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Sonny got his hands on Joe Scully, Jr., Alexis found T.J. in a state of undress in Molly's bedroom, and Maxie realized that her fears about Patrick were well-founded. Meanwhile, two couples locked lips for the first time. Let the fireworks begin as we dig in to this week's Two Scoops.

The pyrotechnics on the Fourth of July weren't the only fireworks in Port Charles this week. Tensions were high all around our favorite little seaside town, starting at Alexis' lake house.

Alexis decided to cut out of work early, so that she could spend the holiday with her daughters by the lake, enjoying a picnic and watching the fireworks. Kristina, flaunting a spectacularly ripped body in an itty-bitty striped bikini, stood on the porch, trying to persuade Trey into frolicking with her in the water, as her mother walked up. Kristina greeted Alexis with a sneer, and then coldly informed Alexis that she would rather trek over to Sonny's warehouse, with the camera crew in tow, than spend time with her mother and sister.

Rather than beg Kristina to give it a rest for a day, Alexis opted to go into the house to fetch Molly, unaware that Molly was following in Kristina's rebellious footsteps.

Molly had taken advantage of her mother's decision to work on the Fourth of July, by inviting T.J. over to swim and hang out. I'm not sure why Molly decided that T.J. should slip into his swimsuit in her bedroom rather than the bathroom, like most people would, but she did. Naturally, Alexis entered her youngest daughter's bedroom just as T.J. dropped his saggin' trousers.

"Oh. My. God," Alexis shrieked long and loud, as she got an eyeful of T.J. in his boxer briefs. After the shock wore off, Alexis ordered T.J. to get dressed. By this time, Molly had returned to the bedroom, mortified that her mother had made such a commotion.

For those of you without children, I can assure you, as a mother, that Alexis' reaction was as real as it gets, minus a stream of obscenities that can't be said on daytime television. Molly was totally in the wrong, yet you wouldn't know it from the way that she, or T.J. for that matter, behaved. Instead of apologizing, profusely, Molly sat there smirking, as Kristina decided to, yet again, berate Alexis for getting Kristina into Yale.

In case no one got the memo, it's always about Kristina.

My jaw dropped during the following exchange:

Alexis: "Are you done? Because I'm never quite sure. Do you know that she [Molly] had an unsupervised party here? Got drunk and passed out?"

Kristina: "And you went to my gangster father and asked him to threaten someone to get me into Yale. Show of hands, which is worse?"

Kristina honestly believes that what Alexis and Sonny did was worse than Molly and T.J. throwing a party with underage kids drinking and Molly getting so drunk that Molly had been on the verge of alcohol poisoning. I think that it's time for Kristina to schedule a few sessions with Ewen.

Kristina needs to get over herself, and Alexis needs to take back control, starting with refusing to participate in that ridiculous reality show. The show doesn't work without Alexis and Sonny being a part of it, because it centers around Kristina spewing venom and contempt at them at every opportunity. The show falls apart if Kristina doesn't have anyone to rant at.

Next, Alexis needs to make it clear to Kristina that Kristina lives under Alexis' roof, so Kristina needs to treat her mother with respect and courtesy. If Kristina doesn't like those terms, then Kristina can move out. It's time for Kristina to grow up, and behave like the adult that she claims to be.

It will also set a good example for Molly. Every single time that Kristina rips into Alexis and Sonny, Molly gets the message that it's okay to treat Alexis like dirt and walk all over her mother. That is why Molly is acting out and will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, at the coffee warehouse, Sonny is having his first face-to-face with Joe Scully Jr. Did anyone else scratch their heads in wonder, trying to figure out how Jason had managed to get a bound and gagged Joe back to Port Charles? Jason had flown to New Orleans on a commercial jet, so did he drive Joe in a rental car, or did Sonny's jet pick them up? If Sonny sent his jet, then why in blazes didn't Jason just take the jet to New Orleans to begin with?

That said, I'm not sure what to make of Joe, but I'm leaning towards intense dislike.

Joe claims that Connie was quite a different person than the sweet young girl that Sonny knew. Is it possible? Yes. Ewen, Kate, and Sonny assume that the rape, pregnancy, and abandonment of Kate's newborn son had caused the dissociative identity disorder, but who is to say that it didn't happen earlier? What if there is another traumatic event lurking in Kate's past, which had caused her to create the alter personality?

Perhaps Kate's father had molested her, and her mother knew about it, which is the real reason that Kate hasn't spoken to or visited her parents since Kate left Bensonhurst. I recall Olivia recently accusing Connie of always stealing other girls' boyfriends during their days in high school together. That doesn't sound like something that a good little Catholic virgin would do, but it does sound like something that Connie, the alter, would do.

If Alter-Connie had been around prior to the rape, and had invited Joe over, it doesn't mean that Kate wasn't raped. It's entirely possible that Alter-Connie did lure Joe over, but it was Kate who had answered the door. I vividly remember the scenes of Kate telling Ewen about the rape. No way was that made up, and it definitely wasn't consensual sex. Kate relived the terror of those horrifying moments, as she revealed the ugly details of the violent rape.

I don't doubt Kate's claims, not for a single second. Joe showed himself to be a liar when he had initially denied killing Theresa. When he had finally copped to Theresa's murder, he deflected responsibility. My impression of Joe is that he's a weasel who likes to blame everyone else for his transgressions, because he's never had to take responsibility for his wrongdoings.

I don't know how Joe ended up with Trey, but I suspect that Joe Sr. found out about the rape and pregnancy from Father O'Brian, so Joe Sr. had someone keep tabs on Kate.

Trey is probably just like his father, so I hope that Trey stays far away from Starr, because I really like what's developing between Starr and Michael. However, I didn't appreciate the dirty little trick that Ron Carlivati played on us when Michael invited Starr to the Quartermaine barbeque.

I had expected to see at least one of the Quartermaines, but I got nada. No Monica, no Tracy, and no Edward! What's the point of having a Quartermaine barbeque without any Quartermaines? Michael doesn't count, because he considers himself to be a Corinthos.

I did enjoy the way that Michael nervously flirted with Starr though. It was sweet and reminded me that Michael is still a young kid. My teenage daughter, and her friend, also liked it, so keep up the good work, Ron. They watched the entire episode with me on Friday.

Now, on to the other Manning in town, Todd. I hadn't realized the unique insight that Todd had into Jason's situation until Todd told Sam that he knew what Jason had felt like when Jason had discovered that Franco was Jason's brother. Victor wasn't a serial killer and rapist, but from Todd's perspective, Victor was evil. After all, Victor had schemed with Todd's mother, Irene, for Victor to step into Todd's life, while Todd had been kept prisoner for eight long years and subjected to torture on a regular basis, in the hopes of forcing Todd to reveal where Todd had hidden a microchip that Irene had been desperate to get her hands on.

I understand why Todd hated Victor. Don't get me wrong, Todd is no angel. He was the ringleader of a gang rape during a college fraternity party, and he committed a slew of other crimes, including the recent baby switch. However, Todd does have a conscience, which plagues him often, so he makes an effort atone for his sins. I think that's why I don't hate him. He's flawed, but he owns it.

I loved the exchange between Todd and Sam this week, when he suggested that perhaps it had been for the best that Sam had "lost" her son, because the baby had been the product of a rape. Sam's reply, "You know what, Mr. Manning? I read papers, too, and my baby's father isn't the only crazy rapist. So, tell me, do you think your kids would be better off dead because of who their father is?"

That was such a brilliant question and clearly illustrated to Todd that Sam loved her child just as much as he loves his children. I really hope that when all is said and done, Todd is the one who comes clean to Sam about the baby switch, and returns the baby to her. It won't make up for what he did to Sam, but it would be the first step in helping her to forgive Todd.

And I do want Sam to forgive Todd. Liz eventually forgave Sam for standing by, and then keeping quiet, while Jake was kidnapped by an unstable woman that Sam knew, so I want Sam to offer the same forgiveness to Todd. It probably sounds silly, but I really like the energy between Kelly and Roger. It's not a romance vibe, but it is interesting.

Sam has made her own fair share of mistakes, so she knows what it's like to be an outcast. It would be nice for Sam to have a big brother-like figure in her life, who would always look out for her. I'd like for Todd to be that person.

Although, these days there isn't a shortage of men who want to protect Sam. Case in point, John McBain.

Years ago, before I quit working to stay home to raise my children, I would catch episodes of Port Charles during my lunch break, so I recall the Caleb/Livvie love affair. Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco had chemistry then and now. It's undeniable. The kiss at the end of Friday's episode was hot, even though it was fueled by alcohol, hurt, and probably a good dose of curiosity.

I confess that I like Sam better when she's not with Jason. It's as if she loves Jason too much, if such a thing is possible. A part of her seems to get lost when she's with Jason, to the point that she often reminds me of a devoted follower rather than an equal partner. Until Sam learned that she was pregnant with Franco's baby, she had always been the one to bend and make sacrifices, in order to be with Jason.

I suspect that is part of the reason why Jason had such a hard time coming to terms with Sam's decision to keep the baby. He wasn't used to being the one who had to compromise to make things work. For the first time in a long time, if ever, Jason had to make the concession in the relationship. Maybe, somewhere deep down inside, Sam recognizes that, and it fuels her anger towards Jason.

I think that Jason has good reason to worry about John. John is more emotionally evolved than Jason is, and therefore, can offer Sam more. Well, once John gets out of his relationship with Natalie, who has flown to London, with Liam, to spend time with her brothers.

I will not be the least bit surprised if John gets a call from Natalie in upcoming weeks, to tell him that she has decided to stay in London.

Buchanans are notorious for fleeing to London when they are trying to escape rocky relationships. From the snippets that we've heard of John's conversations with Natalie, not all is well between them.

Another person who is not doing well is Patrick. We learned this week that Patrick is popping Dynexin, an amphetamine used to treat ADHD and obesity, like Tic Tacs. Maxie and Lulu decided to confront him about it. I appreciate that they are worried about Patrick, but I wish that they would have sought some advice from others first. These two really have no idea what they are doing. Lulu reluctantly participated in one intervention, and flirted with an alcohol problem not too long ago. Meanwhile, Maxie is an emotional mess whose life is in total chaos.

Simply put, this is a recipe for disaster, with Patrick standing in the center. Maxie and Lulu would have been better off if they had gone to Elizabeth and Anna with their concerns. Not only is Elizabeth a nurse, who would be in a better position to determine if Patrick were showing signs of drug use, but she also knows people, including Ewen, who could help stage an intervention that would be less confrontational. Anna, as Robin's mother and Emma's grandmother, is someone whom Patrick respects, so she might be able to get through to Patrick in a way that no one else could.

Speaking of Anna, she is proving to be quite the savvy police commissioner. In the short time that she has been on the job, Anna has already figured out that Heather most likely absconded with Anthony's corpse. Kudos to her.

Luke, on the other hand, has lost his edge. I was shocked that he so thoroughly underestimated Heather by writing that coded letter, which Heather saw through like tissue paper. He almost deserves to be stuck in that busy little cabin in the woods.

Reader Spotlight

  • I wish for once they would let Jason and Sam be happy. Sam has always wanted a baby and she lost her first daughter and instead of letting her enjoy the joy of having a healthy baby, she thinks her son is dead. This is so lame. There are other stars like Liz and Carly who have had more than one child and have had no problems but Sam is not given the opportunity at all. Please try and be a little realistic. Its make us audiences so fed up. -- Lynette

  • In my opinion, it's completely understandable that a man would have issues raising the child of a man he despised. Sure, he SHOULD support his wife, but if he can't bring himself to feel love for that child, then we can't force him -- and shouldn't condemn him either. -- Jerilyn

  • Thank you for saying what I've been thinking. Drinking beers and playing pool with your dead baby momma while your raped wife just lost her second baby, seriously? Shame on Liz for being there with Jason in the first place. -- Sue

  • I hate the reality show story with Kristina -- again utterly ridiculous. There is no way in heck that either Alexis or Sonny would stand for that. And this new Kristina has got to go -- she's awful as well! -- Jennifer

  • Hate the direction that General is taking with Christina -- please stop it -- makes me want to not watch her craziness -- Barb

  • Please get Heather off of General Hospital we do not need two people on that program that are having mental problems, we have this mess in everyday life, what are the writers thinking, this stinks -- Joan

  • I have to agree. I sat on the edge of my seat and cried for the young teenage girl in love with Sonny, who was no mobster then, and full of dreams and hopes of a life away from the old neighborhood and a life with Sonny. I know they say you can never go back but if someone had only known what Joe Scully, Jr. did back then, then Connie would never have had to reinvent herself. -- Nonniepat

  • I am not a fan of Connie, Kate, Skate or whatever. So I am not watching that storyline. But I do agree Kelly Sullivan is doing a good job for the few scenes I have watched. But I have to say, not all DID alters "protect" their host. I have a friend who has a good friend with it. She has an alter who is a 17 year old nympho and picks up men all the time. Another alter hates taking her meds and throws them away. -- Kelly

    The actress that is playing Kate/Connie is fantastic she deserve an EMMY for her work doing her storyline. BRAVO -- Virginia H.

Thank you for taking the time to email me. I wish that I could have shared all of the wonderful emails with you, but there were simply too many. However, I loved reading what readers had to say, so please keep sending those emails.

Liz Masters
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