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Dear readers, do you remember the last time you were truly happy? Do you remember the place where happiness descended upon you?

Dear readers, do you remember the last time you were truly happy? Do you remember the place where happiness descended upon you? Can you pinpoint it? Could you point it out to someone on a map? I think for most of us, the answer is yes.

Brenda and Sonny each had the independent inclination to show up at Sonny's old apartment in a burned-down building and shuffle through the rubble because they traced their happiness back to that sacred place. When Brenda uttered the line "I just wanted to remember what it felt like when I was happy." It made me gasp out loud and cry.

Most people would see that building and never consider entering it - the damage to the structure was apparent. But for two souls helplessly and hopelessly bound together, the magnetic pull of the place they made such happy memories together was irresistible.

Brenda pushed past her bodyguards just to get inside that room. She stubbornly insisted on going in alone. As she stepped gingerly into the room, I hoped Sonny would be there, too - and he was. Sonny was sharing the same sacred memories on the same day.

Since Brenda's return to Port Charles, I have been very impatient waiting for Sonny and Brenda to reunite. They've always had a plethora of obstacles in their path, but refused to let go of their connection. Other than Robin, no one is rooting for them. Everyone in town tells them they're no good for each other. Even the two of them recognize that their love is all-consuming and a tad unhealthy. They tend to get lost inside each other, and their good judgment vanishes when in the other's presence. But really, is that such a bad thing?

Life is so full of the mundane, the routine, the day-to-day minutia - if you were Brenda or Sonny, wouldn't you grab that kind of love with both hands? Wouldn't you ignore everyone you know on earth to experience that sort of all-encompassing passion?

If you said no, you're a liar as well as a fool.

As they reminisced, Brenda noted how long it took Sonny to tell her he loved her. He explained it was because he was scared. Brenda replied "Oh, my God, why didn't you say that 15 years ago?" And the truth is, we all have things we want to say but sometimes don't say them because putting your heart on the line is terrifying. Even for mobsters.

Clearly the path ahead is paved with trouble for Sonny and Brenda. Brenda confessed at least one of the secrets she kept from Sonny - that she killed Alexander, that Dante helped her cover it up and has been lying for her all these years. Sonny seemed to take it in stride.

Things that would level any other couple are things that roll off their backs like water. Sonny told Brenda he ordered a bomb in Johnny's car. Brenda told Sonny she shot a man. No one flinched. That's the thing with True Love - it teaches you to love unconditionally because the only other option is separation from the one you cherish most, so you learn to forgive. Brenda said "Everyone is right about me, I really am shallow and reckless." But Sonny easily excused her and rebuffed the notion. In his eyes, she is perfect, even in the moments she is confessing her obvious imperfections.

But if Dante and Brenda slept together and had a child -- all bets are off. That revelation might be the breaking point for Sonny. However, since he and Carly often have grief/trauma sex, he should understand it completely. I predict that if Brenda is the one to tell Sonny about her past with Dante before Carly springs it on him, it's possible they can overcome her lies of omission. But if he hears it from Carly first, it will be tough for him to forgive. Bad break that the viperous Carly uncovered Brenda's deep, dark secret. (Or at least thinks she has.)

That having been said, I don't think anything or anyone can shake the bond that Sonny and Brenda have with each other. They've loved each other a really long time and they are well acquainted with each other's flaws and sins. But when they are in a room together - their mutual imperfections vanish and all the remains is that eternally inextinguishable magnetism between them for which they have never found a substitute. Or, as Brenda put it "I have waited for you. In truth, after you, the light went out for me."

When you love someone the way Brenda loves Sonny (and vice versa), you can kill time with the rest of the world, but your heart burns only for your beloved. And readers, that kiss in the rain? Ahhh. I've been waiting to watch that for weeks now!

Brenda isn't the only one in town with a secret; Lisa had a hidden syringe filled with a secret substance, and it's still lingering up Johnny's sleeve. He's willing to stay silent in exchange for a favor to be determined at a later date.

What could Johnny possibly want from Lisa? He's getting good loving' from Olivia, so sexual favors are out. He's not a drug addict, so I doubt he'll ask her to slip him some Vicodin. Perhaps he needs an alibi and he'll ask Lisa to say he's with her when he's out committing some crime? Who knows? It's just another in a series of chin-scratchers for me where a character does something completely unlike anything they've ever done before and you realize that we, the viewers, know the character better than the writers do.

Hey writers, let me school you on Mr. Z. Maxie and Johnny are friends. Johnny is a basically decent guy. He hates Sonny, but by and large he's loyal to his friends. Johnny wouldn't let someone try to kill one of his friend's cousins and use the proof for leverage. You must have him confused with his father, Anthony, who has no conscience...

However, I will cut the writers a ton of slack this week because they did something really, really, really right. The Thanksgiving episode was so moving and fulfilling to watch, I will happily ignore a week's worth of drivel in return.

This is deeply pathetic and I know it, but here's my honest confession to you, dear readers. I live 3000 miles away from my family, and my husband had to work on Thanksgiving, so watching the GH Thanksgiving episode made me feel like I was among loved ones. I've shared so many holidays with the denizens of Port Charles that it felt warm and familiar and safe. When Edward launched into "We Gather Together," I sang, too. And cried.

The three Thanksgiving gatherings, one at the Davis household, one at the Q household, and one in Robin's hospital room were each praiseworthy. I wanted to smooch the writers for giving me exactly what I wanted, if only for a day. Mac and Alexis should be together, and every time the kids try to fix them up, I hope the writers will actually take those seeds and let them grow into a real relationship and storyline for those two characters. Both John J. York and Nancy Lee Grahn are extremely likable, talented, and vastly underused. Mac's house has burned down, so this is a perfect time to unite them; he has a perfect excuse to be at Alexis' house. Also, because of Alexis' relationship with Sonny and Kristina's with Ethan - Mac would be in prime position to overhear things and actually solve a crime or two!

I also enjoyed seeing a big dose of Edward Quartermaine this week. Between the Ethan/Maya wedding deal and the holiday, I rejoiced in all the Edward face time. Is it just me, or do you think Edward might have an ulterior motive to keeping the newlyweds together for a year? I bet there's some secret trust fund that says if Maya stays married for a year, she gets five million bucks or something, and he gets off easy paying them one million. Just a hunch.

I also enjoyed his interaction with Siobhan. He always did like the pretty ladies, and it's good to see the old boy flirt a little. John Ingle is a personal favorite of mine, and I hope now that Ethan and Maya, and Luke and Tracy are all at the Q mansion, we might see more of him. I missed Monica, but hey, you can't have it all. We got Alice's crush on Luke, the traditional Pizza dinner, and some Q sparring. I also loved that Michael showed up with Dante - I've always had a soft spot for the Michael and Quartermaine connection. I'd love to see Michael and Edward bond and have him go all corporate on Sonny's butt.

The Robin/Patrick one was the hardest to swallow because just the day before, Robin sent Patrick away and told him she needed a break from him after he accused Maxie of framing Lisa. She was more forgiving than I would have been under the circumstances. Same with Maxie and Matt -- I would have slammed the door on Matt and said "Sorry, you think I lied about seeing Lisa with a syringe, so I invited Spinelli." But, in the spirit of the holiday, everyone was forgiving and nice.

Two other standout scenes for me this week were Jason and Sam's romantic night choreographed by Molly and Spinelli. Too bad Unsinkable Molly isn't ten years older; she could be a serious love match for Spinelli. Their mutual admiration of romance is a thing to behold. Jason reluctantly played along, following Molly's list of romantic activities and eventually smiling in spit of himself. Great to see one of the few happy couples in Port Charles actually have a little bit of happiness.

Second, I love the dynamic between Luke and Carly. Luke is never more his old self these days than when he's interacting with his niece "Caroline." When sparring with Carly, Luke is savvy and strong, wily and willful, all the things he never gets to be groveling after Tracy. Luke used to be a hero, not a chump. I hate seeing him reduced to begging for Tracy's attention. There is a rumor Laura (Genie Francis) might be on her way back to Port Charles just in time to bust up their wedding, and I hope with all of my heart that's true.

Back to Luke and Carly... Luke knows that Carly is about to topple Dante, and he knows Lulu will be caught in the crossfire. He made it abundantly clear to Carly that if Lulu gets hurt and Carly's to blame - she'll pay. She denied it and Luke didn't buy it. "Are you calling me a liar?" she asked. "No, I'm calling you a Spencer." Touché! As Luke noted, if he and Carly "ever found a mutual victim to lay flat, the poor sucker wouldn't stand a chance." Oh, here's hoping they find such a spud!

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will we find out who the mystery boot and mystery gloved gun hand belong to? Will Sonny walk Brenda all the way to the car with his Umbrella, ella, ella? Will Alexis and Diane let Claire become the third musketeer of justice in their law office? Will Sam spill food on her white dress as I surely would? Will Steven Weber be pissed that he finally manned up and suspended Lisa and Nikolas is trying to trump him? Will GH play Ryan Webster's Smile again this week and make me Smile again? Will Sonny take Brenda to Mob Pasta for their first official "starting over" date?

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