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You know, sometimes you have no choice. You have to stab someone in the gut and kill them to make a statement.

You know, sometimes you have no choice. You have to stab someone in the gut and kill them to make a statement. Or so say the GH writers who continue to glorify violence on a show that once was billed as "Love in the Afternoon."

Wow, readers, tell me -- did GH cross the line this week? Was a full-on knife to the gut murder a little more gritty realism than you hoped to see on your favorite Daytime Drama? Many of you wrote me this week and indicated that you were upset by that scene and felt the show had taken it a step too far.

Frankly, at the end, I was left scratching my head... Carter said, "Franco says hello." Which implies... that Carter was a plant for Franco? So Carter voluntarily went to prison, raped Michael knowing Jason would stab and kill him as a favor to his pal, Franco? Why would anyone do that? Or, did Carter think he could best Jason and get on Franco's good side by killing him? Hard to say, but it does bring to mind Franco's threat to kill someone for every person Jason kills. Who will Franco kill next? Someone we know, or someone we don't? Which character do you HOPE he kills?

It just doesn't make sense to me. If anyone has a better grip on what that Franco comment was about, by all means, enlighten me. The prison storyline does have merit -- it's given us a jumping off point for several other plots -- Carly's revenge, Brook Lynn's return, Spinelli and Maxie's cooling down, Sam and Jason's possible wedding, Franco's return...etc. Michael is supposedly going to be released soon, but where does that leave Jason? Supposedly he's in for five years at least no matter what, but I'm sure the writers will retroactively write a loophole.

But GH played fast and loose with the facts all over the canvas this week. Like the implication that Luke and Tracy are not really married...Hmmm. I recall awhile back when Luke had to "fake marry" Laura... Remember? She came out of her vegetative state briefly and Luke wanted to pretend to marry her before she drifted off again so she could be happy. Tracy grudgingly agreed to the plot. So, if Luke and Tracy aren't married, does that mean Luke and Laura actually ARE married? Again, I'm left scratching my head. Damn me and my memory!

I have to tell you, I did something I never do this week, I fast-forwarded through some of the Luke and Tracy scenes. I never fast-forward Luke. But this week I couldn't listen to them have the same fight for the twelfth time and sped through the fifth and sixth take on the same conversation.

But, on a positive note, I think they're going the right direction with Sonny coming to terms with the fact that he's abusive. He's been in denial about it for so long, it's good that they finally have the character contemplating his behavior. Out of all the women Sonny has known, Kristina might actually be the one to help him change. Although Kristina is somewhat of out of control, too... If I had talked to my dad the way she talks to hers -- I would have been spanked (as was the tradition of the day, and no one called it abuse.)

So, let me get this straight... Johnny Zacharra is going to fake date 12-year-old Kristina and 50-year-old Olivia at the same time? Kinky! (Yeah, I know, K is not 12 and O is not 50, but it was funnier to exaggerate.) Yeah, Sonny will LOVE that!

Lucky's skipping off to a private Greek island and doing an Irish Pothead accent on the grounds of the Cassadine estate started out funny, but, like most Saturday Night Live skits, went on way too long. Again, I was confused...Are we supposed to believe that Nikolas has gone Full Cassadine and that he is the one holding Luke, Tracy, AND Helena? Does Nikolas KNOW Liz's baby isn't his and has flipped out in true Cassadine style and is going to knowingly steal Lucky's baby? What other reason would he have to refuse to let Lucky help him search the grounds?

This change of character bugs me, too, because the loveable thing about Nikolas has always been the whole "tortured prince" persona. If he becomes a villain who hurts Lucky, how can I root for him? I wish Rebecca or Nadine or someone that could turn his head around would come back into his life. But for now, we wait and hope he turns back into the guy we love.

In happy news (at least for me), Brenda is on her way back to Port Charles! I wonder if she'll make a beeline for Sonny or for Jax? Both are basically open for business right now, but I'm betting on Sonny, as she'd make a great coach for him to come to terms with his abusive nature. I always liked Brenda and Sonny together; she's been my favorite match for him over the years. I know stating that publicly will invite debate, but even so, that's my opinion. However, I liked her with Jax, too -- so I'm fickle.

Kind of like Patrick... He acted as though he was going to miss Robin so much, but as soon as she left town, Patrick basically started stalking Lisa and Steven. I don't understand that storyline even a little. Thankfully Maxie called him on it and has her eye on Patrick, so that gives me hope he won't actually nail Lisa while Robin's away. Hopefully.

Brook Lynn in the towel was very GH circa 1977. That's the sort of thing we saw back in the day. That's something Bobbie would have done to Scotty and Laura back in GH Ghost of the Past. The storyline is somewhat amusing, but I just hope that they don't actually break Lulu and Dante up. I like them together. Brook Lynn can have Johnny after Olivia dumps him when she sees him making out with Kristina or some other twisted plot.

I wish they'd just get around to letting her sing. Love that girl's voice. I don't know how Dante is going to end up in bed with her; he seems truly committed to Lulu. I honestly hope Carly is wrong about Dante. I hope Brook Lynn can't get him to cheat -- I hope he stays faithful to Lulu, who has been faithful to him at the expense of her own family. I would really like to see true love and faithfulness win out this time.

Has anyone but me noticed that since the day they introduced NuMorgan, we haven't seen him again? What's up with that? Do they just not have anything for the character to do, or are they possibly going to bring Aaron Refvem back in, since his pilot wasn't picked up? I don't know, just wondering about the possibility, since Morgan has been conspicuously off canvas.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Ethan rob the Haunted Star since Luke, Tracy, and Lucky are all out of sight? Will the girls' at Kristina's school be envious of her hot mob fake boyfriend or shun her even more? Will GH writers realize it's not all that exciting watching half the town in dungeons and prison cells and spring some people from captivity so we can have a little variety? Will Shirley sell some ugly jewelry and get enough money to help Elizabeth come up with 100k to invest in that new miracle drug? Will Brook fall off a ladder into Dante's arms, or will she trip on his throw rug and end up in his lap on the sofa?

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