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Some weeks I am in love with GH and rave about it, but this week? Not so much.

If you can read that title without hearing Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer in your head, you're clearly not as old as I am. But, music trivia aside, I am using those words because I'm having a hard time finding anything nice to say this week; a lot of storyline's are grating on me. Some weeks I am in love with GH and rave about it, but this week? Not so much.

First off, I am kind of over Kristina. I think Lexi Ainsworth is a wonderful young actress. She's extremely believable in the role and has done a remarkable job with the weight of the material she's been given. But the writers have turned her character into someone who is very hard to root for -- they have taken Kristina over the top, in my opinion.

Kristina's disrespect and hatred for Sonny is the focus of far too many scenes -- Kristina and Johnny, Kristina and Ethan, Kristina and Michael, Kristina and Olivia, Kristina and Alexis, and of course, Kristina and Sonny have all discussed her relationship with her father. I'm kind of at the "Oh, no, not THIS again" stage. Am I alone in this?

Possibly, because it seems many of you are far more tired of another character, although in the same family. Last week I casually tweeted a question "When Franco shows up, who do you hope he kills?" just as kind of a joke and to see which character my followers were sick of... The answer surprised me because the #1 response I got was...Sonny.

This is bad news for ABC. They have centered so much of the show on Sonny -- so having a great number of fans hoping a serial killer bumps him off means something isn't working properly. Sonny's arrogance was mentioned more than once, like when Jason tried to explain he wouldn't be able to kill Anthony, Sonny acted like he didn't hear Jason and still planned to kill Johnny even though it meant his kids would be at risk...again. Many of you are sick of Sonny's shenanigans.

For the record, the second highest answer was Elizabeth. Apparently many of you are weary of her rudely dismissing Nikolas and pining over Lucky. The only woman who is nice to Nikolas these days is cancer patient/jewelry maker Shirley. I confess, I hope Elizabeth goes completely bankrupt with her big investment and has to go crawling to Nikolas for breadcrumbs.

The Luke/Tracy battle also irks me on several fronts. First, as I mentioned before, it's revisionist history and for no apparent reason. Luke and Tracy were legally married back when Luke "fake married" Laura, but now suddenly they're not. If the writers wanted a reason for Tracy and Luke to bicker, let them bicker over Skye. Let's face it, Tony Geary and Robin Christopher have mad chemistry, so at least that storyline would be believable.

Second, Luke yapping about how Tracy is the only woman for him is a slap in the face to Luke and Laura fans everywhere. For my generation of viewers, Luke and Laura was THE soap super couple of our lifetimes, so continually writing the character of Luke as though Tracy was his one true love makes me want to throw up every time he says "You're the only woman for me." If that's true, I wasted a lot of tears over the years crying for those star-crossed lovers Luke and Laura.

While I like the character of Maya Ward, I don't think they've decided what to do with her yet -- maybe she's working up to be a love interest for Ethan, but last week all she did was give Luke the new gate code for the Q mansion and stop by to visit Ethan at Johnny's penthouse. That's happened often -- we get promos and they make a big deal about a new character and then... nothing ever happens with them. Even an old fan favorite like Skye hasn't gotten a storyline since she's been back.

Now to the good...I do like Dante. I like Dante a lot. He's the most honorable guy out there right now. He has decided to take responsibility for Jason (on top of Michael) to save Port Charles from Franco. Brave!

However, there is a laughable part to his storyline, too. He keeps saying he'd do anything to keep Lulu safe, but the one thing he won't do apparently is buy a damned lock for the elevator that goes directly into his penthouse. People wander into his apartment all the time, so if Franco wants to nab Lulu, all he has to do is push the right floor number on Dante's elevator. Or maybe he'll accidentally take the elevator to Brook's place and find her in a towel singing.

I was also pleased that Carly went to Jax for help this week, although it's most likely only because Jason's in prison. I would like to see Jax and Carly reunite, but it seems they are going to take a slow path to reconciliation rather than a speedy one. And probably just about the time they reunite, either Jax will find out Carly was working to frame Dante, or Brenda will show up. Hard to say which thing will happen first.

I'm enjoying the unfolding relationship between Michael and Dante -- if they remain roommates long enough, they could actually learn to love one another. The twist that Michael could only be released into Dante's custody was a good one. Back when Drew Garrett still played Michael, he despised Dante, but it seems the writers have a new plan to connect and strengthen that relationship. But, I still haven't warmed up to NuMorgan...

The scenes with Sam in the bubble bath talking to Jason with a line of prisoners behind him waiting for the phone were comical, as were the bar scenes with Luke, Patrick, and Coleman grousing about love. However, Patrick is acting like a jerk in general, and the foreshadowing of Lisa comparing him to Noah Drake makes me fear they are going to turn Patrick into an angry alcoholic. I sure hope I am wrong.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Max and Milo come up with a logical hit plan, or will they muck it up without Jason at the helm? Will Peter Pan ask Maxie for his haircut back? Will Johnny keep pretending he's sleeping with 17-year-old Kristina so Olivia will give him hot cougar sex? Will Claire admit to twelve or so more people that she's all about advancing her career at any cost? Will Kristina tell Max and Milo to go ahead and whack Johnny now that she saw her pretend boyfriend kissing Olivia?

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