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Alexis and Josslyn were hospitalized with deadly fevers, after being injected with an unknown chemical. It seems Jerry Jacks is about to unleash a deadly chemical on all of Port Charles. Apparently, he injected Alexis and Josslyn, with some kind of vaccine or antidote. What is Jerry toting around in those vials? What did the good folks of Port Charles do to make Jerry this vindictive? Is he working for another big-bad villain? Get the Scoop now.

It's times like these that I wish I'd paid more attention in organic chemistry. Who am I kidding? I could be a world-renowned chemist and still be clueless as to what kind of crazy concoction Jerry Jacks is toting around in his briefcase.

I do know this. Mr. Craig, oops I mean Jerry, has a soft spot for his niece, Josslyn, and his former lover, Alexis. That's the only plausible explanation I can find for him injecting them with a chemical, or some type of vaccination, that gave them soaring fevers and put them in the hospital. His actions seemed deplorable at the time, until I saw the previews for next week's shows. It seems Jerry has an even deadlier chemical in store for all of the denizens of Port Charles, and he was simply saving his girls from the terror he's about to unleash.

Just why is Jerry ready to contaminate the good folks of Port Charles? Maybe he's as ticked as I am about the way his brother Jax has been treated there. Hey, it's a theory. Jax, the confident billionaire who once declared to Brenda that "I come first, or not at all" vanished over the years, to be replaced by a guy I barely recognized, thanks to poor writing.

A personal grudge is one theory for Jerry's motivation, but the more likely reason Jerry is playing terrorist again is money. We all know that Jerry is a mercenary for hire and that the only language he understands starts and ends with dollar signs. This contagion scheme has Helena Cassadine, or one of Port Charles' previous notorious villains, written all over it. I don't believe Jerry would have such hatred for the town on his own.

So, let the guessing begin. Who could be behind this scheme? Franco or Faison are good candidates. But when it's an end-of-the-world-scope of a scheme, never discount the Cassadines.

I have to give a pat on the back to Alexis and Joss. Those actresses really looked sick. Well done, ladies. I've been begging for Alexis to have a bed scene for years, but I never imagined it like this. My vision had a shirtless Mac next to her, causing the sweat on her brow, not some deadly chemical. The brilliant thing about this storyline is that so many people are already involved -- Robin, Patrick, Ewen, Joe Jr., Jerry, the Davis family, Carly, Jason, Johnny, Starr, and the list goes on. That's simply great writing, folks. Well done, GH.


Let's just get this out of the way right now. Yes, Sonny apparently moonwalks. I always knew he was a "Smooth Criminal." Feel free to guffaw at the mental picture. I know I have. It just doesn't gel with the dimpled, tortured soul we've all come to know as Sonny Corinthos. Maybe he'll bust out the moonwalk at his wedding. That would be must-see TV. Can you imagine the look on Jason's face?

Speaking of Sonny, congratulations is in order for his engagement to Kate. I'll give Sonny this: the man knows how to propose to a woman. He should have it down to an art by now, considering how many times he's done it in the past. And that ring is nothing short of spectacular. Do you think Sonny gets a discount at his jeweler after all the engagement rocks he's purchased in the last two decades? Max and Milo were adorable, playing chef and butler. Well done, Sonny. And any time Max and Milo need an evening off, feel free to send them my way.

I always love a good friendship on soaps. It's rare to see, and especially rare when two characters as opposite as Patrick and Epiphany are involved. I am loving this friendship. It seems to be built around mutual respect. I don't expect them to be slinging back beers at the Floating Rib anytime soon, but Epiphany seems to be able to give Patrick the support that his brother can't, since he's doing time and all.

It looks like the Morgans are finished. I could say something snarky like "What do you expect when you get a lug nut for an engagement ring?" But then I thought for a moment that Jason was onto something with his cheap hardware, considering the marriage success rate in Port Charles. Sonny and Jax have both spent small fortunes on all their engagement bling, only to end up divorced, multiple times. I was also a little stunned that the Morgans' romantic montage began with showing Sam pregnant with Sonny's baby. But then I remembered that's how Jason and Sam started their romance.

I'd also like to congratulate Lulu and Dante on their pregnancy. I was blindsided by that one. I hope Lulu has a successful pregnancy. Much like marriage, the success rate for healthy babies being born in Port Charles is very low.

Bravo, Todd, for finally getting the upper hand with Heather with some good old-fashioned blackmail. I was starting to think Todd's reputation was exaggerated when he couldn't seem to get out from Heather's thumb. I am going to miss their humorous exchanges. There are usually enough one-liners there to fill a column.

Carly stunned me this week. (Not with the handcuffs for Johnny. I always pictured her to be a handcuff kind of gal.) No, she stunned me by calling Dante, instead of 9-1-1, when she realized that Joss was missing. I guess she's gotten over her issues with Dante.

I'm still trying to put together a connection between Jerry and Joe Jr. or "Joe-Joe," as Jerry affectionately calls him. It seems Jerry has a whole team of people working for him again, including the "always-on-the-verge-of-panic" Dr. Keenan.

Bravo to the writers for writing the prayer circle scene in the chapel with Shawn, J.T, Molly, and the gang. It was beautifully lit and filmed. It's nice to see Shawn having a little screen time. It appears they are setting him on the road to a romance with Alexis. I could get on board with that coupling if it weren't for the fact that sexy Mac was looking so good and seems to have lost the weight of the world when he turned in his badge. Plus, Felicia hasn't been spotted in weeks.

Apparently, General Hospital doesn't care whether its doctors have a good bedside manner. Alexis' doctor was horrid in dealing with her family. He was so stiff. "Don't let her die," screamed Alexis' sobbing daughter. "I'm sorry," he said coldly, before beating a quick path to the door. At least Dr. Steve seems distressed and empathetic when he delivers crushing news.

Finally, it looks Olivia has a fun side effect from her LSD trip: she's psychic. She knew Lulu was pregnant before Lulu knew. Olivia's new gift could come in handy in this town, especially when you're in the vicinity of Sonny Corinthos. Use the gift, 'Liv.

Best Lines of the Week

(Johnny complains about the handcuffs Carly is using for their sexy night together.)
Carly: "I thought you'd be used to handcuffs. How many times have you been arrested?"

(Alexis goes to Wyndemere to check out the security alarm and discusses it with Sam.)
Alexis: "I don't know why Nikolas has an alarm system anyway. Anyone who wants to row their boat over to that house of horrors is welcome to whatever they can fit in their boat. "

(Heather tells Todd that she is smart and cunning.)
Heather: "I can be quite brilliant. I used to do very well on those standardized tests in school. You know, the ones where you fill in those little dots."
Todd: "Clearly, they weren't testing for sanity."
Heather: "Your sarcasm can be very hurtful at times."

(Alexis, who had been at death's door, awakens to see her daughters gathered around her bedside.)
Kristina: "Mom, can you hear us? We're all here, Sam, Molly, and Kristina."
Alexis: "Is there a reason you think I wouldn't know your names?"

Reader Spotlight

Thanks to all of you who wrote to discuss all the new changes at GH, the return of Jerry Jacks, and the character of Starr. I love hearing your opinions, even when they don't agree with mine. Keep those emails coming!

  • I stopped watching GH several years ago, around the time they paired Elizabeth with Nikolas, but I had been dissatisfied for years. I didn't think I'd ever go back. When I realized that Starr and Todd from OLTL were on full-time, I watched an episode. And then I watched two. And now I've been back a month. And I am sold. This is the show I loved once upon a time. Starr is wonderful; she's just out of her depth a little bit. If she were surrounded by her people from Llanview, it'd be different. I watched her grow up on OLTL, so that helps. With Blair, Langston, and Cole, she's amazing. She humanizes Todd in a way no one else will. I love Starr. And I love GH again. I never thought I'd feel this happy about a soap I gave up on years ago. -- Melissa

  • Having been a longtime OLTL, I came back to GH when I heard that some of the OLTL characters were coming on board. I'm absolutely loving Todd, as he brings so much comedic relief that was sorely missing. Pairing Todd and Heather was pure brilliance and hilarious to watch. I also love John McBain. But I think it's a slap in the face to OLTL fans, who finally got their happy ending when he and Natalie finally reunited with their child. I'm really not buying the idea that John would so easily turn to Sam, after everything he went through with Natalie. All OLTL fans know how fierce and committed Natalie is to her family, and the idea that she would cut John out of her life over that kiss picture is ridiculous. She's a fighter, and she would never give up so easily. I do like Starr, but for me, she's always been kind of a bland character, and if the writers' could make her more interesting, I think people might like her more. I'm loving that Jerry is back and trying to figure out what he's up to. I think we're in for one great trip. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! GH is a must see hour of excitement! -- Cathy Skaar

  • I'm with you. I was so delighted to see Jerry Jacks back! I also avoid spoilers and usually am successful; however, I did see a picture of Jerry in the new TV Guide so I was spoiled (but this was a happy spoiler). I wouldn't be surprised to find out he is actually Ewen's father. I would also love it if he had Jake squirreled away somewhere as well! The only thing that I think would have been a better surprise was if at the end of the episode, where we saw Ewen checking on Robin, it had been good ole Dr. David Hayward from AMC! That would have been an awesome reveal! -- Jennie

  • I'm happy to say GH is back on track. I look forward to watching it as soon as I get home from work, just like the old days. I think Elizabeth is a little too wimpy for Jason. Sam is much better suited to him, but I don't write the show. Elizabeth's damsel in distress act is a little played. I just wanted to add that I like Starr and Michael together; they certainly have lots in common. She's an awesome actress, who has been playing this part since she was a little girl and hopefully she'll grow on everyone. Finally, way to go General Hospital. - Rita

  • Ron and Frank have done an amazing job with GH. You can tell they are fans by how they recognize the past history. Having Mac as a bartender is pure genius. It is a way for him to rub shoulders with Port Charles and at the same time, get lucky! This surprise was only outdone by Jerry Jacks. Great villain. Since it is Jerry, I hope now that he is working with Helena and that the whole Metro Court fiasco was part of a huge plan that has Alan and Emily hidden away with Robin. I don't care if GH is on six more weeks or six more years, bring back these characters somehow! It's a soap. We will work with you. Lastly, please tell me Heather has not been written off? Oh, one more thing. It is amazing how much the actors who play Joe Jr. and Trey really do look like father and son. Another last thing, however long Todd Manning's contract is to stay on GH, double it! -- Timothy

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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