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With the previews of GH this week that showed Jason Morgan unconscious in a hospital bed, after a car accident, my mind starting going places it shouldn't with storyline ideas. This latest development has me tripping like Lucky Spencer on a pill high.

With the previews of GH this week that showed Jason Morgan unconscious in a hospital bed, after a car accident, my mind starting going places it shouldn't with storyline ideas. This latest development has me tripping like Lucky Spencer on a pill high. Would the show actually restore Jason Morgan to a version of his former self, with all his Quartermaine memories and emotional connections? And would I want that version of Jason on my screen?

Oh, Scoopers, the possibilities are intriguing. I don't read spoilers, in an effort to enjoy the show with as much surprise as possible. So if you know how this ends, please don't email me the information. For years, I have ranted against Jason Morgan, who ignores his family, who stares coldly and says little, and who packs a pistol. I have longed for Jason Quartermaine, who had deep conversations with his mother, who joked with his grandfather, who wanted to save the world through medicine, and who had a future that didn't include killing people. But when faced with the possibility that Jason could perhaps wake up and not remember his 15 years as a mobster, well, I'm not sure I want to see that either.

I think the best outcome would be for Jason to wake up recalling both his past and his present. It would be a fascinating story to tell, as Jason remembers how he ostracized his family, while trying to reconcile his life as a killer, instead of a doctor. There could be plenty of flashbacks, too, like the one where he warned teenager Brenda to stay away from mobster Sonny. Can you imagine the drama as Jason realizes in horror that he went to work for Sonny and that they are now best friends? Steve Burton and Maurice Bernard would make magic with those scenes, I'm sure.

Plenty of younger GH fans have emailed me that they love mobster Jason and have no interest in preppy Jason Quartermaine. Well, I don't think you need to worry, young Scoopers. I don't believe that Jason will wake up and suddenly remember his affection for argyle sweaters. It's the emotional ties I want to see restored. That's what has been tragically missing from "Stone Cold" for more than a decade.

The one thing I don't want is for Jason to wake up paralyzed. Nope, that trite storyline has been used more than Jason's black t-shirt collection. Whichever way this turns out, I'm optimistic that this plot will be creative and emotional, and will encompass a variety of characters. If you know otherwise, please don't break it to me yet. Just let a girl enjoy her "trip."

So what are your thoughts, GH fans, do you want Jason Quartermaine back and Jason Morgan to become a distant memory? Drop me an email and let me know how you would like this to end.


I have a suggestion. If Jason hates air conditioning so much, why doesn't he go shirtless? I wouldn't mind. It's just an idea.

Call me cold-hearted, but I passionately want Siobhan to get a toe-tag ticket to the morgue after this car accident. I know it's unlikely, considering she's survived the Balkan, a house fire, a brain operation during a power outage, incorrect medication, and a fall down the stairs. With her survival rate, I'm starting to think she's a Cassadine. But, wow, is she one of the most annoying characters to hit Port Charles in years.

Poor Elizabeth! I hope she has good insurance. After the year she's had, if anyone needs drugs, it's her. (Sorry Lucky!) She's trying to put her personal and professional life back together, after the death of her son and some serious mistakes at the hospital. She's trying to save a drug-tripped Lucky. And she was involved in a car crash that may seriously have injured one of her baby daddies and her ex-husband's wife. It's been more than a decade since we've seen bad-girl Liz, smoking a cigarette and trying to figure out life, but I wouldn't mind a return to bad-girl Lizzie. It certainly would be understandable and interesting to watch. And Steven might even have something to do besides Olivia.

Jasper Jax is back in town and has apparently been shopping at Cat Burglars R Us. I don't advocate kidnapping children, under any circumstance. So, it saddens me that things have come to this. I'm just curious how he'll get past Shawn, who is blocking Jax at Carly's front door. Do you think Jax bought a Taser with that stealthy black hat and coat ensemble?

The understatement of the week goes to Siobhan for this gem: "I've been such a nag!" Yep, couldn't have said it better myself.

It's sad that I can't tell whether Sonny has taken his bipolar meds or not. I knew he was not medicated when Robin and Jason visited him, because he was screaming at them both, calling Brenda a "bitch," and vowing revenge on Jax. But then after I thought he took the medication, he was still vowing vengeance and acting a little crazy, when talking to Olivia and others. Is the sign that Sonny is back on his meds that he stopped breaking things and demolishing his house?

Sonny gets the insensitive award of the week. While ranting at Jason about losing Brenda, Sonny screamed that Jason couldn't understand because Jason had never loved anyone the way Sonny loved Brenda. Ouch. Cut to Jason's hurt face, clearly thinking about Jake. Jason definitely is stone cold to take that abuse. Anyone else, who recently buried a child, probably would have decked Sonny for that comment. But Jason ignored Sonny's childish outburst. I wish I had that restraint with my three-year-old!

I enjoyed the Matt and Elizabeth scenes this week. But I don't think anything can stop Elizabeth and Lucky reuniting. After watching Lucky's drug-induced haze of "angel bride" Elizabeth, it's clear where his heart still is.

Thank you, writers, for the nod to the past this week, when Elizabeth found Lucky. He was rambling about fixing his shoe, and they headed for the bench. For those of you who remember the haunting scenes after Elizabeth's rape in the '90s, I'm sure it seemed like déjà vu.

Was I the only one cheering when Jason finally set some boundaries with Carly this week? I was shocked at Carly's nasty attitude toward Jason's engagement. She seemed like a jealous ex-wife and was acting like a petulant child. Bravo Jason for finally standing up to Carly about barging in his house and treating Sam rudely. I don't think Carly got the message though.

Welcome home, Skye. I'm not sure where this storyline is headed, since Jax is exiting, but watching her spar with Tracy and Carly is always a good time. But what is it with Skye and mobsters? First Lorenzo, and now it appears she's involved with Anthony in some way.

I loved the spa scenes with Epiphany and Patrick. Those were priceless. She made me chuckle when she said that Robin was "getting a little crazy" with her power trip, insisting on the color-coded scrubs. I know Epiphany thought Robin was trying to butter Epiphany up with a spa day, but if anyone deserves some pampering, it's Epiphany. Girl, you need to learn how to relax and enjoy the freebies.

Does it seem like Shawn has been leaving Port Charles for days but just can't seem to get outside the town boundaries? May I suggest a GPS?

I absolutely adored the Johnny and Sonny scenes. Those two rock. Johnny never backs down from the bodyguard bullying and always manages to land a few verbal hits of his own. It's too bad that Kristina and Johnny were never really a couple. That would have driven Sonny back to Bensonhurst.

Best Lines of the Week

(Maxie and Spinelli (Jackal P.I.) are stuck in a sewer drain overnight.)
Maxie: "What is that smell?"
Spinelli: "Could be me, doll. I haven't hosed down in a while."

(Tracy visits Johnny's house to tell him that Anthony is bothering her.)
Tracy: "Your father is stalking me."
Johnny: "If you want, I can put him in time out, if you'd like to talk in private."

(Tracy runs into Skye, who hasn't been in town for some time.)
Skye: "I happen to be in town for the Skipper School Fundraiser Jax has organized."
Tracy: "Of course you are, because you're so good at being three sheets to the wind."

(Spinelli makes a funny observation about Port Charles residents.)
Spinelli: "I started thinking. Did you ever notice there are no doorbells in this town? Everybody knocks."

Reader Spotlight

Thanks everyone for such great reader feedback. I had only one negative email about the state of the show this past week. It seems most of you are loving the new direction GH is headed. Keep those emails coming! (Click the Feedback option at the top of the page, the email link at the end of the column, or just click here.)

  • "General Hospital flat out rocked last week! What a contrast now that Garin Wolf's material has hit the airwaves. Monica's scenes with Jason and Liz were so long overdue, I really enjoyed. Kudos to GH and Mr. Wolf, and thank you for making my show awesome again. There was romance for once. Helena's back too! Oh and I agree with Jennifer about when Nicholas went to kiss Helena goodbye. I gasped out loud. If you watch that scene again you'll notice even Helena slightly pulled back in surprise. I think Carly is being stalked by Franco, but since no one seems to know when James Franco will actually return to GH, the writers just might make the stalker Jerry Jax. The shadow figure at Wyndemere I believed was Nikolas, but now I'm not so sure. Great, great way to end July sweeps, and the scribes didn't even need to have an apocalyptic crisis event to make for interesting story, unlike the former head writer." -----Shawn

  • "Why wasn't it ever brought up at the custody hearing that Carly was so concerned about Morgan's safety that she wanted Jax to adopt him to keep him away from Sonny? He should have had a lawyer looking out for his interests. Alexis wasn't." ---Deborah

  • "If they have Jason in an accident and have him get his memory back they should not have him forget who he has been since the first accident. Instead they should make him have both sets of memories. It would cause him to be conflicted and lead to more story lines." ---Geraldine

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