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Maxie's being gassed, Claudette is being harassed, Nathan better be fast, or surely Maxie will not last!

Hello, dear readers. The last time I saw you, I was smitten with GH, and I haven't fallen out of love yet, but I have grown a little bored. I have no attention span, though, so I can't say if that's lackluster writing or my own jittery brain that requires constant stimulation.

Let's start here. I am beginning to see a storm forming, and the clouds look very familiar. Seemingly random young woman comes to town, ingratiates herself to a key character, and inserts herself into their marriage...

Does anyone but me see shades of Carly/Bobbie/Tony in the Carly/Nelle/Sonny storyline? If so, it would mean the writers would have to rewrite history and give Carly a daughter she had abandoned in her youth. Is that where this is headed? I feel like I am time traveling.

Carly was reeling from Morgan's death, blamed Sonny, and moved out. Nelle, of course, had to stay to keep an eye on Avery and is being extra supportive of Sonny and his magnificent, sad dimples.

We know there is some connection to Carly and Sonny that Nelle hasn't mentioned, and I am beginning to think it's a rerun of the Carly/Bobbie saga. Nelle will sleep with Sonny to comfort him, and then Carly will find out Nelle is her long lost daughter. This is just speculation, but my Soap-dar went off this week. For a while, I thought Nelle was going to be Nina's long lost daughter, but I have changed my mind.

While Nelle is "being there" for Sonny, Carly got a visit from her BFF Jason. He was kind and supporting as all good BFF's are, and told her that the only way she and Sonny would get through this loss of their son was if they did it together. As usual, she rejected his advice.

Carly believes she has no choice but to distance herself from Sonny, in spite of her love for him, because she feels he is responsible for the death of her son. It's been reported that Ingo Rademacher is on his way back to town to resume the role of Jax, and I can't help but wonder if there could be a romantic reunion in the cards for Jax and Carly. That's one of those love triangles that always got to me. Jax was good for Carly, but Carly was good for Sonny. So, it's the question of do you want to be saved, or do you want to be savior to someone else?

Speaking of people in need of salvation, Maxie is about two breaths away from the end of her life. People are starting to realize she is missing, and Nathan knew she went to confront Claudette and found her bracelet in Claudette's room. But does he possibly have enough time to piece all these clues together and end up in some stray basement where Maxie is tied up breathing in gas fumes before she asphyxiates to death?

I wonder if Maxie didn't tell the thug that Charlotte was at her place because she feared he would kill her once he got his answer or if she was actually trying to protect Charlotte? Do we trust the thug's word? Would he let Maxie go

It's hard to imagine him arriving in time. Maybe Spinelli still has his Maxie radar on and will find her, or Mac, or someone unexpected like Franco whom she will then have to reevaluate. (Side note: Maxie should also reevaluate her breakfast choices and go for something better than egg white omelet with goat chees and greens. Blech.)

It sure won't be Claudette, who was booking a ticket for one out of town while dumping her kid on yet another supposed baby Daddy. I mean, this woman tried to abandon her child twice in one week. Shouldn't someone call social services?

I'm guessing Griffin is also being duped and that that child is indeed Valentin's. Having a new Cassadine heir would be delicious, but only if Nikolas comes back from the dead and brings Spencer home with him. It's getting to the point now where I am just annoyed with the baby daddy switcheroos.

But Laura is set to sell Wyndemere, and my guess is that Valentin will be the buyer, although under an assumed name. Then perhaps Nikoas will come back and fight for his creepy castle.

Dear Powers that Be from ABC -- if by any chance you read this, can't you fix the Tyler Christopher contract issues and get him back? We have so few core characters left on GH, it's a terrible shame to have to lose another.

One core character who won't go away is Heather. This woman is the Houdini of mental patients. She can escape from any jail or hospital that she is committed to, without exception. We learned this week that it was Heather, not Paul, who made an attempt on Bobbie and Lucas' lives in an effort to clear Franco as a suspect. That is pure Heather logic right there "If I kill someone while Franco is at a party, then everyone will know he isn't the serial killer." You have to hand it to her for unconditionally loving her son, even though she's insane.

Has anyone seen or heard from Brad or Lucas? I honestly can't recall the last time they were on-screen. It's been at least a month.

Another legacy character, Anna, got a call (off-screen) from Robert inviting her back into the WSB fold. Anna accepted, provided she could do WSB locally. Hmmm. If that is an option, why didn't Frisco Jones opt for that stint and keep his family together? Just curious.

I'm also curious about Hayden trying to get Evan drunk and pretend to seduce him so she could get money for Finn. Why would she trust he wouldn't cancel the check as soon as the deed was done? Never trust a snake.

For instance, Ava. I have mentioned this before but have to mention it again. Sonny is a mobster. He has guards posted at his door, and he sends guards around town to keep an eye on his loved ones. So, why would he not have that AT&T or Cox $99 a month security camera in his house? How can Ava wander around in his house, switching Morgan's pills, crawling under the bed, etc., without some video monitoring her movements? If the average Joe has one of these setups to watch his dogs while he's not home, Sonny should certainly have one.

When Nelle walked in on Ava, I got excited and said "She's finally busted!" but, alas, she wriggled out of it again.

Readers, don' t hate me, but every time we have a scene with Sonny and Ava together, it makes me kind of wish they would have a fling. Maurice Benard and Maura West have mad chemistry together. I know they would be disastrous for one another, but it sure would be fun to watch. Right up until the moment that Sonny discovered Ava was responsible for switching Morgan's meds, and then she'd be a goner. Or maybe they would make a little brother for Avery, and all would be forgiven. I don't know, but I'd like to find out.

Dante said they found something at the crash site. What was it? Maybe a bottle of the tampered-with pills? Maybe footprints? Many people suspect Morgan didn't really die, but it's hard to say, since Bryan Craig quit. It's hard to say if the show plans to recast. In a normal soap year, I'd say, "No way he's dead." But in this era of "lean, mean, chopping machine" soap casting, it's less predictable.

This week has been another week filled with stupendous performances from our GH casts, but since I gushed about that at length last week, I won't repeat. I hate that Morgan died, but his death certainly pulled on my heartstrings and gave the stellar cast of GH a chance to shine!

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? When Maxie is released, will she go back to put hair remover in Claudette's shampoo bottle? Will Liz and Franco paint a BLT together as they bond over art? Will Julian drop by any more of his mortal enemies' homes with fruit baskets? Will Jax make a play for Carly when she swears she is leaving Sonny for good this time? Will Liz ever answer Laura's question about whether or not she loves Franco, or is she not sure yet? Will Griffin bring backup to hold the punching bag for Anna next time she wants to do boxing workouts with him? Will Obrecht and Ava bond and become besties?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.
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