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She's got legs and she knows how to use them. Nina proved she's no shrinking violet when she spun out of control like a ZZ Top. But what else does she have planned? Should Sam be worried? It's time to walk the line with Tamilu in this week's Two Scoops.

If you didn't know Nina Clay was a big faker who could walk before Friday's episode of General Hospital, then you need to polish up your soap skills. First, no one is that perky after a 20-year coma, and second, as I mentioned in my last column, Nina is being played by Michelle Stafford, and there is no way GH and ABC were going to waste her primo "rhymes with witch" talents on a one-dimensional saccharine sweet fluff character.

Nina's seemingly innocent comments like "Does it bother you that Sam hasn't taken off her ring yet?" are not casual at all but calculated and intended to drive a wedge between Sam and Silas. Not only can Nina walk, but also apparently has a bit of a temper and can smash stuff, too. What a big wheelchair faker. Maybe she just wants the handicapped parking at Silas' place? The fact is, she still sees Silas as her husband and is willing to fight fair or fight dirty to keep him for herself.

We keep hearing rumors about a Jason recast that never materializes, but there have been a few mentions of "How would you feel if Jason came back to town?" That makes me hopeful that we are slowly inching our way to that moment. I think we can all say unequivocally that if Jason showed up at Sam's door, Silas would only feel the whoosh of her running past him to get to Jason.

But Nina is no Jason. All we know of her thus far is that she's manipulative and wily. But after all, she is from the Obrecht bloodline, so it's to be expected.

Also to be expected is that Levi, the new age guru from down under, is most likely the person who tipped off the court to the fact that Nathan lied to protect Maxie. Did he do it to eliminate the competition? Did he do it because he hates babies and was afraid Maxie would get Georgie back and he'd have to change a diaper? Or did he do it just because he's a controlling jerk? Some guys start out nice and then get progressively creepier as the relationship wears on, and I think Levi is that sort of character.

I just want him to go away so Maxie and Nathan can be together, which I have been rooting for since the day he walked into her apartment. I would even be willing to give up my Spixie reunion fantasies for a Nathan/Maxie pairing. And that's saying a lot because I adore Spixie.

Maybe when Maxie ditches Levi and has a normal boyfriend, Dante and Lulu and Maxie and Nathan can double date. Lulu can bring Rocco and Maxie can bring Georgie, and all will be well with the world. That is unless Lulu passes out under a coffee table again from chasing Rocco all day. I thought that was a funny and realistic scene. From friends I know with a toddler, that's about the truth of it. Which is why I avoid toddlers at all costs, because I am already tired enough to pass out under a coffee table.

Other parents had a much sadder week, however, as Patrick and Sabrina laid baby Gabriel to rest. What a sad and moving episode. From Epiphany (via the golden voice of ddy) singing "Amazing Grace," to the tiny coffin, to Felix arranging for Juan to show up at Sabrina's door to be with her, to Patrick finally letting himself cry after Sabrina left -- I was a wreck. Three coworkers of mine have had premature babies in the last two months, and two of them are still in NICU, and one of them didn't make it. So the episode hit a familiar chord, and I just ached for every parent who has ever lost a child.

I am especially sad for the timing, because I wanted Sabrina and Patrick to be able to grieve and heal together, but with Teresa Castillo's maternity leave, that's not in the cards right now. As long as she gets back in time to bond with Patrick again before that stupid Robin comes back, I will be glad.

I would also be glad if I were Liz. Sure, she got fired, but now she has a perfect excuse to move in with her longtime friend Prince Nikolas and let Spencer and Cameron duke it out in the stables while she has Alfred bring her sangria by the pool. Or is that just what I would do in the same situation?

Readers, is it just me, or do you find it very curious that Sonny was sticking up for Ric this week? Kind of a "Yeah, I hated my brother, but now that he's gone, I will defend him to the death" mobster sort of logic. There has never been any love lost between Ric and Sonny, but suddenly, upon the news of Ric's death, Sonny actually considers the fact that Ric might have been telling the truth about being framed. When Sonny finds out Ric is alive and that Julian framed him, I wouldn't want to be Julian. That particular mob war better wait for Jason to get back home because Shawn can't handle the Jeromes, Fluke, and Ava all on his own the way Jason could.

I always wanted Sonny and Ric to like one another. I don't know why, but it always really bothered me that they never made peace. Here's rooting for another chance for them. The only one who is firmly in Ric's corner is Molly, and she cannot bear the fact that Alexis is still with Julian, the man responsible for her dad being imprisoned, and has opted to move into Sam's place. Molly is as feisty as her mother, and I predict she will find Ric long before the powers that be want him to be found.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Franco find another storage unit full of things no one would ever have purchased in the Wheel of Fortune prize room? Will Morgan, Kiki, Molly, and all the other youngsters move into the new and improved brownstone with Morgan and start a halfway house for displaced mobsters kids? Will new evil Josslyn smother Franco in his sleep? Will Tracy ever wise up or keep letting Fluke be the puppet master that bankrupts ELQ? Will Alexis ever pick the right man at the right time? Will Julian become the right man before she finds out he framed Ric?

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