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GH Two Scoops: Sometimes a latte is just a lot, eh?
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Sam looked forward to a bright future, Ava found the key to Julian's freedom, and Lulu had renewed hope of carrying a child, but trouble is brewing on the horizon. Is too much of a good thing bad for the heart, or will love conquer all?

It's been a week since it was revealed that Paul is the killer roaming the halls of the hospital, murdering people willy-nilly, yet we have absolutely no idea why.

Does Paul have a brain tumor, did he suffer a psychotic break when Kyle Sloane violently beat and raped Susan, or is he just flat-out cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Only the writers know, and they aren't talking.

It's rather like getting an ice cream sundae except without the topping, spoon, or bowl.

I was really impressed that the writers picked Paul to be the hospital killer, even though I don't agree with their assessment that he's a pivotal character, because he's only really connected to Tracy and Dillon. They did just fine without Paul for decades, so while his arrest and crimes will have an impact on them when he's caught, it's not like it's going to shatter their lives.

Sadly, the thrill of finding out that Paul is a serial killer has quickly faded because it looks like they are going to drag this out for a while with people finding partial clues that prove nothing and give Paul an opportunity to cover his tracks. Paul would be a complete moron not to run back to his hotel suite, collect his slacks and those ugly brown shoes, and then find the nearest burn bin to eradicate every molecule of that evidence.

If I have to watch Paul skulk around the hospital stabbing people with needles and shoving them down stairs, then I want to know why it's happening. The fun of watching a murderer run around is to try to figure out what his next move is going to be, and that means knowing there is a method to the madness.

Lucas, Liz, and Dr. Mayes were all in the wrong place at the wrong time, but what do Mr. Ellis, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Prescott, Monica, and Bobbie all have in common that would warrant a death sentence at the hands of the district attorney wielding a lethal injection of derisifol? I have no clue, because after stalking Monica with deadly intent during the blackout, Paul skedaddled to the police station and tried to railroad Hayden into an attempted murder conviction before anyone realized that he was the one who shoved Liz down the stairs.

Ava made a halfhearted attempt to find out what was driving Paul to commit random acts of murder, but ultimately, she was more concerned about blackmailing Paul into finding a way to set Julian free. Paul decided that the best course of action was to undermine his case during the trial to secure Julian a not guilty verdict, which means that Julian can never be tried again for the crimes because double jeopardy would apply.

It's a brilliant strategy and a far more believable twist than a governor granting a convicted and confessed murderer who escaped from prison a pardon because the killer saved a ship of fools, including the governor's daughter. Too bad for Paul, it will all backfire on him because Sonny is going to lose his mind when Julian is acquitted, and he'll take a really close look at Paul.

As Liz languished in the hospital, Jason and Sam tied the knot, surrounded by a handful of loved ones. The wedding was a short but very sweet affair. Alas, Alexis ended up chugging Champagne like a frat boy at a kegger, and Jason had to mount up and ride to Liz's rescue, so Sam ended up spending the afternoon with Spinelli at the Floating Rib. However, the happy newlyweds did manage to share their news about the baby with their closest friends, which was a really nice moment.

Unfortunately, I fear that Sam has jinxed herself by gushing to Spinelli that everything is beautiful and perfect because for the first time she has faith that she and Jason are destined to have a long future together with their growing family. I know it's a portent of doom whenever someone talks like that. I just hope that whatever happens, it's not tragic like a miscarriage or stillbirth.

I've never been a fan of babies -- unborn or otherwise -- being killed off for the sake of ratings unless it's an extraordinary story like when B.J.'s heart was donated to save Maxie. I'm a mom, so as a general rule, it's not my cup of tea.

Hopefully, whatever foul wind is headed Jason and Sam's way will focus its wrath on Jason and, more specifically, those annoying snapping fingers of his.

Folks, I've tried to keep an open mind about Jason since his memories returned, but as more time passes, he just keeps morphing into a bigger tool. I don't understand the simmering rage that lies beneath the surface, which has him walking around barking at people, staring daggers, and huffing and puffing as he rants about this and that. It should be the happiest time in his life, yet he's always scowling and gnashing his teeth because every little thing sets him off.

I rarely see the relaxed, easy-going, gentle soul that we first met when Jason woke up with a new face and no memory. The only glimpses we see of Jake Doe these days is when he's in bed with Sam or canoodling with her on the sofa. It's sad because I had hoped that his personality would become an interesting blend of the old Jason and Jake Doe. Instead, we ended up with a knock-off version of the Six Million Dollar Man -- he's stronger and faster, but not better.

I understand Jason's hatred of Franco, but it's frustrating to see Jason growling and snapping his fingers in Franco's face when I know that Franco is making a real effort to be a better person. I love that Franco puts Liz on pedestal and desperately wants to do right by her, and I absolutely respect him for putting up with Jason's garbage. I would have maced Jason in the face if he had ever talked to me the way that he does Franco. The writers are truly doing Jason a disservice by making him look like an ass whenever he interacts with Franco.

Moving on, Lulu is a woman on a mission and that mission is to find her frozen embryo that Helena spirited away from Crichton-Clark seconds before it was blasted to kingdom come. Luckily for Lulu, Robert is in town and able to provide her with a direct line to the World Security Bureau who conveniently sifted through the rubble and uncovered a fully intact empty freezer with the key still in the lock, suggesting that someone had removed something from it. Lulu is certain that the something is the embryo that Stavros cooked up in a Petri dish when he harvested her eggs. Robert also managed to confirm that Daphne has vanished, and the house at 13 Amiklon is long deserted, which means Daphne lied about living there.

If I had to guess, I would say that Daphne is either a surrogate for Lulu and Stavros' baby or the keeper of the cylinder that holds the coveted frozen embryo.

I honestly have no idea why Lulu wants to carry Stavros' baby. He stole a part of her without her consent then attempted to sexually assault her. He was also the father of her eldest brother and a complete raving homicidal lunatic. About the only thing that Stavros had going for him were his looks, and even that was often eclipsed by his madness. Did it occur to Lulu that her child with Stavros would be Spencer's aunt or uncle and therefore a direct heir to what should have been Spencer's legacy?

I also don't recall Lulu talking to Dante about whether or not he wants to raise a madman's child. I have a feeling that Dante's not as keen on the idea as Lulu is.

At Casa Corinthos, Morgan is unraveling before Carly's eyes thanks to Ava's little switcheroo with his medications. Carly knows that something is very wrong with her son because he's down one minute and excitedly signing up at Port Charles University to become a full-time student with his eye on a marketing degree the next. According to Morgan, he's realized that his calling is to sell "stuff" to people.

If I were Carly, I'd run, not walk, to the nearest phone and beg Andre for a house call -- pronto. She knows how extreme Morgan gets, so I honestly don't know why she's being cautious about what is as plain as the maniacal twinkle in Morgan's eyes as he jumps around the living room like a jack rabbit on a date just hours after schlepping in and passing out.

Meanwhile, I went from finally enjoying Hayden to loathing her all over again. First, she suggested that Liz tried to frame her for murder by throwing herself down the stairs, and then she decided to bargain for Liz's life.

I have no doubt that Hayden wants Franco to fork over the diamonds in exchange for that rarer-than-rarest blood type that apparently only Liz and Hayden share in all of Port Charles.

A plot twist plucked right out of the 1970s -- before DNA testing could give you a full breakdown of your family tree in a single episode.

Speaking of the past, I'm always disappointed when ABC chooses to air recent episodes for encore presentations rather than true throwback episodes. Wouldn't it have made more sense to rebroadcast the episode where Lulu found out what Stavros had done to her? Or how about the episode when Helena told Luke about Valentin? I would have preferred those episodes over watching Morgan being admitted to the Freedman Clinic because I'm watching it all over again now. Then again, I'm not much of a Morgan fan.

If they had to pick a recent episode, I would have chosen the episode when Alexis wore a wire and Julian confessed to ordering the hit on Duke, killing Carlos, and framing Alexis. It would have been a good teaser for the upcoming trial.

Random observations

What's up with the catty comments from Carly and Spinelli about Liz pulling a stunt to drag Jason away from the wedding? I get that everyone is team Jason/Sam, but Liz is in a fight for her life, and they are making assumptions based on pretty much zero information.

I found it amusing that the jail was so crowded that Hayden was left in the interrogation room overnight, yet there people like Ava, Sonny, Max, Milo, Ric, Liesl, and Paul all walking around free as birds -- some even helping to solve crimes.

Was that the camera's flash or are Paul's shoes really that filthy?

Paul enters the interrogation room and sees Jordan, Curtis, and Franco with Hayden
: "What the hell is going on? Why is the prisoner in the middle of what appears to be a three-ring circus?"

Reader feedback
It's always a treat to see Heather gearing up to wreak havoc on the denizens of Port Charles again, even from her padded cell, but why do her guards just stand there and allow her to blackmail her visitors? -- Scrimmage

They act like women are worthless unless they have children. The Nina obsession with having a baby is so lame. She should have so much more in her life to occupy her thoughts. -- Rosalind Stanley

What mother buries her son and then goes on a date and has sex on said date all in one day? -- beauders

Now, I turn the spotlight on you, dear readers. Please, share your thoughts about the show in the comments section below. I love reading what everyone has to say.

Until next time, take care.
Liz Masters

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