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I was so happy that Lisa didn't fully snap until I got home.

Dear readers, I missed you while I was on vacation. I missed watching and writing about GH. I want to thank the lovely Liz for filling in for me while I was away. She loves GH almost as much as I do.

When I got home, my Tivo held a plethora of episodes to catch up on, and I was so happy that Lisa didn't fully snap until I got home.

My radar went off the day the chick arrived in town. If you're married and your husband's old college girlfriend suddenly moves to your city and "accidentally" ends up working at the same place your husband does, all sorts of red flags should be going up.

I assumed that Lisa would just be your garden variety skank and try to win Patrick back, I didn't realize she was going to go full on Fatal Attraction and throw herself in front of cars and pull guns on people and such. Readers, I'd like to have sex that was so crazy good that it would make me throw myself in front of a car just for the chance I might get it again. (Or any sex at all for that matter.)

When I heard GH was bringing back Michael Sutton as Stone Cates for this storyline, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I found the outcome satisfying. It didn't get Soap Ghost Cheesy; it was instead somewhat poignant. (Well, except for that whole "Robin fell down a well like baby Jessica" part...) Stone became the voice of Robin's conscience, and helped take an internal journey that brought her to important conclusions about why her marriage was falling apart.

Even though Stone is dead, Robin still loves him and has made no secret of that. The Ghost Stone scenes forced Robin to face the truth: a part of her heart was never available to Patrick. When you're in love with someone, you're in love with them. Your heart doesn't have room for anyone else. Robin sat around looking at photos of Stone and reminiscing about the times they shared. She flew to Africa to work on an AIDS project so no one would die the way Stone died. Her body was married to Patrick, they lived together, paid the bills, went through their daily routines -- but her heart has ultimately belonged to Stone and no one else her whole life.

The Ghost Stone encounter showed Robin how unfair that was, and it was no wonder Patrick strayed. Lisa, albeit a psychopath, was fully attentive to Patrick while Robin's heart was clearly divided. Patrick didn't know how to compete with a ghost and just stopped trying.

Mind you, I am not absolving him of cheating on Robin, just explaining the scenes and their impact on the storyline. I think that encounter will give Robin the perspective she needs to forgive Patrick for sleeping with Lisa. (Assuming they both live through it.)

Mostly, I was just happy baby Emma didn't end up in a tree again.

On to the next tortured couple whom I'll call Magnet and Steel; Brenda (Magnet) went to Port Charles forcibly with Jason for her own safety, and vowed she would not see Sonny (Steel) while she was there. That lasted about 20 minutes. After some coffee and biscotti with the adorable and swooning Spinelli and a heart-to-heart girl talk with Sam, Brenda made a beeline for Sonny's place.

He wasn't home, but instead of thinking twice and leaving, she sat in his empty home and waited for him. When Sonny arrived, Brenda announced that she only stopped by to tell him that she was in Port Charles and that she wouldn't be stopping by. LOL! What the...? She's either crazier than I am, or she's hoping he'll stop her. Maybe both.

Sonny probably still had the stench of Claire on him, but at least he had changed out of his "Booty Call Island" white suit, which would have been a dead giveaway to Brenda as she's done the island with Sonny before. Claire is whack; she should have just gambled and taken the dress. I don't think Sonny goes for the tomboy sort. I mean I've never seen him come on to Big Alice.

We will have to see if Magnet and Steel can live in the same town and stay away from one another, but my guess is NO. If the man I couldn't get over for a decade was two miles down the street, would I be sitting around pining for him, or buckling up my seatbelt to go camp on his doorstep? Brenda, who was a continent away in Rome, broke her engagement to a genuinely nice movie star because she knew she was still in love with Sonny. Although she resisted coming to Port Charles, I seriously doubt she's going to have self-control now that he's within reach. Let the countdown begin. I hope those two are naked and in each other's arms by next Friday.

Is it going to be complicated between them? No doubt. Sonny bedded a Fed who, if scorned, would gladly turn all the evidence she had over to another Fed to prosecute him, and Brenda has another mobster after her. (Supposedly it's someone we already know...Alcazar? Franco? Caesar Faison? Any other guesses?) It might be complicated, but it will definitely be hot to watch.

Certainly most real-life couples don't have mobsters and Feds after them, but real couples have their share of complications, too. You meet the right person at the wrong time. You might love someone who is in the military, serving a thousand miles away. You might love someone who doesn't know you exist and wait in silence for them to notice you. You might love someone your family doesn't approve of and would disown you for loving. There are many obstacles and barriers to love, but it must be pursued at all costs. It's the only thing that matters in the end.

That's why people love soaps -- the exact situations might not be the same as ours, but the emotions translate. I recently saw a film clip about two people who used to be lovers who run into each other in the grocery store. That brief, casual encounter leveled them both because all the years and miles later their hearts are still entwined. True love is undeniable. Sonny and Brenda epitomize that for us. Sonny and Brenda have tried before with each other. They crashed and burned, but no one else on earth lights them up inside like each other. They can't let this go. It. Defines. Them.

On the other hand, poor, sweet, insecure Sam is willing to call it quits with Jason just because Brenda is in town. Where the "We have to break up" bit is coming from, I do not know. Jason loves Sam and has made it as clear as Jason makes anything. But Sam can't trust it. She's beautiful and smart and resourceful, but when she looks in the mirror, she sees...something lacking. She can't imagine being loved the way Jason loves her, even though we know he does indeed love her. Our insecurities cripple us sometimes. Sam's insecurity has caused her to do a foolish thing and break up with someone who truly loves her because she's afraid Jason has feelings for Brenda. I suspect on Monday, Jason will slap some sense into her. Not literally of course.

I think "Ronan O'Reilly" might have to slap some sense into Siobhan, however, since she overheard his announcement about being an undercover cop and sprinted out into the night. Here's the part of the whole "Lucky Charms" storyline that makes me howl every day... Let's assume, just for kicks, that you have a doppelganger who happens to be an Irish hit man who looks exactly like you. What are the odds that you'd have the same exact...VOICE? Sure, Lucky might have faked his way into an Irish brogue, but did Ronan have a deep voice, or a raspy voice, or a high voice? No one knows. So unless Ronan was a twin Laura didn't know she had, chances are he didn't sound like Lucky. Just saying. And every day when I watch those pubs scenes, I hanker for a Guinness.

Now that Lulu thunked Mr. Interpol on the head, Lucky doesn't have any backup except her and Dante, so I hope Detective Leslie Spencer can fake her way through a shootout.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Patrick shove Lisa down the well and toss in some NASCAR stuff to entertain her? Will Steven Weber ever apologize to Monica for stealing her job? Will Spinelli not find the regrettably pink room so regrettable anymore when Brenda is in it? Will Carly's head explode when she discovers Jason is shacking up with Brenda? Will Alexis and Mac finally have sex with each other to burn off their parental angst and sexual tensions and chill out? Will Elizabeth come home to find Wyndemere empty and move the boys in, anyway, and boss Alfred around?

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