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Bloody handkerchief discoveries, Nurses Ball rehearsals, runaway kids who need art therapy, a trip down memory lane to the famed Campus Disco. Is Laura's journey a fascinating trek through GH history or a mission that's impossible to watch? Feed your bearded dragons and sit down for a while to check out this week's Two Scoops commentary.

Dear readers, I will confess right up front that I became downright giddy when I saw the silver tinsel of the Campus Disco glimmering on my screen. I shouldn't be happy to see it because dark things happened there, but I am genuinely happy to see that old, forgotten set.

Yes, I am old enough to have watched GH when Laura worked at the Campus Disco. And yes, I saw Luke date rape Laura, only back then it was called "the seduction." None of my high school girlfriends, me included, were even a little bit appalled when Luke and Laura started dating afterward. It was 1979, after all, and no one talked about rape. I was still in high school, and I honestly didn't even know what rape was. Or sex for that matter. I was just told, "boys only want one thing." But I didn't know what the one thing was. No one talked to girls about things like that in the 70s.

In fact, the word rape was never even used to describe this GH scene until 1998, nearly 20 years after the fact when Lucky found out about his parents' dark past.

Now, Helena has left clues leading to the Campus Disco, and I can only imagine what sinister things she has in store for Laura from beyond the grave. (Assuming that I believe she is dead, and I am not sure that I do.) Since we are talking about Luke and the Campus Disco, I hope that when Tony Geary came to the Daytime Emmys, he said, "Man, I sure do miss Port Chuckles, and I want to un-retire and come back and fix Luke's ending." The fact that it is supposedly owned by Lloyd and Lucy Johnson is all the more curious, since those were the alias names that Luke and Laura used when they were on the run decades ago, so...could it be Luke is the holder of the lease?

Time will tell as the mystery unravels. In the meantime, I am enjoying the pairing of Laura and Kevin. They have both been unlucky at love and involved with complicated partners, to say the least, so it's nice to see them connecting and commiserating with one another. Although Lucy gave the non-couple her blessing, something tells me if Laura were ever ready to march down the aisle with Doc, Lucy would most definitely show up and cause a scene. I'm a fan of Lynn Herring, and I wish we could see her more than just once a year at the Nurses' Ball. She'd be a perfect fit for the Crimson team; can you imagine Nina, Maxie, and Lucy coming up with a new issue of Crimson?

Speaking of which, I would like to propose a great article for the next issue of Crimson -- "Hot doctors who are actually serial killers." I mean, seriously, what's going on with Dr. Finn? At first, I thought Obrecht was offing his patients in order to make Dr. Finn look bad, but now I think Obrecht might actually be the hero of this story. She'll morphing into Liesl Obrecht, -- Private Eye.

Is he experimenting on patients to make whatever serum it is he's injecting himself with? Is he a Dr. Kevorkian disciple? Is he Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? He doesn't seem to be injecting himself with insulin as he told Carly, and he doesn't act like a smack addict, but he does get really testy right before he injects himself. Is he some sort of monster? Is this his anti-vampire serum? When this all blows up, as we know it will, I seriously hope it isn't something completely absurd, or I will be mad for getting sucked in and investing in this character. (Casey the Space Alien, anyone?) Dr. Finn sits quietly, talking to and stroking his creepy pet lizard, and I can't quite decide if he's a hero or a villain.

Next up... as we predicted, Jason hit his head again, and his memories came flooding back. Corny, but great. Glad to have Jason back, if only so I can stop listening to all the people who knew Jason before whining about how much they wish he remembered his past. I don't think I could take one more round of "Yeah, he's really great now, but I just wish he could remember that one time we ate that delicious chop suey at the Noodle Buddha." Seriously, just stop.

Jason finally remembered his former life, but now what? Does he go back to work for Sonny? Does he go to work with Michael at ELQ? Does he delve into the P.I. business with Sam? Or perhaps he could take his mad skills and join the police academy? Oh, man, would I ever love to see Jason become a cop. That would be Sonny's worst nightmare!

Which leads me to this: I am wishing nightmares on Sonny. He was so uncharacteristically cruel to Alexis. I can certainly see Sonny saying, "You sided with my enemy, so you're no longer my friend, and you're not under my protection." But the writers took it one step too far, with Sonny basically telling Alexis that he, himself, would come after her. Cold!

Alexis has had a bad week all around. She found out her husband was a cold-blooded killer, that he stabbed someone to death with the weapon that murdered her mother, that her daughter Molly was right about all the things she had warned her mom about, and that she's been a fool to believe Julian was clean and out of the business. On the other hand, her portrayer, Nancy Lee Grahn, has had a fantastic week because, damn, she killed those big scenes this week. I was riveted! The sheer range of emotions that crossed Alexis' face, each worthy of its own Emmy; the shock when she had the sudden realization that Julian lied, the anger, the fear, the betrayal, the pain, the shame, all of that played out on her beautiful face. Such compelling work.

My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, was yelling at Julian for sticking his bloody dagger-cleaning handkerchief in his coat pocket. In fact, said husband made me pause the show so he could rant about it. He's been sucked in. He doesn't even know it. He won't admit. But he is, indeed, a GH fan.

The highlight of this exchange was that one powerhouse scene when Alexis realized that Julian killed Carlos with the dagger that killed her mother. She began frantically ripping though his jacket pockets in a rage for proof that he did it. And the gasp of horror when she found that bloody handkerchief will most likely get Nancy Lee an Emmy next year. Random observation: I've never seen Julian carrying a handkerchief before.

The thing that happened next is downright unforgiveable to me; when Julian turned it around on her and said she, too, was complicit and would go down with him if he got busted, I was mortified. That's pure character assassination. You have to admit, love him or hate him, Sonny would never do that. Sonny would offer to take the fall for Carly in an instant.

In this single scene, the writers made Julian into all the ugly things Sonny has called him in the past. Sonny called him a coward because he only stayed alive by hiding behind baby Danny, and now he is protecting himself by bullying and hiding behind Alexis. William DeVry is a doll, and he is doing an incredible job, as well, playing the angst of his character. But I don't know how "Julexis" can be repaired and how we can root for him again after this.

Julian took that object, the dagger that was used to slit Alexis' mother's throat, and murdered someone with it. How could a woman forgive that? Was that part of Helena's curse? I questioned why Alexis would keep such a thing, and now I know -- so the writers could use it down the line to commit another bloody murder.

At least she didn't destroy the bloody shirt, so the next time her conscience shows up, she can finally do the right thing and turn him in to the police.

Ava went to visit Morgan and told him to "do the right thing" and break up with Kiki. Morgan firmly rejected her logic, said he would not allow Ava to manipulate him again, and then immediately did what Ava wanted him to do and broke up with Kiki when she arrived. Oh, Morgan, you let Ava play you again! Isn't it about time for Morgan to be sprung from the hospital and integrated back into his family? It seems like he has been there a really long time.

I think the lingering is on purpose. The writers are giving time for a relationship to develop between Kiki and Dillon. I predict Kiki will really hit it off with Dillon at the Nurses Ball, and right around the time Morgan changes his mind and wants Kiki back, she will have already done the deed with Dillon. And let's face it; Dillon is way overdue for a romance.

Readers, is it just me, or do you think Ava is up to something? I didn't really trust that Ava just wanted to take Avery and Kiki away for the weekend. I had a feeling she was going to flee Port Charles with her two daughters. But then the whole baby furniture scene happened, and I had to conclude that my instincts aren't always right. I'm still slightly suspicious about what her end game is right now.

My instincts about Sabrina were off, too. I thought she was hiding in her aunt's other room, when in fact she was apparently locked outside in some shed. It was good to see her, but I am wondering if Michael will arrive before her captor disposes of her. I haven't heard anything about if Teresa Castillo has signed a new contract, so I can't decide if this is a vehicle for Tracy and Michael to have a custody fight over Sabrina's baby, or if it's meant to reunite the two star-crossed lovers. Here's hoping for the latter.

I admit that I am secretly hoping for reconciliation between Nik and Hayden in spite of their ongoing vengeful war. A good catalyst for reconciliation could be Spencer coming home for summer break because he bonded with Hayden. Prince Nik would do nearly anything for his son. I've always loved Tyler Christopher, all the way back to when he was Tyler Baker. I know they have both done terrible things, but I feel like there is still hope for redemption with this couple.

Rumor has it that Hayden's mom is about to hit town, so that should spice things up a bit. Is her mom a nice mom or a schemer like her daughter? I know it sounds boring, but I hope her mom is nice. I don't want her mom to be a clone of Madeline Reeves. I'm hoping she's more Lila Quartermaine, a kindly soul who put up with a conniving husband but tried to bring out the good in him. And I want that for Hayden, too. I think she wants the fairy tale but can't see a clear path to get there.

I'm also enjoying Franco and Liz on-screen together. I wouldn't mind them having a fling. New Jake is really cute, but he doesn't seem to be as tortured as old Jake. Of course, that could be the reason they switched Jakes, because they didn't want the kid to always look tortured. I don't know. I'm interested to see how this all unfolds. What I do not want is for Franco to become a serial killer again. Please, writers, spare us that torture.

Amy. Okay, last time I wrote, I was annoyed that they were trying to clone a character from the 80s, but new Amy is growing on me. Since she has been on the bandwagon about being in the spotlight at the Nurses Ball, my gut instinct is that the girl can blow and was brought on canvas just in time to make a big splash at the Nurses Ball. But the reason I like her more than they old Amy is that her gossip doesn't seem ill intentioned. She's not trying to hurt or destroy anyone. New Amy appears to be a chatty girl who likes to share stories she knows, without being malicious. The old Amy was a beyotch. I can hardly wait to see if I am right about her talent next week at the ball!

I'm also excited for the long-anticipated wedding of Brad and Lucas. Having Amy officiate will make it even better. Brad and Lucas have gotten very little screen time since they got engaged last year, and I thought the writers had forgotten they were out there waiting to get hitched. Glad that isn't the case. Days of our Lives beat GH to the punch with the first soap gay wedding, but this is still good.

Gay weddings happen regularly out there in the world. The daytime soap community has normally been on the cutting edge of portraying social change on air, but we've been a bit slow on this one. Nothing better happen to postpone this wedding ... I swear, if Rosalie shows up and says she and Brad are still married or some mob gunfight erupts and nicks Lucas with a bullet, I will be supremely pissed.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Lucy end up in her skivvies and have to officiate the wedding in her undies? Will Richard Simmons show up to be the ring bearer? Will Spinelli come to town to sing a tune for the ball and help Maxie find Claudette? Will Liesl hijack the ball with a ridiculously campy tune? (Oh, please, yes.) Will Bobbie make an appearance to see her son get married?

Will I get a bunch of angry hate mail this week from people who don't approve? Will Laura pop a quarter in the jukebox in the Campus Disco and play Herb Alpert's "Rise"? Will Jake draw a happy photo of his Mommy kissing Franco and get the ball rolling? Will Jason remember his complicated history with Elizabeth and shed some light on why she made the foolish choices she made? Will Robin cry at the Nurses Ball and get carried off stage by Jason?

Will Ghost Alan and Ghost Emily come back and do a little Oz number for us? (Please watch this... and this -- so adorable.) Will Nina provide Coco Luxe for the swag bags at the Nurses Ball? Will the ball raise enough money to finally help find the cure for HIV/AIDS? Here's hoping.

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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