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Will the residents of Port Charles be able to keep hating Franco if he can save a cherished life? Does one good deed erase a lifetime of less than honorable ones? It's time to find out in this week's Two Scoops.

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Dear readers, I'm not a big gambler, but I occasionally drive to Vegas for a weekend and drop $20 in the slot machines because it's fun and they bring you free watered down rum and Cokes while you play. But today, if oddsmakers were taking bets on soap plots, I would lay a chunk of money down on this prediction: Danny has cancer, and only Jason's twin brother Franco has the matching bone marrow (or blood or something DNA-related) that will save his life. I further predict that only Dr. Silas Clay will be able to perform the procedure because none of the doctors at GH have ever performed this new and experimental procedure.

This accomplishes the redemption of Franco -- how can the Quartermaines or Carly and Sonny and Sam hate someone who saved Jason's baby's life?

And it keeps Silas Clay and Rafe in town, because GH would definitely want to hire someone with Dr. Clay's mad skills, and I'm sure Danny will be needing follow-up treatment.

Maybe once GH hires Dr. Clay, they can give him pointers on bedside manner so he doesn't lumber up to a young mother and blurt out, "Your baby has cancer." So all the patients won't think he's a d**k.

My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, has a divergent theory; he thinks Dr. Clay is really the vampire Caleb Morely and that he purposely made the baby sick and is merely posing as a doctor to get close to Sam and Danny.

So if we each placed our bets in Vegas, one of us would win, and one of us would lose, and we'd break even, which is what generally always happens to us anyway.

While Sam and the Davis girls hold vigil at the hospital (minus Kristina, who should be brought back immediately only if played by the incredible Lexi Ainsworth, whom I will continue to champion until they listen to me). Shawn wandered off duty of giving Alexis moral support to do a small hit job for Sonny and instead shot Olivia.

Readers, I think we all know if Jason was supposed to kill someone and a bunch of other people came into the room, he would have put the gun down and called it off. But not Shawn! He was sure he could pick Franco's head out of the five people huddled together in the room.

I just hope when Olivia wakes up that her psychic powers have ceased to exist and she goes back to being the character I used to love. Maybe she can go visit Johnny in prison, and they can rekindle their romance with conjugal visits or something. They were great together.

I was waiting with bated breath to see Sonny go off on Carly, but since the scene played out in front of the hospital elevators, he had to whisper-scream instead of scream-scream, and I feel cheated. I wanted to see the veins pop out on his neck.

On the upside, Lulu heard Sonny threaten to kill Carly if Olivia died, so at least Carly has a witness should anything unseemly happen to her. Carly has always been reckless, but she always had Jason to talk her down from her madness. Without his calming presence in her life, she is out of control with her wild flurry of emotions and just made a choice that nearly ended in tragedy. I can hardly wait until Dante discovers that it was Carly who ordered the hit that nearly killed his mother.

If I am right about my earlier wager, the Corinthos clan will have to call off all hits on Franco because they desperately need him alive for baby Danny's sake and can't kill the one chance Danny has to stay alive. This will be great drama, because Sonny needs a good rival and with Anthony and Johnny gone, Alcazar gone, Jax gone, Ric gone -- Sonny needs someone he is constantly enraged with, and Roger Howarth will provide a great sparring partner for Maurice Benard. Both are powerhouse actors, and I will never fast-forwarded scenes between them.

Another person I never fast-forward is Tony Geary, and I am actually worried about what ails Luke. Is it liver damage? Worse? Tracy's parting line on Friday about Luke being a coward did the trick, because he actually called his doctor. All the time Luke has been refusing medical help, I have been in my living room, pointing to my husband who refuses to go to the doctor, too. Unfortunately, he is not swayed by my pleas like Luke was with Tracy -- maybe I just need to call him a coward?

Now that Lulu has her memory back, perhaps she can give her dear old dad the support he needs. Maybe Laura will sit by his bedside and make her new husband, Scotty, crazy. Is it just me, or does it seem like we have barely seen Laura and Scotty since their wedding? Why bring back two of GH's most popular actors and not use them? I'd rather see them than Felix's annoying baby sister and the Britch.

I understand the need to have teen storylines in the summer -- it's the thing that draws a new generation of viewers into the family and keeps Daytime alive. But we need more balance between the old and new than we have had this past week, in my humble opinion.

While I loved seeing Patrick and Sabrina finally become lovers and was thankful we finally got payoff for that Cinderella storyline, in the back of my mind, I know Robin is still alive out there somewhere, so I can't fully invest myself in Patrick and Sabrina as a couple because I know Patrick's One True Love is not dead and will eventually be back. I just hope she doesn't come back now to find Patrick impregnated a venomous viper like Britt and is also sleeping with Sabrina.

Of course, Britt actually being pregnant with Patrick's baby is highly unlikely, and I hope that Sabrina and Felix's detective work can prove her to be the liar they think she is. I love Felix as a character, but I want more for him than just being everyone's shoulder to cry on -- I think he deserves a romance of his own. It was hinted that Bobbie's son Lucas would be back in the picture, and yet I haven't even heard his name mentioned since then, so maybe GH backed off?

Who knows? Right now there are so many stories swirling, I can imagine the writers might want to resolve some of them before launching into something new. Starr finally met Todd, oh wait, I mean Kiki finally met Franco, and of course, the chemistry that has always existed between these two actors is still alive. Kiki was starting to warm to Franco's words when A.J. barged in and interrupted the flow, but we all know a reunion will come.

The sad part is that Michael and Kiki, formerly Michael and Starr, have mad chemistry, which can never be explored, since they are now cousins -- which I hope they find out before they actually do the deed. Morgan, on the other hand, is very irritating, and I can't imagine why Kiki would want to date him. When I see him gambling online and using Michael's credit card, I just want to slap him. Carly clearly made the wrong decision to send him away to boarding school; she should have let Jax raise him.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will selfish Taylor demand that Shawn hold a faux prom in Kelly's so her expensive dress doesn't go to waste? Will Rafe run away rather than live with the twin of his mother's murderer? Will Diane fall for Franco now that she and Max have parted ways because he can keep her in shoes? Will anyone in Michael's apartment ever learn you shouldn't answer the door in a towel? Will Anna ever be able to prove her always-correct theories about what happened and charge Shawn with the shooting? Will Alexis dump Shawn and fight Felicia for nice, safe Mac? Will Maxie's baby bump ever be larger than a lemon?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in as long as there are tomorrows.

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