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Sonny pulled the trigger, but intends to let his arch enemy Julian take the fall for the dirty deed if only he can come up with an alibi. Will Duke lie to protect his new boss? Find out that and much more in this week's Two Scoops.

For months, we watched Robin being held prisoner in the evil La-Boooor-A-Tory (sinister pronunciation phonics), desperately trying to get back to her family. We watched. We rooted for her. We screamed at our TV every time she almost escaped and then was thwarted. Finally, she got home, just in time to break up Patrick and Sabrina's wedding in a moment of high drama as Emma ran into her arms. It was beautiful and moving.

But in the quickest reunion turnaround in history, Robin decided to leave again, of her own free will, for the chance to save Jason. It's not the choice I would have made, but I understand the writers didn't have a lot of storyline options available to them to untangle Robin from the canvas they had just weaved her back into.

It's a clumsy storyline, which came to a clumsy end when we discovered that Jasonsicle is, in fact, in a facility in New York, right across the hall from Nina Clay's room. If the lab Robin will be working in is located in New York, why not have her shuttle back and forth to Port Charles instead of having her leave her family? Were they afraid she couldn't keep quiet?

The WSB already knows she can't keep it a secret, as she immediately told Patrick all the things she wasn't supposed to tell anyone. But, that's a good thing. Wives should be able to tell their husband's anything.

But I can't imagine a husband being able to accept that. My husband (who pretends he doesn't watch GH) and I discussed this at length. He said he could not come up with any viable scenario whereby he would willingly leave me to go and help someone else at the cost of abandoning and forsaking his family, and I said the same. "Yeah, some guy I never met before came to the door and said I could save my old college boyfriend's life if I hop on a plane to an undisclosed location for an uncertain length of time." Um, no. But it's a soap, and soap logic has been employed, and it's a necessary evil to suspend our disbelief to transition Robin off-canvas. We know she will be back eventually, and if Jason is in tow, I will apologize for all the mean things I said about her. But just as a reminder, Robin is a fictional character and not a real person, so it's not really a big deal if I don't like her. It's like saying you don't like Captain Hook, or the Joker, or J.R. Ewing.

That having been said, all of the goodbye scenes with Robin and Anna, Patrick, Emma, Elizabeth, and Mac were sweet and compelling. There is so much history and chemistry to build on with Robin, and the writers and actors made the most of it. I teared up more than once watching each person in her life come to terms with losing her again. But perhaps my favorite line of the week was Robin saying to Carly, "If you knew where I was going, you would bow down and worship me." I rewound it and played it three times. It was just hilarious. And true! If Carly knew Robin was going to try to bring Jason back to her, she'd sell all her jewels, the hotel, and her house to fund the research. Robin's leap of faith paid off, Jason was right there, before her eyes, under ice, just as Victor Cassadine promised.

Robin found what she was seeking at the New York clinic, but Silas did not. After an elaborate break-in to get to Nina's room, all he found was an empty bed and a vacant room. Where is Nina Clay? Is she dead and the family is just trying to keep Silas from her money, or is she alive and sharing BLTs with Heather at Miscavige? It's anyone's guess at this point. I have heard a delicious rumor that Michelle Stafford will be cast as Nina Clay, but at last post, that's all it is, a rumor. If it ends up being true, I will rejoice. She's a powerhouse performer and would make a great addition to the Port Charles canvas. Besides, it's about time GH started stealing Y&R stars instead of vice-versa.

If Nina does wake up, where will that leave the budding romance of Sam and Silas? Would he choose the wife he was cheating on prior to the coma, or the private eye who helped him track her down? Hard to say. We still don't know if, in fact, Silas is the culprit in these crimes, or if it's Ava or someone we haven't even considered yet!

My money is on Ava, though, since we already know that she shot Olivia and Connie and was about to plug A.J. before he wrestled the gun away from her. If he had fled the scene and gone to the cops instead of stopping to try to strangle her, he wouldn't have gotten shot. Poor Sonny, he knew he couldn't resist shooting A.J. if he had a gun, so he purposely left his gun at the office, but a gun magically appeared within his reach, and really, what was he to do?

Sonny saw visions of A.J. attacking Connie in his brain and did the awful thing he wished he had done back then and put a bullet in A.J., much to Ava's delight. Sonny, of course, had no idea that just five minutes earlier, it was Ava who had the gun on A.J. and that by shooting A.J., he, in fact, helped out Connie's real killer! Ava's sly smile went unnoticed, and Sonny thought he had saved a damsel in distress in a way he had failed to save Connie.

With Sonny's warped sense of right and wrong -- he was plunged into a sea of guilt brought on not by the fact that he had shot a man point-blank, but because he had promised Michael he wouldn't. On the Sonny scale of justice, a broken promise is ranked worse than attempted murder. Sonny has two very serious problems: 1) he is indebted to Ava, whom we know to be a treacherous snake, and 2) he has to hope A.J. doesn't wake up and point the finger at him. Poor Sonny is running dangerously shy of people who are loyal enough to perjure themselves to cover for him. He's asked Duke to give him an alibi, but Duke hasn't committed either way. Does Duke hate Julian more than he loves Anna?

Sonny and all the other gangsters and criminals in Port Charles are sitting pretty right now. There is ample legal representation, well versed in criminal defense. Alexis, Diane, Scotty, and now Ric.

I've always like Ric Lansing. I know he's the money behind Julian's operation. I know he wants to take Sonny down and holds a grudge against him. But even so, he's slightly more vulnerable than the other full-on gangsters in town. Ric's war with Sonny is about acceptance and hurt feelings, not about power, money, or territory. It's almost like he's trying to buy Sonny's respect by taking him down.

At least with Ric representing Julian, it will give them a legitimate excuse to be seen around town together without suspicion. But since Molly is probably moving in with Ric, they will have to have their meetings elsewhere.

Bizarro Luke proposed to Tracy, and she accepted even though she can tell that Luke is slightly off kilter. The venom he was spewing sounded like vintage Heather -- what was she doing, playing de-motivational CD's for him, brainwashing him into hating the same people she hates? Who knows, but he sure is creepy this way. Luke's always been one of my favorite characters, but since his stint in Miscavige, he's lost his charm and the twinkle in his eye, and it's been replaced by a whole lotta crazy. Even so, although the words he was spewing were cruel, I had to laugh when he reminded Monica of her unsavory sexual past.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Ric's place turn into Teen Sex Central when Molly moves in? Will Delia confess her faux date turned homicide to Roger Coleridge? Will Ava and Sonny have to get married so she can't testify against him? Will Alexis and Elizabeth get some relationship counseling to find out why they make such bad choices in men? Will Ben end up with blue eyes and make Lulu question who is really his mama? Will Alexis make passionate love to Julian on a desk? (Yes, she will, because Nancy Lee Grahn told us so on Twitter.) Will Monica leave the crazy Heather egg salad painting on her wall? Will Ric buy back the house with the panic room for old time's sake? Will Carlos turn on his only real friend, Ava, to keep getting his paycheck from Julian?

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