnny loves Olivia. In spite of all her lies and secrets, he has stood beside her. Unconditional love rocks my world and I can't resist it. That is what Johnny has offered Olivia and I hope she is smart enough to take it.

However, since Olivia refused to pin Dante's shooting on Sonny, Johnny's a little miffed. But really, Johnny, she told the cops the truth - she DID arrive after the shooting and didn't see what happened. At least she didn't outright lie to protect Sonny.

Readers, consider this - we haven't seen the complications between Johnny, Jason, and Sonny yet. Sonny knows that Johnny knew Dante was a cop. Since Johnny is NOT Sonny's son, he will not get the benefit of familial loyalty that Dante got, which means he has a target on his back.

I love my job again this week. I am reviewing my notes and realize I can't possible write about all the wonderful things that happened on GH this week. But I don't want to miss a couple of key scenes, starting with Sonny and Luke.

Over the years they have been friends, partners, and enemies. But watching the two of them commiserate over both discovering they had grown sons from past indiscretions was touching but also funny. If a long -lost kid showed up at your house, which one of your friends could you call and expect an "I know exactly how you feel! The same thing happened to me!"

Also hilarious is that on the same day that Olivia and Dante both lied to protect Sonny from being fingered for Dante's shooting, Sonny asked Luke what he heard and Luke said, "I hear you shot Dominic who turned out to be a cop and your son." Right out loud in the hospital corridor. Why wasn't Sonny's next line "Luke, shut the hell up!"? Last week, Dan posted a poll question on the Soap Central Facebook page that asked you to name one truth about your favorite soap town. I wrote that if you live in Port Charles and you're having a private conversation, someone WILL overhear it. Agree?

Another incredibly sweet scene was between Morgan and Dante, where Morgan, played by the likable and capable young actor Aaron Refvem, visited Dante in the hospital to determine if the two of them were really friends, or if their friendship had been part of Dante's undercover investigation on Sonny. Dante assured Morgan the friendship was real and reminded Morgan that his dad was Dante's dad, too - so they were family now. If you didn't say "Awww!" at the end of that precious scene, have your heart checked out, it might not be working properly.

Lulu and Dante are mesmerizing to me. I love this couple together and I don't want some old girlfriend of Dante's to show up in Port Charles or Dillon Q to show up proclaiming he has carried a torch for Lulu or any other such nonsense. Do you hear me, writers? Let this couple be a couple. They have plenty of chaos awaiting them in their family; they don't need anyone trying to break them up.

Random thought: Best last line of the show ever: "Hey Dad! Turns out you're one helluva shot."

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will women run to shoe stores to buy thigh high boots now that Sam reminded us how handy they are? Will Picket Fences alumni Adam Wylie be back as the bumbling officer who let Sam leave with Sonny's gun? Will Helena Cassadine make a beeline to Liz or Luke when she arrives next week? Will someone, anyone, please beat the tar out of Kiefer? Will anyone remember to check on Mike at GH after his post-loan shark beat down? Will Sam notice that Jason got really frisky after he saw her in the red

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