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Jerry's holding Robin, Emma's brokenhearted, Jason knows Sam lied and is trying to punch his pain away, Morgan has ditched his pills, and so much more! How much more holiday cheer can we take in? Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear Readers, that probably sounds like the title of an awesomely cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, but instead, it's my expression of joy. I love romantic love as much as the next girl, but I'm also a fan of loyalty. One of the most compelling couples on GH for me has not been a romantic pairing but the deeply satisfying brotherhood of Jason and Sonny over the years.

When Jason walked into the gym and held the punching bag for Sonny, my heart melted a little. Sure, it's a new actor and he doesn't remember who he is, but yet, like a magnet, he was drawn to his best friend to talk about life when heartache came his way, and I am pleased.

I know that scene wasn't considered the anticipated highlight of the week, but it brought me Christmas cheer, so I'm leading with it anyway! The friendship between those two characters drove the show for years. While I am not anxious to have the show go back to General Mobspital, a little glimpse of it from time to time is enjoyable.

My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, had a different favorite moment this week. When Patrick angrily swept a dozen roses off the table, Jeff said, "I thought there were way too many flowers on that table." And we both cracked up. He would never admit that he watches GH to anyone, and yet, he makes a lot of hilarious comments that imply he's paying attention, so...I think he's secretly hooked.

In the moment we have all been waiting to see for months, Liz finally admitted that she is a selfish, lying scoundrel! She confessed that she let Jason's wife and son believe he was dead. She let his mother continue to grieve for him. She let his friends think he was gone, knowing all the while she had him safely tucked inside her house (and her trampy bed) as Jake Doe. The last line he said to her about the woman he was in love with not being any more real than Jake Doe was brutal but accurate.

Even so, I feel a slight bit of sympathy for her. I remember what it was like to do stupid things for men. I remember how it feels when your love-crazed hormones get the best of you and what it's like to love someone in an undeniable (and unhealthy) way to the point you would do anything or compromise any morals you have just to be with your beloved. I made choices like that in my younger days. Now in my menopause stage of life, I would only compromise my morals to be able to stay at home in pajamas all day and not have to go outside or wear a bra.

I have been eagerly awaiting that scene where Liz finally stopped spinning tales and dodging questions and blurted out, "Yes, you caught me! I've been lying for months!" I screamed "Yes!" at my TV. I needed that scene, and I got it!

But the scene we haven't gotten yet -- and the one I am greatly anticipating -- is when Carly rips into Liz, because that's going to be must-see TV!

Liz's lies haven't just impacted her and Jason. Sam and Patrick's relationship was also part of the collateral damage of Liz and Nikolas' lies. Back in May, their relationship could have easily ended with no real heartache. But add a few months of a growing and deepening connection, living together, getting engaged, and blending families, and now it's a thousand times worse to end it than it would have been in May!

Worst of all, it impacted our precious Emma. Readers, if you didn't cry this week when Brooklyn Rae Silzer cried, you should check your pulse. Those scenes ripped my heart in two. If this kid can act with that much power at ten years of age, I can only imagine where she will be when she's 20. A remarkable performance worthy of Emmy nominations -- and I'd wager a win. I can't imagine another kid on any soap on the air bringing home such a breathtakingly honest and true performance. Trés magnifique!

Emma called and begged her mother to come home, but with Jerry Jacks being revealed as her captor, it's clear that won't be happening anytime soon. Rumor has it that Patrick will take Emma on the road to Paris to try to track her down to appease his heartbroken daughter, and when they don't find her where she is supposed to be, Patrick will realize something is wrong.

In addition to our Jerry sighting, we had a Mac sighting this week, too. So, apparently we are getting Robert's family all lined up before he comes to visit. I hope he stays awhile. Robert Scorpio is a far more compelling character than stupid Colin on The Young and the Restless.

Anna has been brushing up on her spy skills and has realized that Kyle's body was the one that Paul passed off as Carlos' corpse. But what will she do with that information?

And where is Carlos hiding? He certainly hasn't left town when Sabrina is carrying his abnormally large baby! Poor Michael, he's so naïve! He doesn't understand why the baby is so big! Morgan is a bit savvier and can see through lies. However, he's not taking his medication, so I predict he will be out of control again any minute now and of no help to Michael at all.

Big brother Dante is out of control, too -- as in he can't control his libido long enough to stop sleeping with his wife's slutty cousin and try to repair his marriage. I have noticed this about people in a doomed to fail relationship...they don't listen to those who know them best and love them most. Nathan, his best friend and partner, is telling him to go back to his wife. His mother is telling him to go fix his marriage. His boss is telling him to stop breaking the police rules and end his relationship with Valerie.

But Dante is ignoring all the people who love him and feeding his addiction. He's pretending his commitment to Valerie matters more than the one he made to his wife before God. "But I can't stand her up for our burger date at Kelly's!" Really, dude? Of course you can. Go home and eat with your wife and son. I'm mad at Dante right now. I want him to want to do the right thing. People get tempted, but temptation in and of itself is not the sin. It's the boneheaded things you do next that wreck your life.

Of course, Lulu isn't making it easy, throwing back shots and listening to death metal and harboring her fugitive ex-boyfriend on the Haunted Star. My guess is that she will use Johnny to make Dante jealous, and when he sees Lulu making out with the dashing Johnny Z, he will unceremoniously dump Valerie and fight for his wife.

If I had my druthers, by Christmas, Dante and Lulu would be back together, Jason and Sam would be back together, Alexis and Julian would be thriving, Ric would pick up the pieces of the tarnished Elizabeth, Franco would buy Nina a house so she doesn't have to live in the murder apartment with Kiki, Sonny would be out of his wheelchair and doing the Christmas waltz with Carly, and Luke would show up on Laura's doorstep with mistletoe.

I doubt any of that will happen, but hey, a GH fan can dream.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Bobbie decide to reopen Aunt Ruby's former line of business and hire Valerie as her first call girl? Will we ever get the backstory on how Hayden suddenly morphed into a Wall Street financier from the con artist she was when she showed up in town? Will Jerry make up snide nicknames for everyone who comes looking for Robin? Will the waiter at the Metro Court pop Morgan's discarded pills? Will Kiki start hitting the sauce again when she doesn't have a date for New Year's Eve? Will people just stop making Emma cry? Will Spencer ask for Phantom tickets for Christmas? Will Liz ever have a lover that Helena doesn't brainwash?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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