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So Dante has a past with Brenda...kinda creepy. (But typical GH.)

So Dante has a past with Brenda...kinda creepy. (But typical GH.) It's just part of the pattern, mother and daughter team Sam and Alexis have both had their way with Sonny, so why not have Dante and Sonny both having had their way with Brenda? But I'm jumping the gun. Maybe Dante and Brenda were just causal pals who met when Dante went to Rome to visit Great Grandma Falconeri in the Old Country. But we all know that's highly unlikely. There is something tangible between Dante and Brenda, and I doubt Sonny is going to like it.

Dante was secretly pining over Brenda's magazine photos the same way Sonny was in Rome, which makes me believe that Brenda is the one he was murmuring about after Brook Lynn drugged him last month. Ew, this is going to be ugly; both Dante and Spinelli crushin' on Brenda... That means both Maxie and Lulu will be joint shrieking about their insecurities over Brenda, which I'm dreading.

Claire, on the other hand, wasted no time playing the "Hell hath no fury" card and jumping right back into the case against Sonny. In her defense, she did shed four tears over her "one whole weekend long" romance ending. Curious... aren't there any male federal prosecutors and D.A.s they could send after Sonny? He hasn't had a worthy competitor since Lieutenant Taggert left town. But no, they always send hot babes for Sonny to seduce. You think the Feds would recognize a pattern. Well, they did send Dante; how could they have known the one guy they sent would end up being Sonny's spawn?

Sonny dumped Claire even though Brenda informed him that she was not going to get involved with him again. But Sonny, just like us, knows she is lying. You can't resist a magnetic pull like that. You tell yourself that you're going to swear off of it, but nothing else comes close to making you feel that alive, so you can't stay away. And of course, by the end of the hour, Brenda had recanted her "never again" vow in her heart and was rushing off to tell Sonny she still loved him. (Which he already knows.) I suspect that Monday's episode is going to be fabulous, and BooYah, I have the day off and can watch (and Tweet) it live!

On that note, I want to sidetrack and make an open call to the local TV networks -- If you have to preempt a soap for a breaking local news item -- at least have the decency to re-air the show later that day. This week, my schedule was out of control, and I sat down yesterday to watch four episodes of GH back-to-back, only to discover late last night that Friday's episode had been preempted by a local news item. Irksome.

What a genuine delight to see Luke show up unexpectedly as an Irish Catholic priest to try to spring "Ronan O'Reilly" out of jail. Thirty years in, and I'm still mesmerized by Tony Geary; when I see him walk into a scene, my heart still leaps. Yes, I realize that's childish and pathetic, but -- true. Sadly, it appears that the clever Luke Spencer is losing his touch because he got busted for impersonating a priest on his first visit. The good father had a much shorter shelf life that Dr. Von Schemerman.

I like the twist that Lucky is now going to approach Siobhan as himself -- he's needed a new love interest for a while, and she's a spitfire and should help him finally shake Elizabeth out of his system. Besides, it's been a really long time since Kelly's Diner had an Irish lass working there, so when Lucky brings her back to Port Charles, I think Mike should hire her.

Readers, it's been a long time since I've said this, but -- I'm on Robin's side. Robin isn't my favorite character. She irks me most of the time, but this time around, I have to say she has the winning argument, in my opinion. She loves Patrick, he loves her, but -- he cheated on her, and that makes trust very difficult. He's begging for a second chance and she's resisting, and I think she is right to resist.

I am a big believer in redemption and second chances, but as a woman -- I wouldn't be able to get past that. That is not a theoretical statement -- the reason I speak with such certainty on the topic is because it's happened to me in the past, and I couldn't get past it. Not only did Patrick cheat on her, he cheated on her with a psycho who drugged her and kidnapped her -- could you get over that, readers?

Robin would spend the next 20 years looking over her shoulder every time Patrick left the house and wondering where and who he was with -- what an awful way to live. Sure, they love each other, but the trust between them has been irreparably broken. Or maybe not -- Patrick is sincerely remorseful, and swears it won't happen again. Robin might opt to give their marriage another try. From a fictional romance standpoint, I am rooting for it -- true love conquers all, blah, blah, blah. But if it was one of my friends in that situation -- I'd urge her to cut her losses and move on.

And let's face it, Lisa might be in Shadybrooke now, but she isn't gone forever. Wait until they deem her "cured" and she ends up back on staff at GH -- that'll be a good episode. This isn't over, and on some level, Robin has to know that. Patrick unleashed a mad woman on their family, and it will likely be an ongoing battle to get rid of her.

Meow, did you like the little catfight between Suzanne and Diane? While I love Diane, it was kind of hard to belittle Suzanne's statistics on exploited children. But, Diane got in a few well-placed zingers, too -- so I would have to call the first round of that fight a draw.

That was just the appetizer for the main course REAL catfight between Kate and Olivia. I always like Kate better when the Connie in her emerges. I just don't understand why Kate would care if Olivia was having a beer with Steven Weber -- did I miss something? There is a great chemistry between Megan Ward and Lisa LoCicero -- I wish they had more scenes together.

Okay, let's talk about the Ho incident... Let's say some 19-year-old boy you know approaches you and asks you to find him a Ho so he won't be nervous his first time with his girlfriend...Do you A) call and tell his mother he needs counseling, or B) call your stripper friend "Candy" and ask her to do you a favor and sleep with some kid for you? Ladies, I must ask you -- do any of you have girlfriends you could call and ask to sleep with a 19-year-old boy as a favor to you who would say "Yes?" I don't. Maybe I just made friends with the wrong people?

The bothersome thing about this storyline is that all the adults in Michael's life know that something bad happened to him in prison and know that he's messed up, but not of them are focusing on getting him help. Carly is focused on getting revenge on Lulu and Dante, Sonny is focused on his libido, Jason is focused on keeping Brenda alive, and Michael is focused on trying to find his way back to sanity with hardly any input from the people he loves and trusts. I almost wish he'd reach out to the other side of his family -- like going to confide in his Grandma Monica. (Oh wait they took Leslie Charleson off contract...) I'd like to see Michael reach out to someone unexpected and broaden his horizons and get counseling. He and Kristina have both mentioned counseling, but I think they each had one session three months ago.

Back to Brenda. My favorite line of the week was from Jax: "You wear happy better than anyone." And that, I think, is the appeal of Brenda -- at least for me -- she revels in life, a juicy piece of fruit can make her squeal with delight. She's filled with joy and wonder, and loves life. She loves hard and plays hard, and there is nothing mediocre about her -- she throws herself into life and love and heartache and charity and anything she does with total abandon, and I love that about her character. Seeing her with Jax was sweet -- back in the day, I had a really hard time deciding if I wanted her to end up with Sonny or with Jax -- they brought different things out of her. I personally would have gone for Jax, in that he wasn't a mobster and I'm not enamored of criminals. But I know it's all more complicated than that. The catfight I am really waiting for is the Carly/Brenda catfight.

Carly and Brenda are both selfish characters, but in totally opposite ways. Carly is selfish in that she thinks the world revolves around her, demands that she be priority number one to anyone in her orbit, and has a mean streak that lashes out against people who don't play by her rules. Brenda, on the other hand, is simply independent -- she rejects anyone trying to control her and sometimes makes ridiculous decisions just to prove that she is in control of her own life. She's not a cruel or vindictive person, just one who knows what she wants to do and does it. I've heard people saying that the two of them are alike, and I wholeheartedly disagree. If you cross Carly, she'll scheme to destroy you. If you hurt Brenda, she'll cry and avoid you. Just for starters.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Michael remember that Aunt Bobbie used to be a hooker and see if she can get him a professional that doesn't mind being shoved around? Will Brenda find a tailor in Port Charles to hem her sleeves so her hands can function? Will Maxie finally pick a hairstyle for a week? Will Tracy dance a jig when she finds Luke in Ireland? Will Coleman start up a Ladies Mud Wrestling night at Jake's for Kate and Olivia? Will Lisa get Lulu's old room at Shadybrook?

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