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Would anyone in Port Charles dare tell a lie? It might be better to ask if anyone would dare tell the truth. There are lies about sex, love, and medication -- and lucky for you, we've got them all covered in this week's Two Scoops. We promise!

So many fibs this week in Port Charles! Morgan swears he is taking his meds, but clearly he is not. Hayden swears she loves Nik, but when his back is turned, she is having papers drawn up to rob him blind. Paul led us to believe he was a bad guy, but it turns out that he's really a good guy. Molly and T.J. finally did it and lied by omission about her virginity until Kristina opened her big mouth and outed her sister. Molly tried to return the favor and spill Kristina's multiple secrets, but Kristina wiggled out of it again. She's got her dad's knack for dodging a question. Nathan lied to his partner to get Dante to the Metro Court, while Maxie lied to Lulu to get her to the same room for a session of "10 Ways to Repair Your Relationships." All of Port Charles appears to be caught up in one lie or another. It's hard to keep track.

At Wyndemere, Liz dropped by to hit Nikolas up for a place to stay, only to discover the new Mrs. Cassadine breaking into his safe. Liz smelled a rat and told Nik what she saw, but he took it all in stride while Hayden was around then immediately called Sam for help as soon as she was gone.

It's going to be quite crowded at Wyndemere with Nik, Hayden, and (hopefully) Spencer; Liz, Cameron, Aiden, and Jake moving in; and now possibly Lulu and Rocco, too. That is assuming Dante rescues her from the thug holding her hostage on the Haunted Star. Let the chaos commence!

Who will be the one to discover what Hayden is up to? Will it be P.I. Sam or one of the houseguests who stumbles in on her doing something shady? While I am mildly interested to find out who Hayden actually is, I have to say that as a February Sweeps plot, it's not particularly riveting.

I did like the Valentine's Day episode with Lulu and Dante locked in together reading "10 Ways to Repair Your Relationship." I was especially impressed with their maturity in accepting blame for their own parts in the breakdown of communication and trust in their marriage. Will we see the slow, steady crawl back to love and harmony? Of course, Lulu is now in bodily danger, so I guess their reunion depends on whether or not she lives through the weekend.

As for Lulu's BFF Maxie, she fears commitment with Nathan, a god among men. He's handsome and kind, has a job, and adores her. What woman would say no to his proposal? (If, of course, he had actually proposed instead of just offering a thoughtful charm.) Well, a wounded woman like Maxie, who has not fared well in the ways of love before. I think she needs to see Franco for some art therapy. She can draw photos of the puppy that tripped her and Levi Dunkelman.

Speaking of Franco, he has become a friend to Liz, and I like the way their relationship is evolving. Liz only knew of his evil deeds before but is finding there are more layers to him and recognizing he has Jake's best interest at heart. I love Nina and Franco, and yet -- Liz and Franco are intriguing, and I'm anxious to see where it goes.

Jake is off to the Shriner's hospital, which is one plug I don't mind GH making -- what a great hospital and a great cause for them to promote. I hope Jake can get some counseling while he is there, too -- because he really needs it.

I'm both excited for Julian and Alexis' wedding and dreading it at the same time. Why? Because I suspect something horrible will happen during their wedding, as it does at most GH weddings. I love their love affair, and if they don't end up married next week, I am going to scream.

I adored the scenes with all the Davis girls (and Diane!) being together with Alexis and the "something old/new/borrowed/blue" tradition being played out. A sweet scene. I just hope it leads to a wedding.

Morgan banging Darby in the coffee warehouse is not especially riveting either. I understand the point is to show that Morgan makes bad choices and acts out when he is off his meds, but I can only handle so many scenes of "Did you take your pill?" "YES I TOOK MY PILL!" So much screaming. Perhaps it's all about to blow up on Monday when Morgan does something foolish and gets in the middle of the arms dealer moving product and either ends up dead or gets someone else killed. I just don't have a lot of patience.

I'd like to note that Sonny's coffee warehouse gets an awful lot of foot traffic. In just one day, Morgan had visits from his sister Kristina, Darby for a quickie, and Kiki to catch them. Doesn't Sonny have guards around that warehouse after Michael got shot in the head there? It seems like he should.

Readers, you can write me hate mail and boo me if you want, but I actually preferred Ron Carlivati's writing to the current writing. I know he blew it by having Fluke drag on so long, but at least I was interested. Many of the storylines now do not captivate me in any way.

For instance, the Jordan/Curtis stuff. I don't care. I liked Valerie being out with someone new and not wrecking Lante's marriage, but other than that, I am not enthralled with this storyline.

In addition, I am over Olivia barging in on Julian and Alexis, and over her visions. I love Lisa Locicero but hate the way they are writing for her character right now. Olivia needs a man.

There is something that intrigues me about Griffin. What is his connection to Sonny? He knows Sonny is faking his paralysis, and he seems to have an interest in Sonny that goes beyond doctor/patient.

Paul's confession to Anna -- I did not see that coming. Has Paul really been "deep cover" all this time, and it's a sting in the making? If that is truly the case, I will enjoy that more than Paul actually being a creep. Does that mean he's setting up Ava, too, or has he fallen for her? Only time will tell. As to his murder of Sloan, Anna will not be in any position to judge, as Paul pointed out, because she shot Carlos for revenge, too. I saw a bit of chemistry between Anna and Paul, and I was wishing it wasn't pretend and that they were actually being transparent with one another. Of course, if Tracy had to compete with Anna for another man, she might explode.

And a note to those of you who wrote me nasty-grams last week because of my lame line about Kristina - yes, I know people don't turn gay from being beaten up by men. I was being facetious because it just came out of nowhere, and I was mocking the writing. I will choose my words more carefully in the future.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Lulu think twice before renting out her boat to total strangers again? Will Faison see Anna's photo in Crimson and bust of our prison again? Will Nikolas give up on romance once he finds out Hayden is lying to him? Will Carly ever get to do anything again besides asking Morgan about his medication? Will a judge realize that both Ava and Sonny are unfit parents and give her back to Kiki or Michael? Will Diane catch Alexis' bouquet and marry Max? Will Lucy Coe and Richard Simmons crash the wedding?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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