Oh baby, Sam's pregnant!

For the Week of January 23, 2012
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Oh baby, Sam's pregnant!
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What does one get a mobster's wife for a baby shower gift? And the controversy surrounding the influx of One Life to Live characters rages on. Is it a good idea or a bad one? Find out what Jennifer thinks in this week's Two Scoops commentary.

What does one get a mobster's wife for a baby shower gift? Jason and Sam fans, you finally got your wish. Sam has a baby on board. Do Onesies come in bulletproof Kevlar?

I joke, of course. It's all I can do, considering the circumstances of this pregnancy are less than idyllic. We're supposed to believe that the wee one could be Franco's, instead of Jason's. Take a deep breath, Jasam fans. I cannot imagine, in my wildest dreams, that GH would be so cruel. I don't believe Franco raped Sam. I think it's all a sick, torturous game for Franco. No, in the end, I think Jason will be the baby daddy.

We've had enough melancholy in Port Charles the past two years to last a lifetime. Therefore, I have to believe that Sam and Jason are going to get some happiness. I'm not saying Franco won't somehow manage to change a DNA paternity test. (We all know that can easily be done at General Hospital.) And I'm not convinced that psycho Franco is dead.

But in the end, I think that Sam and Jason will get that much-talked-about baby, and, hopefully, some peace of mind. Then, they can concentrate on the really important issues, like whether to keep the "regrettably pink" room pink or paint it blue.


Jax Wasted

Forgive my bluntness, but I'm raging mad.

I know the OLTL writing team is headed to GH with lots of changes in the works. And I know many of you are thrilled that four characters from OLTL are coming to GH. I'm sorry, but I'm furious. I'm willing to give any writing team a chance, but I cannot get on board with any more "new" characters coming to Port Charles. Those characters may not be new to OLTL fans, but they are new to me. I've never watched that show a day in my life, and I don't want to see more screen time taken away from my favorite GH folks and given to people I don't care about, no matter how much GH is trying to lure in OLTL viewers.

I'm trying to give the new regime a chance, but their first two moves already have me seething. What a colossal mistake they made this week with Jax. He's done nothing but lurk for days, and I had hoped he would get pulled back into some storylines. Apparently, that isn't going to happen. Jax finally got a fabulous scene with Michael, but it looks like he won't get to talk to Carly or Alexis, or even see his baby girl. What an epic fail. In all the years I've watched General Hospital, I don't think I've ever been more disgusted in a character's direction than what has transpired with Jasper Jacks. My heart goes out to Ingo Rademacher and all Jax fans.

I know many of you have been unhappy with the direction Garin Wolf has taken the show, but I have to give the man praise for some of the beautiful scenes he's been writing. The Jax and Michael scene had me in tears. Where were those kinds of heart-to-hearts, when Jax was actually living in Port Charles, Mr. Guza? (Plus, the Jax-Michael exchange had one of the funniest lines I've heard in ages. See the Best Lines of the Week section at the end of this column, if you missed it.)

What a blown opportunity it is to have Jax leaving town again. It would have been so easy to have Jax mentor Michael. He could have trained Michael in business and put him on a path that isn't destined for murder, crime, and prison. Plus, Michael bonding with Jax would have created plenty of angst for Sonny. The Jax-Sonny rivalry is always must-see TV. I'm so frustrated that Jax is headed out of town again. What a waste.

In other musings

Another beautifully written scene, that had me in tears, was Patrick finding out the news about Robin. Bravo, Jason Thompson! He looked positively stricken as he stared off into space, the reality hitting him that Robin was sick. Having Liz tell him Robin's diagnosis was a twist I didn't expect. But, I agree with the choice, because it gave Patrick time to react, without having to worry about Robin's reaction to him finding out. Well played, Mr. Wolf.

When did Kate revert back to Connie? She's suddenly slipping "freakin'" in her daily vernacular. I know Kate spent some time in Bensonhurst lately, but this is a strange development. Don't we already get enough of that lingo from Olivia?

There are a lot of mysteries in play on GH right now, but none have me more curious than what Luke found on Johnny and Anthony. Whatever it is, it has Sonny grinning from ear to ear. That can't be good. Just once, I'd like to see Johnny get the upper hand on the moody mobster. Maybe Carly will get Johnny's back this time. Those two had major chemistry, and I think that could be the start of a beautiful friendship. If you know the secret, please don't tell me. I still like to be surprised. It's so much fun to watch when you don't know where a storyline is going.

How do I love Johnny Z? Let me count the ways. At the end of the day, he's just a good guy. He couldn't go through with sexually blackmailing Carly, and he is truly trying to protect Michael. I hope Johnny finds someone worthy of him someday. But, right now, I'm enjoying the fact that he's one of Port Charles's most eligible men, who seems to have chemistry with everyone.

Who shot Sonny? For a second, I thought it was Michael, in an attempt to get into the mob. Then, I thought perhaps it was Jax, who was also toting a gun in his pocket. I'm hoping it was neither of those suspects, but another hit attempt by Anthony. If Jax stays true to character, then he shouldn't be firing a gun. And Michael is messed up right now, but enough to shoot his own dad? I hope not.

Luke, Luke, Luke. Did you have to wait until the final seconds of Friday's show to interrupt Tracy's wedding? I've been hoping all week that Luke would rescue Tracy. Oh well, I guess that's why they call them cliffhangers. I can't wait until Monday to see how Luke busts up the nuptials.

There's a new kid in town. His name is T.J., and it seems he may be a new friend for Molly and a new challenge for Shawn. His scenes were interesting, but I still am not crazy about the Shawn character. There are just too many other people I'd rather see right now. Yes, I'm a little bitter.

Best Lines of the Week

(Luke asks Alexis to meet with him, just to talk, but Alexis thinks it's for criminal defense.) Alexis: "What are the charges, and what evidence do they have?" Luke: (Feigning shock that she'd think he was in trouble.) "I don't have any outstanding warrants (pauses) in this country."

(Tracy bristles at Anthony's new nickname for her.) Anthony: "Now that I think of it. "Angel" doesn't really suit you. I'm gonna call you Venus, my own personal goddess of love."

(The new psychiatrist and Alexis discuss mental health.) Ewan: "What's normal?" Alexis: "Don't look at me!"

(Jax explains that he left town because Sonny likes to kill his enemies and bury them in the woods.) Jax: "The fact is, if Sonny would have found me the night I left Port Charles, my current residence would be the Pine Barrens." Michael: "Well, I don't know. It's getting pretty packed in there."

Reader Spotlight

Here are some of the things that Two Scoops readers are saying. If you'd like to share your thoughts (or offer ideas on what one does buy a mobster's wife as a baby gift), click here to send me email. Your comments could appear in a future column and I do read every letter!

  • OK, so I know Sam was raped by Franco while she and Jason were in Hawaii on their honeymoon. But you know the baby could be Jason's (and I hope it is!) because they were VERY BUSY 'honeymooning' before Franco got to her! Here's hoping, because I do not like the story of Franco fathering this baby! ---Mandy

  • As a long time General Hospital fan, I am very concerned about the One Life To Live invasion currently happening on GH. I was so excited to find out that a new writing and producing team was coming over to help out GH. Now, quite frankly, I am scared. I am scared that the currently characters we love on GH are going to be neglected by the new head writing/producing team since they aren't as familiar with the GH characters as they are with the OLTL characters they are bringing over.

    I know many fans are excited, I wish I could be too. Why bring over established characters that have nothing to do with GH's history when the main families and characters essential to GH are already being neglected? I would be much happier if they trimmed the canvas and brought back characters from GH's history.

    I am going to keep an open mind to this however, because loyal OLTL fans coming over to see their favorite characters could very well boost the GH ratings which is always a good thing. I just hope they stay true to GH history and don't alienate the GH fans that have already invested so much into this show! -- Jordan, a concerned General Hospital Fan

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