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Emma became part soothsayer by predicting that Jason would return, while Olivia found the perfect way to pass Leo off as her son without Julian being any the wiser. Meanwhile, Hayden overheard a revealing secret, and Sabrina opted to keep one of her own. The new scribes are at the helm, and things are taking an interesting turn.

Ask any longtime, savvy soap opera fanatic -- like me -- and they will tell you that the Jason reveal is just around the corner. Mark my words, by this time next month, we will be discussing the fallout because red flags abound in Port Charles at this moment.

First, we have Laura just itching to shout, "Jake, you are Jason Morgan! Now, reclaim your life and crush my three little grandsons' souls just like my son Lucky did."

Don't get me wrong, I love Laura to pieces and I'm thrilled that she is sticking around, but I don't really know why it is so important to her for Jake to learn that he's Jason. She was never particularly close to Jason or Sam, she barely knows Patrick, and she's not exactly a Quartermaine fan because of Luke's long and twisted history with Tracy. If anything, I would think that she would want this secret to stay buried because exposing the truth will expose her son to attempted murder charges, rip ELQ away from him, and devastate three little boys who have been through untold loss already.

I think that's why little Jake was doing that demon-child thing at the close of Friday's show as he eavesdropped on his mother and Laura's conversation. He is furious that Laura is trying to rip his father away. Liz was right when she told Laura that little Jake wouldn't care whether Jake was Jason or not because little Jake has bonded with Jason regardless of what his name is. However, Liz is wrong about not taking little Jake to therapy. Because she is a nurse, I would have thought that would have been her first stop after having little Jake checked out at the hospital.

That cut on little Jake's eyebrow and the seething rage he exhibited on the staircase tells me that he has deep-rooted anger issues, which is perfectly understandable after what he's been through. I think Liz is delusional to think that Helena didn't mess with little Jake's head after all Helena has done to others over the years -- like Lucky. In that area, I totally support Laura.

Then again, in Port Charles, no one ever really goes to jail unless it's a plot point or the character is being written off, so I imagine Laura is pretty secure in the knowledge that Nikolas is safe. After all, in the end, it's only going to be Hayden's word against Nikolas' because, unbeknownst to anyone except Paul, Kyle is swimming with the fishes. I wonder if Paul dropped Kyle's body next to Carlos'.

Other indicators that the truth about Jason is on the horizon include Jake and Sam joining forces and going on the hunt for the truth and Emma, our new resident fortune teller, feeling it deep in her bones that Jason will pop up at the church in time to stop the wedding. She has good reason to worry because she's right. Patrick will get his heart crushed in the very near future.

Patrick and Emma are the true innocent victims in all of this because they will be completely blindsided by Jason's return. Unlike Sam and Danny, Patrick and Emma won't get a happily ever after ending.

It won't be Sam's fault for wanting to get back with Jason because it's been made painfully clear over the past few weeks that as much as she wants to let go of Jason, she just can't. He's been her obsession from the moment he took her in at the lowest point in her life. Sam will move heaven and earth to help Jake remember his past, so the revelation that he's Jason will get the ball rolling on that.

I also feel sorry for Liz because she never really planned for all of this to happen. She had been in love with Jake when she learned the truth from Nikolas about Jason, and like Sam, Jason has always been Liz's obsession. Finding out that Jake was Jason and that everyone had moved on and put his ghost to rest made having a life with him a temptation that she couldn't resist. It was wrong -- all kinds of wrong -- but it was out of love not malice.

Nikolas, on the other hand, acted out of malice. He wanted control of ELQ, which he appears to be running into the ground, and he went to extraordinary measures to keep the truth buried by trying to have Hayden killed. I really don't know what to make of Nikolas these days because he turned on a dime from the sweet, handsome prince who was unlike any other Cassadine before him -- good -- into a ruthless asshat. I still don't buy that Britt shattered his heart to such a degree that he turned dark. He loved Britt, but he loved Emily and even Liz far more than he ever loved Britt.

If there's one character that I want to see revert back to the way he was, it's Nikolas. Maybe Nikolas can help Liz pick up the pieces, since they will both likely be social pariahs for the foreseeable future once Carly and all the other hypocrites line up to throw stones and cast them out from the tribe.

Speaking of reverting, how about that Michael? It's a little unsettling how quickly he embraced Sonny's world again. I can't say that I blame Sabrina for having reservations about sharing her little secret with Michael at this point because she's seen firsthand with Carlos what the mob life can do. She barely managed to survive the loss of Gabriel, so naturally she'd be extra protective of this surprise bundle of joy.

It was different when it was Patrick because Patrick and Sabrina had been together for quite awhile and had been in the midst of planning their wedding. Her relationship with Michael is still new and still evolving, especially now that Michael has decided to take Sabrina's advice and forgive Sonny. I think she's getting a taste of "be careful what you wish for" because by forgiving Sonny, Michael is returning to a life filled with violence. I suspect that Sabrina had hoped that Michael would love Sonny from afar, like from the Quartermaine mansion.

I doubt Sabrina ever envisioned that Michael would step in as acting don while Sonny was indisposed, but I want to believe that Michael will have a quick change of heart if he knows that he will soon become a father.

I say "indisposed" for Sonny because I'm certain that Sonny will walk again. I'm as sure of that as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow, my doggies will beg for treats, and my kids will inevitably leave the dirty dishes in the sink instead of just rinsing them off and putting them in the dishwasher, which is conveniently located next to the sink.

What I'm not sure of is Tracy. Does she or doesn't she suspect that Paul is a leopard who hasn't changed his spots one iota. Tracy has never been one to trust easily, so I do expect her to have reservations about Paul, but I don't want her to slowly start trusting him, because the more he gets away with, the smarmier he seems. I honestly don't think he even cares one whit about Dillon. Dillon is simply a means to an end.

Tracy was right to question Paul about his trust in Ava's word that Carlos had shot Sonny. Ava would accuse the pope himself to save her brother, so she's completely untrustworthy. I just hope that Tracy keeps questioning Paul's decisions and motives.

I don't like Kiki, but I disliked her a little less this week when she, Franco, and Nina decided to create their own special little dysfunctional family. I think it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will drive Ava straight up a wall. Ava might have Avery, but Kiki is clearly done with Ava in every way possible. I don't blame her. Ava has a thing for Kiki's men, and it's downright creepy.

Also creepy is Valerie's refusal to let Dante go. I was disgusted with her when she had the nerve to complain that she wished she could have had more time to talk to Dante at the hospital -- you know, when his dad was in surgery fighting for his life -- to tell Dante that she hadn't moved on with Dillon because she was in love with Dante. Darn that pesky wife of Dante's for showing up to comfort her husband during his time of need. That's Valerie's job.

I kept wondering if Valerie expected Dante to leave his wife for her if he knew that Valerie still had a thing for him. If so, she's an idiot. To start with, once a cheater, always a cheater. Also, Dante is her cousin's husband. Finally, there's the rebound factor. I don't know any relationship that has lasted when it's based on the rebound. Dante only slept with Valerie because he was hurting and thought that Lulu had cheated. Granted, Dante admitted that he'd had feelings of attraction for Valerie before that night, but that doesn't mean it's a solid foundation for a good and lasting relationship.

This week, Valerie got bent out of shape when Dante confronted her with a pregnancy test that Nathan had mistakenly believed was Valerie's. I don't blame Nathan for the assumption or for telling Dante, but Valerie really didn't have any reason to get upset with Dante because the truth is, if she had been pregnant, then he had a right to know.

By the way, I don't for a second believe that Valerie would have an abortion simply to spare Dante the inconvenience of having to explain to Lulu why her cousin is knocked up with his kid. I think Valerie was just lashing out because she realized that Dante wouldn't have been happy at the prospect of her having his child.

Finally, this week, Olivia cobbled together a convincing lie when Julian busted her with baby Leo. I was a bit surprised that Olivia hadn't taken the time to check with the front desk to see if Julian was in residence, so she could avoid his floor, since she had sneaked Leo into town. That said, I was rather impressed with how easily she crafted that lie about adopting baby "Mateo."

I don't think it's going to work, though, because once Alexis gets wind of Olivia's story, she's going to start digging for the truth.

I find it rather comical how everyone thinks it's a wonderful idea for Sonny to raise Avery, but it's a horrible idea for Julian to be a part of Leo's life. Julian, at least, left the mob, while Sonny clings to the argument that once you are in, you are in for life.

Random Observations
I'm curious how Sam and Jake managed to slip onto the island without using Nikolas' launch or Nikolas noticing a random boat suddenly sitting close to shore.

I'm incredibly impressed how Sam managed to scale the walls of a castle -- and in high heels -- with only the aid of Jake's strong arm as he hoisted her onto the balcony.

Did I miss something? I could have sworn Hayden went to talk to the chef about dinner when she left Nikolas and Laura to talk. However, when she returned, Laura announced that she was going to tuck Spencer in for the night and then go to bed. I guess no dinner for the Cassadines on Thursdays.

I wonder if Nina will continue to step over the spot where Silas met his end now that she's decided to buy his apartment and be a family with Franco and Kiki.

Things that tickled my fancy
Franco and Nina stop by the Floating Rib
Nina: "I just want to celebrate tonight -- just celebrate, okay, because it's kind of a big deal. We're not gonna live in a hotel. We're not gonna live in a psychiatric ward. We're getting our own place. Just us. So you don't suppose they have Champagne here, do you?"
Franco: "No, probably not."
Nina: "Yeah, probably not. I'll have a beer. I'll rough it. I'll have a beer."

Franco lays out his plans to the ladies in his life
Nina: "Listen. First of all, we're not purchasing this death apartment. We're definitely not doing that. And I'm not sharing any humble abode with Kiki that we may purchase in the future."
Kiki: "Thank you, Nina. You just saved me the awkwardness of having to reject your offer."
Franco: "N-n-nobody's rejecting anything. This is a free-flowing and flexible negotiation."
Nina: "I'm not negotiating. I never expressed any interest in living with Kiki, here or anywhere else."
Kiki: "Wow. I mean, we're finally agreeing on something. I don't want to live with Nina any more than she wants to live with me."
Nina: "Yay!"

Felix immediately spots the signs of a soap opera pregnancy when Sabrina gets nauseous
Felix: "Feel better?"
Sabrina: "Yeah. I'm just getting over the stomach flu. And they, you know, they must've upped the spices on these ribs, because that smell just kind of like hit me."
Felix: "Mm-hmm. The ribs are fabulous, and you're not sick."
Sabrina: "Well, I've just -- I've been doing too much, and I'm worn out -- that's all."
Felix: "Need I remind you we've been down this road before?"
Sabrina: "What are you talking about?"
Felix: "Did the condom break? Uh, did you forget to take a pill?"

I agree wholeheartedly with Alexis -- although Julian in his boxer briefs, holding a tray of food is a close second
Julian: "Time to wake up."
Alexis: "Mm. Five more minutes."
Julian: "Well, I've got something for you. You sure you don't want your present?"
Alexis: "Is it bacon?"
Julian: "Well, there's bacon, among other things."
Alexis: "Rock beats paper, paper beats scissors, and nothing beats bacon."

Apparently there are there still some lines Nikolas won't cross, like a little peek-a-boo in Kelly's with Hayden
Nikolas: "W-w-what are you doing? We're in the middle of a family restaurant."
Hayden: "I just wanted to give you a little preview of tonight. I liked it so much, I had to wear it out of the store."
Nikolas: [Stammers] "Look, I'm not saying I don't enjoy the view. But, you know, you kind of just gave me a little striptease routine in the middle of a coffee shop, so...what's going on?"
Hayden: "You're blushing."
Nikolas: [Chuckles] "At least, you know, one of us is behaving appropriately."

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